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Cady terminationATT property    Kinross-LMUD

Lemon Tree


Bill Stewart


[New LMUD Director Jessie Urionaguena, related to Jack Beterbide]

EPA fine


2006 LAND SCAM BY NAGEL/JONES/CADY not a SECRET  anymore.............

Nagel and Cady knew it was contaminated -They knew the property was worthless-They knew Beterbide did not own it

On March 30, 2006, Kan We Help filed a complaint with District Attorney Robert Burns. It was ignored




Jaimee Richey/Jones, LMUD President Fred Nagel and Frank Cady negotiated to buy property for LMUD from their friend Jack Beterbide that Beterbide didn't even own.


who should have gone to jail?.....ALL OF THEM



February 24, 2011


LMUD Meeting Minutes, January 25, 2011

**Jesse Urionaguena is related to Jack Beterbide


LMUD Board illegally purchased the Beterbide property knowing that it was grossly contaminated and now it is still costing LMUD ratepayers to CLEAN IT UP.

The property will always be worthless


LMUD Meeting Minutes; 1/25/11



February 1, 2011


Original 2006 Lease never approved by Board

LMUD Board Never took action on the purchase of the Chestnut Avenue Property or Beterbide's Alleged "Lease"

The Beterbide Five Year Lease was signed on February 1, 2006 , approved by LMUD Attorney Jaimee Richey/Jones (Cady's law partner) butwithout any approval from the LMUD Board


Next LMUD Agenda,

February 7, 2006 Special Meeting Agenda


December 29, 2010

LMUD moves contaminated dirt from the Beterbide lot

Fred Nagel and Frank Cady knew this property was contaminated and set up a secret purchase with Nagels friend Jack Beterbide, who at the time did not even own this worthless piece of property.

September 1, 2009





Lassen County Times, 9/1/09







































May 28, 2008

Lassen County Times, finally reports LMUD's PCB spills?

Third LMUD site identified for PCB's


Lassen County Times Reporter, Shayla Ashmore,  Suppressed LMUD's PCB Problem in 2004 PCB COVER UP

Shayla Ashmore was taken to the PCB spills after a LMUD meeting in the fall of 2004. This story, as all stories that exposed the LMUD corruption, was buried.

On November 7, 2007, the EPA fined LMUD for falsifying a federal form when they tried  to hide the PCB problem. EPA fine LCT suppressed "this"  story also.



Woody Morgan was Editor of the Lassen County Times in 2004 and was best buddies with Frank Cady and the Nagel clan.

The PCB spills, at LMUD, were intentionally suppressed by Woody Morgan. Woody left the newspaper after suffering several strokes.

The public never knew about the PCB's until Kan We Help published the story, in March of 2008,  after receiving a copy of the EPA fine. PCB COVER UP

*Morgan also suppressed what was actually happening with the Arrowrock Scam and just published what Frank Cady wanted  the public to know. When Kan We Help submitted Arrowrock information, Morgan ignored it. The Lassen County Times HAS NEVER PUBLISHED KWH'S SIDE OF ARROWROCK.....................EVER!  LCT's suppression of the truth about Arrowrock,  allowed LMUD to continue this scam for five years.


Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel are only LMUD Directors that remain. Both were responsible for the cover-up.




Jaimee Richey/Jones, LMUD President Fred Nagel and Frank Cady negotiate to buy property for LMUD from their friend Jack Beterbide that Beterbide didn't own.

And it was contaminated

A Deal was made with their friend Jack Beterbide. The LMUD Board entered into negotiations to buy property  from Beterbide that he didn't even own. The day Beterbide bought the property he sold it to LMUD. Huge profits were realized........Stinks to high heaven................but this is nothing new with Jaimee, Fred and Frank




District Attorney looks the other way.....nothing new there!!!

District Attorney, Robert Burns, is the backbone of white collar crime in Lassen County

LMUD General Manager and LMUD Board have elected to do the publics business in private. LMUD Agendas will no longer place the public's "business" in open session. 

The Lassen County Times, Barbara France,  has given this violation, of the Brown Act, a name....Uneventful meetings




2/1/06: LMUD Board purchases land secretly without any public vote

11909- Acts by Board, Motions, Resolutions, Ordinances

LMUD continues to drain reserves

$381,232 Check #14603, 1/30/06

In addition, Fred Nagels friend, Jack Beterbide is suddenly given $8, 627.19 worth of new  business from LMUD 2/15/06

November 9, 2005 LMUD Meeting

At the November 9, 2005 LMUD meeting, the LMUD Board and Frank Cady placed an item in closed session in regards to "real property. The closed session description was negotiations with Jack Beterbide for parcels 101-150-23 and 101-150-02. However, Jack Beterbide did not own one of the parcels (101-150-23).   

