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 December 29, 2010

Kan We Help Files Brown Act Violation Against LMUD



2010: LMUD Board Spending Record Amounts on Legal Fees


Duncan Weinberg- $20,779

(LMUD has spent over $100,000 on this Proposed 230 kv transmission line. Just another ego supporting boondoggle)

Downey- $4,422 ( LMUD v Kinross/Hayden Hill)

Chittock-$8,975 (your best guess on these fees......)

LMUD anticipates litigation on the hazardous soil property they secretly bought from Jack Beterbide

Hazardous waste




Wasting Ratepayers Money......The only thing the LMUD Board knows how to do......well

 December 28, 2010


Led by Eugene Chittock and the LMUD Board,


LMUD meeting tonight at 5:30 PM


LMUD v  Kinross Gold Hayden Hill Mine Site

LMUD filed this lawsuit on December 15, 2010

Wayne Langston, THE KING OF "SNEAKERY", excuses himself from the November/2010 Closed Session

Langston will not sit on the LMUD Board in 2011 The Bully

After ten years, as an unelected member of the Board, he states suddenly that he doesn't like CLOSED SESSIONS...........what a freakin bowl of sh_ _!

Fred  Nagel and Wayne Langston have been named in the latest Federal Harassment lawsuit against LMUD. LMUD lost the lawsuit that former employee Steve Trevino filed and won....$700,000 later LMUD has learned nothing, absolutely nothing.

NO REPORTABLE ACTION ON HAYDEN HILL, YET CHITTOCK FILED A LAWSUIT THREE WEEKS LATER. (Agenda Item 15 B was not identified as any type of litigation so it had to be discussed in open session. Kan We Help will file another Brown Act Violation against LMUD)



LMUD placed the issue for the 69kv transmission line on their Agenda in May of 2009 (Closed Session Agenda 19 A2) as "Anticipated Litigation".  



LMUD did not place this issue on their Agenda again until December of 2009 (Closed Session Agenda 13 B1). This was the only time the LMUD Board and its General Counsel identified the closed session as "Real Property" . LMUD now states that this is "Significant exposure to litigation"



LMUD failed to "properly identify" this closed session item after that. LMUD simply put this item on their agenda as "Update" but failed from January 2010 to November 2010 to disclose the nature and purpose of this closed session item. LMUD has never reported any "reportable action"

The "Kinross Gold Hayden Hill Mine Site" was not identified as pending litigation, anticipated litigation or exposure to litigation or real estate..... just "Update" for a year. 



The Brown Act (GC 54956.8) allows for closed session for real estate negotiations, but they must be identified as such and placed in open session prior to adjourning for a closed session for this issue. LMUD did not do this for an entire year.


Lassen Municipal Utility District DID NOT DO THIS

they just filed another baseless lawsuit.



 December 27, 2010

"Intentional" Deception by LMUD Attorney Chittock

Eugene Chittock places an item on the 12/28/10 CLOSED SESSION AGENDA  by using a

fake case number

and hides the fact that LMUD has filed a lawsuit without any previous public discussion by the Board


Kan We Help will post LMUD's case no. 51489

The actual Case number is 51489, LMUD filed this lawsuit on 12/15/10

LMUD v Lassen Gold Mine, Kinross Gold Mine

(Hayden Hill property negotiations ?)


Chittock not getting fair share of pointless litigation

 December 22, 2010

Congressman Tom McClintock,





Fully funded, HR 847, McClintock voted NOMcClintock vote



The fully funded Bill gave the 9/11 emergency first responders health care for 30 years (most are so ill from breathing acid, concrete and toxic air they won't benefit from this Bill). The original Bill started at 7 Billion dollars.

Republicans wanted it reduced to 6.2 Billion dollars and then voted NO on it.

It was then reduced again to 4 Billion dollars for 5 years and it passed.

The coward, McClintock voted NO McClintock vote


 December 20, 2010

Hug Your LMUD Employee

These "employees" are very special.

They keep our electricity on. If you can't hug them, a smile and a wave will do

If you see a LMUD truck, give'm a SMILE AND A THANK YOU





 December 19, 2010

Kan We Help Obtains the Arrowrock Feasibility Study through the Freedom of Information Act

completed in october of 2001


Kan We Help filed a Writ of Mandate in December of 2002 to obtain the Arrowrock Feasibility Study from Lassen Municipal Utility District.


Kan We Help had obtained evidence that LMUD had ended their involvement with the Arrowrock Memorandum of Understanding with the Boise Project Board of Controls in December of 2001, two months after the Feasibility Study had been completed and released.

LMUD, a publicly owned utility,  was involved with funding the "study" for a hydroelectric plant in Idaho and had spent in excess of $150,000 for the study and over $300,000 to their attorneys Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones.

 The LMUD attorney, Frank Cady and the LMUD Board refused to release a copy of this study. Kan We Help had received information from one of the contractors bidding on the project that it had been completed in October of 2001. In November of 2002, Kan We Help filed a Public Records act request for this document. When LMUD refused to release the document Kan We Help filed, in court, to obtain the document.

During the hearing, LMUD released the document to Judge Lazard who then refused to look at it "in camera" and then proceeded to declare the Kan We Help Writ "frivolous". 




Judge Lazard was not re-elected to the bench in 2006.

Frank Cady was fired in 2008

and his partner Jaimee Jones was fired a year later, in 2009.

Judge Bradbury resigned after the exposure to a conflict of interest with the Frank Cady & Jaimee Jones fraud and other issues. Cady/Jones trial

LMUD was awarded $30,922 in attorney fees


 December 17, 2010

Judge Sokol Has 90 Days to Rule on Dyer Mtn. Issue After hearing Mountain Meadow Conservancy's lawsuit against Lassen County Board of SupervisorsLawsuit

Mountain Meadows Conservancy, based in Westwood, CA, claims that the public was denied the right to participate in some aspects of the review process

Mr. Crabtree represented Lassen County when this lawsuit was filed and recently earned his new position as Lassen County Counsel



Stand up for something, or Fall for anything


The choice is yours......................


 December 12, 2010

Kan We Help Prepares Writ of Mandate to Obtain Public Records from LMUD

Kan We Help requested public documents on June 10, 2010. LMUD's attorney, Eugene Chittock claimed that they did not exist or were not in LMUD's possession.



































On December 10, 2010, LMUD released the documents Kan We Help requested six months ago. Documents that their attorney


stated did not exist or were not in the possession of LMUD.

The LMUD Board is playing Russian Roulette with two companies that are trying to create jobs in Lassen County.

Instead of working with these two companies, the Lassen Municipal Utility District Board has been advised by Eugene Chittock to ignore the existing agreements with Sierra Pacific and Honey Lake Power and attempting to extort more money from these companies.


Sierra Pacific/ Susanville Biomass Plant


Honey Lake Power Biomass Plant

11/02/10: "The Board expressed concern about language in the documents that would require the district to seize private property through eminent domain....."






when will they learn?

LMUD BOARD AGENDA 9/28/10.............LMUD Board just getting really bad advice from their General Manager and Attorneys



December 8, 2010

Mountain Meadows Conservancy v Lassen County

Trial Starts December 15, 2010



Dyer Mn. Resort

 December 3, 2010

167 Republicans


California Tom McClintock voted not to give 98% of Americans tax cuts

McClintock voted "NO" on H.R. 4853 which would extend the Bush tax cuts for Americans making $250,000 or less



 December 2, 2010

Lassen County Moves "slowly" forward on new bus stop near Wal*mart 

Seniors and the Disabled petitioned the County to do this over a year ago 2010 page one(11/5/09).

Now they must endure a second winter in the freezing temperatures and unsafe conditions while Lassen County 'LOOKS AT IT'

 November 27, 2010

Lawsuit filed on November 17, 2010 to stop Court Deal

Governor Schwarzenegger Makes Deal to Sell Court Buildings & contents to Company based in Mumbai

[Lassen County voted 60.62% for Schwarzenegger in 2003, 5167 voted for him.]......[17.66% voted for Tom McClintock, 1505 votes]

so this foreign company can rent the property back to the State of California

Court Sale stinks


Lassen Superior Court wasn't the only court to recently purchase new computers and equipment that is not destined to go to the new Court House on Riverside Drive in Susanville. This is all part of a deal that Governor Schwarzenegger made as a GIFT OF PUBLIC FUNDS.


 November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


 November 15, 2010

Former  Deputy County

Counsel Traci Witry stated today that the State of California Filed an Appeal

to Judge Sokol's Ruling to Remove Serial Killer Herzog from Lassen County

Judge Sokol has more than this to worry about. A growing dysfunction with his court staff continues.  Judge Sokol's Court Clerks order instructions to attorneys that they have no authority to order, fail to file critical case documents prior to court rulings, give erroneous information to the public, allow attorneys to view "sealed" court documents without judicial authority.  The mounting complaints are being ignored by Judge Sokol or maybe they're not getting to his desk ?

This is just the tip of Sokol's problems. Judge Sokol rulings are for political reasons and today's friend could be tomorrows foe in Lassen County.

NOTE: Thank you for all of the cases and information. It is obviously a lot worse than we thought. Rate a Judge

You can & should file complaints :


Commission on Judicial Performance, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400, San Francisco, CA 94102.

This will be a confidential formal complaint :

 Complaints Forms

 November 12, 2010

LMUD Board Lies About $80,444 UAMPS Payback

Kan We Help called this Bogus affiliation between UAMPS & LMUD years ago.

LCT: July 19, 2009

Wayne Langston was kicked out of LMUD

The Utah based UAMPS has nothing to offer the Lassen Municipal Utility District ratepayers. This organization just came here to grease palms and drain our coffers.


The LMUD Board and General Manager never had any intention of this relationship benefitting the ratepayers. It has however, provided many VERY EXPENSIVE retreats and vacation meetings for Board Members and  Ray Luhring.

