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December 29, 2012


Former LMUD attorney and general manager Frank Cady played all kinds of games with public records requests. Now, LMUD attorney Eugene Chittock thinks that he can start Cady's bad and illegal practices up again.

Eugene Chittock has poorly represented the interests of the LMUD ratepayers but keeps the LMUD Board and Management OUT-OF-JAIL......for now.

Kan We Help or anyone can request PUBLIC documents and pay the "fee" determined by the public entity. LMUD has determined the reasonable cost of producing a copy is $  .25 per page ($ .10 for Federal or State required forms such as the 700 form disclosing personal interests).

LMUD has a lot to hide and doesn't appreciate anyone asking for "their" documents. LMUD has set obstacles to deter the "unknowing".  Contact Kan We Help at if you have been unable to obtain public documents from LMUD.

Public Record Act Codes



December 27, 2012

LMUD's General Manager  "Mr. Poof"

aka Bill Stewart and  Frank Cady's protege

Fool us once, shame on you.  Fool us twice, shame on us

2001: The story LMUD floated was that Frank Cady allegedly advised the LMUD Board to "speculate" in the energy market and lost $8.7 million dollars







LMUD Board wants the public to believe that Stewart just found out about the $1,000,000 "bill"

      NOTE: It is important to understand that the article by Sam Williams is based 100% on what he was told. There is never any validation to his LMUD stories



If this is legitimate....DID ANYONE ASK PGE TO PAY?

Who the hell is running LMUD?

Bill Stewart is a bookkeeper.

He never was legally qualified to be hired as LMUD's General Manager.



Qualified Audit: an auditors statement that they are unable to render a full opinion about the utility's finances because the companies accounting does not meet the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

This is not the first time LMUD has received a Qualified Audit. This usually results in LMUD hiring a new Auditor............


1. The Auditors do not consider the Districts "restricted funds" as restricted. Kan We Help noted this when they hired Bill Stewart as their GM and he started improperly moving the money around to erroneous funds.

Has LMUD been hoarding money for "projects", "lawsuits" or was it just going to disappear as the $8.7 million did in 2001?


2. The LMUD Board and General Manager have been spending huge amounts of money installing lines that will support the phantom 230 kv project (import of Nevada's wind energy). The upgrades for the non-existent project is being paid for by LMUD ratepayers.

LMUD has never approved a budget for this project because it has basically been dead for years.  LMUD has lied to the public about the 230 kv line, to import Nevada's renewable energy and the real purpose for the Lambert Lane and Viewland properties.


LMUD ratepayers do not attend meetings and this apathy allows the LMUD abuses......but if they did ATTEND A MEETING they should MAKE SURE that Stewart place both hands where you can see them, because one hand will be in YOUR POCKET



December 26, 2012

Lassen County Above the Law

  Public Records Act  Non-Compliance, Multiple Brown Act Violations



Stone vs Chapman, Pyle, Hanson



December 21, 2012

National Rifle Associations Vice-President Wayne LaPierre's

Meaningful  Statement:  Arm everyone.

His press conference today was an Advertisement for the gun manufacturers

Wayne LaPierre,NRA    11250 Waples Mills Road, Fairfax, VA 22030

Bushmaster of North Carolina

ran this ad days after 20 babies were slaughtered:

Let them know how much you like their advertisement

Weapons of War


How many of your neighbors have a MAN CARD?

How many of your neighbors own Assault Weapons?


The Second Amendment did not  intend for citizens to have canons, tanks, flame throwers, bazookas, bombs or high capacity weapons.

Would the Second Amendment have banned citizens from owning  high capacity military assault weapons?

Musket   vs   armor piercing high capacity assault rifle

Only seriously disturbed people own these.



December 14, 2012

Susanville Police Chief Jeff Atkinson leaves Post

for Sheriff's Department?

Jeff Atkinson leaves his position as Chief of Police of Susanville in March of 2012 and is hired in December 2012 to the Lassen County Sheriffs Department as a Deputy.

It is not unusual for law enforcement officers to move to different agencies to increase their pay rate.


December 11, 2012

Lassen County Supervisors Hire

Redding Attorney, Larry Moss for the

Honey Lake Valley Grange vs Lassen County

Case 56224

How did they do this when the Supervisors claim......NO REPORTABLE ACTION ?



Lassen County Supervisors Hire

Sacramento Attorney, Kathleen Williams for the


Stone lawsuit

Sometime between July 25, 2012 and December 10, 2012 the Lassen County Supervisors hired an attorney without disclosing this action either in Closed Session or Open session.

Lassen County Supervisors have developed a very bad habit of hiding all of the lawsuits against the people of this County.

The Supervisors falsely place "exposure" to litigation on the agenda when in actuality it is "existing litigation". The Supervisors do not disclose case numbers nor the action of signing legal contracts for existing litigation.


The Brown Act allows for public discussion before a Public Entity goes into closed session. This has never been afforded to the public at any Lassen County public meeting, EVER.



December 7, 2012

Lassen County Supervisors Deliberately

Hide Tom Stone LawsuitStone lawsuit

Former Lassen County CAO Tom Stone filed a Wrongful Termination lawsuit on July 25, 2012 and the Lassen County Supervisors have failed to place this lawsuit on their Agenda. This act violates the Open Meeting law




December 4, 2012


a day of shame



Tea Party Senators

Vote Down

the UN International Disabilities Treaty

61-38(two thirds to ratify a treaty, 66)

Leader of Tea Party, Senator DeMint,

 Resigns from Senate 12/6/12e


Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Tea Party Senators, lacking intelligence and any skills to govern voted down a Treaty based on the 22 year old American Disabilities Act.

Nothing in this Treaty, that 156 other nations have signed, violates any US laws.

Republican Bob Doyle, in a wheel chair, came to the Senate floor to speak in favor of this Treaty

The Tea Party members in Congress are simply


Most can't read or comprehend so they just vote no on everything. So Sad.



December 1, 2012



The Republican Controlled House of Representatives

Least Productive in the History of the Nation

When they were working, they wasted time on 36 votes to restrict women's rights & named "things"

They named Post Offices and other insignificant acts.

Even Tom McClintock Named a Post Office for $174,000


The 113th Republican Congress, with a 9% Approval Rate Plans on Working 126 days next year

Speaker Boehner, WORST SPEAKER



November 27, 2012

Lassen Animal Rescue to Close at End of 2012




Assemblyman Dahle, from Lassen County, will face a

California State Assembly that is only

 1/3 Republican

Dahle's job will be simple,

just vote No on everything.

nice work if you can get it.....................



Freedom Is Not Free,

Thank a Veteran


November 11, 2012

Fired  Tom Stone,

Lassen County Administrative Officer Files Amended Complaint

Religion and Whistle Blowing Case

Amended  lawsuit

Reported waste, fraud, abuse of authority, and misuse of public funds



November 9, 2012

Lassen County Voters Voted


on Supporting Their Libraries

Measure W, on the November 6, 2012 Lassen County Ballot, would have produced dollars to keep libraries open. The tax was the equivalent of  $ .08 a day for each inhabitable dwelling, or $28.00 per annum. 4772 voters decided that they did not support the Libraries.


6,708 Voters in Lassen County Voted


on Repealing the Death Penalty

This Tea Party/Pro-Life County

Wants to Kill?

This Tea Party/Pro-Life County

wants government in our bedrooms



This Tea Party/Racist County has a

Black President for another 4 years




November 7, 2012

Lassen County Superior Court

Department 1

Judge Tony/Tammy Mallery,

Judge Tammy/TonyMallery

3049 votes, 1683 mail-in-ballots


The to Justice is again only $100

Some things never change........................

Bustamante Family Supported Mallery




November 6, 2012

The Question is not what happens to your Vote-by-Mail Ballot,

the Question is did you even get one.


Provisional Ballots in Lassen County..............???? .............your vote may not even be counted


Officials just found Diebold touch screens in Pennsylvania

 & Colorado that were pre-programmed to only allow votes for Romney.

Diebold program discs can easily be programmed to adjust votes automatically to favor a certain candidate. 

Do you really think if you vote in Lassen County your vote counts?




November 5, 2012

LMUD Ratepayers


Imported from


[Viewland Substation]



Lassen Municipal Utility District has been playing both sides of the "renewable" energy game. 

LMUD received a $30.000 deposit from NV Energy's Interconnection Agreement and then returned the $30,000 to NV Energy for a phony study.

In the same breath LMUD is telling ratepayers that the proposed Viewland substation, near the Nevada border, is for the 230 kv transmission line that has been discussed and dismissed for years.  LMUD claims that this will stabilize customers service.

LMUD entered into a Joint Powers Agreement with the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, Truckee Donner PUD, PGE and Fred Nagels PSREC. This JPA was allegedly formed to develop and finance electric energy for the benefit of its customers.

At LMUD's May 24, 2011 meeting (Agenda Item 6) Fred Nagel attended a meeting on May 3, 2011  in which he reported that "because of the stalled renewable energy market, none of the big power entities are interested in in putting any further time or money into this project (230kv Transmission Line). Historically, this has been the status for LMUD's 230kv Transmission Line. Even LMUD's Memorandum of Understanding partners WAPA and TANC acknowledged that this project could be 8 to 10 years away if at all.

LMUD General Manager/Bookkeeper Bill Stewart then DECEPTIVELY reported to the public, at the July 26, 2011 LMUD meeting, that the MOU partners, WAPA and TANC were focusing on the 230 kv Transmission Line. WHICH WAS A TOTAL LIE.


So, where do Nagel and Stewart really go in Stewarts plane

on the ratepayers dime?

The "Project Development Agreement" ( LMUD/PGE/PSREC) for the 230 kv line has been among many of the useless agreements LMUD has been signing. 

LMUD contracted Navigant (NV Energy affiliate) to 230 kv line NV Energy needs to import Nevada's renewable energy into California.

On September 27, 2011, Electric Operations Manager Folce failed to tell the public the true reason why NV Energy wants LMUD ratepayers to build the Viewland Substation at a cost to LMUD ratepayers  of $1.3-$3-6 million  dollars. NV Energy claims that this connection would be more around $36 million. STARTING TO SOUND MORE AND MORE LIKE ANOTHER "ARROWROCK"?


Do the LMUD Board Members think Invenergy is not paying attention ? Maybe that's the reason Invenergy dumped LMUD and backed out of the promise of $40 million dollar free upgrades for LMUD...NO REASON TO TRUST !!!!

LMUD 9/27/11 MEETING: Agenda Item 12 


You gotta love Bill Stewart. He learned all of the great nasty stuff from his mentor Frank Cady

Just one month later, guess what?  The 230 kv Transmission line is a bust again.

LMUD puts the 230 kv Transmission Line (Viewland Substation) on hold at the October 25, 2011 LMUD meeting:

LMUD Meeting: October 25, 2011

LMUD RATEPAYERS NOTE:  87% of Bill Stewart's travel costs are posted to the fake 230 kv Transmission Line project

 BUT WAIT.....MORE TRAVEL FOR THE FAKE 230 kv Transmission Line

One month later, Bill Stewart travels to Arizona again.

WHY? The 230 kv Transmission Line.

LMUD Meeting: November 25, 2011



LMUD Meeting: January 24, 2012


LMUD Meeting: February 28, 2012

Stewart is now doing an "Arrowrock" flim flam..."not ready to bring a proposal to the Board"...maybe because all of this is a sham?

Stewart hopes that the public and the local newspaper don't   connect the dots !!!


NextEra is the largest wind generator in North America


Anyone wonder what the Invenergy (wind turbines) people think about LMUD doing business with NextEra (wind turbines) people?


LMUD Meeting: March 9, 2012

Folce claims now that: "We have a number of renewable developers coming on line..."



LMUD Meeting: March 27, 2012







October 31, 2012

On April 10, 2008, LMUD Director and rancher Jay Dow tried to decrease his Ag electric rates as one of his first official acts  [didn't happen].

But on October 23, 2012LMUD DIRECTOR Jay Dow got his SECOND  $ .01 decrease  in one year plus the thousands  and thousands of dollars from the Carl Moyer Grant program (administered by Eugene Chittock) that paid him public dollars to convert his diesel engines to electric.


Lassen County Supervisor Jack Hanson and Bob Pyle, who also receive a reduction in property taxes from the Williamson Act and thousands of dollars from the Carl Moyer Grant, will benefit from the second rate reduction in a year.



The last LMUD rate decrease was on June 1, 2011 ( $ .01 decrease for Ag rates and $ .01 decrease for Residential rates). This double rate decrease was given due to the declining costs of energy.



pay attention now......


At the October 25, 2011 LMUD meeting the Board announced that the "PDCA" indicated that there could be a rate decrease. Typical LMUD Excuse: Malarchy and jibberish


At the January 24, 2012 LMUD meeting the Board announced that the "PDCA" indicated a rate decrease

 On June 30, 2012, the Power & Delivery  Cost Analysis (PDCA) report indicated that LMUD rates should be decreased again but the LMUD Board determined that the $1,300,000 decrease in revenue could be better used for the 230 kv Transmission Line project (this project did not exist then and does not exist today).



(Watch for the truth about LMUD's  230 kv transmission line/Viewland Substation )



October 30, 2012

Federal Judge Moves

LMUD's Hayden Hill Trial Date

so that the new evidence showing

LMUD lied

can be submitted

LMUD v Kinross


October 25, 2012

Remember when................July 25, 2012

Fired Lassen County CAO Tom Stone filed a lawsuit against Jack Hanson, Jim Chapman and Bob Pyle for wrongful termination

1. Chapman objected to Tom Stone not telling the Board that he was a Mormon?



2. Jack Hanson objected to the disclosure of mis-use of public funds in the Economic Development Department run by his brother-in-law?


Stone Lawsuit     Stone Contract

Six Lassen County CAO's in one year

Kettleson, Settlemeir, Tom Stone, Richard Crabtree, John Blacklock, Martin Nichols


.....This beats all records.....

Do ya think something is rotten in this County?



October 24, 2012

Remember when................September 24, 2003 @9:00 AM

Guests arrived to talk with Lassen County Clerk Theresa Nagel at the Grand Cafe.  A long table had been set up for the weekly Meet & Greet sponsored by the Lassen County Times. Kurt Bonham was outside the door, on the street, of the Grand Cafe jumping up and down. It was obvious he had to go to the bathroom. He suddenly left and one of the guests saw him run down to the Lassen County Times on Main Street. Bonham came back and still hadn't taken care of his business. He then went outside and ran down the street to the Court House. Ten minutes later a waitress came over and told all of the guests that Theresa Nagel was not coming. Two of the guests, Helene Williams and Eileen Spencer. That's how Kurt Bonham got his "Go-fer" nickname

Assessment Appeals Board, Alternate

Reports to the County Clerk ?


What Contortions did the Lassen County Assessor Assume to make the Nagel Tax Rate a Mistake?


The Nagels


Nagels are taxed on a four year old (????) house ????

House down the road, same age



House across the street, appraised at $623,000



Lassen County Assessor's Response: Malarchyhy



October 23, 2012

Lassen County Supervisor Jim Chapman Campaigns


Brian Dahle during Board of Supervisors meeting


Update: The Fair Political Practice Commission will be receiving the recording of Chapman's political rant


Chapman knows full well he has to step down to campaign for Supervisor Dahle, but Supervisor Dahle knew this too and didn't stop him


Wasn't the time or place for this 30 year veteran supervisors rants.


