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Frank Cady

Julie Bustamante 

Larry Wosick, the bully

Robert Burns






April 16, 2014

Mr. Robert Burns


How welcome would you be taking a job at the prison?

How welcome would you be by taking a job at Juvenile Hall Detention?

How welcome would you be taking a job with the Sheriff's Department?

How welcome do you think you will be taking the County Counsel job?


You belong with Frank Cady.

You would be welcome




April 15, 2014

Westwood Author's Book

Now Available on

Yes, there are recognizable characters from Lassen County

"The Untimely Death and Afterlife of Captain James Munroe"

by Mary Nation

If you have read "The Help" you will want to read this

April 14, 2014

??  LOYALTY ??

Bob Burns Own Staff

Thinks He Has Done a Bad Job as District Attorney

David Evans: "Now, is the time to take over this office"........

 Don't be fooled voters.....

this is just a mini version of Bob Burns

The real Bob Burns now thinks he can slip into the Lassen County Counsel position and still be the District Attorney.

Voters didn't want him as Judge

Voters would not have re-elected him DA

Voters do not want him as County Counsel

Voters just don't want him, Mr. Chapman

(who took over $6,000 from Burns),

 Mr. Wosick (Burns is fixing his criminal complaint ),Mr. Hammond, Mr. Pyle, Mr. Albaugh...Mr. Egan ?

Chapman and Wosick can't vote to approve his contract, huge conflict of interest w/FPPC

The Lassen County Supervisors have shown no ability to hire a County Counsel that is competent



April 12, 2014

What Service Does A County Counsel Really Provide?


Quid Pro want something, I want something

Each one below, without exception, used this position as a springboard

and provided no benefits to Lassen County

CAO Kettleson and County Counsel Settlemire

CAO Settlemire and County Counsel Kettleson

CAO and County Counsel Richard Crabtree

County Counsel Rhetta Vander Ploeg

This attorney should never have been hired, in the first place. She has shown no interest in providing "any" service due possibly to her lack of interest or knowledge in the law.

One of her first acts was to secure a "County Counsel Support" contract for her friend, Sierra County, County Counsel Jim Curtis. Vander Ploeg will jump from Lassen County to Sierra County on May 16. Curtis's contract had expired and Vander Ploeg placed the renewal in the Consent Calendar hoping no one would notice.

Has anyone asked if Vander Ploeg was collecting this at the other end?

If she had an ethical bone in her body she would have resigned after Martin Nichols was fired.


Has Vander Ploeg been the most useless County Counsel Lassen County has ever had?


No, not if they hire Robert Burns

On July 10, 2012, Lassen County Times Editor wrote about Frank Cady when LMUD hired him as their General Manager:

"Attorneys, even veteran attorneys, obviously don't have the education knowledge or expertise to adequately serve in that position"


Also, pursuant to Gov't Code Section 1099, a person may not simultaneously hold two public offices if either of the offices exercises a supervisory, auditing, or removal power over the other office or body, there is a significant clash of duties or loyalties between the offices, or there are public policy considerations that make it improper.

"The consequence of holding an incompatible office is that the person is "deemed to have forfeited the first office upon acceding to the second Gov. Code Section 1099(b)


The Conflict:

When a County employee or elected officer breaks the law (i e: drug trafficking, embezzlement, mis-use of public funds, falsifying evidence or falsifying court documents or conflict of interest, etc.)

the District Attorney

decides to prosecute or not prosecute. 

Mr. Burns has no jurisdiction over Federal charges but he could influence an investigation

April 10, 2014

Attorney, Lawyer, Counselor, Solicitor

Lassen County definition of County Counsel duties: serving the government of Lassen County, and INDIRECTLY, THE PEOPLE

Historically speaking, the Board of Supervisors have never hired a competent County Counsel that serves the people first.

Their first choice, Frank Cady

Second choice, Robert Burns

[Has Robert Burns been groomed for human contact yet?]

Who the voting public hates. But worse, Burns thinks he has enough on the Supervisors that he will be allowed to stay and collect his District Attorney salary and the obscene salary for Lassen County Counsel. Let us not forget that he will increase his PERS retirement benefits. [This is similar to what Supervisor Chapman is attempting to do by running for Auditor which he is clearly not the least bit qualified for.]  


Existing: Rhetta Vander Ploeg

Who gets her legal opinions on Facebook and leaves her job as County Counsel only to be hired by Sierra County Counsel  James Curtis

  She managed to renew a Lassen County contract ( placed in the Consent Calendar) for legal services with Mr. Curtis before leaving.

Sweet conflict-of-interest ?




Lassen County Supervisors

Avoid a Brown Act Complaint


The Lassen County Supervisors were warned they cannot EVER take a secret vote. They can discuss and deliberate, in closed session,  but can only make motions and take action in a "public" setting

On April 1,2014 the Supervisors came out of a Closed Session and "gave direction" to their CAO to begin negotiations with District Attorney Bob Burns for the position of Lassen County Counsel.

Watch the meeting

The Closed Session was an April Fools Joke



Three Supervisors open meeting, others just wander in and out? 




April 9, 2014

CIP Discussions May Lead to

Lassen County Offices Moving

 to an

 $18,000 Square Foot Building

Local residents, that included Dr. and Mrs. Hodge, have succeeded in getting the Lassen County Board of Supervisors to focus on creating a Capital Improvement Plan. The CIP has always been mandated to be maintained by the CAO but the Supervisors have, in the past, failed to enforce that duty.

CAO Richard Egan told the Board that rather than wasting General Funds to repair old County offices it might be possible to buy an existing building by the new Court House that is being vacated. The old buildings can be sold.

Video: Part 7, 25.50 mark

Currently, the County offices are scattered all over the County in old facilities. This move would allow a Board Room to be in the same building as the County Staff, County Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, Public Works, Planning.  This move will make a "ONE STOP" access for the public. The current building locations are old and in dis-repair and are costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars to maintain. CAO Richard Eagan is having a "NEEDS ASSESSMENT STUDY" done for the County that he said would be done in a few weeks. 

The Lassen County Supervisors all agreed that the CIP will give them a map for future capital outlays and a "plan" for the County.

Sheriff Growden and Melody Brawley, Director of Health and Social Services also asked to be included in the CIP.  All services that the Sheriff and HSS offer are located in old County owned buildings that are in dire need of repairs. Repairs that the County may not ever be able to get to.




April 8, 2014

Who will pee,in the cup, for Burns?

      Smallunmonitored rural airports



Those stinkin' truth baiters are gaining huge support from Lassen County voters and Sam Williams can't print enough lies or suppress enough facts, to help his friends anymore


April 7, 2014

County Counsel Position

Possibly Rigged for Bob Burns

The April Fools Day County Counsel phony interviews for County Counsel was unfortunate.