There will be no payback.

UAMPS does not have the money to pay back even if it is in 6 installments.

The LMUD Board's incredible lack of business acumen has led to yet another stupid fake energy scam.

UAMPS plan is to repay LMUD in "energy credits"

Presently LMUD is posting between $400.00 -$1200 monthly payments TO UAMPS for ENERGY?.



Kan We Help has not been able to find out what these small payments to UAMPS have really been for.

LMUD Board Members Have Wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on phony energy studies

bogus projects

and lied consistently to the public

 Remember the $81,997 they gave PSREC for a study on a co-generation plant that PSREC cut LMUD out of?

or the $50,000 for the Invenergy Study. 



LMUD Minutes, September 28, 2010


Recent party

Non-member LMUD attending NCPA parties again

NCPA members

However, Fred Nagels PSREC is an Associate Member. Did Ray Luhring and Bill Stewarts entourage attend as guests of PSREC?




 November 11, 2010

Honoring our veterans should not just be  one day a year but should be 365 days of honoring those brave men and women that protect our way of life.


Susanville Golf Course Just an Albatross

Years of political exploitation and mismanagement.

 The Diamond Mountain Golf Course remains an albatross around the residents of Susanville's neck.

Budget in 2006: $154,000       Budget in 2011: $300,000


....OH, Peter Talia is THE CITY MANAGER TOO



This golf course will never be profitable and the City of Susanville residents should know this by now.

Originally, portions of the golf course property was donated to Susanville as a tax evasion deal by the Nagel family. When Susanville sells a parcel of the golf course it has to pay the Nagel family.  Nagel's

The article below is extremely  mis-leading and lacks MAJOR FACTS.


Cady's not in jailNot a whisper of filing a lawsuit against Frank Cady for the $1.4 million dollars. What pockets did that money go in?



Mismanaged again?....and again..........and again

Follow the money and the names stay the same


April 24, 2007


Judge Darlington grants the City of Susanville an injunction to stop the Cady's from removing any fixtures and allows the City to manage the golf course.


You don't try and keep a boat afloat when  you know that there is no bottom to the boat and never will be.




The City of Susanville NEVER STOPPED OWNING THIS PROPERTY They stopped managing it from time to time.

The City officials that allowed Frank Cady to run the golf course have long been replaced. Cady was allowed to borrow$1.4 million dollars against City owned property which he defaulted on. The property was in default with the Plumas Bank loan. The new City officials worked out a "deal" to pay off Frank Cady's loan. It was either that or lose the property to the bank .

The City Manager/City Attorney talks about a lawsuit against the latest Manager. How STUPID.

[Peter Talia knows that he cannot be his own boss. He can take the City Manager's job OR he can remain the City's attorney. HE CANNOT BE BOTH]



Property better serves the community as a multi-use center

When a 9 hole golf course isn't profitable you don't expand it to an 18 hole golf course. What idiot in Susanville made that decision? Oh, that's right they have all "exited".

The golf course property could have many uses. A nine hole golf course isn't a bad idea but this property can be developed into a  "public" multi-use center also. An outdoor amphitheatre that the public can rent. A public swimming pool. A nature walk, etc, an archery center, a cultural center. Bring in different organizations and companies that can fund it. Turn it into a center where the entire community can use it.



the last thing susanville needs to waste money on is to initiate more lawsuits. that just makes attorneys richer and the public poorer.

more importantly, Susanville needs a leader that has vision. something so lacking now and in the past.


 November 8, 2010

Lassen County Judge Sokol Grants Writ

to Remove Serial Killer, Herzog From Lassen County,

 a  political decision


Judge Sokol's ruling was  heard at 1:30 PM on 11/8/10  in Department 1 (the old court annex behind the main court house). Sokol's decision was not made on law. The Prison Department attorney stated that they were within their rights to bring Herzog to Lassen County but he really didn't seem to have the heart to fight it. Herzog will be moved.

Sokol makes political decisions and rarely follows any written law. He stated that this was a decision that was "FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY"


Lassen County has been cursed with Bad Judges. They traditionally rule in favor of the politically correct thing to do or what "benefits" them or their "friends".

When Sokol rules that the sky is green, then the sky becomes green.


A Typical Sokol ruling:

He ruled against a litigant today because they did not pay a court fee. It did not matter to Judge Sokol that the Court could not determine what the fee should be.

All court fees are "set" by the State.
Sokol said that this was out of his jurisdiction????

To answer your question, was Judge Sokol awake? Undetermined..............

Don Sokol has a long history of controversy when he was a practicing attorney. He has business ties to Craig Kellison and LMUD's Frank Cady not to mention the "land deals" in this county.

Too many favors, so little time................

November 5, 2010

Lassen County Transportation Commission spends over $60,000 for "Pretty" new fencing that is NOT SECURE

Dan Douglas told the LCTC that the bus yard needed a new fence because of security reasons. Lassen County Supervisor Bob Pyle agreed. When a Kan We Help member asked if Pyle had even seen the current fencing, he responded, "Yea, I drive by it everyday."


One entire side of the bus yard is OPEN and UNFENCED.

Although this new fencing is in fact prettier it is even less secure than the old "uglier" chain link.

 In addition, the bolts are on the outside of the fence so anyone at any point on the perimeter can remove an entire section of the fence to gain access to the bus yard............or just climb over....which ever is faster.


READ THE FINE was it paid for?

QUESTION: Who has a relative in the "fencing" industry?

or what else could have been purchased that would have been needed more?

 November 4, 2010

Lassen County Supervisors Pass Over Traci Witry, Deputy District Counsel, for Top Job

Traci Witry attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego and was admitted to the Bar in 2000


If the grass is greener on the other side, maybe you need to water your grass

 November 3, 2010


Cursum Perficio

Langston History

After ten years, Langston was finally put on a LMUD Ballot



 October 10, 2010

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

"Saving one pet won't change the world, but the world will change for that pet"



 October 9, 2010

A Dog Story

They told me the big black Lab's name was Reggie, as  I looked at him lying in his pen. The Rescue was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly.

I'd only been in the area for six months, but everywhere I went in this small town, people were welcoming and open. Everyone waves when you pass them on the street. But something was still missing as I attempted to settle in my new life here, and I thought a dog couldn't hurt. It would give me someone to talk to. And I had just seen Reggie's advertisement in the local newspaper. The Rescue said they had numerous calls right after, but they said the people who had come down to see him just didn't look like "Lab people", whatever that meant. They must've though I did. But at first, I thought the Rescue had misjudged me in giving my Reggie and his things, which consisted of a dog bed, bag of toys almost all of which were brand new tennis balls, his dishes and a sealed letter from his previous owner.

Reggie and I didn't really hit it off when we got home. We struggled for two weeks (which is how long the Rescue told me to give him to adjust to his new home). Maybe it was the fact that I was trying to adjust too. Maybe we were too much alike.

For some reason, his stuff (except for the tennis balls, he wouldn't go anywhere without two stuffed in his mouth) got tossed in with all of my other unpacked boxes. I guess I didn't really think he'd need all his old stuff, that I'd just get him new things once he settled in. But it became pretty clear pretty soon that he wasn't going to.  I tried the normal commands the Rescue told me he knew ones like "sit" and "stay" and "come" and "heel", and he'd follow them when he felt like it.

He never really seemed to listen when I called his name. Sure, he'd look in my direction after the fourth or fifth time I said it, but then he'd just go back to doing whatever. When I'd ask again, you could almost see him sigh and then grudgingly obey. This just wasn't going to work. He chewed up a couple of shoes and some unpacked boxes. I was a little too stern with him and he resented it, I could tell. The friction got so bad that I couldn't wait for the two weeks to be up, and when it was, I was in full-on search mode for my cell phone amid all of my unpacked stuff. I remembered leaving it on the stack of boxes for the guest room, but I also mumbled, rather cynically, that the "damn dog probably hid it on me."

Finally I found it, but before I could punch up the Rescue's number, I also found his bed and other toys. I tossed the bed in Reggie's direction and he sniffed and wagged, some of the most enthusiastic reaction I'd seen since bringing him home. But then I called "Hey, Reggie, you like that? Come here and I'll give you a treat". Instead, he sort of glanced in my direction, maybe glared is more accurate, and then gave a discontented sigh and flopped down with his back to me. Well, that's not going to do it either, I thought. And I punched the Rescue phone number. But I hung up when I saw the sealed letter from his previous owner. I had completely forgotten about that too. "Okay Reggie", I said out loud, "let's see if your previous owner has any advice."


To: Whoever Gets My Dog:

Well, I can't say that I'm happy you're reading this, a letter I told the Rescue could only be opened by Reggie's new owner. I'm not happy writing it. If you're reading this, it means I just got back from my last car ride with my Lab after dropping him off at the shelter. He knew something was different. I have packed up his bed and toys before and set them by the back door before a trip, but this time it's like he knew something was wrong.

And something is wrong, which is why I have to go to try to make it right. So let me tell you about my Lab in the hopes that it will help you bond with him and he with you.

First, he loves tennis balls. The more the merrier. Sometimes I think he's part squirrel, the way he hordes them. He usually always has two in his mouth, and he tries to get a third in there. Hasn't done it yet. Doesn't matter where you throw them, he'll bound after it, so be careful. Really, don't do it by any roads. I made that mistake once, and it almost cost him dearly.

Next, commands. Maybe the shelter staff already told you, but I'll go over them again: Reggie knows the obvious ones, sit, stay, come, heel. He also knows hand signals: "back" to turn around and go back when you put your hand straight up; and "over" if you put your hand out right or left. "Shake" for shaking water off, and "paw" for high five. He does "down" when he feels like it. I bet you could work on that with him some more. He knows "ball" and "food" like nobody's business. I trained Reggie with small food treats. Nothing opens his ears like little pieces of hot dog.