Fruit Growers Supply

and Fred Nagel did not show up 

Fruit Growers Supply Full Service Resort

Fred Nagel attempted to by-pass the permit process by ignoring the Planning Departments concerns about a FULL SERVICE RESORT AT EAGLE LAKE. Fred Nagel goes  directly to District 1 Supervisor Bob Pyle for help.

 Fred Nagel made a presentation on May 8, 2012 telling the Lassen County Supervisors that the County had made a mistake in the Eagle Lake Area Plan.  The error:  none.  Nagel was representing the Fruit Growers Supply Company and came expecting "FAVORS".  Nagel wanted to skip all of the codes and permits that the general public would have to go through.


FIRST:  August/2012, The Board of Supervisors approved $621,000 Eagle Lake airport improvements

SECOND:  September/2012 Get the Board of Supervisors to throw out the CEQA requirements for a FULL SERVICE RESORT. ( cannot do)


THIRD: October/2012 The Board of Supervisors passed  a Resolution objecting to the Eagle Lake Trout being placed on the  Endangered Species List. (This trout can only be found at Eagle Lake and is responsible for a $10 million dollar industry at Eagle Lake)US Fish & Wildlife Robert Moler stated that nothing really changes if the fish is listed. It is just protected from being overfished.


Kan We Help Asks for Transparency

FOURTH: October 23, 2012, Kan We Help objected to any action on this issue.   The BOS decided not to take any action.



October 19, 2012

County Assessor Arrested for Lowering Property Taxes for Wealthy




Lowering the property taxes for the wealthy was upheld by the County Assessment Appeals Board.


Lassen County Property Taxes Lower for Wealthy

The Lassen County Clerk, Julie Bustamante,  is in charge of the Assessment Appeals Board ?




October 18, 2012





The Brown Act allows for public redress:


(c) The legislative body of a local agency shall not prohibit public criticism of the policies, procedures, programs, or services of the agency, or the acts or omissions of the legislative body.

While this public board does not prohibit criticism it does engage in gross rudeness. Supervisors Pyle, Hanson and Chapman will not only be rude and crass during public comments but will wait until the person sits down or leaves the meeting to personally throw out harsh and snide remarks.

This is especially true towards women.

Some of the comments by Supervisors Pyle, Hanson and Chapman are crude and unwarranted and go uncorrected by the Chairman.

Supervisor Jim Chapman was allowed, at the October 9 BOS meeting, to stand up and scream at Board members and staff

"I hate all of you"



October 16, 2012



Are Theresa & Fred  Nagel Tax Cheats?

Fred and Theresa Nagel purchased a lot of property at Eagle Lake in the past 25 years. They built large storage units and started a business up there.

They built a lakefront home in 1988. Zip Code 96130

Fred Nagel has had access to County Departments when he worked for the County.

Fred Nagel had unique access to the City of Susanville Departments

Theresa Nagel had complete access to County Departments while she was County Clerk

The Nagels have been paying taxes for  "uninhabited/unfinished" property. 



This $700,000 home has been taxed as "uninhabited/unfinished" for 24 years.  (County Treasurer confirmed that they are paying $1234 a year for an unfinished house)

You are probably wondering how this could happen?

Easy answer: They're the NAGELS. 

The rules do not apply to the Nagels .

This is just the tip of the iceberg, people, just the tip

Kan We Help has researched "elected" officials property taxes. No one is going to be surprised with the exception of Sam Williams





October 11, 2012

Does Lassen County need a $621,216 Eagle Lake Airport for Fred Nagel's Nagel's Projectfriends and family

The Nagels have been purchasing property at Eagle Lake

Nagel is representing the company that wants a full service resort at Eagle Lake. They  will need an airport, right?



does Lassen County need a Community Pool





October 8, 2012

Kan We Help Calls



LMUD Resignations

Eugene Chittock should be fired before he is disbarred

Directors of Deceit



Fred Nagel should resign today

Bill Stewart should be fired today

David Folce should be fired today

Then and only then is Lassen Municipal Utility District fixable




On April 18, 2006, the LMUD Board hired Dennis DeCuir  to represent the public utility for the Hayden Hill transmission line negotiations. Mr. DeCuir quickly distanced himself from the project when it started to go bad.

In 2007, LMUD Directors Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent and Darrell Woods were 100% involved with the Hayden Hill scam. Their hurried resignations, in 2007, did not exclude them from the liabilities and shame that was inevitable.

Present and Past LMUD Boards have lacked any honesty.

The public's apathy is only partially to blame. LMUD Boards have failed to disclose the truth about their actions.

Bill Stewart will pull a typical LMUD  ROPE-A-DOPE: distracting from the Hayden Hill disaster by announcing that LMUD residents won't get a rate reduction but the ranchers will.

When LMUD mis-placed $8.7 million dollars in 2000 they created the Arrowrock Scam.

When they wanted to bypass the laws that govern rate increases they created the $25.00 service charge diversion and then passed the infamous and phony PDCA policy (POWER DELIVERY COST ADJUSTMENT; a policy that gave the General Manager the right to change rates at will)




October 5, 2012



Perjury by:


Bill Stewart

Eugene Chittock   ? Disbarment offense ?

Fred Nagel

Jay Dow

Wayne Langston

Bud Bowden

Richard Vial

Karen Rollings

David Folce



All gave testimony, under oath, that the Board knew nothing about the purchase of the Hayden Hill transmission line purchase. Cady did it......

Eugene Chittock withheld evidence and witnesses to protect the names above.

Hayden Hill Purchase

This LMUD Board fired Frank Cady on January 8, 2008. This letter was written on June 11, 2009


Surprise Valley Electric's General Manager Jim Hays and Willow Creek landowner Van Thein remember it a little differently SVE

Fred Nagel signed the check to purchase Hayden Hill

Leonard Gibson gave Bill Stewart this check

Bill Stewart posted the $30,000 check to LMUD's account as a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT


October 2, 2012




Will Rancher/ LMUD Director Jay Dow recuse himself from the vote?

 Will Rancher/ LMUD Director Fred Nagel recuse himself from the vote?

Will Rancher/LMUD Director Jesse Urionaguena recuse himself from the vote?


Oooops, that doesn't leave a quorum........


When has LMUD ever, ever, ever made smart business decisions?

At $.13 Ag sales are increasing, so the wise LMUD Directors want to reduce the utilities income???????

Don't Cry Any Tears for this $75 million dollar industry who has taken millions of taxpayer dollars to switch from diesel pumps to electric pumps

Five Dot (Swickards), Hagata (Hanson), Jay Dow

The first act by newly appointed

LMUD Director Jay Dow,on May 10, 2004, was to try and lower ag rates

Recognize the names below? They have taken hundreds of thousands of public grant money and now they want cheap electricity.




Former LMUD General Manager Ray Luhring Found ?

Turns out he wasn't missing at all

Just safely tucked away




September 28, 2012


LMUD's Bush League Attorney

.....on his way out ?



September 28, 2012

LMUD lost

or is hiding

former General Manager Ray Luhring

LMUD hired Ray Luhring to be their General Manager  ,on May 23, 2008. Luhring acted as temporary General Manager after the new LMUD Board fired Frank Cady

2008 was the beginning of a very bad year for LMUD and it continues to decline for this small rural public utility. The LMUD Board  was embroiled in several lawsuits. A Sexual Harrassment lawsuit which LMUD was set to go to trial in November of 2011. LMUD's General Manager Ray Luhring was suddenly terminated on March 25, 2011Ray Luhring was not an employee of LMUD after March 25, 2011.  Ray Luhring



Ray Luhring is a witness for the Amedee lawsuit and the Hayden Hill lawsuit and is now nowhere to be found.


LMUD's attorney, Eugene Chittock lied about Ray Luhring being an employee of LMUD on July 15, 2011 and claimed that Luhring could only be contacted through him.



RAY LUHRING WAS FIRED BY LMUD ON MARCH 25, 2011 AND LMUD quickly drew up a consultant contract for LUHRING.


 LMUD EMPLOYEELuhring contract


Chittock made false statements

to the Kinross attorneys

and a Federal Court Judge

in order to prevent Luhring from

being deposed.

Hayden Hill lawsuit



September 26, 2012

Willow Creek Landowner, Van Raymond Thein, Comes Forward About the LMUD Hayden Hill Lawsuit


Mr. Thein, a Redwood City, CA resident,  contacted Kan We Help two weeks ago complaining about our Hayden Hill transmission line story. Thein owns property just up the road from the Hayden Hill Gold Mine. Thein stated that they were not purchasing the transmission lines but  the $30,000 was for power to their properties in the Willow Creek area (Kan We Help will respect four other property owners decision to remain anonymous).

LMUD required other "power seekers" to sign contracts. The Willow Creek landowners received a cash register receipt for the $30,000 from LMUD with absolutely no possible chance of receiving electricity from Lassen Municipal Utility District.




This area is not served by LMUD, yet LMUD Board members lied to these trusting landowners. Thein confirms this, in his statement to the Lassen County Times, in the article published on September 25, 2012, page 7a


Thein claims that he and the late Leonard Gibson met with LMUD board members several times and LMUD promised that if they gave LMUD $30,000 that LMUD would provide power to their ranches.



One huge problem: LMUD LIED

Nagel lied, Langston lied, Stewart lied





LMUD'S Lemon Tree does not make lemonaide 





Lassen County Times, 9/25/12

The Hayden Hill transmission line was temporarily connected to Surprise Valley Electric to provide power to Kinross's Hayden Hill Gold Mine. Once the mine closed, the transmission line had to be removed.  Kan We Help had been talking with former SVE General Manager Silveria for months and he stated that they were not going to have anything to do with Hayden Hill despite the claims of Frank Cady. New General Manager Hays stated:

Statement made recently by new SVE General Manager Hays (LCT article 9/25/12)


LMUD just lies and lies and lies and the LMUD ratepayers stay silent


LMUD even acknowledged that the Lassen County USE PERMIT required that the transmission line be removed in the Purchase Agreement and still lied to the Willow Creek landowners.

Can all of the Willow Creek landowners sue LMUD. YOU BETCHA THEY CAN


The Hayden Hill Deal may just have been a ruse to dump the Chestnut Avenue hazardous waste. Could it have been that simple?


Kan We Help has been following the Hayden Hill discussions since 2006.

The Lassen County Times has suddenly decided that it is NEWS WORTHY.  

However, the Lassen County Times September 25, 2012 article omitted the fact



Fred Nagel signed the $65,000 check to Kinross Gold. Take the time to read LMUD's Purchase Agreement. It was approved by LMUD's attorney Dennis DeCuir.

Hayden Hill Purchase Agreement

2007 Dec Board

Page 2: "the district desires to purchase and acquire ownership of the improvements and is willing to assume such obligations and liabilities as provided in this Agreement"


Chittock declined to comment...


A Federal Subpoena was issued on 8/3/2012 for Eugene Chittock





September 24, 2012

Lassen Municipal Utility Districts

Directors of the Deceit



L to R: Former LMUD Counsel Frank Cady,  PSREC Director Fred Nagel, LMUD General Manager Bill Stewart


LMUD lead counsel Eugene Chittock, wants more lawsuits.  Mr. Chittock is responsible for filing the most malicious legal actions ever filed in Lassen County.

Now Chittock wants to start a new lawsuit. These lawsuits have caused almost a million dollars in legal fees. Why?  Because LMUD doesn't win.

How is that working out for you LMUD ratepayers ?


The Kinross Gold loss could bankrupt LMUD

The Amedee Geothermal loss could bankrupt LMUD (11cv02483. Chittock intentionally puts wrong case number)


September 25, 2012 LMUD closed session agenda



Also, on the LMUD Agenda..............     

Ranchers like LMUD Director Jay Dow and Jess Urionaguena (Swickard ranches) will lobby for lower AG RATES.


September 21, 2012


Invenergy/LMUD/NV Energy

Friend or Foe?

LMUD executed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)at their August 28, 2012 regular meeting with Invenergy to "STUDY" the feasibility of constructing a 230 kv line from their Viewland propertyViewland to WAPA's 500kv Olinda substation in Olinda, CA (west of Cottonwood, CA in Shasta County)

Odd..............LMUD did this on December 31, 2011 and  August 10, 2010 with TANC & WAPA



Invenergy excluded LMUD in their wind ventures after reneging on the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF INFRASTRUCTURE INVENERGY WAS GOING TO "GIVE" LMUD and yet they expect LMUD now to build the million dollar Viewland substation to distribute Invenergy's renewable energy to Sacramento and beyond.



April 5, 2010

INVENERGY moves ahead on Wind energy but leaves LMUD behind

Invenergy came into Lassen County with big promises of a $40 million dollar investment in Lassen Municipal Utility Districts transmission lines. Frank Cady flew the entire management staff and Board Members to Colorado for a vacation/meeting just before he was fired by the new LMUD Board (three Board Member quit because of the pending scandal with Frank Cady).

In late September of 2009, Invenergy completely pulled out on their "pie-in-the-sky" promises to LMUD.

LMUD spent thousands of dollars on a project that was going nowhere. 

[HINT: When the LMUD Board votes to spend money on "studies", you can guarantee the vacation/meetings will increase]

Invenergy never paid LMUD back for the $50,000 PGE study.

LMUD has never released any alleged "STUDY" in ten years.

Take a look at the feasibility of this venture.



LMUD has designated $3,092,883.04 to build two substations. Lambert Lane and Viewland.

On April 26, 2011, the LMUD Board voted to put dollars aside for the Viewland substation. Their goal; $8.5 million dollars by 2016.

LMUD disclosed at their August 28, 2012 meeting that they continue to have "declining sales


Less Power purchased would mean less revenues for the LMUD Board to squander ?



NV Energy..............

The Lassen Municipal Utility District does not include the discussions they are having with NV Energy. NV Energy needs to export their renewable energy to California but has no way to transmit it.

NV Energy needs LMUD ratepayers to build the Viewland substation.


A substation that NV Energy has assumed that LMUD will build for them. Has another secret "back room" deal been made by the LMUD Board members.

 Benefit to LMUD ratepayers, ZERO


NV Energy needs to export their renewable energy to California markets.

NV Energy can do this is if LMUD builds the Viewland substation and the 230 kv line to WAPA's 500kv line in Orlinda, CA.

There is a 500kv WAPA & Bonnieville Power line that goes through Nevada but it would be too costly for NV Energy to connect to Southern California where the market is already flooded by California renewable energy.



September 15, 2012

Christian Intolerance

A porno film called "Innocence of Muslims" may be showing in your Susanville theatre soon.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula,a member of the Coptic Christian Church in Southern California, made this inflammatory film. It is a film that depicts the Muslim Prophet Mohammad as a child molester and womanizer.  Just what the Tea Party/ KKK  type love to fantasize about.  It was uploaded, to the internet in English, over a month ago hoping to enrage Muslims across the world.  There was no reaction so the film was remade in Arabic for the anniversary of 9/11.

If the intent of your speech results in injury or death you exceed your right of freedom of speech


The filmmaker Nakoula, was taken from his home early this morning in Cerritos by Los Angeles Sheriffs Department for questioning. Nakoula was on a 5 year probation for bank fraud in 2009 after serving one year.

Is Nakoula's film responsible for the deaths in the middle east uprising and the deaths of US Diplomats?

