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Lassen County Economic Development Department

Director Joe Bertotti, fired

(Jack Hanson's brother-in-law) HansonTom Stone

Bertotti Forced to Resign

Controversy over how to keep him on the payroll 


Disgust is still a valid emotion



August 16, 2011

Bertotti gets $19,000 in "HUSH" money ?

He resigned. That means he QUIT !!!!!!!

In Lassen County you give hush money when you have to get rid of someone that has first hand knowledge.

Frank Cady of the LMUD ilk, was paid $150,000, Evelyn Twitchell, of LMUD ilk , was paid over $100,000, Ray Luhring of LMUD ilk was paid $26,000. The list is very long in Lassen County politics


































August 12, 2011



Bertotti Forced to Resign

Controversy Now:  How to keep him on the payroll 

Between Supervisor Chapman's Brother-in-law, Doug Sayers, on the Susanville City Council and Supervisor Jack Hanson, Bertotti's brother-in-law, they



August 9, 2011


July 29, 2011

Bertotti Forced to Resign

Controversy over how to keep him on the payroll continues


July 27, 2011



July 26, 2011

Whistleblower Speaks Out

and gets FIRED


July 19, 2011

After Whistleblower Tom Stone was fired, Lassen County Supervisor Wosick says

He didn't sign up for this job because he needed four more friends

Supervisor Wosick now supports a Recall Movement to Kick

Supervisor Jack Hanson and Jim Chapman


AND NOT RE-ELECT Superviosr Bob Pyle

Differences arose after CAO Tom Stone was fired for whistle blowing the mis-handling of Economic Development funds by Jack Hanson's brother-in-law Joe Bertotti. This department basically turned into a slush fund.

If you a are shit-disturber in Lassen County you can kiss your job good-bye


stand up to the OLD WAYS


July 13, 2011

Newly hired ( November 2010)

Lassen County Chief Administrative Officer "Whistleblower" Stone

 fired today.



County Counsel Crabtree Gets Job

Lassen County Counsel Crabtree, rude, crude and socially unacceptable  ?

CAO Stone stepped on Chapman, Hanson and Pyles toes when he exposed Hanson's brother-in-laws mis-handling of the Economic Development funds. Bertotti



June 21, 2011

Ooops, Lassen County CAO Tom Stone wants to act as interim Economic Development Department head

This will not sit well with Supervisor Jack Hanson's brother-in-law Joe Bertotti

This county department has been a slush fund for years



May 24, 2011

Lassen County CAO Stone and new County Supervisor Wosick Better take a REAL CLOSE LOOK AT Joe BERTOTTI FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS

The Lassen County Economic Development Department is a "Dysfunctional Branch of County Government"....what an understatement.

[not too many people didn't know about the corruption in that Department?  ????????]

County Supervisor Jim Chapman wasn't the only Supervisor that abused this Department and knew about Director Bertotti's activities since day ONE. Was that faux "shock" or what?

The Lassen County CAO should demand a Grand Jury investigation


Lassen County CAO Tom Stone believes the spending irregularities were intentional  [Note Settlemire and Kettleson's recent departures from Lassen County........]