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Lassen County Hall of Shame

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Sam Williams, Editor of the Lassen County Times, filed a lawsuit against Eileen Spencer, a member of Kan We Help, on June 27, 2017.  Sam Williams filed a libel and defamation lawsuit and the Court said not only was there no defamation but Williams could not provide the Court with any economical damages.  Judgment for Spencer

Sam Williams used a cryptic e-mail address (skywatersam) to disguise his real identity and demanded that Kan We Help give him $10,000.  


Stinky and Greedy live well in Lassen County


LCT Only Pimple on a Pig for News Source


The Lassen County Board of Supervisors Consent Calendar Agenda is reserved for routine items of business. CAO Richard Egan placed a "Rental Agreement" in the Consent Calendar that would rent the historic upstairs courtroom to a private attorney.  This courtroom is coincidentally next to the District Attorney's office. Richard Egan claimed, at the Board Meeting on 8/18/15, that Mr. Chittock would be using it after hours.  The Treasurer, Assessor, Elections and Recorders offices are also in this building. There is no security in this building. 

Eugene Chittock has been convicted of Domestic Violence and filed a Harassment lawsuit against Bob Burns

[Vexatious litigant ?]

Kan We Help suggested that if Mr. Chittock needs additional space that he could rent the empty house next to his office building or rent one of the many many empty buildings in Susanville.  Judge Sokol's ground floor courtroom is vacant and is not connected to any other County offices 

Supervisor Albaugh questioned the logic in renting the courtroom to Mr. Chittock.  CAO Egan only then revealed that it was only for one day. Chairperson Bob Pyle asked for a motion and the other four supervisors were silent. After an awkward pause Supervisor Hammond made a motion to approve and then there was no "Second to his Motion". After another awkward moment Supervisor Hemphill seconded Hammond's motion to approve Chittock's Rental Agreement. The Courtroom is now available to the public...........





   February 17, 2015, Lassen County Supervisor Hammond compromises the Amedee Airfield Parcels RFP by conducting secret meetings with one of the bidders to obtain a private contract.  Supervisor Hammond stated that he and the "other people" had met three times.   


October 21, 2014, Lassen County Supervisor Hammond trades votes to increase value to Herlong property owner.


April 15, 2014,Sam Williams. Lassen County Times Editor, trashes websites Kan We Help and the Lassen County Scoop for not having the courage to include the author's name for articles submitted. It so happens, Mr. Williams website has never revealed a single author of his website. Sam Williams deserves the DOUBLE STINKY Award not only because he enables the corruption in Lassen County but he is a hypocrite and suppresses the facts.


March 12, 2014,Supervisor Chapman's County Retirement  Benefit based on his $36,000 annual salary.  According to Election codes, Chapman is 100% not qualified  to run for County Auditor but if he should win, it will triple his Retirement benefit.

On July 23, 2013, Supervisor Bob Pyle complained that his paycheck went down on July 17, 2013. Two things: 1. His paycheck went down $168.07 because he had to pay his own PERS (retirement premium)  until his $2,223 raise kicked in on August 25, 2013.  2. He raised his salary six times in the first four years in office and come to find out on 7/23/13, he had been overpaid according to Municipal Code 2.36.030 over $2,900 a year for many years.

This is a "? PUBLIC SERVANT ?" that has also applied for every free funding, grant and public trough money that came before the County. He has been in the cat/bird seat to know about all of the FREE MONEY from the Williamson Act, Carl Moyer (literally thousands of dollars) and has a expressed his rancid opinion of BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Supervisor Pyle's latest acquisition was the $35,000 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grant.


If anyone ever deserved the title of FAT CAT, it is Supervisor Pyle.


On April 30, 2013, Sam Williams writes a fictional account of a Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting. He did not attend this meeting but wrote a front page article that was not remotely true.  The BOS intended to proceed with an agenda item that violated the Brown Act. KWH filed a Brown Act complaint to stop the closed session. See the April 24 & 30 2013 story on page one.



Does the Lassen County Times News Editor and recently promoted Managing Editor believe that if you don't read it in the Lassen County Times it isn't TRUE?

Mr. Williams is employed by a free weekly publication in the very small rural community of Susanville, population 7500.