Racist hate Films like 2016: Obamas America has been extended for an additional week in the Susanville theatre.

Why?  It is based on no facts and was made to incite the fanatic racist Tea Party radicals

There isn't a shred of difference between "2016: Obamas America" and the "Innocence of Muslims"

God Bless America.

You can see both movies as many times as you wish.




September 11, 2012

On September 11, 2001,

President George W. Bush



September 5, 2012

???Racism for Profit????


Racist Susanville Theatre refused to show "Red Tails". A film about Black WWII heroes.


The theatre owners will profit from the Susanville racists that will flock to see

2016: Obama's America

A film with fiction and falsehoods made to promote prejudice and bigotry.

Theatre owners claim that 50 people asked for this film.   Racism is alive and well and profitable, in Susanville




September 4, 2012

The Tea Party, the American Taliban

This group flies the Gadsden Flag


The Gadsden Flag is a symbol of "ready to strike"

This flag was for a different time and a different cause. An American General, Christopher Gadsden, designed this flag as a motto flag. The eastern diamondback rattlesnake was used because it populated the original 13 colonies. Benjamin Franklin was the first to use this symbol but depicted the snake in 13 parts.  In 1774, Paul Revere added a new version in his paper "Massachusetts Spy". Paul Revere showed a snake "connected" to fight the British dragon.


The American colonies used this flag to identify more with their own communities and the freedom they sought.  On June 14, 1777, our country adopted the 13 star version with 13 stripes to represent the original 13 colonies. The unifying colors: "Old Glory" red and "Old Glory" blue.

Our current American flag tells a story of bravery and sacrifice.


WE, as a country, have done great things


WE, as Americans, must protect and include all citizens

We, as Americans, must remember those that have fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy



WE, Americans, are a country not a business


The Tea Party, "I want the government to stay out of my Medicare" (the government administers Medicare)

...yet the Tea Party'sentire agenda is to control our bedroom,eliminate women's health care and social security?   





August 29, 2012

The Tea Party...

they are  not Republicans


August 28, 2012

Unprecedented Fires

in the Western United States

Chips Fire #2 Priority in the Nation


August 21, 2012

Lassen County Grand Jury

100% Biased

The Presiding Judges have consistently placed biased individuals on the Grand Jury to secure the needed outcome

Issues about LMUD: LMUD employees are placed on the Grand Jury

Issues about the County Clerk: employees or former county clerks are placed on the Grand Jury

Issues about any other government issue ;  the Presiding Judge will always FIX THE JURY.


There has never been anything legitimate about the

"outcome" of Grand Jury reports. NOTHING.


This could change when Michelle Verderosa becomes the Presiding Judge in 2013.



August 20, 2012

LMUD Hustled more $30,000 "deposits"

Leonard Gibson was not the only one that Fred Nagel hustled.

 Public documents indicate that more $30,000 deposits were solicited and recorded as "Reserve Capacity Revenue". LMUD General Manager/Bookkeeper Bill Stewart  redacted the names of the parties that GAVE the $30,000's and did a pretty good job of burying these "deposits".


Stewart collected more than six $30,000 "deposits" all the way up to January 12, 2011. One month after  he filed the lawsuit against Kinross Gold-Hayden Hill Hayden Hill

L to R: Frank Cady, Fred Nagel, Bill Stewart



August 18, 2012

Kan We Help has fought for years to restrict the LMUD Board to LMUD's Service Area as it was intended by law

There are only three Municipal Utility districts in California, Lassen MUD,  East Bay MUD and Sacramento MUD.  LMUD is the only one that does not submit its customer list for elections (SERVICE AREA). Why? Politics.

LMUD uses LAFCO to make sure that Fred Nagel can stay on the LMUD Board. Fred Nagel is registered to vote and lives in the service area of Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Co-0p. Always has. KWH has asked  LMUD nicely to follow the law and LMUD says "Sue us"

At the September 14, 2009 LAFCO meeting, Kan We Help made a presentation that convinced the LAFCO Commission that LMUD had no sphere of influence over any other utility companies in Lassen County and asked that all other electric companies in Lassen County be excluded from LMUD's boundary. This new map would then allow only LMUD ratepayers that were registered to vote to be on the LMUD Board.  A phone call after this meeting to John Benoit, LAFCO Director, confirmed that this would be done.


L to R:  Jim Chapman, Lloyd Keefer, Tom Eid, Kurt Bonham, Joe Franco


Kan We Help was lead to believe, on 9/14/09, LMUD's new Boundary Map would identify and exclude all other utility companies in Lassen County. This new LMUD boundary map would identify only LMUD's service area for the purpose of elections.  Fire Districts, school districts, water districts, are all done this way.

 The NEW LMUD BOUNDARY MAP [dated 9/20/09 ]was changed, but the change was just the opposite. It now INCLUDES everyone in Lassen County, county wide.  ONE GIANT STEP BACKWARD.



All this just so the PSREC ratepayer,Fred Nagel, can stay on the LMUD Board and peddle his deals.... Peddler...and there are manyHayden Hill

The original LMUD Board decided not to make LMUD boundaries countywide.

Believing that LAFCO changed the LMUD Boundary Map in 2009, Kan We Help made it clear to LMUD that if Fred Nagel decided to run in 2012, they would make a legal challenge.

 Evidently, Fred Nagel forced John Benoit to change the LMUD boundaries to "countywide" in 2009 so he could stay on the LMUD Board.


 KWH did not know the LAFCO Commission did not "EXCLUDE" ALL OTHER UTILITY COMPANIES FROM THE LMUD BOUNDARY MAP THAT WAS CREATED ON 9/20/09, but "INCLUDED" all other utility companies in the LMUD Boundary Map.  


What a price to pay to satisfy the Nagels and PSREC.

The LMUD Board can now legally have


good or bad?

Original intent:




August 17, 2012



PROBLEM:  LMUD did not disclose this to Lassen County Registered Voters of the 2009 Boundary Map change.

PROBLEM: Lassen County Clerk did not follow the new 2009 LMUD map for the 2010 LMUD elections. 


The November 6, 2012 LMUD Election ballots will include and be sent to all registered voters in Lassen County for Wards 1,4, and 5

  This includes Honey Lake Power and Surprise Valley Electric and Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

The LMUD Board now can be made up of 1 Surprise Valley Electric ratepayer, 1 PSREC ratepayer (Nagel), 1 Honey Lake Power ratepayer & 1 PGE ratepayer 

Three is a quorum !


LAFCO states that these are not "districts" and their registered voters can be included in LMUD elections



August 16, 2012

LMUD v Kinross Gold Hayden Hill

Lassen Municipal Utility District Board actually filed a lawsuit against Kinross Gold to void a Purchase Agreement for worthless transmission lines that LMUD knew to be worthless prior to buying them.


Kinross Gold Will Depose

Former LMUD GM Ray Luhring and Wayne Langston

With newly acquired public documents it will be difficult for Ray Luhring orWayne Langston to lie under oath.

......difficult but not impossible

This controversy caused two LMUD Directors (Nancy Cardenas & George Sargent) to quit in 2007 and a third (Darrell Wood) after the Hayden Hill Purchase Agreement was signed

Ray Luhring was fired March 25, 2011, by LMUD,  so that "Mr. Poof" Bill Stewart could control the LMUD "secrets" [Hayden Hill, Lambert Lane, Beterbide, ATT, Mapes]

Depositions scheduled for Langston on 8/20/12 @3:00 PM and Luhring on 8/21/12 @ 2:00 PM (Chicago Title, Susanville)



August 14, 2012

Chips Fire Turning East to Lake Almanor

Could PG& E be responsible for starting this fire?

8/14/12 Update:

, Richard Vial or Jay Dow


August 13, 2012

LMUD, the Toxic Waste Utility

The LMUD Board will remain the same for another four years.

With the August 15 deadline only two days away:

No one ran against Nagel (PSREC)


August 8, 2012



Lambert Lane


Who was Stewart trying to deceive?

1. Lambert lane is a straight road past the newly acquired property. LMUD made it curve at the top right corner into la la land

2. Part of the lot near Lambert Lane has been cut out of the photo. Most likely because the elevation has drastically changed

3. The bridge goes across Lambert Lane. LMUD awkwardly put an additional photo of the road to the right side of the road. (Lower right corner)

This was like a "Where's Waldo" project. 


LMUD is holding a hearing on August 28, 2012 on the Lambert Lane substation Negative Declaration.

LMUD link

 One big objection can be filed at the hearing: Why the photo deception .

Should the 8/28/12 action be delayed so that an "unaltered" photo  and accurate and honest  survey be presented to the public.. 




August 6, 2012


LMUD General Manager Bill Stewart Continues to

Spring for Expensive VACATION/MEETINGS



AND FAMILIES latest trip paid for by LMUD ratepayers

Stewart puts most of these charges, for these expensive trips,  on various LMUD credit cards and Stewarts Expense Report. JUST LIKE FRANK CADY DID. Some things just never change.

Vial Expense Report              Urionaguena Expense Report

This is a bad habit that Frank Cady started in 2006. Bill Stewart learned all the bad habits of Frank Cady and the LMUD ratepayers pay with higher rates to support this abusive practice

LMUD General Manager's "flights" are not only questionable as LMUD expenses but are questionable as to being cheaper than DRIVING to places like Reno, Redding and Sacramento.

Frank Cady and Bill Stewart do not qualify, under Division 6, to even be a general manager of a municipal utility district


August 2, 2012


LMUD's Lemon Tree


Lemons that could not make lemonade


Federal Subpoenas were issued on 8/2/2012 for Eugene Chittock, Lassen County Board of Supervisors, Surprise Valley Electric, Big Valley Ranger District


Lassen Municipal Utility District has never experienced an honest Board of Directors since its inception. This little utility district has been used and abused. The $20,000,000 revenue stream may have a lot to do with its corruption. This has certainly been true for utilities that are in LMUD's vicinity, Herlong, Chester, Surprise Valley .

It is a fact LMUD ratepayers have thrown LMUD Board members out for attempting to raise rates 162% after an uninvestigated $8.7 million disappearance of public funds.

It is a fact LMUD has had 11 General Managers in almost the same amount of years.

It is a fact LMUD Board members and General Managers have been forced to quit to avoid further investigations into their behavior.


The little utility still remains just as corrupt today as it was 20 years ago.

In 2000, the Arrowrock hydroelectric scam was created as a diversion to the disappearance of $8.7 million dollars of public money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went down the toilet for this phony project. Huge lies were told to the public. The LMUD Board was recalled by the ratepayers. That should show these Board members that they have to be honest........

In 2005, after the Arrowrock scam was debunked by Kan We Help, LMUD made a critical error in hiring Frank Cady as their General Manager. Cady was the co-inventor of Arrowrock. Too many secrets now for Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston, Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent, Darrell Wood and Bill Stewart to keep so they hired Frank Cady as their General Manager and Attorney. This would prove to be devastating for LMUD ratepayers.

Frank Cady and Fred Nagel started buying worthless property. Contaminated property from friends. The Jack Beterbide Sale probably sits at the top of LMUD's sleaziest acts. The contaminated dirt needed to be removed and hidden. Where could they hide so much hazardous waste?

ATT/Viewland, Lambert Lane,Hayden Hill

o. Were there LMUD Board members present? Probably Langston and/or Nagel.



1. COST: $2,500.00     The ATT/Viewland property was a perfect dumping ground for hazardous waste or a *substation for importing NV Energy/Sierra Pacific's renewable energy to California.

2. COST:  $20,000      Kan We Help is watching the Lambert Lane property pretty close, so it will be hard for LMUD to dump hazardous waste there. Unless, of course, it is done under the guise of "filler" for the flood plain issue. Kan We Help is still trying to locate the $400,000 worth of transformers LMUD purchased for Lambert Lane...years before Lambert Lane was a twinkle in Bill Stewarts's eye.  MIA

3. COST:  $65,000    Hayden Hill was a perfect spot since it was under a Lassen County Reclamation Plan. No one would notice a few tons of contaminated dirt with the cyanide saturated dirt at Hayden Hill.


The LMUD Board purchased the Hayden Hill transmission lines on December 17, 2007.

Purchase Agreement

 Public records show that Frank Cady and Fred Nagel signed the Hayden Hill check on December 13, 2007 and the contract was subsequently signed on December 17, 2007. Frank Cady then drove to Reno and handed over the $65,000 check to Kinross (Money was obtained from private investors?).. Someone from Sierra Pacific/NV Energy was at this meeting als


LMUD, to this day, claims they needed the Hayden Hill transmission lines for the "phantom" 230 kv line that Bonneville Power Administration is building to connect with LMUD. The Hayden Hill transmission line only connected to the Surprise Valley Electric Cooperative at County Road A2/Hwy 139. This was always just a service line to bring electricity to the Kinross gold mine.  Nothing more. When the gold mine closed, the lines were disconnected and had to be removed. NOTE: Hayden Hill has always existed in PGE territory not Lassen Municipal Utility District.

Kinross Gold, owner of the Hayden Hill transmission lines, was required to obtain a Use Permit in order to surface mine and with that came a Reclamation Plan. After the mining was complete, Kinross had to return the land to as close to the way it was, under strict guidelines. Lassen County required Kinross Gold to purchase a $5,000,000 bond.

Once LMUD purchased Kinross's transmission lines at Hayden Hill they were required to obtain a Use Permit and post a Bond. LMUD DID NEITHER.



Cady and Fred Nagel attempted to use THEIR INFLUENCE to bypass the permits and bonding, but failed.

By the end of 2010, LMUD could not get Lassen County to budge on waiving the permits and bond requirements. Kinross insisted that Lassen County reduce their Bond, excluding the transmission lines since LMUD now owned them. Kinross produced the LMUD Purchase Agreement stating that LMUD would assume all liability for the removal of the transmission lines.


LMUD continued to place Hayden Hill on their 2010 Closed Session agendas.


LMUD Board lied to the Public or.....failed to tell the truth


On December 15, 2010, LMUD filed a Federal lawsuit against Kinross (11cv0255) to try and give the transmission line back to Kinross Gold. This case was never about whether Frank Cady had permission to buy this property.

Too much documentation exists that proves that LMUD knew about and accepted the purchase. Public records show that LMUD tirelessly attempted to get their transmission line "exempt" from being removed.

LMUD's options were limited after failing to get the Lassen County Supervisors to waive the mandatory removal of the lines.

1. Keep the worthless transmission lines and pay the huge cost to remove them (LMUD stated in the Purchase Agreement that they would assume all "liabilities")

2. File a lawsuit and spend twice what it would have cost to remove the lines and show the world how stupid and irresponsible you are



they did No.2



LMUD's Lemon Tree


Lemons that could not make lemonade


*NEXT: The 230 kv transmission line myth.




July 30, 2012

The LMUD Board/Bill Stewart raised 

LMUD managements salary's 36 % since 2007

This buys silence

THE Help, only 21% since 2007

This buys resentment



July 27, 2012

THE Help,


Surprise Valley Electric Cooperative  Board and THEHelp

Dan Silveria is far right, front row


Surprise Valley Electric Cooperative is a private non-profit rural electric company owned by the members it serves.[ 7 member board]


Lassen Municipal Utility District is a public non-profit electric company owned by the members it serves [ 5 member board and allows any PSREC or SVEC person that wants to sit on the LMUD Board.]

