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March 24, 2017


A good day for Americans





American Health Care Act 2017

HR 1628

1. Americans not required to have health insurance

2. Effective 2020, Republicans will roll-back state Medicaid subsidies to States effecting 10 million poor Americans

3. Republicans  will not require employers to provide health insurance for employees

4. Americans that can afford health insurance but let their private health insurance lapse will now see their  insurance premiums  raised up to 30%

5. Republicans will cut funding to Planned Parenthood for one year and programs for the working poor

6. Republicans intend to issue "credits" to  people based on age & income, but a planned "phase out" would eventually eliminate these credits

7. Reverse tax increases on high-income taxpayers

8. Removes mandate for insurance companies to spend 80% of premiums collected for  people's healthcare. Windfall for insurance executives

Speaker Paul Ryans last minute changes to try and get votes:

9. Repeal significant health benefits; outpatient care, emergency services, hospitalization, pregnancy, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance abuse disorder services, prescription drugs, lab work, preventative services, all pediatric services.




Millions of Americans will keep their healthcare!


The amendments only Trump wanted to make in the

2009 Obama Affordable Healthcare were pulled today from any Vote in the House. Hundreds of NO votes.

Repeal of the ACA was never on the table


Major defeat for the Trump administration


This is the second defeat for Trump in his first 100 days in office



March 26, 2017

HSP Resources (Steve Pezzullo/Larry Smith) want their taxes reduced on the Amedee Airfield Parcels

Steve Pezzullo submitted an application to the Lassen County Assessment Appeal Board to have his taxes reduced on the Amedee Airfield parcels he purchased under HSP Resources claiming that most of the 3576 Acres are un-usable due to contamination and now he finds out that he can't rent the Army's Amedee Airfield. The contamination of this property was included in the RFP. HSP Resources claimed they were going to bring in business with private planes landing on the Army's Airfield.

Kan We Help told the Supervisors, at public meetings, that the Army will never allow private businesses to have access to the Army's airfield in Herlong  Something Kan We Help told "everyone" when the first of six RFP's were issued by Lassen County.

The value of the 3576 Acres had been assessed at $521,000 after the land was sold to a private party. On March 23, 2017, the Assessment Appeals Board reduced the value and the 3576 acres will be taxed on $393,277.





Were Pezzullo's promises to bring economic development to Herlong just empty promises. Pezzullo and Smith now own the township of Herlong and the 3576 acres surrounding it




March 22, 2017


The amendments to the 2009 Affordable Health Care Act have gone from HR 277 (introduced 1/4/17) to HR 1275 (introduced 3/6/17) to

HR 1628  (introduced 3/20/17)


30 House Republicans

will not vote "for" HR 1628

on 3/23/17 because it hurts Americans

Can the Republicans hate the American people this much ?



March 20, 2017

Supervisor Teeter wants to give the

Republican Chamber of Commerce $5,000


an event for the 100th anniversary of the Old Courthouse


Board of Supervisors 3/21/17 Agenda


The Chamber collects dues from Lassen County businesses in order to support events that promote their businesses.

The County does not ask for ANY ACCOUNTABILITY for the thousands of dollars they give to the Chamber of Commerce.


Supervisor Teeter cannot even "vote" to promote a public event or public project within the HUSA boundaries with public money.  Supervisor Chapman recused himself from these votes until he left HUSA (Historic Uptown Susanville Association)

First of many TESTS for the new Supervisor





March 15, 2017

Local Weekly Newspaper

Supports Venom Loaded

"Letters to the Editor" from 1 person

week after week after week, and reprints the worst despite their own rules?

The current Editor rejects letters that challenge this practice

so the papers position can be maintained


"Springtime with Hitlerette"


March 14, 2017

Kan We Help's

Annual Frank Cady Worst Public Servant Award

coming soon....


March 13, 2017

Congressional Budget Offices


the Republican "Trump Care" Trump Care

Read/Print HR 1275

Higher costs for less coverage

By 2018, 14 million Americans will lose their health care insurance subsidies from the Federal Governments Medicaid ($881 billion) and will shift to the States.

Under the Trump Plan, Medicaid is scheduled to be totally

phased out by 2020

24 million Americans will lose their health care by 2026.

19 State Republican Governors (Trump supporters) that in 2009 refused to take the Federal Medicaid subsidy & originally left millions without coverage.


Over a 10 year period Trump will save $337 billion at the cost of American lives


.....anyone out there care?

Trump campaigned on

"everyone will have health care"



March 12, 2017


These Area Codes are from foreign countries and are used for scams: 242 Bahamas, 246 Barbados, 268 Antigua, 284 British Virgin Islands, 349 Cayman Islands, 441 Bermuda, 473 Grenada, 649 Turkey, 664 Montserrat, 721 St. Maarten, 758 St. Lucia, 767 Dominica, 784 St. Vincent & Grenadines, 809, 829, 849 Dominican Republic, 868 Trinidad & Tobago, 869 St. Kitts & Nevis, 876 Jamaica

fight back

If you don't recognize the phone number, don't answer



March 10, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan

Introduces HR 1275


Title:  American Health Care Act, HR 277

Read and/or print a copy of HR 277




..... AS OF 3/10/17: NO TEXT AVAILABLE ON HR 1275....

