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July 16, 2013

Fred Nagel Looking For A Favor?

An unrelated "re-zoning" Agenda issue [involving Supervisor Hanson's relatives] brought out LMUD Director Fred Nagel to ask if the Supervisors would re-consider the "re-zoning" issue he brought before the Board last year.  Nagel said that he no longer is being paid by the Fruit Growers. 

looking for a paycheck......?

See below



October 23, 2012


Kan We Help asked that the Nagels

 Eagle Lake issue be rescheduled

and the

Fruit Growers Supply Company

and Fred Nagel did not show up 


On May 8, 2012, Fred Nagel attempted to by-pass the permit process by ignoring the Planning Departments concerns about a FULL SERVICE RESORT AT EAGLE LAKE. Fred Nagel went directly to District 1 Supervisor Bob Pyle for help. Pyle is known for selling his morals upstream. 

 Nagel kept this project under the radar by presenting his complaint in Public Comment and off the BOS Agenda. Nagel's presentation on May 8, 2012 claimed that the Lassen County Supervisors made a mistake in the Eagle Lake Area Plan.  The error:  none. Nagel simply expected the Lassen County Board of Supervisors to do WHATEVER NAGEL WANTED.  Fred Nagel did not expect the public to notice. Nagel did not expect Kan We Help to notice.

Nagel was representing the Fruit Growers Supply Company and came expecting "FAVORS".  Nagel wanted to skip all of the codes and permits that the general public would have to go through. Nagel did not like the competent response by the Planning Department's head Maury Anderson, stating there was no mistake in the 1982 Eagle Lake Area Plan which does not prohibit this type of development but sets stiff parameters that protect the lake and habitat.

One thing the Nagels are known for is that they rarely come through the front door.

This was potentially just a Shell Game


FIRST:  August/2012, The Board of Supervisors approved $621,000 Eagle Lake airport improvements

SECOND:  September/2012 Get the Board of Supervisors to throw out the CEQA requirements for a FULL SERVICE RESORT. (which....you cannot do)


THIRD: October/2012 The Board of Supervisors passed  a Resolution objecting to the Eagle Lake Trout being placed on the  Endangered Species List. (This trout can only be found at Eagle Lake and is responsible for a $10 million dollar industry at Eagle Lake)US Fish & Wildlife Robert Moler stated that nothing really changes if the fish is listed. It is just protected from being overfished.


Kan We Help Asks for Transparency

FOURTH: October 23, 2012, Kan We Help objected to any action on this issue.   The BOS decided not to take any action.


Fred and Theresa Nagel Own and Operate

Eagle Lake Boat and RV Storage

The Nagels will definitely benefit from a NEW full service resort close to the public ramp at the southern end of the Lake



The Nagels built their storage units within walking distance of their 24 year old home

The Nagels have been paying taxes on an empty lot for years................



October 9, 2012

District 1 Supervisor

Attempted to Sneak Fruit Growers Full Service Resort Project on the 10/9/12 Agenda

Fred Nagel sent a letter to the Lassen County Planning Commission back on May 2, 2012 claiming that the the Eagle Lake Area Plan zoning was incorrect. Of course by claiming that it was a Lassen County error to correct Nagel would save his client hundreds of thousands of dollars (New Area Plan,$250,000) and the expensive and arduous process of changing the zones.

Kan We Help has monitored every Board of Supervisors Agenda since Nagels May 8, 2012 presentation.  Fred Nagel made the presentation, to the Board of Supervisors, because the Planning Department would not move on his request. This issue has been on the "PENDING" list of the Board of Supervisors Agendas since May 8, 2012.

BUT, let's not overlook what happened on August 28, 2012 first. Nagel and the Fruit Growers Supply needed an airport to fly their rich friends into.

Nagels friend, Frank Cady, lost his Eagle Lake property to bank foreclosures.