Dan Silveria was the General Manager of Surprise Valley Electric Cooperative for 25 years and is a self-pronounced "Buddy"of Frank Cady


Dan Silveria is no longer the General Manager of SVEC, as of the end of June, 2012.

It is unclear if Mr. Silveria was fired, resigned or retired. It is clear that the SVEC Board wants to give him an obscene million dollar 5 year "retirement/severance" package. The SVEC Board could not tell the members, at their July 26 meeting, if Mr. Silveria was still collecting a paycheck. Report


Outraged SVEC members demanded that Mr. Silveria not be allowed on SVEC property. Sid Howard, blue shirt, expressed to the SVEC Board that Mr. Silveria's terms need to be in writing as soon as possible. The SVEC Board appeared to be reluctant, but agreed.

Board members were reluctant to agree since they expressed a "need" to continue their relationship with Mr. Silveria.

The SVEC members, at their April 2012 meeting, demanded that the Board hire a private investigator to look into charges against Dan Silveria and Board members. The SVEC members had great concerns over allegations of Board abuses and Dan Silveria's abusive treatment of employees and inventory and security issues. 


SVEC attorney Albert Monaco, from the firm Bogardus & Nichols in Lakeview, Oregon, stated that when the investigation was completed that he would review it and report back to the Board. However, since the SVEC members were paying for it, they demanded that it be released in its entirety. The Investigation took several months and was completed on June 28, 2012 and on June 28, 2012 Dan Silveria was no longer the General Manager of Surprise Valley Electric.   Issues remain with the misconduct of Board members. Report

New Hats available to SVEC members

Kan We Help had been talking with Mr. Silveria about the Hayden Hill Gold Mine transmission lines. It was a complete surprise, on July 26, that he was no longer the General Manager. The SVEC Board stated that Jim Hays will now be the contact for information on SVEC's involvement with the Hayden Hill transmission line.

Dan Silveria contradicted statements that had been made by Frank Cady and Fred Nagel that SVEC was interested in the Hayden Hill transmission lines. Cady unsuccessfully attempted to get the Lassen County Board of Supervisors to waive the removal of the Hayden Hill transmission lines because SVEC was going to use them until LMUD could take them over after the PHONY Bonneville 230 kv line was brought down into California to connect with LMUD


    The Hayden Hill transmission line ceased to have any value after Kinross closed the mine down and Cady and the LMUD Board new this fact for years before they purchased the lines for $65,000.

The gold mines electric power starts with a SVEC connection at A2/Hwy 139 and runs 8 miles down Hwy 139 to Hayden Hill Road. The transmission line then runs 5 miles to the gold mine site. NOTE: The Gold Mine is not in LMUD's service area

LMUD lawsuit


The Lassen Municipal Utility District Board has exposed their ratepayers to an obscene liability.

LMUD electric rates will skyrocket when this is all said and done.


Unlike SVEC members who attend their meetings and stay on top of the actions of their utility, LMUD members have no control over the past 11 General Managers and the rotating Board Members that leave when it gets too hot in the kitchen.


July 24, 2012

Lassen Municipal Utility District

Derelict in their Fiduciary Duties

Hayden Hill Transmission Line Purchase was a Fraud from Day One


Lassen County issued a Hayden Hill Resource Plan in September of 1991.  This plan included very specific mandates for the Hayden Hill Mine owners, the transmission lines must be removed.




The Hayden Hill transmission line was 13 miles long. Eight (8) miles of this line ran along the 139 Highway corridor and Five (5) miles to the Hayden Hill mine. Kinross, Hayden Hill owner, was required to post a bond to ensure that the reclamation process would be completed. This $5,894,711 original Bond has been renewed each year until reclamation is complete. If LMUD does not comply with the reclamation, Lassen County is the beneficiary of the Bond. LMUD RATEPAYERS LOSE BIG TIME

Hayden Hill Gold Mine, March 5, 2005


When LMUD signed the Purchase Agreement in December of 2007, and became the "Operator of Record" and assumed the removal cost of the transmission linesFrank Cady and Fred Nagel wrote this obligation into the Purchase Agreement  and acknowledged they knew about the Reclamation Plans and Conditional Use Permits.  Purchase Agreement


Purchase Agreement, page 1  : Company (Kinross) has ceased operation of the Hayden Hill Mine and is closing and reclaiming the site in accordance with approved reclamation plans. One condition of the reclamation plan, as well as the Conditional Use Permit, is that the   "improvements" (transmission lines) be removed after cessation of operations unless the County determines that the "improvements" can remain in place.


Lassen County has never determined that the transmission line can remain.


One huge problem, five miles of transmission line was on private land. It had to come down. The eight miles of TRANSMISSION LINE on the Highway 139 corridor could not be used for residential use OR DISTRIBUTION


Surprise Valley Electric was servicing the Hayden Hill Mine

One would logically think that under these circumstances, Frank Cady and Fred Nagel would have at least secured that the "improvements" (transmission line) could remain before jumping head first into one of the top ten dumbest things they have done.  They tried unsuccessfully to convince the County Supervisors to change the Reclamation Plan.

So Frank Cady and Fred Nagel included in the Purchase Agreement: page 2, F- "District (LMUD) desires to purchase and acquire ownership of the "improvements" (transmission lines) and is willing to assume such obligations and liabilities as provided in the Agreement. "

Purchase Agreement, page 5, paragraph 3


THIS OBLIGATION  PROVIDED for the financial assurance sufficient to satisfy all federal, state and county regulatory requirements for District's ownership and us of the Improvements (transmission line) as to fully eliminate the Company's (Kinross) obligation to maintain  reclamation financial assurance for the Improvements, but only for the improvements.


QUESTION:  Has LMUD been paying Kinross's annual bond renewal payment?NO



LMUD Monthly Meeting

July 24, 2012

5:30 at 65 S. Roop Street, Susanville, CA


[PUBLIC COMMENT: Why LMUD does not consider a rate decrease?


July 20, 2012

Hayden Hill Investor Dead

Gunshot Wound to the Head

Hayden Hill

On September 6, 2006, Adin resident & Hayden Hill investor, Leonard Gibson, drove to Chico's Tri County Bank and purchased a $30,000 Cashiers check made payable to Lassen Municipal Utility District. Frank Cady claimed that LMUD took Mr. Gibsons money to buy the Hayden Hill transmission line. Fred Nagel and Frank Cady were soliciting land owners in the Hayden Hill area.

Most landowners were not interested but more than six made $30,000  "contributions" to LMUD.



. Bill Stewart issued a receipt to Mr. Gibson Wednesday at 6:02 PM  on September 6, 2006. LMUD was closed and there was no public meeting.  

[According to public records, Nancy Cardenas and Darrell Wood met with Frank Cady on 9/6/06]

Willow Creek Homeowners Association does not exist



LMUD purchased the Hayden Hill transmission line on December 17, 2007 for $65,000 Purchase. Bill Stewart received approval to issue the $65,000 check for Hayden Hill. Fred Nagel and Frank Cady signed the $65,000 check on December 13, 2007. Did Mr. Gibson have a 46% interest in the Hayden Hill transmission line?


On December 15, 2010, LMUD's attorney, Eugene Chittock, filed a lawsuit to void the Hayden Hill sale.


Four months later........Mr. Gibson was found on May 25, 2011, dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Frank Cady     Fred Nagel               Bill Stewart                                                          

Did these LMUD  men take Mr. Gibson's money? There may be as many as six others involved  that gave LMUD money, under the illusion that they were buying a transmission line/windmills.


 Does Mr. Gibson own 46% of the Hayden Hill transmission line purchase? 

Mr. Gibson's property's have electricity, so the statement that LMUD has released that Mr. Gibson, aka Willow Creek Homeowners Association, was doing this so he could get electricity to his property was simply false.

LMUD's accountant, Bill Stewart posted Mr. Gibson's $30,000 under "Refundable Deposit" (GL#235.015).


 Will Fred Nagel now refund

 Mr. Gibsons $30,000 to his heir?

MORE to come..................Was this a "windmill ponzi scam"?



July 12, 2012

Hats NOW Available for LMUD Meetings

LMUD ratepayers have endured the mis-use of public funds  & unethical behavior far too long.




July 11, 2012

Just How Stupid is LMUD?



LMUD is attempting to exempt ITS OWN RECORDS from being used at trial.

LMUD's Eugene Chittock has asked a Federal Court Judge to not allow Kinross Gold [LMUD v Kinross Gold 11cv0255] the ability to introduce evidence obtained through a Public Records Request ( LMUD's Minutes, Agendas, Depositions, Purchase Agreements, copies of receipts and correspondence).



General Manager/Accountant Bill Stewart

Office Manager Keri Richards

Electric Operations Manager David Folce

Public Benefits Manager Theresa Boucher


Lassen Municipal Utility District filed this lawsuit and opened up a pandoras box for themselves. Hundreds of thousands of ratepayers dollars spent on this self inflicted boondoggle.

The LMUD Board has now spent more than it would have cost to simply remove the Hayden Hill transmission line.

Kinross Gold


July 10, 2012

Trust ME



All Americans, that bother to vote, need to believe their vote counts.

Voting is a right of citizenship.



When the election process is tampered with, even in the slightest manner, the trust is gone. GONE FOREVER

Lassen County Election Officer can hide behind a few nice words, by the local newspaper, that states she walks on water.

Bernie Madoff told his clients to trust ME. Jack Abramoff said trust ME. Congressman Doolittle said trust ME. John Edwards said trust ME. Richard Nixon said trust ME. Spiro Agnew said trust ME.  Frank Cady said trust ME. Joe Bertotti said trust ME. Chris Gallagher said trust ME.  Julie Bustamante said trust ME.

Bustamante invited anyone interested in attending the "Ballot Count Demonstration". Kan We Help requested to attend the "Demonstration". Julie Bustamante held the re-scheduled "Demonstration" on July 2 without notifying Kan We Help.


Julie Bustamante could never withstand a critical review of her process. Memorizing election codes and following the election codes are two different things.  Bustamante has never allowed observation of her election processes even the though the election codes allow observation of ALL activity. 


In 2002, Bustamante's daughter attempted to hide the voting audit tape in her purse. In 2002, Bustamante placed white out in the precinct supplies to alter ballots. In 2002, the programmed discs were switched. In 2002, the public was not allowed to monitor the processing of absentee ballots.

Apparently, programming the precinct discs to move votes from one candidate to another candidate is common and easy to do, without any risk.

Diebold Voting Machine Program Cards Easily Changes Votes

No County wants their election to make the 6:00 PM News on National Television. 

No one wants to know that THEIR ELECTION WAS FIXED.



July 9, 2012

$40 Million Dollar Promises

turned to Lies

June 26, 2012

LMUD signs contract with Invenergy for a Feasibility Study for the 230 kv transmission line again, but does not state how much it will cost ratepayersNew Study

but wait..............maybe it has already been done

September 24, 2009

Invenergy never paid LMUD back for the $50,000 PGE study for the 230 kv transmission line and state now that the "study" does not existInvenergy





July 8, 2012

Chester Public Utility District Ratepayers

to Recall Entire Board

The CPUD ratepayers served the Board of Directors

 with a "Letter of Intent"

to Recall All Board Members


Improper fiscal management, failed to properly oversee the District and protect the ratepayers


The Recall Proponents have until September 5, 2012 to collect 335 signatures and then the Recall will proceed with a possible January 2013 Recall Election.  Tonu Plakk, Richard Withrow, John Knopp, Gregg Scott and Ben Thompson were the directors named to be recalled.

The Board members went into closed session, at the June 25, 2012 board meeting, in hopes of stopping the recall effort. The CPUD Board came out with an open-end (no date specific) Letter of Intended Retirement from their General Manager Bill Turner.


Neighboring LMUD may well face a similar action in the very near future


[LMUD hired Frank Cady, their attorney, as their General Manager  in 2005 and fired him on January 4, 2008.]    Frank Cady

Hayden Hill





June 27, 2012

LCT Only Pimple on a Pig for News Source



Does the Lassen County Times former News  Editor and recently promoted Managing Editor believe  that if you don't read it in the Lassen County Times it isn't TRUE?

Mr. Williams is employed by a free weekly publication in the very small rural community of Susanville, population 7500.

???"Boneheaded bloggers"  ???

On June 26, 2012, Sam Williams wrote an editorial that "a few boneheaded bloggers" wrote something negative about Jon Nakanishi, yet failed to identify even what these Bloggers had allegedly written.

Sam Williams job is to suppress not only the truth but the truth and nothing but the truth. If Mr. Williams disagrees with anyone's "opinion" on LCT's Blog he simply deletes it. This is more than suppression but outright censorship.  

SOMEONE must inform Mr. Williams about the world wide web and the access to real information, legitimate news and also that the public is not going to be limited to what Sam Williams wants you to know.


Will Williams go down the same road to the cliff that all previous Managing Editors have gone down?

Stinky award



June 22, 2012

 LMUD: Unbelievably Believable

Lassen Municipal Utility District attorney Eugene Chittock filed a rebuttal to Kinross's Opposition to LMUD's Summary Judgment yesterday. Chittock has lived in Lassen County long enough and he knows first hand the corruption  that has existed at LMUD. He is just getting his piece of the dirty pie now. 

Chittock actually claims that because LMUD violated the Brown Act  LMUD's Hayden Hill purchase should be voided.


Nagel brought this scheme to LMUD in 2006, hired attorney Dennis DeCuir to help Frank Cady with the purchase, participated in negotiations, signed the $65,000 check to Kinross, met with Jack Hanson for permission to remove the "transmission line" in order to install "distribution lines" to connect to the Bonneville power lines, bragged about taking possession of the Hayden Hill lines and now

has the impudence to stand up and testify Frank Cady did not have permission to sign the Purchase Agreement.



Frank Cady is still a practicing attorney. Why ???? he is a practicing attorney is a testament to this community.

Cady, Nagel, Stewart and Langston over the past 12 years have destroyed any credibility for LMUD. 


Cady is the worst of this gang of thieves, but Fred

Nagel, Bill Stewart and Wayne Langston enabled, supported and instructed Cady's actions. Make no mistake, Frank Cady would not have done anything without the approval of the LMUD Boards.


LMUD Agenda, June 26, 2012

Agenda Item 11

*Subject: Invenergy-Letter of Intent re: Feasibility Study for Construction of Transmission Line


  *the amount LMUD has spent on phony studies could have reduced electric rates by more than 3 cents. [North Lassen County Surprise Valley Electric rates for residential: .064 per kwh]

NOTE: LMUD has always had the protection of the District Attorney Bob Burns and the apathy of the public


June 21, 2012


Jon leaves a wife and three children.

Jon Nakanishi is a candidate for the Lassen County Superior Court Judge

 Election Code 8805 states that if a candidate dies on or before the general election he or she stays on the ballot. If they receive the highest vote they win but because of the vacancy created by the death the next person receiving the highest votes fills the vacancy. 

However, when there is a vacancy in a judicial race, the vacancy is filled by the Governor through the  Judicial Council

Jon Nakanishi must win the seat on the Lassen County Superior Court in November.



June 20, 2012

Lassen County Clerk Bustamante

Holds Ballot Counting Demonstration

was planned on June 20, 2012, Now  June 22 


Lassen County Clerk/Election Officer Julie Bustamante will hold a ballot counting  demonstration, at her office (200 Lassen, Susanville), at 2:00 PM on Wednesday June 22.  Bustamante claims that several candidates have asked questions about her procedures. 