Watch the meeting

The Closed Session was an April Fools Joke

Wosick, Hammond and Pyle appeared so the phony meeting could take place. Albaugh, Chapman and Burns hid until the public was gone and the cameras were turned off.

Somewhere at sometime prior to April 1, 2014 the Board voted to hire Bob Burns as the next County Counsel.  The Board of Supervisors claimed four candidates applied. They claimed that three dropped out. It was evident that the position had been rigged.  Lassen County's reputation is safe and secure.... Liars.

The County claimed that they advertised in the Lassen County Times, California State Association of County's (?) and the California Association of County Counsels (?)

2010 Ad      2014 Ad

2012 advertisement for Vander Ploeg ??

Kan We Help was sent a copy of the 2014 advertisement



This is the 2010 ad they floated

for Rhetta Vander Ploeg ?


Notice the changes above they made for Burns.

Vander Ploeg was given $107,000 but no stated salary for Burns



April 5, 2014

Fear me...and don't Mess With Me.....?

Oh yea.....Mr. Burns




April 3, 2014

Kan We Help hasn't seen outrage like this

since LMUD raised their rates 160%

"Stupid is as Stupid does"

[ Definition: an intelligent person that does a stupid thing is still stupid]

Supervisor Wosick's vote to hire Bob Burns as County Counsel was a given. Quid Pro Quo ?  Burns had to agree not to prosecute Wosick for the Spencer complaint to get his vote. Burns did that for Wosick. Criminal complaint[Wosick just borrowed $240,000 from his partner against his Motorcross. Is this for anticipated legal costs?]

Supervisor Chapman's vote was just plain stupid. He will be on the ballot in June, for the County Auditor position which he is clearly not qualified to hold, and he pulls this.  He will be lucky to get votes within his own District.

Supervisor Albaugh is just lost on this Board. He just says and does what Supervisor Chapman tells him to do. It is almost like watching a ventriloquist and his dummy.

Supervisor Pyle is just going to serve out this term, but he still could have done the right thing......but didn't

Supervisor Hammond was the biggest disappointment for his District. Hammond was elected to District 5 when Jack Hanson was Recalled last September and is now on the June Ballot, running unopposed. Hammond will win with his two votes.



The 2000/2001 Grand Jury agreed with Bob Burns that a public board cannot make an appointment in Closed Session;

except if the appointment is BOB BURNS.

Kan We Help will get that Brown Act Violation against Burns Closed Session appointment right over to his office...




April 2, 2014


Comments from Susanville and all over the County seem to all say the same thing...........


Richard Egan was not the only person that lied about the April 1 Closed Session



April 1, 2014

 All five Supervisors Listen to the Peoples Advice



a honest, drug free, law abiding, competent

 County Counsel, for a change

Watch the meeting

The Closed Session was an April Fools Joke





The Supervisors had already hired Burns

Bob Burns 

@ 1:00 PM

County Administrative Bldg.

221 S. Roop Street, Susanville, CA


Burns takes care of his "friends"


Burns was a Criminal Prosecutor

when it suited him.

His Friends  vs His Enemies

Now, he wants a pay raise as a County Civil attorney

for a population that not only does not respect him but hates him?


Kan We Help will post the reason for Wosicks vote

Kan We Help will post the reason for Chapman's vote

Kan We Help will post the reason for Pyle's vote

Do the Supervisors really think Burns can keep them out of jail?

Can $120,000,000 of tax payer dollars

 buy almost anything ?




March 31, 2014

Robert Burns

Wants to Be

Lassen County Counsel

The public

does not want him

Bob Burns brings nothing to this job except more secrecy and more abuses. 

Wosick needs a "Bob Burns" in place while major investigations are ongoing. Wosick owes Bob Burns !

Wosick, Chapman, Hanson, Berttoti, Dahle, Pyle, Crabtree, Nichols, Vander Ploeg

 were all directly involved

with the Herlong dollars. 









March 28, 2014

Cleaning  up Lassen County

means taking out the trash

Frank Cady=  Robert Burns =Frank Cady

Lassen County deserves better

We will see if the Supervisors

want to continue business as usual


March 27, 2014


Lassen County Counsel Quits


March 25, 2014

Did the Lassen County Times get it wrong?

Interviews only or Appointment?

2001 Grand Jury,

Lassen County Times


District Attorney Robert Burns BURNS

take firm stand against appointments

made in closed session







Supervisor Chapman's County Retirement  Benefit

based on his $36,000 annual salary

According to Election codes, Chapman is

100% not qualified

to run for County Auditor

but if he should win,

 it will triple his Retirement benefit

Chapman announced early in the year that he would not be running for re-election in 2016


County Clerk Julie Bustamante "qualified" her friend to run for the Auditor. She  has set a very costly policy for Lassen County


Hey, maybe if he doesn't win the Auditor Race, Julie will qualify him to be the next Sheriff ?


March 25, 2014

Classless Supervisor Wosick

[who has done nothing for District 3 and has just filled his pockets during his first three years]

Takes Cheap Shots at

Levitt Lake Watch video: Part 7@ 13:10 mark


Westwood  Watch video: Part 7 @ 17:34


All this from a "for profit" elected official that imports trophy skins from baby animals and their mothers in Africa

Bravo, Mr. Wosick, Bravo


Lassen County Counsel


Rhetta Vander Ploeg "calls it in" for the Board of Supervisors Closed Session on March 24, 2014


Lassen County Supervisors Are Set to Bungle yet another portion of the Sierra Army Depot Herlong Property

Watch video: Part 4 @ 16:18 mark, all of Part 5 & 6

Property surrounding the Army's Airfield

Supervisor Chapman wants a Resolution brought to the Board defining what is not to be sold. Chapman's suggestion is that a portion of the  property be set aside  so that the County can control access to the airfield (the upper right-hand corner of the map, "Amedee Airfield Road").

Supervisor Hammond replied the access is now being controlled by Army Military Police. The Army has a 50 year lease with the County for the Amedee Airfield with the option of an additional 50 year lease. The Army must approve the use if the County sells the property.

The Supervisors voted to sell the "worthless" property in "one" piece.

There is no public access to this remote property other than an un-maintained gravel/dirt road at the Southern tip of the parcel. Honey Lake is on the left and the Army base is on the right.

Kan We Help Reminds Supervisors that Lassen County has a

County Administrative Officer


CAO powers and duties

Watch March 24, 2014 video  Part 2: 2:51 mark

March 24, 2014

Lassen County Treasurer

Must Return $402,230

to the City of Susanville

Note: Lassen County does not have a CEO

March 23, 2014

Miss "Land Use" Attorney

Rhetta Vander Ploeg

Makes Fatal Error

in Herlong


Community Development Grant Money the  County used

 has restrictions

that prevent Lassen County from selling

LRA properties

What  a pickle Vander Ploeg has created for the people of Lassen County

At the September 11, 2012 BOS meeting and on the advice of Rhetta Vander Ploeg, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors abolished the LRA (Herlong, Local Reuse Authority) and transferred via "Quitclaim" all LRA property to Lassen County including the Herlong Theatre.  