Feeding Schedule: twice a day, once about seven in the morning and again at six in the evening. Regular store bought stuff.

He's up on his shots. Call the clinic and update his info with yours. They'll make sure to send you reminders for when he's due. Be forewarned, Reggie hates going to the Vet. Good luck getting him in the car. I don't know how he knows when it's time to go the Vet, but he knows.

Finally, give him some time. I've never been married, so it's only been Reggie and me for his whole life. He's gone everywhere with me, so please include him on your daily car rides if you can. He sits well in the backseat, and he doesn't bark or complain. He just loves to be around people, and me especially.

Which means that this transition is going to be hard, with him going to live with someone new. And that's why I need to share one more bit of info with you. His name is not Reggie. I don't know what made me do it, but when I dropped him off at the Rescue, I told them his name was Reggie. He's a smart dog, he'll get used to it and will respond to it, of that I have no doubt. But I just couldn't bear to give them his real name. For me to do that, it seemed so final, that handing him over to the rescue was as good as me admitting that I'd never see him again. And if I end up coming back, getting him and tearing up this letter, it means everything's fine. But if someone else is reading it, well, it means that his new owner should know his real name. It'll help you bond with him. Who knows, maybe you'll even notice a change in his demeanor if he's been giving you problems.

His real name is "Tank" because that is what I drive.

Again, if you're reading this and you're from the area, maybe my name has been in the news. I told the Rescue that they couldn't make "Reggie" available for adoption until they received word from my company commander. See my parents are gone, I have no siblings, no one I could've left Tank with and it was my only real request of the Army upon my deployment to Iraq, that they make one phone call to the Rescue, in the event, to tell them that Tank could be put up for adoption. Luckily, my Colonel is a dog guy too, and he knew where my platoon was headed. And if you're reading this, then he made good on his word.

Well, this letter is getting downright depressing, even though, frankly, I'm just writing it for my dog. I couldn't imagine if I was writing it for a wife and kids and family, but still, Tank has been my family for the last six years, almost as long as the Army has been my family.

And now I hope and pray that you make him part of your family and that he will adjust and come to love you the same way he loved me.

That unconditional love from a dog is what I take with me to Iraq as an inspiration to do something selfless, to protect innocent people from those who would do terrible things, and to keep those terrible people from coming here. If I have to give up Tank in order to do it, I am glad to have done so. He is my example of service and love. I hope I honored him by my service to my country and comrades.

Alright, that's enough. I deploy this evening and have to drop this letter off at the Rescue. I don't think I'll say another good-bye to Tank, though. I cried too much the first time. Maybe I'll peek in on him and see if he finally got that third tennis ball in his mouth.

Good luck with Tank. Give him a good home and give him an extra kiss goodnight, every night, from me.

Thank you,


Paul Mallory



I folded the letter and slipped it back in the envelope. Sure I had heard of Paul Mallory, everyone in town knew him, even new people in town like me. Local kid, killed in Iraq a few months ago and posthumously earning the Silver Star when he gave his life to save three buddies. Flags had been at half-mast all summer.

I leaned forward in my chair and rested my elbows on my knees, staring at the dog. "Hey, Tank" I said quietly. The dogs head whipped up, his ears cocked and his eyes bright. "C'mere boy." He was instantly on his feet, his nails clicking on the hardwood floor. He sat in front of me, his head tilted, searching for the name he hadn't heard in months. "Tank", I whispered. His tail swished.

I kept whispering his name, over and over, and each time, his ears lowered, his eyes softened, and his posture relaxed as a wave of contentment just seemed  to flood him. I stroked his ears, rubbed his shoulders, buried my face into his scruff and hugged him.

It's me now, Tank, just you and me. Your old pal gave you to me". Tank reached up and licked my cheek. "So whatdaya say we play some ball?"

His ears perked again. "Yeah? Ball? You like that? Ball? Tank tore from my hands and disappeared in the next room. When he came back, he had three tennis balls in his mouth.


 October 7, 2010

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,

It's about learning to dance in the rain......




 October 7, 2010

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,

It's about learning to dance in the rain......


 October 6, 2010

Tournament Benefits Non Profit Organization,

Lassen  High School Boosters

Susanville resident, Kurt Bonham, asks Attorney General to investigate Lassen County Non-Profits. Bonham believes that they are a "cesspool of non-accountability and malfeasance"



Bonham claims that he is an expert on this subject because he earned a living  doing business with Non PROFITS

Non-profits in  Cty

There are 218 Non-Profit Organizations in Lassen County. How many are represented by Kurt Bonham?

 October 5, 2010

Lassen County Chamber of Commerce Mixer

October 7, 2010

5:30-7:30 PM

608 Main Street, Susanville

For more information about NON-PROFIT activities



 October 4, 2010

The Man Who Wanted to Be the Lassen County Auditor




His obsession with Kan We Help's "Bulletin Board" led him to try and destroy local Non-Profits

Non-profits in  Cty

Kurt Bonham, thinks

"Non-profits are a cesspool of non-accountability and malfeasance".

Kurt Bonham posted this on September 10, 2010, on his blog. No one ever comments on this blog, so Bonham uses "Torabora" to a make his own comments. Since this posted, he has "closed the comment" section?






 October 3, 2010

California Arts Day 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 am- 2 pm, Elks Lodge

Top of Main Street, Susanville, CA

Come celebrate California Arts Day 2010. Lassen County Arts Council will have artists on site to help children design their own CHALK ART to draw on the concrete walls in front of the Susanville Elks Lodge. Awards will be given for each age group

Preschool- 2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade

6th-8th Grade

High School

Contact the LCAC at (530) 257-5222 for more information

This project is funded, in part, by the California Arts Council (a state agency) and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency)



 September 30, 2010

First term, Congressman McClintock

Votes "No" on HR

Less than two years in office and  McClintock has voted no on every Bill that would help the 4th District?

Fortunately, on September 16, 2010,  the Democrats passed this Bill 240-172


 September 29, 2010

President Obama's Recovery Act Revitalizes the Geothermal Program

at the Department of Energy

Lassen County gets the benefit


President Obama's new Department of Energy head, Secretary Chu, has revitalized the geothermal program that President Bush had been closing out over his terms of office. President Obama re-strengthened this program with the Recovery Act. Recovery ActThe Obama Recovery Act has made processes more efficient with great focus on communication. These Grants are competitive and whoever scores the highest receives the money.

Congressman McClintock had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the $2,000,000 Department of Energy Grant recently awarded (9/15/10)to the California company Modoc Contracting in Canby, ,California.

The Nevada company, Oski Energy, located at 730 Sandhill Road, Ste. 250, Reno, Nevada Oski Energyalso received a $2,000,000 DOE Grant


Congressman McClintock voted "NO" on HR 4785, Authorizing loans for energy efficient purposes



These DOE grants are competitive and whoever scores the highest wins. These geothermal grants are funded in "Stage Gates". Once the companies reach  Stage 1, there is a review process that will take them to the next funding stage. All federal grants can be accessed on




Pandering to Lassen County Prejudices but rides on President Obama's successes


FIRST TERM Congressman McClintock has voted "NO" on every issue before the House of Representatives that would create jobs in California and would help California businesses

Unfortunately, Tom McClintock has obstructed all economic measures to help Californians

"Unfortunately, government cannot inject a single dollar into the economy that it has not first taken out of the same economy", Congressman Tom McClintock, Lassen County Times "Where I Stand", 9/28/10








Ex-Susanville City Council member, Kurt Bonham, agrees

Non-profits are a cesspool of non-accountability and malfeasance.

There are 218 Non-profit organizations in Lassen County:  Lassen Animal Rescue, Lassen Humane Society, 4-H Clubs, Blue Star Mothers of America, Elks, California Teachers Association, Dreamcatcher Wild Horse and Burro, Grandparents Empowerment Media, Historic Uptown Susanville, Janesville Bible Camp, Lassen College Foundation, Lassen County Sheriffs Posse to name a few and LMUD's Bill Stewart's non-profit corporation,



Kurt Bonham posted this on September 10, 2010, on his blog. No one ever comments on this blog, so Bonham uses "Torabora" to a make his own comments. Since this posted, he has "closed the comment" section?  He's outlived his welcome in Lassen County.



 September 28, 2010

Will Lassen County "Act" after

they see all of the faces

that have been hurt?

....the answer is NO


At the September 13 Transportation Commission/Agency meeting, after a year has passed, 96 year old Maryanne Slinkard and other seniors brought their concerns back to the Transportation Commission about the Wal-Mart bus stop.

These seniors have endured a  winter in the elements and it looks like they will have to endure another winter without any action by the three County Supervisors and two Susanville City Council members.

Susanville seniors petitioned Lassen County last year to move the Wal-Mart bus stop. This plea fell on deaf ears with the County and City of Susanville. The Wal-Mart bus stop was in a safe area in front of the Wal-Mart store




and was moved to Riverside Drive when the store remodeled last year. The bus stop was never moved back and became "unsafe" for seniors, the disabled and the public in general,  to use.



Lassen County Transportation Commission/Agency developed a plan to move the Riverside bus stop months and months ago.

There never was a plan to put the bus stop back in a safe place, in front of Wal-Mart

The present Riverside bus stop is unlit, no shelter and is filthy with trash and has no access for the handicap



 September 25, 2010






This poor guy is starving for attention, BUT WHAT A WAY TO GET IT ?

    Bonham has sent many filthy and mean things through the mail to Eileen Spencer over the years but threatening to kill her dogs and filing so many complaints with the Franchise Tax Board and Secretary of State against her animal rescue that they now considered him a


Kurt Bonham has been filing complaints against Lassen Animal Rescue since February of 2010.Every complaint is evidently taken seriously and Bonham spins a good yarn.