The Brown Act requires the Board to report any actions taken in closed session.  The LMUD board took "no reportable action".   

KWH objects to this issue being discussed in closed session and reminds the Board that this must first be placed in open session. 54956.8- Negotiations for sale/purchase of public property.

  November 9, 2005 minutes 


November 22, 2005 LMUD Meeting

At the November 22, 2005 LMUD meeting, the LMUD Board and Frank Cady again placed the "real property" issue into closed session. Fred Nagel (a PSREC utility customer) , is the lead negotiator for the LMUD Board. Beterbide is Fred Nagels close friend. 

Again, "no reportable action" is taken by the Board.  

NOTE: Jack Beterbide does not  even own one of the parcels that he is negotiating with LMUD for (APN 101-150-23, is owned by Robert and Gail Prosise).  

KWH begins inquiries on the purpose of these real property negotiations and the possibility of hazardous waste and  contamination existing on all three properties. . 

November 22, 2005 minutes


December 6 , 2005 LMUD Meeting

The "real property" deal is not placed on this agenda.  

December 6, 2005 minutes


December 16 , 2005 LMUD Meeting

Frank Cady orders an appraisal of 65 S. Roop Street (LMUD office), APN 101-150-02 and 101-150-023. 


December 20, 2005, 5:30 PM LMUD Meeting

The "real property" deal is not placed on this agenda. 

The LMUD Board pays John Bentley (check #14221 12/21/05 for $4500) to do an appraisal, but the property being appraised is not revealed. KWH requested documents (link) on February 15, 2006 concerning this payment but LMUD has yet to release the documents.  LMUD is in violation of the Public Records Act for it's failure to release public records.     December 20, 2005 5:30 minutes 


December 20, 2005, 6:30 PM LMUD Meeting

The real property deal is placed again on the agenda, in closed session

Paul Glau, LMUD's Hazardous Waste Manager, is now involved with the "real property" negotiations. There were public concerns that LMUD had dumped huge amounts of hazardous waste on their property on Chestnut Street. 

LMUD again reports "no reportable action taken"   

December 20, 2005 6:30 PM minutes


January 17, 2006  LMUD Meeting

The "real property" deal is placed again on the agenda, in closed session

The LMUD Board reports "no reportable action was taken". 

LMUD has never placed the purchase of the "real property" on any agenda other than in closed session. The Brown Act requires this issue to be placed on the agenda in open session. 

 To date: the LMUD Board has never taken any action to purchase  parcel 101-150-023 owned by Robert and Gail Prosise and parcel 101-150-02 owned by Jack Beterbide. 

 January 17, 2006 minutes

February 1, 2006   

Frank Cady makes a purchase of property illegally. Frank Cady  purchased property from Jack Beterbide without Board approval. Frank Cady has a limit to purchase supplies and materials up to $25,000. Anything above this must be placed on the agenda for an open session public discussion and disclosure.

LMUD must hold an open session in which it must identify the property to be purchased. LMUD has never put this issue in an open session. LMUD is in violation of the Brown Act. 54956.8- Negotiations for sale of public property.

LMUD must place the purchase of property on an agenda for open session in order to take action on the purchase. LMUD is in violation of the Brown Act 54952.6.- Action taken defined

LMUD must approve any payment of demands before the general manager can make payments. The General Manager cannot not, on his own, purchase land without an action by the LMUD Board in open session. No action was taken by the board. LMUD is in violation of the governing law, CPUC DIVISION 6-MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICTS. 11891-Payment of demands

On February 1, 2006....... Jack Beterbide  suddenly purchases parcel 101-150-23 (.92 acres @ $130,434.00 per acre) from Robert and Gail Prosise for $120,000 AND SELLS IT TO LMUD THE SAME DAY . 


On February 1, 2006,...... Frank Cady records the purchase of parcel 101-150-023 and 101-150-02 from Jack Beterbide for $381,232 (check #14603 1/30/06). The purchase was signed by Frank Cady on January 26, 2006.

Jack Beterbide sold the two parcels to LMUD, (2.42 Acres),  for $157,438 per acre.

Was this a pre -arranged scam ?.....

LMUD could have purchased the "Prosise's property directly.....for $120,000 or less.

Did Fred Nagel, Beterbide and Cady conspire to secretly scam LMUD....something really STINKS 



The LMUD Board cannot violate their governing law or the Brown Act. Cady cites LMUD Resolution 99-02, however the LMUD Board must comply with the law and cannot pass any resolution or ordinance that violates current laws.