Lassen County now directly took on the liabilities of the Federal Grant monies they mis-spent




The LRA Herlong Theatre was to be given to the Fort Sage Unified School District on February 19, 2013 but was pulled from the Agenda. A Quitclam Deed was prepared but never filed. 


what about the One-Stop Building........


March 21, 2014

Lassen County Counsel

Shows No Interest Whatsoever

in her JOB

and continues to pick up her paycheck.

Rhetta Vander Ploeg

Lassen County Counsel, Rhetta Vander Ploeg does not live in Lassen County and often comes in late to the Board of  Supervisors meetings or sometimes not at all. March 18, 2014 was no different.

The January 28, 2014 Board Minutes were being approved and Bob Pyle, who did not attend this meeting, moved to approve the Minutes.  Vander Ploeg said nothing, did nothing.  She may have been sitting in that chair but her mind was not in Lassen County. Watch:  PART 1: 21:47 mark. Supervisor Pyle could not make a Motion or a Second to the Motion, but could only abstain from the vote.

The hand out for the DRAFT RFP Amedee Airfield property was not included on the County's website and a notice was issued that the handout would be available at the March 18, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting.  There were no hand outs available to the public. Rhetta Vander Ploeg didn't have one, but she came to this meeting with nothing and we can only assume she was unprepared even to attend this meeting that she is being paid for. Watch PART 7: 16:00 mark

The Board cancelled their March 25, 2014 meeting due to the fact the CAO could not attend. The CAO suggested scheduling a Special Meeting on Monday, March 24.  A Special Meeting requires a 24 hour Notice to the public (Brown Act 54956). Rhetta Vander Ploeg just sat there and said nothing when the CAO stated that a Special Meeting needed a 72 hour Notice. Watch PART 7: 16:00 mark

Rhetta Vander Ploeg announced that she is taking a position with James Curtis in Grass Valley.

This is the same James Curtis that she threw several Lassen County contracts too.

This is the same James Curtis that is Sierra County's County Counsel.  





March 20, 2014

Lassen County Clerk

Borders on


Lassen County Clerk, Julie Bustamante, has fallen behind on the Board of Supervisors business. Meeting Minutes have not been approved for six meetings. Her staff is not even proficient with the old software so how can the public trust her with a new $27,000 software package she purchased last September that has yet to be installed.

Now, the Agendas have "This Agenda item pulled" listed for secret and unknown agenda items?  Only the Supervisors can vote to pull an Agenda item.  The real reason, the County Clerk does not understand her software.

At the March 18, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting, Bob Pyle voted to approve the 1/28/14 minutes. The "Problem", he did not attend this meeting.  Over the years, the County Clerk failed to present over a dozen Minutes to be approved and the Supervisors could not possibly approve one, two year old minutes. When they were forced, by Kan We Help to address this, they approved all but one. They didn't have a quorum to approve the last one because of Jack Hanson's Recall.  


Maybe, if Julie Bustamante ever visited her office, her staff might get some direction.



March 19, 2014




Larry Wosick, Jim Chapman and Brian Wilson

Bail on Pool Project?



Supervisor Wosick doesn't live here anymore and had the County Counsel make an unbelievably unprofessional statement that he could still be a Lassen County Supervisor. Regardless of that small detail he has decided not to run again and is moving his Reno family to Texas or Florida.  Character matters and Wosick has failed.

Supervisor Chapman has announced that he would not be running again in 2016 and has decided to run for County Auditor which he is not remotely qualified for.  That takes him off the JPA pool committee.

Brian Wilson, first time City of Susanville Council member, is running for a County position he is distinctly and legally not qualified for. A position that, if he should win, will take him off the newly formed JPA pool Committee.

Catch The Falling Stars

March 18, 2014

Lassen County Supervisors

Brian Dahle, Larry Wosick, Bob Pyle, Jim Chapman

and Jack Hanson

have hired a parade of really bad County Counsels

in the last ten years.



Lassen County does not need a

stream of constant daily reminders

of  the personal history

of Bob Burns on the Internet

and..."who" voted to hire him

Robert Burns



March 16, 2014

Our Learned Scholars:

the lassen county supervisors

will take the appointment of a new county counsel into CLOSED SESSION

on March 18, 2014 @ 9:00 AM


The People expect the new County Counsel to have at least three qualities

 clean personal history,

competent in the law


 care about the peoples business

Wouldn't that be a nice change?

March 15, 2014

Lassen County Clerk, Julie Bustamante

Makes Exceptions

 for Jim Chapman and Brian Wilson

Kan We Help files a complaint with the Secretary of State


County Counsel's sudden opinion on 5081.1 (a) does not help Jim Chapman qualify. She simply confirmed a known fact that California does not demand that a County Auditor be a CPA after January 1, 2010

Lassen County Counsel Rhetta Vander Ploeg

Is it odd that she did not render an opinion that Jim Chapman does or does not qualify under California State Law to run for Auditor?





March 13, 2014


Larry Wosick Admits He No Longer Lives in His District

but claims his "temporary" housing, in Reno,

can keep him on the Board of Supervisors

Video: Part 1, 9:10 mark

Wosick had Lassen County's "Empty Chair" legal scholar, Rhetta Vander Ploeg  read a sentence they found on "Frequently Asked Questions". 



Larry Wosick owns property in Susanville and Standish. Both parcels have houses on them but they are outside Larry Wosick's District.  Larry Wosick does not lose his right to vote in Lassen County if he moves out of his District, but he does lose his seat on the Board.

Election Code Section 2022:  If a person moves to another State with the intention of making it his or hers domicile the voter loses his or her domicile in this state.


Election Code Section 2023: If a person moves to another state as a permanent residence, with the intention of remaining there for an indefinite time, he or she loses his or her domicile in this state, notwithstanding that he or she intends to return at some future time.

 The Reno home "IS" Larry Wosick's

Permanent Domicile

where he lives now with his wife


He has no intention of coming back to Lassen County. He likes Texas better or was it  Florida.............



March 12, 2014

 Lassen County Clerk, Julie Bustamante, has been asked to take a second look at Brian Wilson's Candidate papers for County Treasurer

The State sets the qualifications for the office of County Treasurer, not Bustamante.Qualifications

As County Clerk/Election Officer she is required to follow the law not bend it.


On March 10, 2014, Julie Bustamante "qualified" Brian Wilson to run for County Treasurer. Bustamante qualified him because he took one class in Business Calculus at Glendale Community College. As an insurance broker, he can offer financial services, such as retirement plans and estate planning. This does not meet the strict criteria the State sets for County Treasurer.

