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September 3, 2008


the Lassen County Grand Jury finally slams LMUD

...a terminally corrupt utility

Traditionally Judge Bradbury has appointed LMUD counsel and LMUD management to the Grand Jury. LMUD complaints, in the past, have not been acted on but suppressed. Judge Bradbury was a partner with Frank Cady and Craig Kellison in a real estate company that was known as BKC. BKC

1. A complaint was received and confirmed that a Lassen Municipal Utilities District contractor was paid by LMUD to cut trees on private property outside of the LMUD area of coverage. Complaint 1

2. A complaint was received and confirmed concerning Lassen Municipal Utility District Board member Jay Dow Jr's conflict of interest by the Grand Jury. Jaimee Jones approved both Lavacot and Dow voting on the Ag kick backs. Complaint 2


3. A complaint was received and confirmed concerning the sealed bid disposal of Lassen Municipal Utility District surplus property frequently being awarded to parties closely associated with the LMUD Directors or the General Manager.  (Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston, Ray Luhring)   Complaint 3

4. The Grand Jury requested a copy of the policy and procedure manual from the Lassen Municipal Utility District business office. The manual was missing all LMUD Resolutions passed after 2005.(Frank Cady was hired in July 2005). Complaint 4


Where's the public indictment?   This is just the "tip of the iceberg" people........................................

PART II: LMUD Directors, General Manager and legal counsel have allowed PSREC resident, Fred Nagel,  to be on the LMUD Board in order to do PSREC's business.