HR 277 includes devastating changes for Americans.  For some Republican Congressmen it doesn't go far enough, others just want a few changes to HR 277 to make it palatable for the few votes they need to pass it.

Kan We Help has contacted the offices of 72 Republican Congressman and 0 acknowledged

HR 1275 or HR 277.  KWH contacted 84 Democratic Congressman who, all but 2, acknowledged HR 1275 or HR 277.

California District 1 Congressman Doug LaMalfa offices claimed they had no knowledge about either one?

Read or print a copy of HR 277





March 9, 2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

 Not Honest

Uses dead Bill as Prop

On Monday, March 6, 2017, Speaker Paul Ryan waived around a 63 page pamphlet claiming that the Republicans are ready to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  The mistake he made was stating that it was HR 3962. HR 3962, appeared in the House and was voted on 60 times from 2009-2014 (to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act).  HR 3962 does not appear in the 115th Congress, but HR 277 does

HR 277 is not 63 pages, it is 183 pages

Read or print a copy of HR 277

Kan We Help contacted Congressman Doug LaMalfa's office on Tuesday and his staff stated that they did not know anything about HR 277.

Today, they not only knew about HR 277 but admitted that this Bill is still in Committee and will be the "Repeal of the Affordable Care Act" when it is brought to the floor of the House of Representatives.



Kan We Help contacted Congressman Phil Roe's (author of HR 277) office today and they stated that the Congressman will support Paul Ryans 63 page alleged "Repeal" that Ryan presented on Monday. However, when HR 277 was brought up they didn't want to talk about it. Is it  Rep. Roe's intention to vote for a dead 63 page Bill or vote for his hidden 184 page Bill?



Senator Rand Paul was "fake" outraged when he revealed he believed the House was hiding the Repeal to Obama Care (aka ACA) in the basement. Senator Paul even took a copy machine with a bevy of cameras to force the House to give him a copy him a copy of this "HR 3962". (HR 3962 died in the 114th Congress and was never re-introduced)

Senator Paul knew that the real Bill was parked in the House Indian Affairs subcommittee on February 1.  

so why the fake drama?

March 7, 2017


Introduced on  1/4/17 by Rep. David Roe (R-TN) under the House Energy and Commerce Committee. This was co-sponsored by 29 Republicans.

Only 1 California Congressman co-sponsored HR 277, repealing the Affordable Care Act....

......the disgraced Tom McClintock


Kan We Help had to do some deep digging to even find a copy of this hidden Bill. We will make the 184 page Bill available soon on this website. It simply is the ACA revised with devastating changes

Read or print a copy of HR 277

Republi-Klans are intent on erasing eight years of President Obama's successes

They want to repeal "the Affordable Care Act" ?


 Then what racist ass-hole wrote "Obamacare" as the first order of business?

This is about a black President, and nothing else



March 3, 2017

Pete Heimbeigner, Deputy Public Works Director, gave a bumbling/mumbling  update on the progress of the County's 2950 Riverside property at the 2/28/17 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Check out the report on Part 3 of the Board of Supervisors 2/28/17 meeting video: BOS mtg video

Mr. Heimbeigner solved the fire suppression issue (no fire sprinkler system was ever installed in this building) by installing "fire walls & doors".  Does he anticipate the occupants to stay in a burning building or run out and make sure they close the door?



United Builders has 80 "work" days from November 28, 2016 to March 28, 2017 to finish a million dollar project.  It appears that Public Works is anticipating giving the contractor credits for days they weren't there. This contract states that the contractor will pay a $1,900 a day penalty if they don't finish by March 28.


The actual  move-in day cannot be released even to the four County departments that will be occupying this old building. Public Works was not questioned about the "move-in" costs and who will pay for it.


And then there's Jim Chapman's elevator for his new Boardroom that the County has no money for. Originally a million dollars was initially set aside (from the CIP $4 million loan) to put an elevator in the Old Courthouse but the County needs every penny left (approximately a $200,000 remaining balance after the 2950 Riverside remodel) to finish their boondoggle Riverside building. 

  However.....let's look at what Chapman managed to stick into the 2016-2017 151/1511/3006118 before he left office. This is the Fund for the CIP loan

$1,000,000 for his elevator

This was a deceptive budget. This cripples the Auditor from paying the $800,000 remaining (3006113) on the Riverside building in this fiscal year.


To date, the County has spent over $2.8 million dollars of the $4 million dollar CIP loan on the Riverside building.

Remarkable marble staircase inside the Old Courthouse



EVERY PENNY..............


March 1, 2017

Who has to pay


 Judicial Misconduct ?