However, after seven months of his complaints and all of the fines Lassen Animal Rescue had to pay because of Bonham's false statements and crazy logic the Franchise Tax Board not only refunded all of the fines but declared Kurt Bonham's "logic" as a nuisance.  



Each year Lassen Animal Rescue gives hundreds of pounds of pet food away to families in need. Lassen Animal Rescue participates in searches for lost dogs and provides free posters for families to post.

It is unfortunate that Kurt Bonham has taken his hate to this level. After months of defending Lassen Animal Rescue with the Franchise Tax Board they have determined that the voluminous complaints filed by Mr. Bonham were flagrantly invalid.  This has wasted the taxpayers money. No doubt Mr. Bonham will continue to hurt the animal rescue because of his intense obsession with me. That part is very sad.

We hope the broken glass recently thrown over the fence into the dog runs was not an act by Kurt Bonham.  

Signed, Eileen Spencer, Founder & President, Lassen Animal Rescue, Inc.


 Evidently, Bonham never knew what he was talking about

September 25, 2010

"Lassen Animal Rescue is a "private" 501 (c) 3 Non-profit corporation and is funded solely by private donations. LAR has rescued and successfully placed 1155 dogs and cats in less than 4 years. Non-profits books are always open to the public. Because of the economy, this year has been a particularly hard year for animal rescue organizations. LAR sponsors the "Blue Dog" program at the Lassen County Animal Control. This program offers free spay or neuters and a Rabies shot to dogs that have been placed on the euthanasia list. This one year old program has been very successful and gives the "death row" dogs a second look.



Lassen Animal Rescue was informed that his complaints [sent to the Internal Revenue Service] were ignored because they lacked any validity. WHAT A SHAME. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY TO GET ATTENTION.

September 25, 2010

"Kurt Bonham has been obsessed with me for 8 or 9 years now. His obsessions have now turned to a dark place. I do feel very sorry for this man  but he has to stop sending the , sometimes obscene, letters to me. Obviously he needs help. " 

Signed, Eileen Spencer, President of Lassen Animal Rescue




Sent on 9/13/10

The brown color  is feces.

Kurt/Torabora hates Non-profits for some reason

There are 218 Non-profits in Lassen County and they all now know Mr. Bonhams' views on charitable organizations


Bonham answers his own postings under "Torabora"


Kan We Help is a local Government Watch Dog Group made up of local businesspersons and activists that know in Lassen County the "Good Ole Boys", if they have your name, have a history of taking hard and direct action against you.  Kan We Help has only one lead person, Eileen Spencer.  Their attacks can only be made against one person. Information, opinions and documents are submitted by the public.

  Kurt Bonham knows that he must be accountable for his own actions. 

Kan We Help members will continue to expose the corruption



 September 23, 2010


Hmmmmm.....Yes it can



Mr. Hill was thrown into this position when major City of Susanville problems erupted like a boil, natural gas, golf course.....

City Manager Luanne Rainey had to resign

City Attorney, Kathleen Lazard resigned

The City Police Chief, Chris Gallagher.........left


The law does not allow a public figure to hold conflicting positions.

The law does not allow a person to hold 2 positions that conflict.



Frank Cady thought he could be LMUD's General Manager and remain their attorney also.

Lassen County Counsel and CAO knew that one person could not hold both positions. The Lassen County Counsel and County Administrator figured out that they could just "switch" positions back and forth.

Recently there was an incident in the news , where the City Manager was forced out of the City Manager's position so that the City Attorney could serve in both offices. This incident was quickly corrected, after the first days business included the City Manager/City Attorney  signing  a multi-million dollar contract for a relative. The damage was done on the first hour of the first day. 

The conflict of interest laws are there for a reason. No person holding public positions, for any length of time can hold positions that put them in conflict.  The City Manager gives orders to the City Attorney.

Peter Talia,for one hour or one minute, cannot  "act" as City Manager and City Attorney at the same time. 

What if,  An attorney wanted to be the Judge during a trial ?

The Susanville City Council must appoint an interim City Manager or an interim City Attorney. One person cannot hold both positions, even if it is temporary.

The City can check with the Fair Political Practice Commission or Kan We Help will do this for them.




 September 22, 2010






LMUD's former attorney, Frank Cady was fired by LMUD in January 2008 and  filed a lawsuit in June of 2008 against his law partner Jaimee Jones.  This lawsuit exposed the CONFLICT OF INTEREST that existed the entire time Frank Cady was hired as LMUD's General Manager and Jaimee Jones was hired as LMUD's attorney.


Frank Cady told the LMUD Board, prior to being hired, in May of 2005, that he could be General Manager and General Counsel?

Cady terminationJones termination

Jaimee Jones and Frank Cady perpetrated a fraud on the LMUD ratepayers in order to obtain Public Contracts

Cady v Jones


IN JANUARY OF 2009, when it looked like Cady v Jones lawsuit was going to be heard at a public trial, Fred Nagel stated at the LMUD meeting :

"We need to get going right away to get though this transition period".


But LMUD didn't hire (10/30/09)their new General Counsel, the Eugene Chittock law firm, until the trial ended , when it looked like they may be implicated in the fraud. .

 The Cady/Jones trial was held in October of 2009 and the fraud was exposed and now is a public record. Jones/Cady trialLMUD Director Nancy Cardenas testified at the trial, under oath, that she knew of the fraud.

      Cady terminationJones termination



Article from the Lassen County Times, January 2009

 September 21, 2010


"Pacifying" (aka assuages) and "Fooling" are two different words in the Dictionary


Nagel deal again


  All of Nagels "buddies" came out to support this Deal. Nagel wins again. Why........Nagel deal again

Remember this parcel?

 The City "created"this parcel to pay off Frank Cady's loan at Plumas Bank ?

Take a look at "who"Nagel deal again profits from ANY sale of these parcels




WOW, Did it raise any eyebrows, at all, where all of this money went.



 The conflict of interest is not hidden here people.


Fred Nagel and Frank Cady were involved with the Susanville Public Golf Course scandal that left the City of Susanville holding Frank Cady's $1.4 million dollar loan that he defaulted on.


Nagels own golf course property

Nagels own golf course property

City of Susanville

 September 18, 2010

LMUD Director and Rancher Jay Dow Wants Agriculture

 Electric Rates Reduced: He tried this

once before

Immediately after Jay Dow was appointed LMUD Director in 2008 (scandals made 3 LMUD Directors resign) he and Wayne Langston immediately attempted to lower "just" the Agricultural electric rates.  LMUD's attorney Jaimee Jones did not stop that vote. She allowed board members that were ranchers to participate even though there was an obvious conflict of interest. Jones, Frank Cady's law partner, was eventually fired within a year. The newly appointed LMUD Board members had just fired Jones law partner, LMUD's General Manager, Frank Cady.

Jones and Cady were law partners when Cady was hired to be LMUD's General Manager in 2005 and the LMUD Board did NOTHING.

2005 LMUD Board Members: Nancy Cardenas, Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, George Sargent and Darrell Wood


Jaimee Richey/Jones Termination

4/10/08, Langston (middle) voted with Jay Dow to give the ranchers Kick Backs. Jamiee Jones, lower left corner didn't do anything to prevent rancher Jay Dow from voting on this motion. Jay Dow was the only Director to vote against Jones termination.

January 27, 2009,Jaimee Jones fired

"Slick" Langston maybe up to his old tricks again , the "be against it before you are for it" routine. Those that are new to LMUD meetings can talk with the old timers that have seen Langston and Nagels Dog and Pony Show before.  Now they have a BETTER CADY (Eugene Chittock) that will look the other way on ALL OF THEIR SCAMS. Chittock's only duty will be to keep this Board out of jail.




































The problem Mr. Langston is you've lied to the LMUD ratepayers too many times

The problem Mr. Langston is your Bogus Phony Studies have not convinced the LMUD ratepayers that you can tell the truth.



Take a look at the promises LMUD claimed that Invenergy made to upgrade LMUD's infrastructure.

LMUD/Invenergy-Wind Generation-terminated

ALL LIES......




January 6, 2009, LCT

still no agreement with Invenergy to replace LMUD's infrastructure EMPTY PROMISES = MORE LIES FROM LMUD

no PG & E study was ever ordered................

now ONE study has turned into TWO studies ?????


   note: KWH will request a copy of the alleged studies and a copy of the Invenergy check to LMUD. Also, Langston and Nagel have been buying property in the Horse Lake Valley..............???????




 September 17, 2010


Wayne Langston and Frank Cady ran this little public utility into the ground in 2005.

Wayne Langston and the Gang of Thieves made some very bad management decisions  LMUD Crisisthat put the public utility in a position of Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy The Arrowrock Hydro plant was created to cover up this multi million dollar debacle .

The 2005 LMUD Board, Nancy Cardenas, Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, George Sargent and Darrell Wood knew they were at risk of being exposed to the many scams and scandals that have riddled LMUD since its inception in 1989.

After the $100,000  payoff to LMUD's General Manager Evelene Twitchell (for her silence), the LMUD Board had to act quickly to secure their secrets and try and stay out of jail. The decision was made to hire their General Counsel of 14 years, Frank Cady. He was best suited to fill this position because he was intricately involved in all of the scams.



However, Frank Cady could not be hired as LMUD's General Manager because he was their General Counsel. Frank Cady argued that he could be both. Kan We Help filed a complaint with LMUD and the FPPC.  Frank Cady then set up a straw entity to make it appear that he had sold his interest in his law firm to his partner, Jaimee Richey/Jones. Phony Sale. LMUD Director Nancy Cardenas testified under oath, at the Cady/Jones trial in October of 2009, that she knew of the fake sale and deception. If Cardenas knew, Cady's best friends Nagel and Langston knew and lied under oath.


