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February 21, 2017

Lassen County Superior Court Judge Tony Mallery

ordered to pay Executive Clerk Andi Barone



alleged abuses of judicial conduct

Tony Mallery's term ends 2018



February 15, 2017

52 Republicans and 5 Democratic Senators



the Background Check Law

that prevented Mentally ill people

from getting guns

The idiocy of the Republicans

A victory for the gun manufacturers that own Congress

A major loss for Law Enforcement & the safety of Americans


February 14, 2017

Sam Williams, alleged Editor of the Lassen County Times, wants "civility" and yet he allows dozens of hateful factless articles to be published year after year by Lassen County's Queen of Racism.


  Williams also has a new Where's Waldo....Where's Jim Chapman.

Every single week this year,  Chappies photo has appeared in the Lassen County Times....some very vintage....... 

 The love affair continues?


February 13, 2017

When did the clock start ticking

 on the 80 days?

When did Lassen County issue the



On November 28, 2016, United Builders signed a $979,000 contract with Lassen County to remodel the 2950 Riverside building.  BLM Building

According to the contract, if United Builders does not finish the project in 80 days they must pay Lassen County $1,900 a day penalty until the job is complete



February 11, 2017

Today Trump has threatened to pull all

Federal Funds from California

California is 13% of the GDP

California is the 6th largest economy in the world


To our Twitter Freak Donald.....

we say bring it on


February 9, 2017

79% of Lassen County voted for Trump

100% of Lassen County

will suffer from Trump


fac'ism (fash'izm) n. a system of government characterized by a rigid one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of the opposition (unions, parties of minority groups, etc.) Example: Nazi Party



February 8, 2017

Republi-Klans have finally succeeded in creating


 fascist government

There is nothing to stop them.....

Now, sit back and watch everyone's freedom erode............

Watch Federal money and jobs dry up in rural communities



February 7, 2017

Trump is well on his way to building his racist administration

Senator Mitch McConnell censored Senator Elizabeth Warren today from reading Coretta Kings 1986 letter into the Senate record during open floor discussions on the confirmation of the racist Jeff Sessions to US Attorney General

Kings ten page document containing Sessions historical racist actions was also not allowed into the record


February 4, 2017

Trump's racists roots are leading to a Constitutional crisis

Are the Trump supporters getting exactly what they wanted:

A racist administration willing to put the rich white class first


It's not like Trump didn't tell you who he was and what he was going to do

Small welfare county's will be the first to be hurt



February 1, 2017

LMUD'S "Skedaddle Substation"


The Lassen Municipal Utility District Boards have a long history of poor judgment, scams and lies.

The latest is the "get outta here" project in Wendel. 

If unchallenged the LMUD Board will invest most of the ten million dollars (collected by excessive rate hikes) in bringing Nevada energy into California.

General Manager Doug Smith told Kan We Help last year that he was familiar with LMUD's history and would work hard not to go down the same roads of past Board decisions  that led to one disaster after another.






January 31, 2017

Red Badge/Green Badge

Make sure you have the right badge on "today".

Tomorrow the "bad" badge might be "pink"  or "black" or "rainbow"

This is only going to get worse



January 26, 2017

Why does a "Reality" show star ignore reality?

......because he has a ten minute attention span?

A man that is obsessed with only his "popularity"

and has the maturity of a ten year old spoiled brat

Rural welfare counties will be the first to be hurt with the Republi-Klan cuts


January 25, 2017

The Editor of the Lassen County Times believes that voters should accept the new administration

Does he mean the same way Lassen County accepted the first black President ?



in the millions across the United States and in 30 countries

following the January 20, 2017 inauguration.


The editor (?) allowed the most dishonest, factually lacking, racist, bigoted letters to be published more frequently than their own policy allowed.

Now, this severely biased...editor.....wants to tell the 21% that did not vote for the KKK supported candidate that they should accept an incurably flawed President?


Let's see what he writes when the Federal funding dries up for Lassen County.  It has already started.........





January 23, 2017


January 17, 2017

The January 8 PG&E

Power Outage is More than Suspect now

The public deserves to know the truth and history about the power outages



The LMUD Board has made it clear that the newly planned Wendel Substation will be built to replace power from PG&E.   PG&E is not reacting to this well and intends to not play nice.






January 16, 2017

PG& E   vs  NVEnergy

.....and LMUD finds themselves in the middle

more to come....



January 9, 2017

PGE is able to give LMUD power today?


This District wide outage was not LMUD's fault


January 8, 2017

LMUD Director Fred Nagel has power,


Fred Nagel has never had Lassen Municipal Utility District Power

He has been allowed to sit on the LMUD Board, raising rates that he does not have to pay

He has always been a Plumas Sierra Rural Electric customer


January 6, 2017

Be careful out there.............




January 4, 2017

Only the Year Changes

Lassen County Times Continues Its Tradition


Suppressing the News


Not a Word about:

Judge Tony Mallery losing the Abuse of Authority lawsuit against him on 12/30/16

Chapman's "free vacation" to Palm Springs ($3,000) paid for by taxpayers

Lies about LMUD purchasing the Viewland property

Steve Pezzullo stopping payment on the $47,996.50 Amedee Airport Land Use Plan check

The County Clerk deleting/tampering with the audio of a Board of Supervisors meeting

Chapman's outbursts and public tirades

Chris Montgomery falsified Candidate forms to run for Supervisor


A paper without ethics ?

 A paper that enables and promotes the corruption in Lassen County ?


2017 promises to be a year of cover-ups



In addition, Judge Mallery ordered to pay all Barone costs

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