Kan We Help will be filing a formal complaint with the California Secretary of State . 

Jim Chapman has filed papers

for County Auditor

He does not meet the State Qualifications for this position and the County Clerk has qualified him also


Kan We Help has filed a complaint with the Secretary of State against the County Clerk for qualifying Wilson and Chapman




March11, 2014


Four Lassen County Supervisors

Decide to Table Chapman's


Video of 3/11/14 meeting: Part 7

until a Capital Improvement Plan is in Place

Supervisor Chapman left the meeting with this parting comment:

"Well, you can at least buy some new chairs. I'm tired of looking at these"

New chairs: Part 7 @ 9:30 mark

Jean Hodge has relentlessly drilled the Supervisors that until they have a Capital Improvement Plan they cannot prioritize their spending. Jean Hodge and her husband, Dr. Hodge,  have been submitting CIP examples for over a year and stressed that this is not an arbitrary document but  a mandated document.  

CIP Workbook submitted by Jean Hodge

New CEO (???) Richard Egan told the Supervisors that he expects a CIP in six months.

It will be evident, when the CIP is done, Chapman's new boardroom

will not even make the top ten in priorities for Lassen County


March 9, 2014

What do we do with Robert Burns?


He can't be a Judge

He can't be a District Attorney

He can't be the County Counsel


What do you do with a vindictive, mean person?

Send your helpful suggestions to:

1. Open a Pharmacy

2.  Open a Bar

3. Move to Grass Valley

4. Open Boys Boot Camp

5. Open a Brothel on Main Street

6. Evans & Burns Bail Bonds

7. Burns Tri-State Pawn, Inc.

8. Party Planner

9.Pharma Rep

10. Las Vegas Law Firm

11. Chittock & Burns Law Firm

12. Buy a pig farm in Wendel

13. Atlantic City Law Firm

14. Join Dewey, Cheatem and Howe Law Firm

March 6, 2014

Supervisor Larry Wosick can leave today

Women will be safer?

Superior Court Case #36349

Susanville Police Report #14-0147

No more bad checks ?

No more speeding tickets in Lassen County?

The Court clears all traffic citations after 3 years but

all of the Wosicks Citations were taken off in November of 2012 ?


March 5, 2014

Wosick Sold All His Property in Milford

Across from his Motorcross


South Fork Farms in Fallon, Nevada



(Wosick does not own any part of the property marked in yellow below)

So...........where is he living in his District?




Mr. Wosick must reside in Lassen County

in order to register to vote here.

Mr. Wosick went on a spending spree on Lassen County land,  late in 2012. 


March 4, 2014

Larry Wosick can leave today

Women will be safer?

No more bad checks ?

No more speeding tickets?


February 28, 2014

Lassen County Orders Thousands of Dollars


New Computers

and they just sit in Storage


Video link, Part 3



These computers were ordered on March 27, 2013 and they have been stored in various places in County buildings. The Supervisors approved this purchase but when asked "Who gets them", they did not know or even care. 

When asked on January 21, 2014 why there are no many just sitting around, Julie Morgan claimed the County does not have an IT person and they are slow to get them installed. 

These computers were noticed on the Court Tour on January 21, 2014

Ms. Morgan stated that a 3 year warranty came with these 88 monitors and computers. One year has been wasted by just sitting.


On February 25, 2014, Kan We Help questioned Agenda Item G-1 in the Consent Calendar. This agenda item would approve an additional 85 computers and monitors. Kan We Help asked that this purchase be postponed until July 1, 2014, since these computers will also just be stored.

What really happens to this equipment ?


Surge Protectors do not need to be replaced annually..............?




February 27, 2014

Lassen County

is about to offer something


 they  have publicly admitted



Video Link: Part 7


Amedee Airfield


February 26, 2014

Steve Pezzullo

Owner of the town of Herlong

 Wants A Written Apology

within 7 days


he will file a lawsuit against

Supervisor Jim Chapman "the Envelope Licker"

Video Link: Part 2 @ 5:00 Mark



Supervisor Aaron Albaugh

for their comments at the

February 18, 2014

Board of Supervisors meeting


February 24, 2014

Lassen County Candidates


February 23, 2014



The Herlong Master Plan Almost Complete

and the public isn't the wiser....................


Amedee Airfield Parcels Control

Access to Amedee Army Airfield

When was this zoned "Industrial"?



February 21, 2014

Lassen County

Will Have a NEW




County Clerk

District Attorney

District 3 Supervisor

District 5 Supervisor


February 19, 2014

Lassen County Supervisors

Hire New CAO

County Treasurer and Interim CAO Richard Egan accepts the top position


Video link to Board of Supervisors February 18, 2014 meeting


Supervisor Albaugh Wants to

Invoke the "Referee Clause"

in Steve Pezzullo's Herlong purchase agreement



Video Link: Part 3

When asked if Supervisor Albaugh could read the "Referee Clause" into the record, since no documents were submitted for this Agenda item, Albaugh could not comply. He just read a prepared statement written by...................?

This act had CHAPMAN written all over it. During this discussion, Chapman, in a brief statement expressed his contempt for Steve Pezzullo. Supervisor Chapman went on to say Herlong is worthless? 

QUESTION:  Why does Jim Chapman HATE HERLONG?

After Supervisor Pyle objected to this action, the Board decided to table this issue. Pyle then stated that he would not be running for re-election in 2016. Later in the meeting, Supervisor Chapman stated that he will not seek re-election in 2016.


Dr. Jim Hodge coined a great phrase when he objected to the Board spending any money

on a new Board Room Video link: Part 7 @ 6:57 mark

"self justification bias"

If there were ever three words that described Jim Chapman, these three words say it all


Kan We Help will send a case of



Ruth Ellis

so she can continue to

sanitize her Board of Supervisors stories


you can just watch the Supervisors meetings

Video Link



 February 14, 2014

Lassen County Supervisors

Colossal Dysfunction Junction


Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Conflict of Interest


District 6, Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Director


Supervisor Hammond did not list being a Director of PSREC on his 700 form on October 15, 2013.  PSREC & LMUD provide services within the District he represents.

Supervisor Hammond must resign his PSREC Board position.

Video link: Part I, @ 37:27  and Part 6, @ 16:44

Lassen County Supervisor Tom Hammond promotes Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative twice, at February 11, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting. Julie Morgan tells the Supervisors they need redundancy with their internet connection and recommends that the County contract with Frontier. Supervisor Hammond does not recuse himself from the discussion and violates the County's Conflict-of-Interest Policy (Section  7 (b) of Lassen County's "Rules and Regulations")   and continues to promote PSERC. 


The empty chair in the room

The Lassen County Non-Counsel, who is always glued to her computer seemed to be oblivious to the meeting , said nothing.