60 S. Lassen, Susanville, CA


Kan We Help filed a complaint with the Grand Jury in regards to the phony sale. Public records disclosed Judge Bradbury, US Magistrate Craig Kellison and Frank Cady owned 60 S Lassen Street in Susanville.  Part of the deception was to have Frank Cady sell his interest, of the office building, to Jaimee Richey/Jones and then a few days later Craig Kellison sold his interest to Frank Cady. The group waited until January 2006 to pay off Judge Bradbury's interest in "60 S. Lassen". Judge Bradbury suppressed Kan We Help's Grand Jury complaint.

NOW, Wayne Langston wants the public to believe that they are going forward with a Memorandum of Understanding with WAPA for a defunct project.  Take a look at the position LMUD was in with WAPA in 2006 WAPA credot ltr

The tragedy, with LMUD,  is that they feel empowered to continue these scams because they have the protection of the Courts, the District Attorney and an attorney, Eugene Chittock, that knows how to keep them out of jail ($$$$$$$$)


 LMUD Ratepayers are powerless

 September 16, 2010


Lassen County is being canvassed by fraudulent phone calls claiming they are from your credit card company.

The Caller ID, if you have it, will indicate "OUT OF AREA". The telephone number may read 974-000-9875.

The recording will state that if you want an increase to your credit card, PRESS 1. 

This is actually an old scam. When you press "1" you authorize an undetermined charge to be paid to their account, probably in Nigeria.  Just hang up the phone or don't even answer.  



 September 15, 2010



TANC  (Transmission Agency of Northern California) abandoned this EIR on July 15, 2009




(LMUD Director Jay Dow's Ward and LMUD Director Fred Nagel owns property in Wendel) cannot survive if the Nature Energies Bio mass plant in Susanville Nature Energiesis re-opened.


This "idea" depends on bio-mass generation companies being able to stay in business in Lassen County. Two conflicting problems exist. The Bio Mass plant in Wendel Honey Lakehas stated that it


Are LMUD Directors ignoring all of their "Interconnection Agreements"?


 LMUD attorney Eugene (Chip) Chittock recently claimed that LMUD has never had any "Interconnection Agreements" with anyone.




Yes, IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER "SECRET" MOU..?????But no one will ever know where the money goes or to whom it will go to, ever.

Arrowrock MOU

PUBLIC BEWARE:  Wayne Langston and Fred Nagel have a 10 year history of "secret, phony"  Memorandum of Understandings and ALL have been bogus, every single onefake studies

Kan We Help has requested a copy of this very disclosable document. Let's see how fast that LMUD will deny release of this so called MOU.




NOTE:   TRAVEL will be involved, lots and lots and lots of TRAVEL and the LMUD ratepayers will get NOTHING FOR THEIR MONEY, EVER


Article from Lassen County Times, 9/14/10, page 14b

 September 11, 2010

California Judges now can be rated by the public.Rate a Judge




BAD Judges in California can be removed

BAD Judges in California can be admonished Click Here to find a California Judge that has been in trouble


as a judge and why he was removed as a judge  is not disclosed.



 This website allows you to add judges also.


The big problem in California is that the California Bar Association does not disclose, to the public, when a Judge has been in trouble.

Take Judge Richard Ryan of Placer County. He was removed as a judge but the California State Bar Association does not report this on their "public search" website.   

Former Judge Ryan is now a practicing attorney, but the fact that he was removed


Butte County's Judge Stephen E. Benson was admonished in 2006 for misconduct but there is no public record easily obtainable. The public can recuse, formerly reject a judge to hear their case, for this reason

Shasta County's Judge Gregory Caskey was admonished in 1998 for misconduct but there is no public record easily obtainable. The Judge returned to private practice in 2007. 

 September 8, 2010


Lassen Rural Bus connects with Plumas County


 September 7, 2010

"Simple" is the optimum word here

................only, only....... in Lassen County

There are 7.2 Billion people that occupy our planet, 1.5 billion are Muslims




Rep. McClintock Voted NO on HR 1586, but California will get $1.2 Billion despite Rep. McClintock voting "NO" on every Bill presented in the House. McClintock

He hurts California.

Congressman McClintock Rides on Coat tails of Democrats

He hurts Lassen County


 September 4, 2010

UAMPS......good for tourist dollars

..........................and LMUD Board ego's

Ray Luhring COULD NOT name one project (if his job depended on it), not ONE UAMP'S PROJECT that LMUD dollars  didn't go down the toilet  



UAMPS IS FOR BACK SLAPPING $$$$$   AND EGO BUILDING  $$$$$$ and monthly trips to Utah, for Ray Luhring and "certain" selected friends


"bring immeasurable value to our utility"........."participate in programs":  LET'S JUST TAKE A LOOK  UAMP BUMPS



FRED NAGEL LIED ON THIS REPORT AND WAS PAID $971.79. This was approved by Ray Luhring and  Bill Stewart.

Fred Nagel submitted his Expense Report on August 19, 2009 and then lied about his trip when he failed to report this on his "Board Member Statement of Meetings" Report on September 2, 2009.

Intentional Fraud and Deception ?

This is just "one"  example how the LMUD Board hides expenses



 September 3, 2010


Cady may still have his big gun........






LMUD meeting, December 4, 2003



 September 2, 2010

Did Frank Cady lose his
"Back-up Team" ?

Lassen County, a plate of spaghetti...........................

In 2005, Frank Cady had relatives in the Attorney General's office and in the California Public Utilities Commission when he and Jaimee Jones put together their phony sale of their law office to obtain public contracts.

Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones were able to fake the sale of their law firm with the help of the LMUD Board, Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, Darrell Wood, George Sargent and Nancy Cardenas, and Judge Bradbury. The Lassen County District Attorney, Bob Burns just looked the other way when Kan We Help's complaints were filed. Judge Bradbury buried the Grand Jury complaint filed by Kan We Help.  




Jaimee Jones & Frank Cady  Commit Fraud and still practice law ?  Why aren't the LMUD Board members being charged by the District Attorney? Why haven't Jones and Cady been disbarred............Sorry, that was a really  silly question.


"The evidence will clearly demonstrate that the contracts were created for an illegal purpose. i.e. to allow Cady to conceal that he had a financial interest in the fees which his employer, LMUD was to pay to Jones as General Counsel for LMUD" These are Federal Laws that have been violated and California State Bar Ethics violations

Cady and Jones set up a "straw entity", in Jones name, so that it would appear that he had sold the property to Jaimee Jones . U.S. Magistrate Craig Kellison then deeded his ownership (1/3) of 60 S. Lassen Street to Cady after the phony sale to Jaimee Jones. Judge Bradbury's interest was concealed until he was paid off in January of 2006.

Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent, Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, Darrell Wood, Jay Dow, Richard Vial, Bud Bowden, Ray Luhring, Bill Stewart knew about this and DID NOTHING.



 August 27, 2010





Sierra Club, Mountain Meadows Conservancy & Sierra Watch File Lawsuit against Lassen County Supervisors

Dyer Mtn Resort

Sierra Watch linkConservancy

Copy of lawsuit












































LMUD Boards have failed at EVERYTHING

except staying out of jail. 


Empty promises, Lies,

A history of Deception



But what great times they have all had, on our money

 August 26, 2010

Who will "grease the palms" of LMUD Director Nagel and Dow more, Honey Lake Power or Sierra Pacific's New Owners.

Honey Lake Power    Nature Energies

Honey Lake Power: LMUD Director Nagel owns property in Wendel and this is LMUD Director Dow's Ward and residence (and election year for Dow)



Nature Engergies (formerly Sierra Pacific Industries): Has better attorneys?

[Nature Energies offers vacation meetings in Oregon, Honey Lake offers vacation meetings in Wendel]

 August 24, 2010



NCPA knows how to throw the best parties, in the best places

and LMUD has a history of going to ALL OF THEM and they will pay for their FRIENDS TO GO TOO !

Chittock may not be as smart as Frank Cady but he will be very useful to Wayne Langston with his "Cady" like style and easy access to the Lassen County Judges.

Look for Chittock's invoices to significantly increase in the future.

Look for Chittock to be included in LMUD's "travel" club

On July 30, 2010 LMUD issues Check 27093 to NCPA for $441 membership fee ........and then IMMEDIATELY on August 11, 2010 LMUD issues Check #27196 to NCPA for a $1200 registration fee


Where or Where will they go?   One thing you can will be expensive and the Board Members will go, Management staff and friends of counsel   will go to these vacation meetings.





Take a look





LMUD spends thousands of dollars to send three people,

Bill Stewart, Keri Richards              and Ray Luhring,

 to the NCPartyA conference in 2009.

LMUD was not a member of NCPA




The LMUD President, Wayne Langston, has never been on a ballot and has never received a single vote, has supported 

 phony studies, vacation meetings, phony energy projects that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, tried to silence ratepayers at LMUD meetings and voted to keep Frank Cady.

 Decisions that keep your electric rate high



 August 19, 2010


Craig Settlemire quit to go to Plumas County




 August 18, 2010

New Susanville Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic Holds Grand Opening  VA Medical Ctr


Care and Service to America's Heroes


Over 150 attend the ceremony

 August 17, 2010

New Susanville Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic Holds Grand Opening on August 18, 2010

Door to Door bus service is now available to our Veterans, call Lassen Rural Bus at 252-7433. Ask about the new Chester to Susanville route.




*Lassen County Times does not report on the Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic's Grand Opening, the week before or the week that it is held?



Three courts declare Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones LMUD invoices to be incorrect, $40,000 incorrect !

Yet, LMUD's new attorney, Chittock tells the court that Kan We Help is the vexatious litigant for challenging this for 7 years.


Frank Cady charged and was paid over $74,000 for the KWH v LMUD case. Three courts determined that Cady and Jones overcharged LMUD over $40,000. 