This demonstration will be HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE......... not how it WAS DONE.


.....and her point of doing this after the election IS........?

Fixing Elections has become too easy




June 19, 2012

As always, the Lassen County Times Attempts to Sanitize LMUD's lies and scams and is the NUMBER ONE ENABLER OF LMUDLMUD

Nagel/Stewart/ Cady: Shocking, Shocking facts.

Read entire document

Nagel/Stewart/ Cady: Shocking, Shocking facts.

Read entire document

Nagel/Stewart/ Cady: Shocking, Shocking facts.

Read entire document

Public records  and Court documents confirm that Frank Cady, Fred Nagel, Bill Stewart, Nancy Cardenas, Wayne Langston, George Sargent and Darrell Wood had full knowledge of the Purchase Agreement signed by Frank Cady for the Hayden Hill  transmission line. This has been a project that the entire board worked on for years prior to purchasing the transmission line It is a shame that the local newspaper is obligated to protect them the best way they can, just change or omit a few facts.

The Hayden Hill transmission line has been discussed at LMUD meetings for over six years and LMUD's lawsuit against Kinross is now almost 2 years old (Editor Sam Williams attends these LMUD meetings or he allows LMUD to phone in a story about their meeting). 

LMUD rates stay high as LMUD continues to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on trying to fix another huge poor management decision.

Now.....why do you think that the Lassen County Times has decided suddenly to publish their 6/19/12 frontpage article "Utility seeks to overturn Cady's worthless purchase" ?  They have to protect their friends, the Nagels, and all of the LMUD participants.  Did Sam Williams write this? Sounds more like he let Fred Nagel write this slightly slanted prejudice rendition of the.......real story, the real facts?



June 18, 2012

Lassen County Clerk Bustamante

Holds Ballot Counting Demonstration

was planned on June 20, 2012, Now  June 22 

Lassen County Clerk/Election Officer Julie Bustamante will hold a ballot counting  demonstration, at her office (200 Lassen, Susanville), at 2:00 PM on Wednesday June 22.  Bustamante claims that several candidates have asked questions about her procedures. 

This demonstration will be HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE......... not how it WAS DONE.


.....and her point of doing this after the election IS........?



June 14, 2012





Fred Nagel was elected, to the LMUD Board, in 2002 after the voters recalled LMUD Director Marino Giannotti. Gianntti was ousted by 67.7% of the LMUD ratepayers that voted as well as three others, Darrell Wood, Louis Templeton and Richard Parker.

These Board Members had catastrophically managed this public utility and were thrown out of office. All except Wayne Langston, Fred and Theresa Nagel's son-in-law. Theresa Nagel was the County Election Officer.

Langston was involved in an illegal action by the LMUD Board to replace Michael Deal.

In 2001, these LMUD Board Members lost $8 million dollars in an energy speculation (?) debacle and tried to recover this loss by increasing LMUD rates 162%. These Board members threw up a smoke screen with an elaborate phony hydroelectric project. Kan We Help exposed and curtailed the Arrowrock scam and as a result, FERC cancelled the license due to "no sufficient activity in 12 years from the issuance of the license".


(not even in the LMUD service area but within the Surprise Valley Electric district)

However, the public was not aware that LMUD Director Fred Nagel Nagel testimony and LMUD's former attorney and now General Manager (6/17/05-1/8/08)   Frank Cady had already spotted a new con. Nagel placed a discussion of the Hayden Hill line, on the October 12, 2005 LMUD agenda (Item 4B).

The Hayden Hill transmission line had been serviced by the Surprise Valley Electric district. Once Kinross Gold closed the mine down, the transmission lines were worthless. This transmission line had to be removed and Cady and Nagel knew it.  Nagel and Cady told the LMUD Board that LMUD should spend the money to remove the "transmission" lines and then build a new line to carry power to connect to Bonneville Power FOR WIND POWER. This was not only STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT but possibly criminal activity. . Was Invenergy involved? If so how much?



The October 12, 2005 meeting was the same meeting that caused public outragewhen LMUD attempted to pass an excessive Facility Charge fee. The Hayden Hill issue went under the radar.

 LMUD President Nancy Cardenas officially appointed Fred Nagel and Frank Cady to begin talks with Lassen County about the Hayden Hill transmission line. Nagel found that Lassen County Supervisor Jack Hansen was very motivated. [ Hayden Hill area: District 5 is Jack Hansen's District. Ward 5 is Jay Dow's District ]

LMUD purchased the Hayden Hill transmission line on December 17, 2007. Fred Nagel and Cady signed a $65,000 check on 12/13/07

LMUD filed a lawsuit against Kinross to void the Purchase Agreement on December 15, 2010

In  March of 2006, according to a Cady e-mail, to the LMUD Board and a few questionable persons, Cady informed the LMUD Board that he was attempting to purchase the Hayden Hill Transmission Line.


In April of 2006, LMUD's new General Manager Frank Cady contacted Kinross about purchasing the Hayden Hill transmission line and told Kinross that this line fit into LMUD's business plan. Kinross told Frank Cady initially that LMUD would have to accept all liabilities that came with Hayden Hill. Then....Fred Nagel came up with a scheme to threaten Kinross with Eminent Domain and Nagel suggested that Kinross just "give" the transmission line to LMUD, according to Frank Cady's testimony. Kinross then agreed to sell LMUD the Hayden Hill line for $65,000 and LMUD would agree to assume all liability. This language (which Cady claims the LMUD Board gave him a consensus to go ahead) was in fact included in the Purchase Agreement.



The Lassen Gold mining corporation owned by Kinross Gold was closing its operation at Hayden Hill (near Alturas) and began the process to dismantle the transmission lines.

In September of 2006, the Willowcreek Landowners Association (    Acting Agent according to Frank Cady: Gary Woolverton, former Modoc County District Attorney 2006-2010 and Frank Cady's "good friend) in Surprise Valley approached Fred Nagel with an offer of giving LMUD $30,000 to help LMUD buy the Hayden Hill transmission line.

According to Frank Cady's testimony, Bill Stewart TOOK THIS $30,000 AND DEPOSITED IT IN GL ACCOUNT 143.30 ("Other Accounts Receivable") and gave the Willowcreek Landowners Association a receipt. The $30,000 was never refunded to the Willowcreek Landowners Association. 

How many bribes have been taken?

Are you interested in WHO the members  are in the Willowcreek Landowners Association ? So are we. It appears that the "Willowcreek Landowners Association" may well be a phony shell name.




It is extremely important to note that in the May 27,2008 LMUD Minutes (Agenda Item 11), the LMUD Board acknowledged that LMUD has taken possession of the Hayden Hill transmission line.

According to public documents, LMUD continued to keep the Willowcreek Landowners Association and Surprise Valley Electric (Dan Silveria) in the loop. Nagel testified that LMUD's plan was to allow Surprise Valley Electric the use of the Hayden Hill Transmission line until LMUD was ready to tie into the low cost power lines.

According to Dan Silveria, Manager at Surprise Valley Electric, this statement was untrue. Mr. Silveria stated that he distanced himself from the LMUD and the Hayden Hill transmission line because he felt it was not a good idea.



LMUD manufactured a fake Resolution 2009-17 in order to make it appear that the LMUD Board suddenly "had no knowledge" of Frank Cady purchasing the Hayden Hill Line. The LMUD Board and Eugene Chittock came up with this idea to fake a Resolution in order to file a lawsuit. It isn't well thought out given the history on this issue. The LMUD Agenda for the December 22, 2009 meeting did not include any mention of a Resolution. No action was reported out of the closed session, but when the 12/22/09 Minutes were published  Resolution  2009-17 suddenly appears. 

This was not only a flagrant Brown Act Violation (Brown Act 54954.2 (a) no action or discussion shall be undertaken on any item not appearing on the posted agenda) but a deliberate attempt to deceive the public.

LMUD placed Resolution 2009-16 properly on the 11/24/09 Agenda so Eugene Chittock  cannot use his usual I dunnoexcuse again.

LMUD is terminally corrupt


MINOR DETAIL:  The LMUD 12/22/09 Agenda does not include a RESOLUTION 2009-17

The LMUD December 22, 2009 Agenda does not include a Resolution 2009-17 nor do the LMUD Minutes, for this Agenda, mention Resolution 2009-17 being discussed or approved in open session or any action reported in closed sess. The LMUD Board is required to include a copy of this Resolution to the public prior to any action.

It is not known WHEN LMUD decided to create a fake resolution for the purpose of filing a lawsuit against Kinross but this action was known and supported and signed off by Eugene Chittock.



Coincidentally......Fred Nagel did not attend the December 22, 2009 meeting. This phony resolution was signed by Bud Bowden, Jay Dow, Wayne Langston, Richard Vial and Eugene Chittock.

2010 LMUD Board

Chittock filed this lawsuit against Kinross on 12/15/10

Chittock has billed LMUD thousands and thousands of dollars for this lawsuit. LMUD has also paid hundreds of thousands to an outside law firm for the same case.

Nagel/Stewart/ Cady: Shocking, Shocking facts.

Read entire document



LMUD has never shown any respect for the law let alone the Brown Act. LMUD, in the past, has altered their Minutes and Agendas.

Because of this it has been necessary for Kan We Help to acquire LMUD Agendas and Minutes

LMUD has shown no reason to be trusted


Kinross Files Opposition to LMUD's Summary Judgment

Shocking, Shocking testimony Read entire document


Nagel and Stewart remain the only people from the original gangCardenas resigned, Sargent resigned, Wood resigned (previously recalled), Cady was fired, Jones was fired. All were involved with this scam.




Fred Nagel ran for a LMUD seat in 2000. Nagel's wife was the Election officer at the time and allowed her husband and son-in-law, Wayne Langston to sit on the LMUD Board. Langston lived within the PSREC district until his in-laws purchased property for him in Janesville. Langston was never elected to sit on the LMUD Board. Fred Nagel has never lived within the LMUD boundaries and has resided and voted within the Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative. PSREC has several electric districts within Lassen County and LMUD has no jurisdiction  over this utility company. Fred Nagel has never been eligible to sit on the Lassen Municipal Utility District, a public utility.



Frank Cady and the LMUD Board (Nancy Cardenas, Darrell Wood, George Sargent, Fred Nagel and Wayne Langston) secretly purchased the contaminated Kinross "Hayden Hill" line without disclosing the purchase to the public. This violated the Brown Act.

Three years later, when the Board no longer had any use for this property they filed a lawsuit to void the purchase. The only problem now, they have to commit perjury to stay out of jail. Bill Stewart was very much apart of this.



Fred Nagel testified that he didn't know what the $65,000 check was for and that the Board was not aware of any purchase agreement with Kinross (Hayden Hill transmission line). As of 6/13/12, Fred Nagel is still LMUD's Treasurer. The LMUD Board approved this purchase without public disclosure and violated the Brown Act. Kan We Help has claimed this for years.

In 2012, Nagel testified that he was never aware of Cady's negotiations even though there is a  three year paper trail mountain of memos and e-mails with County staff and others about the Hayden Hill transmission line.   ?

Bob Burns can't keep them out of jail. This issue is in Federal Court.




June 12, 2012


As of June 5,2012, Lassen Municipal Utility District's Minutes show no record of any claim on November 16, 2011. A claim of this magnitude must be brought before the Board for action . LMUD Minutes show absolutely no mention of this claim  until June 6, 2012.

LMUD did not attach any copy of this claim with their June 6, 1012 Agenda from the Mission Baptist Church on South Lassen Street in Susanville.


No record of this  "planned outage" or "malfunction" , so what LMUD employee is a member of this church?

Are ratepayers paying for all of the "UPGRADES"?



June 10, 2012



Fruit Growers Supply & LMUD Director Fred Nagel

Eagle Lake Development


On May 2, 2012, Lassen Municipal Utility District Treasurer Fred Nagel helping friends helping friends filed a request for a Preliminary Review for property to be rezoned. This property is owned by Fruit Growers Supply Company (APN 89-090-17, 20, 21 and 27).  This request is presently being considered by the Lassen County Department of Planning& Building Services. No decision has been reached by the Planning Commissioner.

No easements for electricity, to this property, have been submitted to LMUD....... not yet.......LMUD

Nagels request ignores the fact that this rezoning would encroach into TPZ parcels and allow illegal access to the Timber Production Zones.


LMUD Director Nagel then spoke at the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting on May 8, 2012. Nagel asked the Board to intervene and change the zoning for the Fruit Growers Supply's land on the Eagle Lake property because it was not consistent with Plan goals.

Two possible problems:

1. The "Eagle Lake Area Plan" encroaches on TPZ zoned lands that coincidentally are owned by Fruit Growers Supply.  If  Nagels changes are approved, the "recreation area" would illegally be able to access the TPZ area owned by Fruit Growers Supply.


TPZ stands for Timber Production Zone.

The TPZ zones were set up to discourage expansion of urban services into timberland and are nearly impossible to change.

If a landowner requests to rezone out of TPZ they are required to submit a REZONE APPLICATION under the quidelines of Section 65854 and 65857. The Fruit Growers Supply Company has not done this and therefore the request that Fred Nagel has made is slightly premature.

2. According to public records, this property presently has no electricity/ and LMUD Director Fred Nagel and his family own  considerable property at Eagle Lake. How much influence peddling, to look the other way, does Nagel have to help himself and his client (the Fruit Growers Supply Company) for this new development? Will it be open to the public or PRIVATE? 


Lassen County has 312,616 acres in Timber Production Zones.

NOTE: A TPZ parcel, in 1994, was rezoned by Mr. Jones near the Banner Hospital. Dyer Mountain, in Westwood, was the last to successfully rezone a TPZ to recreational use.


[46.91% voters stayed home]


June 8, 2012



100% Lassen County Election Results

UPDATE:  6/12/12 @ 12:09 PM

Lassen County Clerk Julie Bustamante prepares  the Recount of the District 1 Supervisors Race


13720 registered voters

7282 voted or 53.09% 


At 4:44 PM on June 6, the Lassen County Clerk found  1,434 additional votes cast that have not yet been reported "automatically" to the California Secretary of State. Do these votes even exist ! These newly found votes were not reported to the Secretary of State by 5.38 PM on 6/6/12

SOMETHING IS AMISS: As the Lassen County Clerk posts updates to the election is it "automatically" sent to the California Secretary of State?  Evidently not.

On 6/7/12 at 7:10 AM the Secretary of State election results show that Lassen County has 13,719 registered voters of which 5,742 voted. However, the Lassen County Clerk's webpage shows 13,720 registered voters and 7,176 voted. 

On 6/7/12 at 8:33 AM , the Secretary of State's webpage for election updates suddenly shows Lassen County with 13,719 registered voters of which 7,176 voted. The Secretary of States cut-off date for this report was 6/6/12 at 5:38 PM


At 10:00 AM, on 6/7/12, Lassen County Clerk orders a "recount" on the Supervisor 1 District

Both candidates are allowed to monitor this recount. Julie Bustamante, Lassen County Clerk has another agenda. She failed to notify the two candidates, running for Supervisor District 1, that she intended to recount the race. When Jean Hodge contacted Bustamante, Bustamant told Hodge that she was just going to call her ??????