$621,216 improvements for Eagle Lake Airport



On October 9, 2012, Supervisor Pyle attempted to slip an Agenda item in to Board of Supervisors meeting under:

"Letter from Supervisor Pyle to fellow Board members regarding new development proposed at Eagle Lake"

A Kan We Help member objected to the item on the basis it was too vague and the matter was still posted as "pending" on the Board of Supervisors 10/9/12 Agenda. The Board re-scheduled the issue to October 23, 2012

It is fair to note that no one from the Fruit Growers Supply attended. Fred Nagel DID NOT ATTEND THE MEETING ON 10/9/2012 even after Supervisor Pyle said that he had contacted Fred Nagle. This was clearly planned to go UNDER THE PUBLIC RADAR.

Supervisor Pyle claimed at the end of this discussion that the project had been cancelled ?

So why agendize it Bob?

teeny tiny bit of BACKGROUND

The Fruit Growers Eagle Lake issue did not appear on any Board of Supervisors Agenda between May 8, 2012 and September 25, 2012 even though Supervisor Chapman claimed that it had been heard "several times" before the Board. When Chapman was challenged on his statement Chapman recanted that his statement was not true.  This was the first time that the Fruit Growers Supply full service resort was placed surreptitiously on the BOS Agenda

Lassen County Planning Commissioner Maurice Anderson sent Fred Nagel a letter on August 17, 2012 which remains unanswered.

Attached to this letter was a 30 page comprehensive response to Fred Nagels claim that the County had made a mistake.

Supervisor Pyle is Chairman of the "Eagle Lake Interagency Board of Directors" and it could be assumed that this "New Eagle Lake Development" for a full service resort would have been on the September 12, 2012 Agenda.


Supervisor Pyle then compiles his September 27, 2012 letter to the Board




June 19, 2012

Fred Nagel makes a request at the June 19, 2012 Lassen County Board Meeting to change the zoning for property owned by Fruit Growers. This property was located at Eagle Lake. The minutes of this meeting were never posted, never approved. Only a recording of the meeting memoralizes what happened.

Supervisor Dahle agreed to meet with Fred Nagel and a representative from the Fruit Growers. Dahle later denied ever meeting with Fred Nagel.



May 8, 2012


On May 2, 2012, Lassen Municipal Utility District Treasurer Fred Nagel helping friends helping friends filed a request for a Preliminary Review for property to be rezoned. This property is owned by Fruit Growers Supply Company (APN 89-090-17, 20, 21 and 27).  This request is being considered by the Lassen County Planning Commission. No decision has been reached by the Planning Commissioner.

No easements for electricity, to this property, have been submitted to LMUD....... not yet.......LMUD

Nagels request ignores the fact that this rezoning would encroach into TPZ parcels and allow illegal access to the Timber Production Zones.


LMUD Director Nagel then spoke at the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting on May 8, 2012. Nagel asked the Board to intervene and change the zoning for the Fruit Growers Supply's land on the Eagle Lake property because it was not consistent with Plan goals.

Two possible problems:

1. The "Eagle Lake Area Plan" encroaches on TPZ zoned lands that coincidentally are owned by Fruit Growers Supply.  If  Nagels changes are approved, the "recreation area" would illegally be able to access the TPZ area owned by Fruit Growers Supply.

TPZ stands for Timber Production Zone.

The TPZ zones were set up to discourage expansion of urban services into timberland and are nearly impossible to change.

If a landowner requests to rezone out of TPZ they are required to submit a REZONE APPLICATION under the quidelines of Section 65854 and 65857. The Fruit Growers Supply Company has not done this and therefore the request that Fred Nagel has made is slightly premature.

2. According to public records, this property presently has no electricity and LMUD Director Fred Nagel and his family own  considerable property at Eagle Lake. How much influence peddling, to look the other way, does Nagel have to help himself and his client, the Fruit Growers Supply Company's for this new development? Will it be open to the public or PRIVATE? 


Lassen County has 312,616 acres in Timber Production Zone.

Mr. Jones rezoned a TPZ parcel in 1994 near the Banner Hospital. Dyer Mountain, in Westwood, was the last to successfully rezone a TPZ to recreational use.