She is no longer County Counsel.

Hammond needed to step down in order to avoid a conflict of interest complaint with the FPPC. Since Hammond sits on the Board of PSREC, he could have easily arranged for the PSREC General Manager to give a marketing presentation to the Supervisors.



District 4 Supervisor Albaugh shows no interest in the new emergency district being formed

Video link:  Part I, @ 14:06

The Lassen County Supervisors have done everything they could to block the new emergency service district to be formed in Big Valley.

Kan We Help chastised the Board for not placing the Southern Cascades Community Service District on the February 11, 2014 Agenda. 

LAFCO notified  Supervisor Albaugh, Interim CAO Egan County Counsel on January 27, 2014.

nothing was done ? 

This Resolution will authorize this issue to be on the June ballot and if passed will form a new tax district for emergency services for Big Valley property owners.


                     Video link:  Part I, @ 14:06

 Lassen County Supervisors Wosick and Chapman are on the LAFCO Committee. At the December 9, 2013 LAFCO meeting, Wosick and Chapman were given a Public Notice and Resolution to be placed on the Supervisors Agenda. 


  KAN WE HELP FORCED THE SUPERVISORS TO TAKE ACTION.  Their action:  Place the LAFCO resolution on the Agenda as an EMERGENCY ITEM.

It must be noted that District 4 Supervisor Albaugh  has said nothing and has done nothing to move this forward .

                                                                          Video link:  Part I, @ 14:06



The County Interim CAO decided to place the "election approval" on the February 25, 2014 Agenda.

Albaugh remains silent?  District 4 (Big Valley) deserves better


 February 13, 2014

Lassen County Supervisors

Colossal Dysfunction Junction

The Board again approves former CAO Martin Nichols faux Capital Improvement Plan, aka County Maintenance spreadsheet

Interim CAO Richard Egan asks Board to approve a document that had been falsely represented as a CIP

As reported in the Lassen County Scoop former, former Lassen County CAO Tom Stone formed a Capital Improvement Committee in 2011. Stone was fired because he exposed the Supervisors mis-management of millions of Federal grant money. ........Larry Wosick.........."It was a mistake"

Dr. Hodge requests that the Supervisors get serious about the CIP Part I @15:20 mark



Supervisor Chapman may want this County to stay in the 1970's.  It's time to move this County forward Supervisor Chapman and this may not include you.  The County has become stagnant under Historian Jim Chapman ideas.

Chairperson Chapman has held back this County long enough

As the last item on the March 8, 2011 Minutes  it clearly states that this CIP Committee is headed by Richard Egan. Nothing was done then and nothing will be done today.


Dreamcicle Board room

absent any reality

At the April 23, 2013 Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Chapman pushed to approve a $20,000 contract with NST to design a new board room for him.  No direction or instructions were given  to NST for over 9 months and suddenly Supervisor Chapman pushes to get his Board Room done by June 1?


Jeff Morish, from NST, told the Board, on February 11  video link: part 7, that a Master Plan should be done first.  Chapman really showed no interest in doing this right. Chapman wants a new big board room and a big closed session room with a big bathroom......NOW.

BUT WAIT..................

The Board published a Notice for public appointments for a new Task Force to work on ideas for the use of the space vacated by Lassen County Superior Court. Historian Chapman volunteered to be the person in charge and was subsequently appointed (??) by the Board.


This Task Force would be charged with moving County Staff efficiently into available spaces at the Old Court House & back Annex on Lassen Street in Susanville. This Task Force would recommend any remodeling that would be needed to accommodate these moves, including a possible new Board Room.



 Printable Application for Appointment to Task Force

Click on "Application for Appointment to Boards, Committees or Commissions"

Chapman asked NST, during the January 21, 2013 Court tour,  to design several iterations of his new board room. You will notice that these remodel designs include space that is not defined as to their use,  but would remarkably be included in the cost of the Board room remodel. 

Far left: Supervisor and self appointed faux historian Jim Chapman

Chapman's rush to only build out his Board Room without a plan for the entire space, well it's just another stupid and self-serving thought process by Supervisor Chapman 

There might not be any money left for the Lassen County Courthouse Square Revitalization Task Force by the time Chapman expels all of his nonsense


 February 12, 2014

Lassen County Supervisors

Colossal Dysfunction Junction

The Sheriff's Department presents an immediate need for electrical repairs and the Board takes no action

The Board again approves Martin Nichols faux Capital Improvement Plan, aka County Maintenance spreadsheet

Chapman's Dreamcicle Board room absent any reality

Video Link: February 11, 2014 Board of Supervisors Meeting



 February 10, 2014

Lassen County LAFCO Approves Resolution for

New "Southern Cascades Community Services District"

Next Step: It must go back to Modoc County and Lassen County Supervisors to place it on the June Ballot

Lives are at stake !

Two weeks ago (January 27, 2014), Lassen County's LAFCO Executive Officer, John Benoit,  sent a DRAFT of the Resolution to the Lassen County Supervisors. This Resolution needed to be on the January 28, 2014 Lassen County Agenda but certainly no later than the February 11, 2014 Agenda.

Lassen County Supervisor Chapman and Supervisor Wosick failed to place this critical Resolution on either Agenda.  

John Benoit, sternly told the LAFCO Board that he would personally take the "NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING" ad to the Lassen County Times and emphasized that this was NOT HIS JOB. This last Resolution needs to be posted for two weeks in a local newspaper and then it must be approved at a Public Hearing. All of this must be done by March 7, 2014.

 Lassen County Supervisors Wosick and Chapman (Lassen County's LAFCO representatives) both claimed they had no knowledge of the Resolution sent by John Benoit on January 27, 2014.

Supervisor Chapman & Wosick had no intention of placing this on any Agenda.

Chapman and Wosick just thought they could run out the clock.


Both Chapman and Wosick have acknowledged they knew about the March 7, 2014 deadline back in December of 2013. District 4 Supervisor Albaugh sat, watched and did nothing.December 10, 2013 Video link: Part I, @19:37 mark

Supervisor Chapman hands the LAFCO Resolution to District 4 Supervisor Albaugh


This doesn't explain why the first Resolution (12/9/13) Wosick and Chapman received from John Benoit was also ignored. 

                                        [See the January 17, 2014 post below]


Supervisor Chapman stated that after Kan We Help "made a big deal about it", at the January 14, 2014 meeting, the Lassen County Supervisors placed it on their January 14, 2014 agenda as an "Emergency" agenda item. However, the Supervisors violated the Brown Act when they took this action.

Supervisor Chapman can be seen on the meeting video Part I-19:37 mark, waiving the first LAFCO Resolution in the air at the December 10, 2013 BOS meeting, but failed to place it on any agenda. 

Supervisor Chapman will blame everyone but himself...........



Supervisor Wosick spent the entire 30minutes looking for something on the floor ?