(Lassen County Clerks have refused this public monitoring in the past)

Ms. Hodge has asked the County Clerk to do the Recount on Friday so she can view the procedures.

NOTE: California State election law requires each county to finalize the June 5, 2012 elections by July 6. The Secretary of State must certify this election by July 13

The Epiphany cake was not done in time for Theresa

6/7/12: Where were the two full sheet cakes going this morning Theresa? Your gal did well didn't she. Just like you trained her



A mirror of Values

Judicial Race: a Runoff in November

Nakanishi 1961

Burns 2336(4946 did not vote for Burns)


Supervisors Race

Hodge 809

Pyle 836


Chapman 638

Pezzullo- 517


Albaugh  787

Bonham 374


Susanville City Council

Wilson 1376

Sayers 449

Haldane  721

McBride  826

Callegari  833

Franco  455

French  730




May 22, 2012


Deception & Misrepresentation?

Does the District Attorney need to misrepresent his competition to win?   YES


Burns sent this to Lassen County Voters

What is more important?

1. A 40 year law practice or 19 years in Susanville

What is more important?

2. Graduating from the prestigious University of Santa Clara Law school ( UC Santa Clara does not exist)  or Thomas Jefferson Law School in San Diego (small limited academics for JD program)


What is more important?

A career Prosecutor or a well rounded law career


May 21, 2012


The 2010 Proposition 14 Changes California Elections

.......but not for the judicial races

Proposition 14, California's open primary law passed in 2010,  makes it mandatory for the top two candidates in the June Primary to go through two elections. Once in June and then again at the General Election in November.   The expense is absurd.  

Proposition 14 is going to be proven to be the most ridiculous law passed in years.

Judicial Races are not under Prop 14




IF THREE OR MORE CANDIDATES ARE RUNNING FOR THE SAME JUDICIAL SEAT, A CANDIDATE MUST WIN BY 50% OF VOTES CAST PLUS 1. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes at the Primary, then the top two will be on the November Ballot for a run-off




May 9, 2012


Holds Special Meeting on 5/9/12 @3.00

LMUD secretly purchased contaminated, worthless property 5 years ago then files a lawsuit because they don't want it anymore. Chittock is soaking LMUD for everything he can get.




May 8, 2012

Hot time in the old BOS today

Supervisor Chapman loses it and shakes his arm and points his finger at CAO Nichols and blames their woes on all of the bad CAO's the County has had

Lassen County, like LMUD, has had a revolving door with attorneys and managers the last ten years Tom Stone

Supervisor Pyle lies about being on the Board when the Sierra Army Depot transferred their EXCESS PROPERTY to Lassen County  Bertotti

Was Bob Pyle on the Board of Supervisors when the Sierra Army property was given to the County in 2000? He says he wasn't. Pyle, Keefer and McCain voted for it.

If he feels he has to lie about the little things, should District 1 voters keep him?

Supervisor Bob Pyle


 In 2000, the Sierra Army Depot transferred "excess property" to Lassen County's Local Reuse Authority (LRA). The property in question now is Building 1223. This has been occupied and maintained by VFW Post 6356 in Herlong.

The VFW in Herlong requested that the County reimburse them for the thousands of dollars they have spent on the building that they acquired 14 years ago. The VFW, according to John Everett, was entitled to the Federal Surplus property according to Federal Statutes and believed that the paperwork was processed to put the property in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6356.


The problem, the County never signed over this property to the VFW and was legally responsible for maintaining the roof, exterior walls structural foundations, common areas, restrooms, parking lot, exterior lighting and HVAC, provide janitorial service for common areas including hallways and restrooms.

All of these items were never done by Lassen County but the entire expense of these items were paid for by Post 6356.

After all of these years and admitting to this mistake Lassen County has recently signed over the property to VFW Post 6356 in Herlong. 

Now, the VFW wants to be made whole and has asked the Lassen County Supervisors to reimburse them for all of the maintenance and repairs that they have made.

What brought outrage from VFW Commander Everett and Mr. Flores, is that the new CAO, Martin Nichols reminded the two men that the County could charge them for the property and he thought it took alot of nerve to come NOW and ask for money.


Nichols comments were poorly timed and inappropriate.

 There was nothing funny about your comment Mr. Nichols.

Federal Statutes "give" the surplus federal property to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.



May 1, 2012

Lobby the Lassen County Supervisors for Favors

218 registered non-profits in Lassen County, only a handful continue to receive this "Discretionary" money....


Lassen County Counsel states: "I can tell you its a practice that's widely usedthroughout California at several counties "

****58 Counties in California****

This practice IS BEING ABANDONED throughout California....why....perception

[It is      s  t  r  e  t  c  h  i  n  g       the legal "opine" to state that everything is LEGAL just because it is approved and inserted into the budget]



Government Code 26227 states:

"establish county programs or to fund other programs"

"supervisors may contract with other public agencies or private agencies or individuals to operate those programs..."

The Board of Supervisors need to disclose, on the next Agenda, these "other programs" currently funded and operated by Lassen County and their costs. The public will be shocked.

Can all of these funded OTHER PROGRAMS be "deemed to be necessary to meet the social needs of the population of the county..."  ??



April 25, 2012


April 22, 2012

Criminal State of Mind ?

criminal acts


Over the last 10 years, Kan We Help has filed many complaints with LMUD (also filed with Robert Burns, Lassen County District Attorney) for Brown Act violations. LMUD does not comply with the Brown Act and Bob Burns just looks the other way when his "friends" violate the law.

One of Kan We Help's complaints included objections to the LMUD Board making decisions in closed session and not reporting them. These decisions often included real estate deals

Kinross/Hayden Hill   Beterbide  ATT/Viewland   Lambert Lane AmedeeArrowrock name just a few

LMUD's disregard for the Brown Act provision that requires a public entity to place a real estate issue in open session before placing it in a "closed session" or discussing and taking action on a real estate deal in "closed session" and not reporting this action in open session has just been LMUD's MO.54956.854957.1.6(b,c)


The "closed session" actions taken by the LMUD Board in 2007 concerning the Kinross/Hayden Hill land purchase   (Nancy Cardenas, Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston, George Sargent and Darrell Wood) ultimately resulted in LMUD filing a bogus lawsuit (Jan/2011) to reverse this sale.

LMUD filed this lawsuit claiming Frank Cady acted on his own to purchase the worthless and heavily contaminated land known as "Hayden Hill" from Kinross for $65,000 on December 17, 2007. This claim is not only ridiculous but absurd and now LMUD attorneys are desperately trying to settle it.

LMUD hired attorney Dennis DeCuir on April 18, 2006 to act on LMUD's behalf for the acquisition of this land. The property has a worthless 69 kv transmission line that LMUD knew it could not use (according to LMUD statements).  The LMUD Board wanted this property so bad (??????) that they threatened to implement Eminent Domain.  Dennis DeCuir is also the attorney that approved the Hayden Hill/Kinross Purchase Agreement on 12/17/07.  Purchase Agreement

LMUD held "closed sessions" that included Agenda items like, "Significant exposure to Litigation Pursuant to Government Code 54956.9(b)" . LMUD never identified these exposures and used that code to be able to discuss their "secret deals".LMUD has submitted Declarations to the Federal Court that no such discussions ever took place about Hayden Hill.

LMUD Board Member Fred Nagel signed a check on 12/13/07 for $65,000 to purchase the Kinross Property

Cady Deposition  Stewart Declaration    Rollings Declaration

LMUD has not submitted any Declarations from Fred Nagel, Nancy Cardenas, Darrell Wood, George Sargent or Wayne Langston.  These LMUD Board Members will have to testify in Court, UNDER OATH.


In 2007, the LMUD Board had been discussing the Hayden Hill (Kinross) property for over a year and it appears that there was a  huge disagreement in October of 2007 causing Nancy Cardenas and George Sargent  to suddenly resign.

Take a look at the activity on the LMUD Board prior to all of the resignations  

*October 2007   November 2007

Langston met almost daily with "Special Counsel"


Further, LMUD now claims that Nancy Cardenas (Treasurer's Office) and George Sargent's resignation on October 26, 2007 removed a quorum. However, Cardenas and Sargents resignation on October 26, 2007 left three Board Members which makes a quorum.  LMUD held a meeting on October 23, 2007 and the two Board Members resigned three days later on October 26, 2007.

LMUD's General Manager Frank Cady and the remaining LMUD Board Members, Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston and Darrell Woods were free to finalize the Hayden Hill purchase with Cardenas and Sargent out of the way.

Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston and Darrell Wood remained and held a final meeting on November 27, 2007 that again included a "closed session". There was a legal quorum to approve the purchase of Hayden Hill.  Darrell Wood resigned six days later on December 3, 2007. On or around December 13, 2007 Bill Stewart issued a check for $65,000 to Kinross for their Hayden Hill property. There was nothing to suggest, to the Kinross company, that this was nothing less than a legal transaction. Fred Nagel and Frank Cady signed the check which allowed Frank Cady then, as LMUD General Manager, to sign the Purchase Agreement.

Another anomaly, at this November 27, 2007 was the fact that these three amigos voted to arbitrarily increase the electric rates without a public hearing. To show their corrupt state of mind, they placed Agenda 4D as an "Appeal-Employee Grievance Number 2007-06" but voted to approve Agenda 4D as a rate increase.



Frank Cady was moving fast to make BIG CHANGES FOR HIMSELF at LMUD

The rate increase voted on at this meeting almost went into effect immediately on December 1, 2007.





Back to the LMUD  v  Kinross/Hayden Hill lawsuit

On May 27, 2008, with the newly appointed Board Members, Bud Bowden, Jay Dow and Lavacott, in place the Hayden Hill purchase is not only acknowledged but they intend to move forward with this phony project. Frank Cady has been fired and Ray Luhring is hired as the General Manager. Luhring had full knowledge of the Hayden Hill purchase but stays quiet.


 Now, four (4) years after this purchase LMUD's attorney, Eugene Chittock, discovered that he can make some money on this dead issue but did he realize that his clients could go to jail. (unlikely, since Robert Burns would never charge his friends)

Take a look at LMUD's admissions today..............


LMUD has the Kinross lawsuit on its April 24, 2012 Agenda in "CLOSED SESSION".  Maybe its time to give this issue a little DAYLIGHT





April 20, 2012

Have the Mallery's created a Carnival out of the Judicial Race?



April 18, 2012

Was' Up Tony ?


Ms. Bustamante's family is opening a restaurant and bar on the property soon

Tony places a sign on a Bustamante family lot?

Why would Tony Mallery use such poor judgment and put a huge question mark on Julie Bustamante, County Election Officer?

Doesn't he know that Julie counts the votes?

[For a small donation, you can have "Mallery Wallpaper" for every room in your house and business]



An observation by a bystander about a Mallery sign placed in front of Stephen Kings Office in Susanville,


Attorney Stephen King is also a candidate for the Lassen County Superior Court Judge


Lassen County does not need to "put up with" or "endure" another self-serving Judge.



April 17, 2012

District 1 Supervisor Bob Pyle

May lose his seat

Bob Pyle is now running weekly ads tearing down ANYONE that speaks against him or even disagrees with him. [NOTE: The motive is unclear why the Lassen County Times allowed Pyles ad to be published}

He has attacked other Supervisors, trashedwomen in general and really believes that he has been endowed with a lifetime position on the Lassen County Board of Supervisors


The $20,000 Discretionary Fund that the Supervisors inserted into the County Budget in 2000 seems to be at the heart of recent Supervisor meetings. 

Steve Pezzullo, Candidate for the District 2 Supervisor seat, stated that he didn't believe this fund was even legal.  Each Supervisor can disperse up to $4,000 to personal entities. Supervisor Pyle has been accused of using his funds to "influence" votes. 

Supervisor Wosick stated that he believed that this money can be used and

has been used to "INFLUENCE VOTES"Wosick abstained on the vote, to approve, the latest round of money

Supervisor Pyle's solution was to ban any distribution of these funds 90 days before any election. 

Supervisor Pyle stated that if it was in the County Budget it was "legal".  Pyle also believed that his gross mis-management of hundreds of thousands of dollars of County Economic Development Department funds was legal also.

No one is trying to say that the "public" money handed out to "private" organizations isn't "needed" by these organizations. But it is public money and out of the hundreds of non-profit companies in Lassen County, only a handful are being given this money. Organizations that can provide VOTES. 



 Kan We Help is looking for any evidence (like a cancelled check) that Bob Pyle has donated a penny of his own money to Westwood or anywhere else in District 1.

He will always show up for any "free" meal at ANY FUNCTION, ANYWHERE


April 11, 2012

LMUD Bookkeeper/ General Manager Bill Stewart ordered David Folce to lock Amedee out of the Common Metering Facility at AGV I

Amedee lawsuit against LMUD

The Court granted Amedee (AGV I in Wendel) a Temporary Restraining Order against LMUD and ordered LMUD to reinstall the 1750 Power Recorder today. LMUD closed Amedee out of the Common Metering Facility (CMF) on March 7, 2012.


The TRO forced LMUD to cancel it's SPECIAL MEETING TODAY.

(NOTE: LMUD lied to the public about the cancellation of this meeting. LMUD's official statement was that the "Instructor of the Brown Act Seminar could not make it")

 LMUD's Attorney Eugene Chittock was needed, at the site, to deal with yet another total screw-up by Bill Stewart.



April 10, 2012



Lassen County Supervisors PrivateClub ?

Bob Pyle, Jim Chapman, Jack Hanson

The April 10, 2012 Supervisors meeting was not pleasant for Pyle, Hanson and Chapman. The public, which overflowed into the hallways,  was not happy !


These three seats on the Lassen County Supervisors Board have not suddenly become


These three seats on the Lassen County Supervisors Board are


The five  seats, on the Lassen County Supervisors Board, are positions of trust and every four years the voters get to assess how "these men" have performed.




LET'S NOT FORGET THAT THESE veteran Supervisors were directly involved with the monetary issues with Lassen County's Economic Development Department. Their solution was to fire the Messenger when the scandal was exposed.

Jim Chapman threatens to "not run" every election cycle. 32 years later he thinks that he has all the answers and the Board can't run with out him. So what does he do?  He wants his old buddy, Kurt Bonham, on the Board to insure he can have it his way on every vote. 

Bob Pyle not so subtly "trashes" his critics as only Bob Pyle can do. Here is a perfect example of a career politician that has lost touch with "who" he represents. Some have said that he is just LAZY until election time and then he tells his electorate that he walks on water and spreads a lot of public money around to show how much he cares.

Jack Hansononly represents a "select" few when it comes to critical issues (ie;water rights) and is directly connected to the Bertotti scandal.  Does he represent his entire District, that's a big NO. 




April 9, 2012

Is District 1 Supervisor Pyle Buying Votes?

It might appear that way.



Maybe it is time to just step aside...........Maybe he's been in office TOO LONG

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors, in 2000, voted to give themselves public money to hand out.

 In 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 budget years,  the Supervisors could hand out a total of $5,000 each year. This amount was reduced to $4,500 per year and then reduced again to $4,000 per budget year.


 In the 2008 election cycle District 1 Supervisor Pyle distributed an average of 57%  ($10,000) of his "Discretionary Funds" to Westwood just prior to the election. 

 In the 2012 election cycle District 1Supervisor Pyle has distributed 55% of his "Discretionary Fund" to Westwood prior to the election. 