LMUD has never even attempted to collect these overcharges.


The LMUD's accountant, Bill Stewart alleges that LMUD has spent $149,000 fighting KWH. YOU DO THE MATH.

Chittocks secretary is Bill Stewarts wife. Bill Stewart approves and issues Chittocks paychecks ????  only a slight teeny weeny conflict here. This bean counter (not the Chief Financial Officer) travels w/company to all of the energy meetings throughout the country. This is unprecedented and highly unusual for an accountant...........and who pays for this expense......LMUD ratepayers pay the bill.  Are these the perks for hiding Board expenses and other favors? Nagel






LMUD files SLAPP ACTION     Why?...... Chittock needs the money?


LMUD does not have a Chief Financial OfficerBILL STEWART










The LMUD Board gave Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones $285,000 to over $300,000 a year. WHY?

Kan We Help challenged this for years

and exposed the

 LMUD General Manager Cady/LMUD General Counsel Jones "true" relationship in 2005.

Jaimee Jones & Frank Cady  Commit Fraud and still practice law ?  Why aren't the LMUD Board members being charged by the District Attorney? Sorry, that was a really  silly question.



"The evidence will clearly demonstrate that the contracts were created for an illegal purpose.i.e. to allow Cady to conceal that he had a financial interest in the fees which his employer, LMUD was to pay to Jones as General Counsel for LMUD" These are Federal Laws that have been violated and California State Bar Ethics violations



Cady and Jones set up a "straw entity", in Jones name, so that it would appear that he had sold the property to Jaimee Jones . U.S. Magistrate Craig Kellison then deeded his ownership (1/3) of 60 S. Lassen Street to Cady after the phony sale to Jaimee Jones. Judge Bradbury's interest was concealed until he was paid off in January of 2006.

Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent, Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, Darrell Wood, Jay Dow, Richard Vial, Bud Bowden, Bill Stewart knew about this and the Board DID NOTHING.


Langston's boy Chittock can not change LMUD's history

no matter how many Vexatious Litigant lawsuits he files



LMUD tried this once before in 2003, but the complaint was filed with Frank Cady's former business partner Judge Stephen Bradbury from BKC (Bradbury, Kellison,Cady).  Bradbury's response....he sent it back to his friend and did nothing



 August 16, 2010


Plumas County Transportation Commission approved Lassen Rural Busses going into Chester [three times a day/6 days a week]

Marty Byrne, PCTC









                                                    Larry Millar. LCTC










Veterans can now use the busses in Plumas County to get to the New Veterans Medical Facility in Susanville  VA Medical Ctr











Tom Robinson, Army First Division, Fort Riley, Kansas is the first Veteran to use the Door-to-Door Bus Service



 August 13, 2010

Greener $$$$$$$$$ pastures outside Lassen County


Susanville City Manager, Rob Hill leaves (Peter Talia quickly moves in) for MORE MONEY

Lassen County Administrator Ketelson and Lassen County Counsel Settlemire already gone? 


Is this a sign that our economy is getting better?

Lassen County Superior Court Provides Help

 for those........... not represented by an attorney


Access to Justice Center, Law Library,

Mobile Access Center




 August 12, 2010


LMUD attempts SLAPP action again


 Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation actions typically are to scare the public.

LMUD's Board and General Counsel Chittock only want the public to succumb to fear and intimidation with the threat of legal costs . [LMUD minutes state that Chittock urged the LMUD Board to take this action....$$$$$$$$$$$$$ yet Chittock testified that the LMUD Board came to him]

A SLAPP lawsuit is often preceded by a legal threat such as LMUD's attempt to declare a person a "vexatious litigant". This tactic is used normally by abusive public entities that fear their activity will be further exposed if the public is not silenced. This applies to people that are not represented by an attorney and would then be forced to pay mounting legal costs.


LMUD wants to force everyone to get an attorney so as to discourage anyone from filing anything against them. This violates a constitutional right  to represent yourself. In Small Claims court you are not even  permitted to have an attorney present.

LMUD attempted a SLAPP lawsuit in March of 2003 phony lawsuit after Kan We Help exposed the phony Arrowrock Hydro project. Wayne Langston changed the LMUD agenda so that the public could no longer speak on each Agenda item (Brown Act allows public comment on all posted agenda items and allows for non-agenda items to be addressed by the public in the "Public Comment" portion of an open meeting). 

Wayne Langston and Frank Cady added "INFORMATION" in front of the Agenda items and then told the public that they could not speak on those items. The public was outraged and so Langston and Cady announced that they had filed a lawsuit, a SLAPP lawsuit to silence the critics.

Only it was a lie.



Complaints were filed with Cady's former business partner Judge Stephen Bradley (Bradbury suddenly retired after the Cady v Jones lawsuit in October 2009) but no sanctions were issued against attorney Frank Cady. In fact Judge Bradbury has always ignored Frank Cady's unethical behavior ? Could Bradbury or Frank Cady have influenced Chittock to file this latest LMUD "idiot" action?



Motions are the bread and butter of attorneys many attorneys are declared "vexatious litigants"?




 August 10, 2010

House of Representatives Vote on HR 1586

 Gives the States $26 Billion of Stimulus Dollars

Lassen County's Congressman McClintock voted NO, NO, NO

$16 Billion to restore Medicaid to the States

$10 Billion for teachers, police officers and fire fighters

$6.7 billion dollars was cut from tax cuts that Corporations used to move American  jobs to foreign countries. 4.2 million jobs have been moved out of the United States. U.S. companies have sent their customer service and human resource departments to Manila, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan.


 August 9, 2010







This ill-advised board  expects the courts to issue a ruling that


or any other public entity................

Guaranteed, there is no judge that stupid



[the right to redress your government..............GONE]

Even Frank Cady would not have done something this stupid

Trevino lawsuit   Devlyne lawsuit

 August 7, 2010

Everything is not well in paradise

.....and more to come 


Plumas County Counsel was replaced by Lassen County Counsel, Craig Settlemire


.....and more to come


 August 6, 2010


Freeloader and Bully...

.........demonstrated performance King Langston

Free booze, free vacation meetings, free health care


Never elected  Ward 3 LMUD Director Wayne Langston

Only politics allow other utility customers to vote in LMUD's elections.

Only politics allow other utility customers to run for the LMUD Board


Only politics keeps Wayne Langston off any ballot. Langston's mother-in-law, County Clerk Theresa Nagel, started this in 2000 for her son-in-law,  and no one has the guts to correct it, including the District Attorney. Including the current County Clerk.  LANGSTON HAS NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE VOTE, EVER.

Freeloader and Bully...

Langston DUI       Langston Appointment  

Langston, illegal from day one


.......why citizens formed Kan We Help. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR PUBLIC UTILITY'S HISTORY



Langston's Reign


 August 4, 2010


All Candidates for the November 2, 2010 Election must file papers with the Lassen County Clerks office by August 6, 2010

This includes all Special Districts and the Schools


Never elected  Ward 3 LMUD Director Wayne Langston and Ward 5 LMUD Director Jay Dow will have to file papers by August 6 to be elected for another four year term.

Jay Dow was appointed (after three LMUD Directors resigned)  by the Board of Supervisors, because he would represent the ranchers in Lassen County. Dow' s first order of business was an attempt to lower the ranchers electric rates...............


LAFCO determined that LMUD has no jurisdiction over the other utility companies in Lassen County.

Only residents that live and vote in LMUD's service boundaries can vote for the LMUD Board. 

This is how it is done for Sacramento Municipal Utility District and East Bay Municipal Utility District elections.  The three Municipal Utility District's in California are governed by CPUC, Division 6. 

Only LMUD does not comply with restricting ballots to LMUD residents only.... and with NOT PLACING all candidates on the ballot. All qualified candidates must be on the ballot and the candidate with the most votes will be declared the winner. That's just LMUD's "governing" law.

This is also the reason all County offices must be on the ballot whether or not anyone runs against them. The governing law requires that all candidates must be on the ballot.




Only politics allow other utility customers to vote in LMUD's elections.

Only politics allow other utility customers to run for the LMUD Board

Only politics keeps Wayne Langston off any ballot. Langston's mother-in-law, County Clerk Theresa Nagel, started this in 2000 for her son-in-law,  and no one has the guts to correct it, including the District Attorney. Including the current County Clerk.  LANGSTON HAS NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE VOTE, EVER.

Freeloader and Bully...

.........demonstrated performance King Langston

Langston DUI       Langston Appointment  

Langston illegal from day one


 July 27, 2010






agree to the new Chester bus stop

Plumas County Veterans and the general public will be able to catch a ride from Chester to Westwood (Lassen County) and into Susanville. Veterans will transfer "free"


to the Veterans Affairs new medical facility on Bella Way at the Wal.Mart store.

Bus Schedules are being formulated and will be released to the public soon.

NEXT: Phase III-Sierra County



Business Marketing Incentives (?)


Have you seen these........

Free salad for $1.00



sign of the times.....................

No payments for 6 months if paid in full



 July 21, 2010


Plumas County Counsel is being replaced by Lassen County Counsel, Craig



 July 20, 2010


Lassen County Times Reporter, Ruth Ellis, Rarely Reports Accurately...when she does show up for a meeting she is late or doesn't show up at all. WHY DOES THE LCT PUT HER STORIES ON THE FRONT PAGE

Her FRONT PAGE stories are less than accurate AND sanitized

On July 6, 2010, Ellis writes about a meeting that has not taken place yet and re-issues an old article.  

On July 20, 2010, Ellis still cannot get the correct date of the Lassen County Transit Service Agency meeting. The meeting was on Monday, July 12.

 Hey, we're not picking on Ellis but she very seldom gets any of her facts right................



