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Bradbury   Cady termination  KWH v LMUD  Cady-Jones lawsuit



Superior Court Judge Stephen Bradbury

U.S. Magistrate Craig Kellison

Attorney Frank Cady

BKC Verified History

These three men entered into a partnership to form a real estate company. 

Superior Court Judge Stephen Bradbury, according to County records, was paid an undisclosed amount for the property at 60 S. Lassen (APN 103-303-08, 60 S. Lassen, Susanville) on January 31, 2006.



There is no "public record" that Bradbury had any interest in this property when Craig Kellison and Frank Cady sold their interest in 60 S. Lassen in 2005. 

Neither Bradbury, Kellison or Cady had any legal interest in 60 S. Lassen on January 31, 2006....?  Or did they.....? 


A little housekeeping needed?


Judge Bradbury received an undisclosed payment

for "60 S. Lassen" ? 

The Property: 60 South Lassen, APN 103-303-08

Web of Deceit ?

On June 28, 2005, 60 S. Lassen was owned jointly by Craig Kellsion, now a U.S. Magistrate and Frank Cady, now a Manager of a public utility in Lassen County. 

In a questionable sale, recorded on June 30, 2005, Frank Cady sold his half of 60 S. Lassen, to his law partner, Jaimee Richey, to make it appear that he had no interest in the property. (compliance with the FPPC rules of Conflict of Interest). Cady then hired his law partner, Richey, as his replacement at the same public utility. GRAND JURY COMPLAINT    COMPLAINT EXHIBITS   

Craig Kellison then sold and recorded his half to Frank Cady five days later (July 5, 2005), giving Frank his half ownership back.  

At this time, Judge Bradbury did not have any interest in 60 S. Lassen, yet there was a transaction on January 31, 2006 which involved the Judge.

Jaimee Richey then made it appear that she sold 60 S. Lassen to the Methodist Church on January 31, 2006

Why is it, that on the same day Richey was selling this property, Judge Bradbury was suddenly in the picture with a payoff?