District 1Supervisor Pyle stated that he will win re-election with Westwood voters. Well then, the taxpayers money was well spent.................?


What has he promised Westwood?










TO WESTWOOD or anywhere else for that matter?



April 5, 2012

LMUD Not Truthful about Electric Company Salaries

The National average for utility company salaries continues to fall. A small utility General Manager makes an average of $62,000 annually + benefits  and a large utility company General Manager/Regional Manager makes an average of $112,000.


The recent controversy at the Middleborough Gas & Electric Company is a good example of what the trend is from ratepayers that have had enough. Middleborough's residential electric rate is $.0650 per KWH.  Lassen Municipal Utility District continues to charge an extraordinary $ .12 per KWH. Twice the national average.


Middleborough Gas & Electric's General Manager John Granahan has been given $57,000 in increases over the past three years and their ratepayers are fighting back after the five member board wanted to raise his salary again. Their ratepayers are in the process of removing all five members.  It was discovered that the Board and General Manager created a very nice environment for themselves with expensive trips and secret deals. The Middleborough Board, like LMUD, started playing around with the Public Meeting laws and have been hit with numerous complaints.

Lassen Municipal Utility District is headed for the same fate. The LMUD Board's phony energy projects and travel arrangements have long been a controversy and now they have just approved a contract with their Bookkeeper/General Manager, Bill Stewart for  $170,000.  The LMUD Board is going to allow Stewart to use his private plane for travel. DID THEY NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM FRANK CADY'S ESCAPADES  WITH HIS PRIVATE PLANE or are they getting "free" trips to Vegas?

Bill Stewart is a Frank Cady protege and knows that if he is generous to the Board members his activities will be overlooked as they were when Frank Cady was General Manager/Attorney.  Cady's history was NOTORIOUS OR A BETTER WORD, "INFAMOUS".

LMUD has faced a Recall Election to remove Board Members

LMUD has faced Board Resignations to Avoid another Recall Election

LMUD hired a GM/attorney to hide their activities. How did that work out?

LMUD hired a GM/bookkeeper that will end badly

LMUD has hired and fired 10 General Managers in 10 years......

and hasn't learned a single thing. 






April 4, 2012

Local Candidates help at a Susanville Fundraiser for

Lassen Senior Services

Lassen Senior Services is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing programs and services which will enhance the health and well being of seniors in Lassen County. To find out more information or how to help call 257-2113. Lassen Senior Services is located at 1700 Sunkist, Susanville, CA 96130


The all day fundraiser was held at the El Tepeyac Grill, 1700 Main Street, Susanville5% of the sales were donated to Lassen Senior Services and all of the tips for the day were also donated.

Jon Nakanishi, candidate for Lassen County Superior Court Judge                 Jean Hodge, candidate for Lassen County Supervisor, Dist. 1


Peter Talia, candidate for Lassen County Superior Court Judge


April 3, 2012

Supervisor Bob Pyle brings DA to Westwood Water District Meeting ?

While anyone is welcome to attend the Westwood Water Districts monthly meeting it is generally Commission Members only that attend.

Supervisor Pyle attempted to introduce District Attorney Bob Burns as a candidate for Judge and asked that the public Commission allow him to speak at this "public meeting".   BIG NO NO.  Pyle knew this and Burns knew that this was totally out of line, yet they attempted it anyway.   The publicly funded district is not allowed to promote or in anyway show support for any politician.

District 1 Supervisor Pyle is attempting to be re-elected also


Were there any FPPC rules violated?


Gender Bias Predominate in Lassen County for Decades

Women vote more than men but do not vote for women?

Could it be that their husbands do not allow it ?




March 30, 2012

The Susanville Safeway Store Joins

Easter Seals & Special Olympics Event in Sparks Nevada Today


 At 10:45 AM, the Safeway Sparks store will kick off the April "People with Disabilities" campaign with a Special Olympics Torch Run.

Also Easter Seals specialists  will be onsite to offer free "development delay" screenings in the Pharmacy for toddlers and preschool children.


The Mayor of Sparks and City Council members will attend to proclaim that April is  Autism Awareness month




March 22, 2012


Tony Mallery, hopeful for the Lassen County Superior Court Seat

suddenly joins the Susanville Chamber of Commerce.

He passed the State Bar on June 7, 2000 and practiced in Butte County.

Mallery moved back to Lassen County in 2006.



The Key Club?

Does Lassen County need this type of baggage again?


On October 9, 2006, Fred Mallery Resigns From the Planning Commission



March 21, 2012

Frank Cady wants to "help the community elect the best candidate"for the court...sure he does

Frank Cady can help the community by moving as far away from Lassen County as he can



Cady fired BKC Cady Fraud

Asinine, Asinine, Asinine

Is Cady's problem a delusional problem ?



March 14, 2012



LMUD has NEVER shown an ounce of intelligence. ZERO. The LMUD Board allowed this very disgusting sexual harassment to continue until they were sued. Now, LMUD must not only absorb the $371,000 in legal fees already paid but they have been ordered to pay the Plaintiffs attorney fees and costs. In addition, LMUD will have to pay Ms. Devlyne $75,000 Sexual Harassment, Mr. Glau $50,000 and Mr. Knezevich $5,000.


The LMUD Board has decided that their bookkeeper can be their General Manager. Bill Stewart has zero qualifications to be the General Manager of any public utility. DID WE MENTION ZERO.


Bill Stewart learned a lot of "tricks" under Frank Cady, but it will ultimately be his undoing 


It is time to REPLACE DIRECTORS. Ward 1, 4 and 5 will be open for new candidates in the November 2012 Election.

 Let's get busy people.



March 9, 2012

Kan We Help challenged LMUD's Illegal Public Hearing

(....Bill Stewart's in charge ?)

LMUD Board cancels illegal Public Hearing on February 28, 2012 and decides to comply with the LAW

Solar Rebates



LMUD starts over and files a  legal  "LEGAL NOTICE" for their Public Hearing



A US Congressman makes $174,000 a year

A California Superior Court Judge makes $178,000 per year


Why would a tiny little public utility give their General Manager $170,000 a year and claim they can't lower their rates?

The LMUD Board plans to give their General Manager Bill Stewart $170,000 a year plus $40,000 in benefits and an unlimited expense account Stewart contract

LMUD never intended to hire a new Bookkeeper as they promised which means that Bill Stewart will keep his 45% pay raise

Bill Stewart earned $117,000 annually and was LMUD's Bookkeeper. Stewart reported to the General Manager. The General Manager, Ray Luhring earned $155,000

Bill Stewart is not remotely qualified to be a General Manager under the laws that govern a California municipal utility district. Also LMUD has not combined the position of Bookkeeper and the position of General Manager to make one position, which is all the law allows.

LMUD wants Stewart, the keeper of SECRETS, to hold two positions.

LMUD intends to give Bill Stewart a new contract in March that would make him the General Manager. The language to offer him his old job back, Bookkeeper, was removed from the 2012 contract.



March 8, 2012

What Lassen County public entity would give a 45% raise in this economy?

IF YOU SAID Lassen Municipal Utility District, you would be right


March 7, 2012

What Lassen County public entity would insert this paragraph into an employees contract?

IF YOU SAID Lassen Municipal Utility District, you would be right


March 3, 2012

Cady, Burns, Bonham

Bonham, Cady, Burns

Burns, Bonham, Cady


No matter how you look at this, they are not good government





February 29, 2012





Winning Bid for Snowblower:


Jack Beterbide, Fred Nagels friend, also won the bid for the LMUD forklift.

You don't have to wonder anymore why LMUD buys so many forklifts? 



Kan We Help is wondering why LMUD purchased a back up generator in February/2011 again for their Roop Street office. LMUD purchased a "BACK UP GENERATOR" for their Roop Street office in June/2010 and in 2005 also. Where do these BACK UP GENERATORS END UP after growing legs?




February 27, 2012





Kan We Help Asks LMUD to Reschedule Public Hearing After LMUD Fails to Properly Notice the Public

Eugene Chittock encourages LMUD to break the law, more $$$$$

LMUD hired Chittock on 10/30/09. He doesn't even attend meetings anymore.

LMUD Solar



February 26, 2012



Solar panels are still way beyond the average families reach. This is not LMUD's fault.

LMUD Solar

What is hard to understand is LMUD's policy to continue to discourage families that can afford to install solar energy panels.

The questionably legal ( This hearing had to be held within 40 days of the date  of the General Manager's Report) Public Hearing on February 28, 2012 at the Regular LMUD meeting intends to further discourage anyone from considering solar panels.

LMUD filed a LEGAL NOTICE UNDER GOVERNMENT CODE 6063. This government code requires LMUD to post the notice three weeks in a row. LMUD did not comply.




The LMUD Board should vote NO on changing their present rebates from $10,000 to $6,000.

The LMUD Board should vote NO on charging an excessive fee to apply for solar panel rebates ($300 times Zero will always be Zero)

Since there are less than five solar installation's in the entire County it seems a BAD POLICY  to further reduce incentives.








February 24, 2012


LMUD filed a Legal Notice under the wrong law. The Public Hearing must be rescheduled.

LMUD Solar


February 22, 2012


Kerri Richards agrees to pull her application, at the last minute

During the Frank Cady "reign" he was able to put LMUD employees and even his law partner, Jamie Jones, on the Grand Jury to avoid or stifle any investigation into his "dealings". Frank Cady lives on through his protégé, Bill Stewart.

Stewart knew that there existed an EXTREME conflict  for any LMUD employee to be on the Lassen County Planning Commission and yet he attempted to place his Office Manager on this Commission anyway



illegal land deals LAND SCAMS


February 17, 2012

Lassen Municipal Utility District

Continues to Reduce Solar Panel Rebate Incentives


The Lassen Municipal Utility Board plans to hold a Public Hearing on February 28, 2012 to reduce the solar rebate again from $10,000 to $6,000 without complying with the law.

 Government Code 6063 states clearly that this public hearing must be publicized in a weekly publication three weeks prior to the Public Hearing.



The Deadline to submit a legal notice for 2/21/12 was Thursday/3:00 PM



February 9, 2012

Lassen County and the City of Susanville have an opportunity

to move forward with a new direction. Will they?

An opportunity to restore trust in the Lassen County Superior Court, but not with Burns, Cady, King, Mallery or Nakanishi

Three Supervisor seats and three City Council seats are open.....this could shake up the "good ole boys"




February 8, 2012

Judge Donald Sokol OutOne Term Judge

Some come with baggage, Sokol came with steamer trunks


Frank Cady of LMUD Sleaze

Cady TerrorCady history Phony SaleCity Golf Scam





Robert Burns more details on Burns history to come

Continues to Want to be a Judge

Both extremely unqualified to be a "judge" here or anywhere else on this planet


Lassen County has a chance to have a fair and impartial Court.

This does not include Burns or Cady




Six Lassen County CAO's in 12 months

.....This beats all records.....

Do ya think something is rotten in this County?

CAO Kettleson and County Counsel Settlemire

CAO Settlemire and County Counsel Kettleson

CAO Tom Stone and County Counsel Richard Crabtree

Tom Stone

CAO and County Counsel Richard Crabtree


CAO John Blacklock and County Counsel Richard Crabtree

CAO John Nichols (Red Bluff) @ $146,000 and County Counsel Richard Crabtree

City Manager Richard Crabtree and City Counsel (Red Bluff)  @$170,000 for both positions

Conflict:  County Counsel reports to the CAO

Don't expect loyalty. It is all about the money



January 31, 2012

Old news about an OLD PROBLEM

The article below does not tell the entire history?

Golf Course   

NOTE: If the City of Susanville sells the Golf Course, Fred Nagel gets paid. If the City closes the Golf Course but the property remains "recreational", Nagel gets ZERO

Susanville      Cady terminationFred Nagel


January 24, 2012




January 23, 2012



Mr. Poof

On January 24, 2011, at 5:30 PM, the Regular LMUD meeting


LMUD's Bookkeeper Bill Stewart

will tell

LMUD's General Manager Bill Stewart



you want a rate reduction, you will have to  say "pretty please"

With LMUD flush with money, they will do what LMUD does best, SQUANDER IT


CPUC, Division 6 governs LMUD and does not allow one person to hold two offices. It does allow the combination of two offices into one. Div 6-11934   

IT IS VERY COMMON FOR THE LASSEN MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT TO BREAK THE LAW, look at the dozens of lawsuits.....and there will be MORE COMING (Currently LMUD is again spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys)

LMUD is unwilling to comply,  so they allow their Bookkeeper (an unqualified person to be General Manager) to be the GM/bookkeeper

Bill Stewart supported Frank Cady in 2005 when Cady set up a fake sale of his law firm with his law partner Jaimee Jones. Frank Cady knew that he could not hold TWO offices at this public utility. The current LMUD Board knows that Stewart cannot hold two offices at the same time. Frank Cady

In the history of LMUD,  LMUD has NEVER hired anyone that was qualified to run this utility district, just people that will cover up their misconduct.



Fred Nagel's PSREC RESIDENTIAL RATES:   $  .114 per kwh

 (this rate has been well managed and maintained for years)



LMUD's legal "territory": their "service" area

LMUD's Ward Map can only include their service area (Sphere of Influence). PSREC, Surprise Valley and PGE can not be included in the LMUD WARD MAP

Div 6-11653




January 22, 2012







When are you going to start telling the truth or can you tell the truth?

When are you going to start working for the Ratepayers

LMUD has never had a competent

General Manager................    NEVER

All LMUD Boards members have been self-serving.

LMUD has never had a General Manager that hasn't been fired.

LMUD's history:

 nothing but corruption, deception, misrepresentation and mismanagement.








LMUD's Lambert Lane Shill-2011

Beterbide Contaminated Land Deal

ATT/Viewland Contaminated Land Deal


LMUD Secret Contaminated Land Purchase II

Federal EPA fines LMUD for illegal transport of PCB's

LMUD v Kinross/Hayden Hill


LMUD's fake lawsuit  

LMUD fake lawsuit II

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against LMUD

Amedee Geothermal  v  Lassen Municipal Utility District


Ward 1, Ward 4 and Ward 5 are up for "replacement" in November


With LMUD's Bond debt retired last May, the ratepayers were promised a reduction in rates.




LMUD is not the "people's utility" but has turned into a "Political Playground" for an egomaniacal incompetent Utility.



LMUD ratepayers deserve more, LMUD employees deserve more.



January 19, 2012

LMUD Director Fred Nagel CANNOT hold a LMUD meeting at his home.


LMUD does not render any service at the address where he is registered to vote

LMUD boundaries

Regular and Special meetings shall be held within the boundaries of the territory over which LMUD has jurisdiction.( Brown Act Section 54954 (b)  )

 LMUD has no jurisdiction over PSREC customers. Fred Nagel is registered to vote where he receives electric service from Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

In the past, LMUD has attempted to hold meetings at LMUD Director Jay Dows home in Wendel. Kan We Help reminded LMUD that the public has to have access to this meeting at Jay Dow's home. The meeting was subsequently cancelled.

Fred Nagel cannot hold meetings at his home because he does not live within LMUD Boundaries. He never has. He was able to run for the LMUD Board  initially because his wife Theresa Nagel was the County Election Office and did not challenge the fact that her husband legally was registered to vote in a different utility district.

Kan We Help challenged LMUD's boundary map, at a LAFCO meeting in 2009, when LMUD attempted to move its boundaries to include all of the other utility districts in Lassen County.