At the July 12, 2010 LCTC meeting, Lassen County Supervisor Jim Chapman asked the County's Transportation Planner, Dan Douglas, if the 2 new busses are "in-service". Douglas replied no.


Douglas did not order the radios required to put these busses in service. All inspections were completed months ago. These busses just needed radios, radios that were not ordered.

These BRAND SPANKING NEW busses have been sitting in the Bus Yard for MONTHS.


Despite Dan Douglas delaying these busses from being put in service, THE PUBLIC WILL SEE THEM PARADED DOWN MAIN STREET IN SUSANVILLE DURING THE FAIR PARADE ON 7/24.


 July 19, 2010


Phase II-Plumas County

Now all we have to do is coordinate public transportation in all five counties.


The new Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Facility opened in May of this year without service to the "front door" for our Veterans.

After six months, Kan We Help knocked down all of the "roadblocks" set up by Lassen County and the Susanville City Council.Veterans and got "FRONT DOOR" bus service, for our Veterans, to their new medical facility.




The 7,000 sq. ft. Veterans Medical Facility [at 110 Bella Way in Susanville, CA] will serve 32,000 Veterans in five counties. Presently, our Veterans have to travel to Reno, Nevada using private cars and vans.

Now all we have to do is coordinate public transportation in all five counties.


Kan We Help member and Secretary, Eileen Spencer, attended the Plumas County Transportation Commission today to ask that the Lassen County buses be allowed to pick up passengers in Chester to ride back to Susanville and that this issue be placed on their August 16, 2010 agenda. This Plumas County Transportation

Commission was not even aware of this new facility.

During the brief KWH presentation, County Supervisor Meacher picked up a magazine and put it in front of his face and County Board of Supervisors Chairperson Sharon Thrall, picked up a small document package and put it in front of her face. And we thought Lassen County was bad.... .........Susanville Mayor Kurt Bonham and County Supervisor Lloyd Keefer are no longer on the Lassen County Transportation Commission.


The Chairperson, John Larrieu, Mayor of Portola, said he would place the issue on the August 16, 2010 Agenda but this issue should have been brought up at the Board of Supervisors meeting.  Spencer explained that she had gone though this process in Lassen County and had spoken to Plumas County's Public Works Director "Marty" a month ago. Spencer was told that any changes to the bus schedule had to go through the Transportation Commission before going to the Board of Supervisors.



"Marty" told the commission that he was supposed to get a letter from Lassen County's Dan Douglas about letting Lassen County busses come in to Plumas County via Chester instead of by the Hamilton Branch bridge. After months, Mr. Douglas has yet to send the letter, any letter!


After yelling at Spencer, Meacher stated that this was not an issue that they could take up and that Kan We Help should contact the Veterans Affairs office in Quincy.  This Plumas County Supervisor should know that only the Plumas County Board of Supervisors can make a change in their bus schedules, but he didn't

 Phase III-Sierra County, Phase IV-Modoc County, Phase V-Tehama County



Will Bud Bowden (Ward 2) and Wayne Langston (Ward 3) be on the LMUD ballot in November?Election Law Governing Law

Governing law of LMUD requires all candidates to be on the ballot and states that the candidate with the most votes wins. Governing Law

...........same is true for county, state and national elections..........


 July 18, 2010

Grease the Palm &

 You Can Do Business with the LMUD Board




Maybe Langston is not interested in luxury vacation meetings in Portland, Oregon



Calgary, Squaw Valley, Idaho, Utah, Colorado offered more...................



 July 14, 2010

$38.9 Million Dollar Hall of Justice in Susanville, CA


Judge Sokol closes Court to hold Groundbreaking Ceremony today

@5:30 on Riverside Drive

                                      Judge Sokol's lovely wife, Debra sang the Star Spangled Banner




Lassen County Times View

However, the Judicial Council has budgeted (91.18.001) only $36,100 for the fiscal year 2010. The Judicial Council budgeted acquisition, preliminary plans and working drawings for 09/10. Nothing has been budgeted for fiscal year 10/11 for the $39,000,000 court house.

Under SB 1407 ($5 billion to fund 41 new or renovated court facilities) only five new Court houses were approved for 2010, Placerville, Hanford, Glendale, Ukiah and Yreka. These new courthouses will create 13,775 new jobs in California at a cost of $572,238,000.




History of the property the State of California purchased for the




"alleged" NEW COURT HOUSE.

Politics in Lassen County can be tracked directly to real estate transactions. 

If you have the inside track on a big business or government agency wanting to take up residence in Lassen County you have to have a politician in your pocket. Names like Mary Fallon, Kathleen Lazard, NST, Ridgely Lazard, Stephen Bradbury can be directly connected to the court property.

This is how it works: You buy the property before anyone else finds out. Then you start selling it back and forth to your friends to drive the market price up, then suddenly it is sold to Wal-Mart or the State of California 


1989-Robbins sells to Dunlap/Stoffel

1992- Dunlap/Stoffel sell this property to Robbins.

1994- Robbins sells to Ridenoure

2008-Ridenoure to the State of California



 July 12, 2010

Eugene Chittock Working Overtime to Protect LMUD Board Members From Jail

Chittock files SLAPP Motion to

"Quiet" Kan We Help

Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, Nancy Cardenas, Darrell Wood and George Sargent knew about the Frank Cady/Jaimee Jones conspiracy in 2005. Federal and State laws were broken.

In May of 2005, the LMUD Board members (above) voted to hire Frank Cady, LMUD's attorney, to be the General Manager and keep Cady's law partner, Jaimee Jones, as their attorney. The one problem, a huge CONFLICT OF INTEREST.


ON JULY 1, 2005,



On May 4, 2005,Kan We Help sent a complaint letter to Nancy Cardenas:

Cardenas, a County Department of the Treasurer employee, testified at the Cady v Jones trial in October of 2009,  that she knew of the lies in 2005 and  did nothing, absolutely nothing ? Was she an accessory to the crime? Cardenas letter



On September 1, 2005, Kan We Help sent a letter of complaint to the 2005 LMUD Board:  Complaint to Board


On September 9, 2005, Kan We Help filed a Complaint with the Grand Jury:Grand Jury Complaint

Judge Bradbury puts Jaimee Richey on the Grand Jury  2006 Grand Jury  The LMUD complaint was buried by Judge Bradbury


On October 13, 2009, Jaimee Richey/Jones admits the fraud

Cady/Richey trial

"The evidence will clearly demonstrate that the contracts were created for an illegal purpose i.e. to allow Cady to conceal that he had a financial interest in the fees which his employer, LMUD was to pay to Jones as General Counsel for LMUD"

These are Federal Laws that have been violated

Cady and Jones set up a "straw entity", in Jones name, so that it would appear that he had sold the property to Jaimee Jones . U.S. Magistrate Craig Kellison then deeded his ownership (1/3) of 60 S. Lassen Street to Cady after the phony sale to Jaimee Jones. Judge Bradbury's interest was concealed until he was paid off in January of 2006.



 July 10, 2010

  Lassen Superior Court Prepares

Groundbreaking for new court house on 7/14

new courthouse

However, the Judicial Council has budgeted (91.18.001) only $36,100 for the fiscal year 2010. The Judicial Council budgeted acquisition, preliminary plans and working drawings for 09/10. Nothing has been budgeted for fiscal year 10/11 for the $39,000,000 court house.

Under SB 1407 ($5 billion to fund 41 new or renovated court facilities) only five new Court houses were approved for 2010, Placerville, Hanford, Glendale, Ukiah and Yreka. These new courthouses will create 13,775 new jobs in California at a cost of $572,238,000.




 July 1, 2010



LMUD attorney, Chittock urges LMUD Board  to file a lawsuit against KWH........for what......oh yes, "Vexatious Litigation"


What's really funny, is the lawsuit will do absolutely nothing


..........In 2002, Kan We Help filed 1 *Writ of Mandate for the Arrowrock Scam

*LMUD continues to file useless motions (reason: greedy attorneys) and has, in the past 8 years, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.......all to collect a few thousand dollars.....vexatious,  stupid or Langston/Nagel vindictiveness? Hey, it wasn't their money, it was yours.

Since 2002, LMUD has paid out over a MILLION DOLLARS for their bad behavior.

Steve Trevino, Evelyn Twitchell, Frank Cady, Connie Devlyne, Paul Glau, Hazardous Waste Fraud, Phony energy projects (Invenergy, UAMPS, Arrowrock Hydro Plant, Project 500, Non-existent Generation projects).... to mention just a few.



In 2003, Frank Cady threatened a lawsuit against KWH to prevent the public from attending their meetings.

 lawsuit threatened

Wayne Langston tried hard to eliminate "Public Comments" from the LMUD agenda.

 Langston marked agenda items "Information" and told the public that they cannot comment on those agenda items


Chittock Refines Cady's old practices. The LMUD Board must be in 7th Heaven.



Chittock has figured a new way to get more legal fees !

[Frank Cady was allowed to bill $30,000 a month for years and years]



1. Chittock instructs Mr. Gartner to illegally  open a "court sealed" envelope to get copies

2. Chittock extorts $7500 from Cal Sierra Title for satisfaction of  the KWH Abstract of Judgment

3. KWH has filed many Brown Act Violations, in the past 8 years, forcing LMUD to try and act "legally".

4. Chittock has allowed Board members to hide their expenses.

5. Chittock advises LMUD Board members Nagel and Langston to lie about their knowledge of the Cady/Jones Fraud.

6. Chittock, Judge Bradbury and Judge Darlington conspire to extort money and then try and hide their actions by "vacating the ruling"

....................and there is soooooooooooooo much more.

File on Mr. Chittock, file on.



This would give Kan We Help and excellent forum to expose LMUD's corrupt practices. Has the LMUD Board considered the testimony from witnesses?