If the Lassen County Supervisors throw any more roadblocks up, this measure will not appear on the June ballot for Big Valley property owners who desperately need emergency services in this very rural part of Lassen County. The District 4 Supervisor Albaugh was present but added only his apologies. 

If the Lassen County Supervisors fail to comply, John Benoit said that the Modoc property owners can do this by themselves, but the ambulance district will only serve certain defined areas in Modoc County.


Even if the Lassen County Board of Supervisors place a NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING in the February18 issue of the Lassen County Times they will still have to rush and have a SPECIAL MEETING ON March 4, 2014.



Who on this Board would benefit by NOT CREATING this Special District ?


Kan We Help will continue to monitor this issue !


A comment was made by a member of the audience as they were exiting, "If this doesn't pass, we get the service free"

That is not correct.

If the Big Valley property owners do not pass the creation of this district they must wait 30 minutes or longer for emergency help  and Lassen County will have to pay the cost of placing this on the ballot.

 February 8, 2014


Request For Proposal

There is no Master Plan ?


Where did this come from?

It certainly was not on any recent Agenda

It is certainly not on the

faux Capital Improvement Plan

the Supervisors are trying to fly.

Herlong Park not listed?

So.....where did it come from? can find this activity in the 2004 Herlong Redevelopment Plan.

Lassen County Board of Supervisors signed an agreement with the Sierra Army Depot contractually obligating the County to "provide needed improvements to the community's recreational, cultural, and other community facilities to better serve the Project area".

Of course the Lassen County Supervisors failed on every contractual obligation to the Sierra Army Depot and to the town of Herlong. So they sell the Town of Herlong?


Watch this closely Lassen County.

The Supervisors approved and spent all of the Federal money for Herlong WITHOUT  DOING ANY  of the 12 improvements. 

Will Steve Pezzullo and friendskeep their BIG promises to Herlong

 by  getting their friends on the Board to sneak through Herlong improvements with public dollars?

?? Pezzullo has no money to invest directly ??




Agenda C-1

There is no Herlong "Master Plan"

Consent Calendar

Supervisors use the Consent Calendar to hide controversial issues. They quickly pass all Consent Calendar items with one sweeping vote and when this act is exposed they quickly attempt to create a veil of ignorance.

Agenda G-6

BIG PROBLEM, No Master Plan for "Parks and Recreation for the Community of Herlong.







 February 7, 2014

February 5, 2014,

San Francisco Chronicle

32 Republican Senators voted against the Farm Bill

This bill passed the House 251-163

Representative LaMalfa voted yes

"The stability this bill gives California agriculture will be key to helping farmers and ranchers weather the historic drought we are experiencing"

Representative LaMalfa has received over $1.7 million dollars in farm subsidies.


 February 5, 2014


Portola has no Special Districts but pays 50% of LAFCO fees


 February 5, 2014

Local Doctor Continues to ask Supervisors

 for the

Lassen County Capital Improvement Plan


 February 3, 2014

Lassen County Deserves Fair and Honest Elections


Lassen County Deserves a Functioning County Clerk's Office



Kan We Help gave the Supervisors a long list of Minutes, some were a few years old, that had never been placed on any Agenda to be approved.  One by one, the Supervisors placed these old Minutes on their Agenda, failing only to approve just one. Supervisor Hanson was recalled and the Supervisors did not have quorum to approve it.  Now, the County Clerk is falling behind again and skipping Minutes. 

The Lassen County Supervisors, on July 23, 2013, approved $27,800 for the County Clerk to purchase new software for the Supervisors Agenda's and Minutes. The new software was purchased from Granicus, Inc

The Problem has never been with faulty software. The problem has always been with the  County Clerk's lack of  management

The public relies on the County's website for current and past agendas and minutes.

The County Clerk has yet to install the $27,800 software.  

 Like other contracts the Supervisors have approved (Pool Design (Aquatic Design Group) and Board Room renovations (NST)) ......maybe nothing has been done

(except encumber the County with useless contracts)





 January 30, 2014

Amedee Army Airfield, Herlong CA.


......Here we go again

The Supervisors placed a "Request for Proposal" to sell the Amedee Army Airfield on the January 28, 2014 Agenda as H-6. It was placed at the end of the Supervisors Agenda, so as to draw little or no attention to it. You have to love the deception of the agenda description.


100% Deception

The County cannot sell the Airfield

No Attachments were available

RFP Deficient

Which "friend" of the Supervisors will pick this up for $100 or less.

Interim CAO Richard Egan shows the public the actual property the Supervisors want to sell.  The property (marked in blue) is worthless without the Army's Airfield, which the County cannot sell.

Websites that advertise public airfields for sale, have a few airfields this size for $825,000 to $1,000,000.

The County does not want to know how much it is worth?

It is a moot point, because no one will buy the land around the airport with limited access because of the Army's airfield.





 January 29, 2014

 What do you do when you are caught lying?

Some would correct their lie and tell the truth

Some will continue their lies and stop anyone in their way

The Lassen County Supervisors stand by their Herlong lies.

On November 26, 2013, (video link) Supervisor Wosick gave an almost convincing apology to the public. Supervisor Wosick emphatically stated when the County included the One-Stop building in Herlong, it was a MISTAKE. The Board fixed this by firing CAO Martin Nichols [County claims that Nichols was fired and then retired on the same day]

There remains two giant problems for the Lassen County Supervisors:

1. There isn't one document, of any kind, that the County has produced that supports Supervisor Wosick's claim.

2. The Lassen County Supervisors "approved" every cent spent of the MIS-USED Federal and State money (over $5,000,000)  This money was designated for improvements to  Herlong's infrastructure. The Supervisors allowed this money to be mis-used and Herlong got NOTHING.


Wosick waited 60 days to object to being called a liar.

Wosick recently contacted Kan We Help offering documents that would support his November 28, 2013 statements


This was a break through and could end the publics doubt.

At the January 28, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting, Larry Wosick passed a note around to Richard Egan to give to KWH Secretary Eileen Spencer

Video link at the 21:38 spot (Part 10)


Supervisor Wosick approached Eileen Spencer after the regular meeting adjourned and asked her to go to the County Administrative Building if the Closed Session lasted more than 5 or 10 minutes. He said he didn't have the documents with him.

Spencer waited outside the County Admin building on Roop but when Wosick arrived he had no documents. He insisted that Spencer come into his office where the documents were.

Supervisor Wosick had no document in his office that stated the One-Stop was not to be sold. He had just lured her there under false pretenses.

According to Spencer, Wosick closed the door behind her and began insulting her. Supervisor Wosick blocked the door so Spencer could not get out and continued yelling insults.


Spencer filed criminal charges

Supervisor Wosick



 January 24, 2014


Martin Nichols: Hired, 1/17/12  Fired, 12/10/13

Lassen County Supervisors have a great difficulty with the truth?