???"Boneheaded bloggers"  ???

On June 26, 2012, Sam Williams wrote an editorial that "a few boneheaded bloggers" wrote something negative about Jon Nakanishi, yet failed to identify even what these Bloggers had written.

Sam Williams job is to suppress not only the truth but the truth and nothing but the truth. If Mr. Williams disagrees with anyone's "opinion" on LCT's Blog he simply deletes it. This is more than suppression but outright censorship.  

SOMEONE must inform Mr. Williams about the world wide web and the access to real information, legitimate news and also that the public is not going to be limited to what Sam Williams wants you to know.


Will Williams go down the same road to the cliff that all previous Managing Editors have gone down?


"2012 Bigot of the Year" goes to Carol Byers(Daughter of Anarchy)

This woman couldn't find a fact if it was super glued to her ass and the LCT published her latest fact-free rant on 6/5/12. 

 Way to Go Grand Wizard Sam.Your uncle Hank Williams must be so proud





MR. RACIST: JOSEPH DUPONT & the Lassen County Times wins the "Bigot and Homophobic  of the Hour" Award for the May 22, 2012 racists and homophobic Letter to the Editor published in the Lassen County Times. This crossed so many lines in so many ways.  PUBLIC COMMENTS



Eugene Chittock

Eugene "Chip" Chittock criticized the corruption at LMUD for years and then took the LMUD General Counsel job after Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones were fired. He is now Langston's and Nagels "boy". He will continue, for a price, to keep them out of jail.  Chittock may be worse than Cady and Jones because right out of the shoot covered up illegal and unethical actions by the Board. LMUD cannot under any circumstances have an attorney with ethics.  



 Piggy   Judge Stephen Bradbury

Judge Bradbury attempted to hide his ownership of 60 S. Lassen, Susanville during the sale of this property but six months later received money from Craig Kellison and Frank Cady for his share in the property.


 Piggy Wayne Langston

LMUD Director Wayne Langston charged LMUD ratepayers $100 for a phone call to LMUD General Manager about "outages" on his April/2008 Board Statement of Meetings Report.  While this is technically a legitimate "event", Langston has charged for phony e-mails and questionable phone calls, at $100 a pop, in the past. This so called "phone call" is subject to further scrutiny......................



   Piggy Jay Dow and Piggy Matt Lavacot

Ranchers and newly appointed LMUD Directors, Jay Dow and Matt Lavacot didn't waste any time helping themselves to the public trough on March 25, 2008.

They proposed a "Kick Back" for themselves and the other ranchers in Lassen County. Proposal: If the ranchers pay for the electric transmission lines to their property upfront then LMUD will credit that cost after a 3 year period.



Piggy Wayne Langston

In 2000, Wayne Langston lived on his wife's grandmothers (Barbara Nagel) property when he was appointed to the LMUD Board (after Micheal Deal resigned from the LMUD Board). This property is "not within the LMUD Boundaries of Ward 3". Langston lived there through the recall election, of the LMUD Board, and the next LMUD election. Langston's mother-in-law was the Lassen County Election Officer.

The law states that you must live and vote within the LMUD boundaries to be eligible to sit on the LMUD Board. The law states that Langston should have been placed on the "next election" ballot in order to keep his appointment.

Wayne Langston never qualified to be a candidate for the LMUD Board until November of 2003 and yet he continued to sit on the LMUD Board.

Theresa Nagel refused to take the recall petitions on Langston because he was appointed and then refused to place him on the "next LMUD election" which was the Recall of all of the LMUD Board Members.

Langston didn't live within the LMUD service boundaries until the Nagels transferred their Janesville property to him in 2003. He then lived within the LMUD service boundaries. Wayne Langston has never been on a LMUD ballot. He has never received a single vote of the ratepayers.

Langston hid the majority of his Board expenses in Frank Cady's legal invoices and the General Manager's expense reports. These expenses included luxury vacation meetings that the public never was told about.

Langston was a huge participant in the Arrowrock Scam, which cost the ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. He supported numerous bogus energy projects such as the Project 500.

Langston continues to support and cover up the activity of Frank Cady while he was General Counsel and General Manager.