LMUD must submit this new map to the new Election Officer, Julie Bustamante,  for their 2012 elections. The map does not include PSREC.

Fred Nagel has made it known, publicly, that he will not seek re-election for Ward 1.



January 17, 2012

LMUD UNABLE TO SECURE BLM LEASE FOR THE 40 ACRES the ATT/Viewland buildings sit on

LMUD claimed that they purchased buildings from ATT for $2,500 that sit on BLM property in Viewland. LMUD now claims that no BLM lease exists. These buildings sit on contaminated land and in a Federal Flood Zone (06035C2025D).

LMUD entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with WAPA and TANC for the 230kv Transmission Line project. WAPA and TANC backed out when there was no interest. Suddenly, PSREC was in the picture. Fred Nagel's PSREC.

Now, Fred Nagel has changed this project to "RAT transmission Line" and set aside a $10 million dollar fund for it. ONE HUGE PROBLEM: David Folce said that with a few changes this line is good to go. 



LMUD has not recorded the buildings purchased from ATT




January 16, 2012





It didn't take the ruminant LMUD Board Members and General Manager to figure out that making regular payments, to avoid DEFAULT on their Bonds, would ultimately end in a final payment. The final Bond payment was made by LMUD in May of 2011. EIGHT MONTHS AGO.


LMUD owns 100% of its fixed assets (property, vehicles, furniture, buildings, computers, etc.) yet LMUD's ROA (Return on Assets) is ZERO.


How much revenue has LMUD derived from all of the contaminated property it has purchased in the last ten years?    NOT A RED CENT.

Past LMUD audits indicate a constant urging to retire LMUD assets. LMUD's Bookkeeper, Bill Stewart, has overstated the "value" of LMUD's fixed assets for decades. LMUD's new auditor, JT Friedl stated, "Continuing property records may need to be revised due to potential overstatement of value"

LMUD's assets must be valued at "market value". LMUD's contaminated property is now worth how much?


LMUD's General Manager/Bookkeeper Bill Stewart is reluctant to retire LMUD's fixed assets because LMUD receives a favorable tax treatment......depreciation. This makes LMUD at least LOOK LIKE  it is worth something.

Keep in mind that LMUD does not go through a complete audit. LMUD turns over a tiny slice of the pie to Baker/Tilly. LMUD could not withstand a full audit.


At the May/2011 LMUD meetng, LMUD told the public that instead of giving the ratepayers a one cent decrease in rates they intended to move $1.5 million dollars into a NEW FUND for the Viewland Substation.

Only the public was told that the Viewland Substation property purchased for $2,500 was for the new "230 kv Transmission line. the public was told on May 3, 2011 that this 230 kv transmission line would reduce LMUD's rates.

This was not the first time the LMUD Board and General Manager had lied and it won't be the last.

LMUD admitted that the 230 kv Transmission Line was being shelved at the very same meeting that they set up this phony fund. 


LMUD took $1.5 million dollars from the Rate Stabilization Fund (aka: $4.5 million dollar rainy day fund) and created a new "BOARD RESTRICTED RAT LINE INTERCONNECTION" fund. As of 11/30/11 this fund has $2,209,703.55 in it.


LMUD has added $709,703.55 to this fund since it was created in May of 2011.



The LMUD Board knew that the RAT (Reno to Alturas Transmission ) line would primarily benefit Fred Nagel's PSREC utility more than it would benefit LMUD ratepayers. That's called Friends with Benefits.

Fred Nagel resides and is registered to vote within the PSREC utility district and sits on the LMUD Board. LMUD has no sphere of influence over PSREC yet one of its customers sits on the LMUD Board. Nagel recently tried and failed to move LMUD's boundaries to include PGE and PSREC. LAFCO determined that LMUD had no sphere of influence over any other utility district.

Fred Nagel has never recused himself from voting on issues that directly benefit his utility, PSREC.  NEVER




January 8, 2012

Kurt Bonham Being Considered for LMUD Accountant (?)

Mr. Go-fer


sure, why not..................



January 6, 2012


  Part 1   Part II    Part III

Part IV

Connecting the Dots



LMUD began moving hazardous waste from their 1605 Chestnut Street property in 2004 to APN 119-200-10 in Wendel, CA, in 2004. According to LMUD  Director Fred Nagel's 700 Form Fred Nagel owned this property in Wendel.

Why did LMUD publicly state that their contaminated dirt was being moved to an Assessor's parcel number that  in 2004 did not exist. Assessor records show that , in 1997, Fred Nagel divided his parcel APN 119-200-10 into two parcels, APN 119-200-23 and APN-119-200-24/119-350-2


The EPA, Department of Toxic Substances Control stated that the PCB's from LMUD's 1605 Chestnut Street property were moved to LMUD's Richmond Road substation and then moved to Fred Nagels property (APN 119-200-10). No record of where the contamination was stored prior to 1605 Chestnut Street (This property is contiguous to 1545 & 1555 Chestnut Street).

On November 7, 2005, LMUD was fined $9,000 for moving PCB hazardous waste with forged Federal transport documents. Paul Glau was LMUD's HazMat Manager. Forged Docs

Coincidentally, Fred Nagel sold this parcel (APN 119-200-23; aka APN 119-200-10) on October 13, 2004 to Michael Dinkfeld.




On December 12, 2005, General Manager/General Counsel Frank Cady secretly orders an appraisal (John Bentley, $4,500) for two Susanville properties, 1545 & 1555 Chestnut Street. Kan We Help requested a copy of this appraisal and Frank Cady refused to release it.

1545 & 1555 Chestnut= yellow    

  1605 Chestnut = blue

On February 1, 2006, Jack and Nancy Beterbide owned 1555 Chestnut Street (APN 101-150-02) but do not own the contaminated parcel 1545 Chestnut Street (APN 101-150-23). On February 1, 2006 Robert and Gail Prosise's owned APN 101-150-23. Beterbide

Left: Jack Beterbide, Fred Nagel and Frank Cady's friend. Upper right, Frank Cady



Jack and Nancy Beterbide were instructed to purchase the Prosise's contaminated property (APN 1545 Chestnut) on February 1, 2006 for approximately $121,000. It has already been pre-arranged for LMUD to buy the contaminated property (1545 Chestnut) and the Beterbide's property (1555 Chestnut) on the same day, February 1, 2006. LMUD paid Jack and Nancy Beterbide $381,232 for both parcels. Beterbide

Fred Nagel and Frank Cady knew this property was contaminated and set up a secret purchase with Nagels friend Jack Beterbide, who at the time did not even own this worthless piece of property.


In a world of connected brain cells, one can safely surmise that LMUD was clearly aware of the contamination on these parcels prior to moving forward with this "unapproved" manipulated "quick" sale and paying $381,232 for the privilege.

Make no mistake, Fred Nagel and Frank Cady were intricately knowledgeable of this worthless property on February 1, 2006.



LMUD,now, has to move this contaminated hydrocarbon dirt from 1545 Chestnut to Fred Nagels property in Wendel

Fred Nagel sold his second parcel in Wendel (APN 119-200-24) on March 15, 2007 to a Cupertino, CA family (The Fantozzi's, 10915 Linda Vista Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014)

NOW, WHERE WILL THE DIRT GO? still goes to Wendel ?


The "property" in Wendel is being monitored for contamination.  The Chestnut property is near wells and must be tested for years. LMUD ratepayers will be liable for any future lawsuits concerning this contamination.



On December 17, 2007LMUD purchases another contaminated parcel. This time they purchase a worthless 13 mile 69 kv transmission line from Kinross/Hayden Hill. 

LMUD threatened to take this property through eminent domain and this forced Kinross to sell this property to LMUD for $65,000. Agreement

Now, LMUD wants to give it back. LMUD filed a lawsuit, in 2011, against Kinross stating that Frank Cady had no authority to purchase this property.


A. LMUD's attorney approved this purchase agreement on December 17,2007

B. LMUD Director Fred Nagel signed the check, on December 13, 2007, to Kinross before the Purchase Agreement was even signed




Why did LMUD need this property for three years?



239 kv Transmission Line Project: Dead


In September 2011, LMUD claims that they have completed the purchase of ATT's "buildings" on BLM property for $2500. (APN 109-010-04) but did not disclose the cost of leasing the BLM property that it sits on. 

The purpose for purchasing these buildings: the Dead 239 kv Transmission  project. ATT/Viewland


Now, let's look at LMUD's contradictory history or intentional lies

of the Viewland Substation

These buildings are in the middle of a Federal Flood Zone.

Viewland first appeared at the June 23, 2009 LMUD meeting. Closed session Agenda Item 14 (B) referenced  the ATT Equipment Site at Viewland . Real Estate discussions must be first placed on the open Agenda prior to being placed in closed session.


LMUD knew to comply with the Brown Act they must allow open discussion first but intentionally did not do this.  


LMUD January 26, 2010 Minutes, Agenda Item 8, states that staff was internally studying the transmission tariffs for a 230kv transmission line in Viewland and it is 3/4 done. Like the phony Arrowrock project, LMUD makes innocuous references and hopes no one will ask any questions.  No study has ever been released by LMUD.



LMUD November 23, 2010 Minutes, Agenda Item 7, states that Director Vial and Director Bowden visited the ATT building at Viewland and said that they were very impressed.



LMUD January 25, 2011 Minutes, Agenda Item 13 states the first discussions on the purchase of ATT's Viewland buildings. LMUD attorney Eugene Chittock supports this site for theDEAD 230kv transmission line project.

LMUD knew the site was contaminated. Director Dow asked about this contamination and Chittock stated that "Phase I" would be completed on the property prior to the sale.  An amended Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was completed on August 2011, by Chico Environmental. This assessment defined the contamination.

First indication, in LMUD Agenda Item 14,that the LMUD Directors would move towards planning a "financial obligation" to this DEAD 230kv Transmission Line project. Bill Stewart is attempting to duplicate the Arrowrock smoke screen. 


LMUD April 5, 2011 Minutes, Agenda Item 11, states that LMUD Director Fred Nagel said "regardless of the outcome on the 230 kv transmission line project, the District needs to focus on the Viewland Substation".


WHY? more place to dump illegal hazardous waste........

Nagel also told the LMUD Board at this meeting: "Let the big developers do the appraisal and then show LMUD the worth of the project"



At the same meeting LMUD Director Dow states "the District needs to be looking toward the future. If the 230 kv line moves forward, the District will need help. It cannot be accomplished in-house"


LMUD April 25, 2011 Minutes, Agenda Item 5,  LMUD Board Members spending thousands of dollars attending meetings all over the country, only to be told that the 230 kv transmission line is DEAD.

LMUD is not going to need to "set aside" any funds for this DEAD project. So what are they planning?



Agenda Item 13, LMUD's General Manager/Accountant Bill Stewart now wants the LMUD Board to hire  the consulting firm Navigant, for a mere $17,000 to "develop" the DEAD 230 kv transmission line to the industry. All 4 Board members approved this contract. Direct Jay Dow was not present.

Agenda Item 14


Instead of lowering the LMUD RATES by one cent, the LMUD Board considered and then approved a one cent dedication toward the DEAD 230kv transmission line project, the ATT/Viewland site (that LMUD does not even own) and even moved $1.5 million dollars from the Rate Stabilization fund to a special fund for the DEAD 230 kv transmission line project.


Bill Stewart, a Frank Cady protégé, tells the LMUD Board members that the one cent will produce $8.5 million dollars in 5 years.


Bill Stewart, Mr. Poof  

Bill Stewart



Bill Stewart committed the ratepayers to tie up 10 million for a project that does not exist.


.....does anyone listen to what these idiots say?

H E L L O !

Fred Nagel went on to say, at this very same meeting:

 "LMUD's involvement in the financing aspect would be very minimal


The LMUD May 24, 2011 Minutes, states that LMUD Director Fred Nagel (a PSREC customer) told the LMUD Board that the Memorandum of Understanding 230 kv  partners (LMUD, WAPA? and TANC ?)   believe the market is stalled on renewable energy and  none of the big power entities are interested in putting further time or money into this project.

This group decided not to continue meeting, but Stewart tells the Board they should still spend the money to "travel" on behalf of this now DEAD project.


Somehow, now PSREC has slipped into the picture for the 230 kv line. In the past, PSREC customer Fred Nagel has made sure that LMUD money is used for PSREC studies and other asundery crap.


The LMUD June 28, 2011 Minutes, states that Fred Nagel and Bill Stewart traveled to Reno to attend a meeting with NEAC (Nevada Energy Assistance Corporation). Nagel claims that the ATT/Viewland site will be a good location for the RAT line (Reno/ALTURAS transmission line).



The LMUD July 6, 2011 Minutes, Agenda Item 4, on the LMUD Site bus tour, David Folce told the group that LMUD was interested in the ATT communication site known as Viewland because of its close proximately to the RAT line.  ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF THE 230 kv line or the $10 million dollars LMUD plans to spend on it. The site now has a 60 kv transmission line.



This bus tour also mentioned the proposed "MAPES SUBSTATION". If you are not following the dotted line, LMUD plans to have 4 substations in the Standish/Wendel area.  Lambert Lane, Mapes, Viewland, Standish. Did we miss any?

The LMUD September 27, 2011 Minutes, Agenda Item 8, states that Bill Stewart and David Folce met with NV Energy to discuss the interconnection possibilities at the proposed Viewland station.





Agenda Item 12 states that the existing  60 kv lines at Viewland  work.

Can anyone imagine the collective outrage by the ratepayers if they knew that the 1 cent LMUD put aside for the DEAD 230 kv line was a fraud.

David Folce told the LMUD Board that the 60 kv will work but LMUD would have to install "phase shifting transformers"  ....$10 million worth??????



Closed Session Agenda Item 15 dealt with the LMUD Board voting unanimously to purchase the ATT buildings at their Viewland site for $2,500. The LMUD Board also approved the Right-of-Way Lease for the BLM 40 acres surrounding ATT's buildings.  No cost was disclosed.


LMUD October 25, 2011 Minutes, states that Steve Metague, from PGE said that he had not received sufficient interest from developers about renewable energy (wind, solar). Bill Stewart told Mr. Metague that LMUD will not participate in the 230 kv transmission line project until further notice. Even though PGE was not a part of the 230 kv MOU, they were suddenly an integral part. 

Quite amazingly, .........


Bill Stewart announced, to the LMUD Board, that he intends to travel to Tempe, Arizona on the 15th of November for a meeting on the 230 kv transmission line. ALL OF MR. STEWART'S TRAVEL SHOULD BE CAREFULLY LOOKED AT.


Bill Stewart is not only NOT qualified to be a General Manager and clearly... he cannot be trusted with public money




The ratepayers are responsible for the corruption at LMUD.

The Lassen County Times has to take responsibility for enabling LMUD. They sanitize or ignore the facts

The Lassen County District Attorney is responsible for the corruption at LMUD. Burns ignores the law breaking

 LMUD has never been inclined to tell the truth about anything.

LMUD has always been a "club" that  uses public money to help themselves

and their friends and F_ _ _ the ratepayers

Can this change, Yes

Will it change, No


 LMUD rates should be $ .11




Next LMUD meeting January 24, 2012

65 S. Roop, Susanville



LMUD Boards have failed at EVERYTHING.

They havesucceeded in one thing....

staying out of jail.