Case 16cv02114 was about Tony Mallery

Read the original complaint filed on  9/2/16 against Mallery

Judge Tony Mallery continues to sit on the bench in the Lassen County Superior Court (some thought he should have resigned) after a Federal Court orders him to pay $184,830.99 to the 19 year Court veteran Andi Barone who didn't want to take the abuses anymore?

The Lassen County Times  has to be goated into publishing the updates and the settlement against Judge Mallery and all they can do is attempt to trash a "local blog" Kan We Help for reporting the truth

The Lassen County Times reports the Mallery Settlement by publishing, again,photos of Mallery's family and friends. 

Well, Mr. Sam Williams alleged Lassen County Times Editor, what about the rest of Lassen County that has to pay $184,830.99 for his misconduct and must now continue to question his integrity on the bench?

Tony Mallery's judicial term

ends in 2018



February 28, 2017


Trump "claims" that he removed President Obama's

Oval Office rug and drapes within hours after taking the Oath

and replaced them with his gold theme

Presidents are given $100,000 to use for limited personal upgrades in the White House. (The Oval office & private living space)

Don't worry taxpayers...

Trump put President Bill Clintons old drapes back up

AND....... President Reagan's rug




February 23, 2017




There was just so much money in the County's "$4 million loan" to use for the new pool, purchase and remodel the old building on Riverside.

There was not going to be ANY LOAN MONEY to put Jim Chapman's elevator in the old courthouse. Chapman finagled $133,000 from the "loan" money to have another so-called "study" by Lionakis, but it actually cost $62,682.50. As usual, the balance of the $133,000 will become part of a "slush" fund to be used at a later time.

Kan We Help suggested years ago, if the Board of Supervisors want a new Board room they can move the Auditor into the empty downstairs of the Administration Building and put a Board room in that area.


                                 Auditors Office





February 21, 2017

Lassen County Superior Court Judge Tony Mallery

ordered to pay Executive Clerk Andi Barone


(Mallery's actions cost the Courts/taxpayers)


alleged abuses of judicial conduct

Tony Mallery's term ends 2018



February 15, 2017

52 Republicans and 5 Democratic Senators



the Background Check Law

that prevented Mentally ill people

from getting guns

The idiocy of the Republicans

A victory for the gun manufacturers that own Congress

A major loss for Law Enforcement & the safety of Americans


February 14, 2017

Sam Williams, alleged Editor of the Lassen County Times, wants "civility" and yet he allows dozens of hateful factless articles to be published year after year by Lassen County's Queen of Racism.


  Williams also has a new Where's Waldo....Where's Jim Chapman.

Every single week this year,  Chappies photo has appeared in the Lassen County Times....some very vintage....... 

 The love affair continues?


February 13, 2017

When did the clock start ticking

 on the 80 days?

When did Lassen County issue the



On November 28, 2016, United Builders signed a $979,000 contract with Lassen County to remodel the 2950 Riverside building.  BLM Building

According to the contract, if United Builders does not finish the project in 80 days they must pay Lassen County $1,900 a day penalty until the job is complete



February 11, 2017

Today Trump has threatened to pull all

Federal Funds from California

California is 13% of the GDP

California is the 6th largest economy in the world


To our Twitter Freak Donald.....

we say bring it on


February 9, 2017

79% of Lassen County voted for Trump

100% of Lassen County

will suffer from Trump


fac'ism (fash'izm) n. a system of government characterized by a rigid one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of the opposition (unions, parties of minority groups, etc.) Example: Nazi Party



February 8, 2017

Republi-Klans have finally succeeded in creating


 fascist government

There is nothing to stop them.....

Now, sit back and watch everyone's freedom erode............

Watch Federal money and jobs dry up in rural communities



February 7, 2017

Trump is well on his way to building his racist administration

Senator Mitch McConnell censored Senator Elizabeth Warren today from reading Coretta Kings 1986 letter into the Senate record during open floor discussions on the confirmation of the racist Jeff Sessions to US Attorney General

Kings ten page document containing Sessions historical racist actions was also not allowed into the record


February 4, 2017

Trump's racists roots are leading to a Constitutional crisis

Are the Trump supporters getting exactly what they wanted:

A racist administration willing to put the rich white class first


It's not like Trump didn't tell you who he was and what he was going to do

Small welfare county's, like Lassen, will be the first to be hurt



February 1, 2017

LMUD'S "Skedaddle Substation"


The Lassen Municipal Utility District Boards have a long history of poor judgment, scams and lies.

The latest is the "get outta here" project in Wendel. 

If unchallenged the LMUD Board will invest most of the ten million dollars (collected by excessive rate hikes) in bringing Nevada energy into California.

General Manager Doug Smith told Kan We Help last year that he was familiar with LMUD's history and would work hard not to go down the same roads of past Board decisions  that led to one disaster after another.



2017 promises to be a year of cover-ups



 2017 continued

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