Lassen County Supervisors have a great difficulty with telling the truth?

Government Code 54950

"The people in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know"




 January 22, 2014

Ever try to fry 1/2 an egg?

Chapman wants half a remodel

Does Lassen County Supervisor Jim Chapman want his new Board room to be bigger so he can ignore and insult more  of the public ?  

Supervisor Chapman wants NST to design and build only a larger Supervisors Board Room by June 1, 2014 and ignore the rest of the building.  Chapman wants a portion of the remodel, a new Board Room, completed for the 150 year anniversary of Lassen County. How about concentrating on the new Public Pool being completed for the 150th anniversary.

           If the decision was left to the public, what would they want. 

The Supervisors approved a $20,000 design and remodel contract with NST in April of 2013 for the space vacated by Lassen Superior Court but never instructed NST to START.  Now, Chapman creates this urgency to build out just a portion of the space.

[The Supervisors also approved a $10,000 contract for a pool design on 2/19/13, that never was done]

This appears to be just another ego trip for Supervisor Chapman.

There are a lot of major issues with this old cinder-block building.

                           Old court room space, bottom two  corner windows. County Administrative offices above

The County Administrative offices are above the vacated space and the Supervisors have existing offices there.  (Chapman wants new offices).

 This new space should be first and foremost designed for the public.

Chapman wants Judge Sokol's office to be a Closed Session room.

Judge Sokol moved Department 1 to this building because it had a private bathroom


Where's the money to do this?  Chapman says he can find it.......................

Will it  be the old ROPE-A-DOPE (the public) like Herlong?

Now you see it, now you don't





 January 21, 2014





Video of January 21, 2014 Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Supervisors have shut down the meetings to the public they serve



 January 20, 2014

NST $20,000 Courtroom Study Unavailable or Never Done?

Supervisor Chapman pushing for new digs

On April 23, 2013, the Lassen County Supervisors approved a contract to NST (a local engineering firm) to "study" the space at the old Court House. This study was to include renovating the Court's old Department 1 in order to move the Board chambers to this space (Sokol's court). The Board has scheduled a tour of this space on 1/21/14.

 Kan We Help submitted a Public Records Request for this document but the County has been non-responsive. 

On December 2, 2013, the Supervisors were given a report by the former CAO Martin Nichols. What did Martin Nichols base this "Reassignment of Court House Space" on?

Julie Morgan, Assistant to Mr. Nichols, made a claim to the Supervisors that all of the wiring and cabling was too old and would need to be replaced in the Court House. However, Kan We Help Secretary, Eileen Spencer told the Board of Supervisors that was incorrect. The wiring and cabling was upgraded just before the new court house construction started. All new computers, and new cables. It was learned later that the Court would not be taking any of these new computers with them to the new Court House.  A great question.......where did the $50,000 worth of equipment go?

Recommended reassignment of space of the old courthouse.



 January 19, 2014

New Owners of the Town of Herlong

offer to rent back the million dollar building

they bought from Lassen County for $173.00 

Is "manipulation" the new word for governing?


Millions of Federal money was given to the Lassen County Supervisors and they approved every penny of that money that was spent.


When the Supervisors closed the LRA (Local Reuse Authority) down, they transferred all of the Army property to the County. Herlong was purchased from the County not the LRA. The County got away with issuing the last RFP under the LRA which had already been closed. ????????

This scheme was extremely organized and executed.


 January 17, 2014

 Lassen County Rushes

to Pass a Resolution for the Formation of a New Emergency Services District for the June Ballot

but fails to hold Public Hearing on new tax and ballot issue

 & violates the Brown Act


Lassen County District 4 Supervisor Aaron Albaugh has been bringing this issue to the Board (ambulance service in Big Valley) from the first day he was elected (January/2013). According to John Benoit, LAFCO Director, ambulance service stopped in the Big Valley area in July /2013, putting a large area of Lassen County residents at risk.

Almost a year later (December 9, 2013) the LAFCO Board, for Lassen County, held a Public Hearing on their intention of placing this issue on the June ballot in Modoc County and Lassen County. Because there are two counties involved, both Modoc and Lassen must vote to approve this action and then pass a Resolution to place this tax issue on the ballot. This requires a Public Hearing.


Modoc County did what they are required to do under the law. The Modoc County Supervisors held their Public Hearing on January 14, 2014.

Interim County Administrator, Richard Egan states LASSEN COUNTY WILL NOT FOLLOW THE LAW. This irresponsible action will hurt the Big Valley area.

1. Chapman's EMERGENCY Motion on January 14, 2014 is voided due to not following the law.  After 33 years of sitting on this Board, Chapman knew the procedures he had to follow for this "new tax district". He claims he attended the December 9th LAFCO meeting that spelled out what each county must do. When he can't tell the truth he baffles them with his bull sh_t.  Yes, Chapman needs to go. 

Watch for yourselves "Part I, 1/14/14 Board of Supervisors meeting"

The Lassen County Supervisors must now follow the law and hold a proper Public Hearing to allow public discussion on this issue or the ambulance service will not effect Lassen County's Big Valley residents. Maybe that was Chapman's goal in the first place.

2. The Lassen County Supervisors must pass a Resolution, similar to what Modoc County passed on January 14, 2014. Then must pass a second Resolution to approve this tax issue to be placed on the June ballot. This all must be done by March 7, 2014.  If passed by the voters, there will be a new tax district formed to provide ambulance and emergency care to the Big Valley area as soon as 2015.


The District will be called "Southern Cascades Community Services District". LAFCO Resolution 2014-02

Lassen County Supervisors Larry Wosick and Jim Chapman sit on the LAFCO Board. Both Supervisors failed to place this issue on the Lassen County Board of Supervisors Agendas. It was poorly (that is an understatement) presented at the January 14, 2014 BOS meeting as an "Emergency" item. It appeared that Supervisor Chapman clumsily attempted to place it somewhere on their 1/14/14 Agenda but failed to distribute copies of the Resolution to the public and failed to place it on an Agenda as a Public Hearing.


There was a NEED to pass a Resolution before the next LAFCO meeting on February 10, 2014 but this was certainly NO EMERGENCY

. The emergency was to cover up Supervisor Chapmans incompetency.


Lassen County must hold a Public Hearing on this issue because it involves a new tax for Lassen County for this new service district.  Lassen County must then pass a Resolution to place it on the June Ballot.  All this has to be done before March 7, 2014. 





video of meeting

As much as the Supervisors want this to go away

The mis-use of the Federal money in Herlong was not a "MISTAKE" but a deliberate act approved solely by the Lassen County Supervisors Dahle, Hanson, Pyle, Chapman & Wosick

No matter how many times the Supervisors repeat it, selling the One-Stop was not a "MISTAKE"



 January 16, 2014

For 12 years

Kan We Help has provided

what the Lassen County Times will not provide,

.....the truth

That is why this is the place to look first for Lassen County politics

 January 15, 2014

FIVE MEN CONTROL $112 MILLION and JUST DON'T WANT TO FOLLOW THE LAWS.......what could possibly go wrong?


Lassen County Supervisors

Throw the Brown Act

Down the Toilet

January 14, 2014 BOS Meeting Video

Lassen County Counsel Rhetta Vander Ploeg sat quietly while the Board violated a minimum of three Brown Act Sections in a matter of 15 minutes.

This County Counsel has proven to be 100% worthless.

Supervisor Pyle announced that

District 3 Supervisor Larry Wosick will not run for office again.....

 but nominated him for the Board's Chairperson.  Pyle also slipped into the conversation that he would be willing to serve as Vice-Chairperson.  

Motion after Motion the Board voted without allowing ANY PUBLIC COMMENT.

Newly elected Wosick told the public that he had anticipated this action and stayed up to study Roberts Rules of Order.  Even if we gave each of the Supervisors a copy of the Brown Act, they would still violate it because they can. What is it going to take for Wosick or any of these politicians to GET IT?

County Counsel and the District Attorney have complete contempt for the Open Meeting Laws  

Kan We Help will again file a Brown Act Complaint for this deliberate violation.


 January 13, 2014

Lassen County Needs New County Clerk

Bustamante must be replaced


 Job too big for her or is she too big for the job? Questionable election handling continues

County website in disrepair

Agendas and Minutes not maintained (new software purchased 7/23/13)

Politically biased

Julie Bustamante 




 January 13, 2014

Lassen County Board of Supervisors must elect

Officers to preside over the next calendar year

at the


15 year veteran politician Chairperson Pyle failed to place the mandatory election of Board Officers

on the January 14, 2014  Agenda


Supervisor Hanson, Pyle and Chapman

have controlled the Supervisors


 Agendas, Policies & Direction far too long.

It is time for new leadership




 January 9, 2014


Can anyone imagine the collective outrage by the ratepayers if they knew that the 1 cent LMUD put aside for the DEAD 230 kv line was a fraud.


David Folce told the LMUD Board that the 60 kv will work with the 230 kv project but LMUD would have to install "phase shifting transformers"  ....$10 million worth??????

April - 2011

Instead of lowering the LMUD RATES by one cent, the LMUD Board considered and then approved a one cent dedication toward the DEAD 230kv transmission line project, the ATT/Viewland site (that LMUD does not even own) and even moved $1.5 million dollars from the Rate Stabilization fund to a special fund for the DEAD 230 kv transmission line project.

Bill Stewart, a Frank Cady protégé, tells the LMUD Board members that the one cent will produce $8.5 million dollars in 5 years.


Bill Stewart, Mr. Poof  

LMUD Focuses on hoarding millions for the 230 kv Project when they claimed that they would provide only the Right-of-way


"230 kv Expenses"


 January 7, 2014

The Herlong Sale Investigation Just Beginning

and you won't read a single word in the Lassen County Times.

The Times will give you Fluff and will continue to suppress the truth about Herlong


 January 6, 2014

LMUD losing ground with renewable energy partners

 LMUD is rapidly losing partners in their delusion of a 230 kv line running through Lassen County.  Invenergy

Invenergy walked away from LMUD Directors years ago and now that the energy credits will expire on December 31, 2013 it is unlikely LMUD will be able to claim that any part of the 230 kv would be viable. 

Now, the LMUD Directors are floating a new scheme

BUSTED: The LMUD Directors report they are "looking into" signing a contract with Oski Energy (aka Wineagle, Wendell Energy Operations) to purchase Oski's geothermal power for eight (8) cents per kilowatt hour.

Oski has a ghost office in Reno, Nevada and may not even be in a position to sell much of anything to LMUD now or after October/2014. Oski is obligated to sell  their power to Pacific Gas and Electric until October 29, 2014. Oski claims that they may "terminate" their agreement with PG&E.......Oh, really?

 Oski Energy registered as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)  in 2007 and in 2009 registered Wendel Energy Operation, LLC with a Reno address of 730 Sandhill Road, Ste 250. The corporation papers show that Derek Bacon is their agent for service. 

So why give a press release to a local newspaper that really is pointless? 


Mr. Davis, you should have done your homework.......




 January 2, 2014


Couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Lambert Lane Substation

The LMUD Board reported, at their November 26, 2013 meeting, they had completed Phase I (dirt/rock work) of the new substation on Lambert Lane in Standish. That is true but they decided not to disclose that a transformer had been  installed on a pad the same week LMUD changed the transformer at the Standish substation four miles down the road from the Lambert Lane Substation.

In 2009, LMUD, under Bill Stewart, purchased $354,000 in transformers for "Lambert Lane" when Lambert Lane DID NOT EXIST. Those 2009 transformers have never been accounted for.  So.......where did this one come from? The five year warranties will expire in 2014.  The new Standish transformer installed last summer could very well be one of the "missing" transformers Bill Stewart purchased in 2009. ????

The LMUD Board does not want that question asked and they are certainly not going to answer it if it is asked again and again.....and again.

Stewart learned most of his "flim flam" from Frank Cady, before Cady was fired in 2008.  Cady proved to be a master of deceit. 

Bill Stewart......Mr. Poof, now it is here, now it is gone.  


November 26, 2013- LMUD Minutes 

Amedee v LMUD

Amedee Geothermal files new litigation in the San Francisco Superior Court on November 7, 2013 against LMUD, but

LMUD does not report this,to the public, at the November 26, 2013 meeting but waits untilDecember 17, 2013 and reports that it is "potential litigation" and gives the Case Number.

Where in the world did these Board members learn to lie with such stupidity ?

LMUD found local attorney Eugene Chittock to take Frank Cady's place after Cady was fired



 January 1, 2014

What have you done for your District lately?

Supervisor Wosick presents Supervisor Pyle an award for 15 years of service.

The Joke:


Wosick starts off with

"I'd like to give you this

Certificate of Resignation"

Watch Wosick's Mistake in Part 1  


The pay is not "some payment" but, in fact, is a substantial salary and benefit package.

Pyle receives $50,871.58 (salary/benefits). Supervisor Wosick receives $40,956.70, Supervisor Albaugh receives$62,589.48 [based on paystubs].

The County Ordinance states that all five Supervisors shall receive $35,485.

All three are millionaires

Each of the five Supervisor's Districts represents a little over 5,000 registered voters.



Bob Pyle won his seat by a very questionable 27 votes. 

There were irregularities, in that election, that were reported to the Secretary of State [a memory card seal, that records the votes, was replaced]

Will Lassen County be able to get a new County Clerk/Election Officer in the June election?