LMUD was allowed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiding the Arrowrock Scam and they want to blame Kan We Help




LMUD spends thousands of dollars to send three people to the NCPartyA conference.

LMUD is not a member of NCPA

When asked, Keri Richards claims that there is good information at these parties but could not name one single benefit of this conference.


Claremont Resort in Oakland

$1386 for three rooms

$1800 Registration  for 3 events (1 reception, 1 lunch, 1 reception and golf as an option)

This does not include the cost of the airfare to Oakland, a rental car, parking fees and entertaining PSREC employees. LMUD knows how to Party Hardy. 

































Keri Richards has attended many of these NCPA parties during the Cady years.

Bill Stewart attended with Richards again.

LMUD took a lot of criticism for spending thousands and thousand of dollars on these luxury weekends.

NCPA got monthly checks and promoted worthless energy projects to the LMUD Boards for these expensive useless meetings. Ratepayers got nothing!

Kan We Help exposed all of the NCPA Bogus Projects.


psrec/lmud/ncpa power plant - scam ii EXPOSED AND TERMINATED




 June 30, 2010

Lassen County Counsel Gets Better Deal in Plumas County

Craig Settlemire accepts top legal job in Plumas County after he applies for an

 appointment for Lassen County Superior Court Judge?

He must have been told he wasn't going to get the JUDGESHIP



The outgoing Plumas County Counsel left because "he thought the county deserved an employee who was interested in holding the position for a longer term than he could see for himself at that stage in his career"




 June 29, 2010


Kan We Help requested copies of all Lassen Municipal Utility Districts "Interconnection Agreements"


    PUBLIC BEWARE: anyone who is interested in doing business with this public utility.....according to Chittock, LMUD has no Interconnection Agreements with anyone, ever? no power contracts, nothing except deceptions. lots of deceptions





.......none that they can find anyway. No Sierra Pacific Industries, No UAMPS, no Invenergy, no PSREC, no NCPA, no Arrowrock.

The Public Records Act does not allow public entities to move their documents to avoid disclosure. Frank Cady moved things to his office and then claimed they were not in the possession of LMUD. LMUD's new attorney,Chittock. plans on continuing this policy




 June 23, 2010



Frank Cady and Jaimee Richey/Jones

 Conspired to Deceive LMUD Ratepayers to obtain public contracts

Jaimee Richey/Jones Trial Brief, Case 47131

Langston lied under oath, he knew of the conspiracy

Nagel lied under oath, he knew of the conspiracy

Cardenas told the truth, she knew of the conspiracy


STACKED COURT: Judge Stephen Bradbury brought in a person, to hear this case, that has an "INACTIVE" status with the California State Bar?






"The evidence will clearly demonstrate that the contracts were created for an illegal purpose.i.e. to allow Cady to conceal that he had a financial interest in the fees which his employer, LMUD was to pay to Jones as General Counsel for LMUD"



Cady & Jones set up a phony sale of the law firm

Kan We Help has been saying this for five years

.laws were broken

Where are the indictments, Mr. Burns?


On June 26, 2008, Frank Cady filed a lawsuit against his law partner for breach of contract. The trial started October 13, 2009. A ruling was issued on 10/15/09. Cady-Jones lawsuit

   Jaimee Richey/Jones Trial Brief, Case 47131

$230,000 Settlement (Jaimee Jones claimed she didn't owe Cady because the arrangements were illegal)

2005 LMUD Board members (Wayne Langston, Fred Nagel, Nancy Cardenas) knew about Conflict of Interest, the conspiracy and helped hide the truth....laws were broken


Jones and Cady's abuses peaked in 2007 2007 Abuses


LMUD hired their attorney (Frank Cady) on July 1, 2005 to be their General Manager and fired Cady Fired him January 4, 2008.

Cady's law partner, Jaimee Jones, was hired by LMUD as their General Counsel (in November of 2005) even though strong objections were made by Kan We Help that there was a clear conflict of interest. LMUD fired Jones FiredJones on January 27, 2009

Kan We Help filed a "conflict of interest" complaint with Nancy Cardenas on May 4, 2005Cardenas

Nancy Cardenas testified at the October/2009 trial that Cady participated in the hiring of his law partner. 



She covered up a crime.   Where   is   the   indictment,   Mr. Burns?

Nancy Cardenas testified, under oath, that Frank Cady participated in hiring Jones which is in violation of Government Code 87100 & 1090 Cady-Jones


Not surprising, Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston testified for Frank Cady. Langston was the only LMUD Board member that voted to keep Frank Cady Langston-Cady



Kan We Help filed a Conflict of Interest complaint with District Attorney, Robert Burns that was ignored.

Kan We Help filed Brown Act Violations with District Attorney, Robert Burns but it ended up as a gesture of insincerity



On September 9, 2005, Kan We Help then filed a Grand Jury Complaint that was quashed by Judge Stephen Bradbury (Cady's former business partner) Grand Jury



Jaimee Richey (Shown in photo) and Frank Cady not truthful about partnership and ownership of real property and much more.............gross misconduct. Laws were broken.       Link to page 2-9

LMUD 8/31/05 MEETING  

Complaint Exhibits





ON JULY 1, 2005,


How much was U.S. Magistrate Craig Kellison and Judge Stephen Bradbury involved?

How much was Wayne Langston and Fred Nagel involved?


Is District Attorney, Robert Burns going to indict Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones?


Jaimee Richey/Jones Trial Brief, Case 47131


 June 20, 2010

Dyer Mtn. Owner Cannot Pay His Taxes

Dyer Mountain






























































 June 19, 2010

Susanville Indian Rancheria Provides Free Transportation To Westwood, Chester, Red Bluff and Redding


The public can ride the Lassen County Rural Bus to the Susanville Rancheria stop on Joaquin Street in Susanville to catch the free shuttle.


































 June 13, 2010


Local Veterans Get Door-to-Door Bus Service to New Veterans Medical Clinic in Susanville

It took Kan We Help member Eileen Spencer six months, with no help from the City of Susanville or the County Supervisors, to finally get "FRONT DOOR" service for our Veterans. Bus Service

Dial-A-Ride is a Lassen Rural Bus Service providing transportation for our  Veterans, from their front door to the front door of the New Veterans Medical Clinic (110 Bella Way, Susanville, CA) 


Call 252-7433

All Dial-A-Ride passenger trips are set at $1.75 per trip (one way). Veterans ride free to the new Veterans medical clinic (M-F) if they transfer from the Wal-Mart stop to the Dial-A-Ride bus.  The regular fare for general ridership for Seniors over 60 and disabled passengers is $.50.




















 June 9, 2010


Kurt Bonham is not the Auditor, Mayor or Lassen Country Transportation Commissioner...........


Lloyd Keefer is not a County Supervisor or Lassen County Transportation Commissioner............


 June 5, 2010

The City of Susanville Sponsors    1/2 price

pet vaccinations at Fire Station on Main Street



















Not Reality, but France's Truth

suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down

Lassen County Times Editor, Barbara France

refused to print a "Letter to the Editor".

She wanted to delay publishing it for a week in order to "fact check" (censure) the information.

suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down, subdue, quash, repress, quell, stifle, sit on, bottle up, keep in ignorance, clamp down on, subjugation, shut out, nullify, rout, plow under, ravage, burked, suppress, crush, elimination, hold down






















The reporter that France sent, Ruth Ellis,  came at the end of the Transportation Commission meeting and then called Dan Douglas for her story? Dan Douglas did not even attend the meeting.



Ms. France admits she did not call anyone. She did not call the Veterans Clinic, MV Transportation, City of Susanville, City of Susanville Attorney. NO fact checking whatsoever, and then she decided not to publish the Letter to the Editor

 Credibility, gone !

NOTE: Instead of publishing the "Letter-to-the-Editor", Ms. France proceeded to promote Dan Douglas's GREAT WORK (?) with several questionable articles. 



This man is a  Buffoon.

Who is he related to?

Why has he been put in this job?

Why is Barbara France protecting him?

Dan Douglas, County Transportation Planner


 June 4, 2010

Kan We Help Gets FRONT DOOR  BUS SERVICE FOR VETS TO NEW Veterans Medical FacilityNo bus for Vets

.....despite the shameful indifference by Susanville City Council members, Lassen County Board of Supervisors

and the Lassen County Times Editor, Barbara France



Not one member of the Transportation Commission has been to the new Veterans Clinic



















Susanville Veteran Tom Robinson, Army First Division, Fort Riley, Kansas, was the first Veteran to ride the Lassen Rural Bus from his home to the front door of the new Veterans Affairs Diamond View Medical Clinic at 110 Bella Way, in Susanville, CA. According to the Clinic staff, more than 3200 veterans, in four counties (Sierra, Modoc, Plumas and Lassen), have been identified to use this facility. 

Dan Douglas decided:1) he will not route LRB buses to VA Clinic 2) no room for bus stop on Johnstonville Road, 3) drop Veterans off on side of building because there is no turnaround on the property. Mr. Douglas didn't do anything even after he was told that the original plans put a Turnaround in. It was his job to review the plans for this new clinic, he didn't do that. Then, he ignored requests for the rocks to be removed in front of the turnaround. HE JUST DID NOT CARE, probably because he saw the indifference by the Board of Supervisors and the Susanville City Council members. Just shameful.


  On May 17, 2010, KWH member, Eileen Spencer,  asked Susanville Fire Chief ,Ted Friedline to arrange for the rocks to be moved  that blocked the Turnaround. Safety Codes require a 20' clearance for firetrucks. This turnaround was included in the original plans. The plans have always been available to the public and public "officials"


June 4, 2010



Shameful, diabolical, contemptible, outrageous, disgusting, despicable, flagrant, scandalous, unworthy




















  Six kings sit on their thrones: L to R: Doug Sayers, Kurt Bonham, Bob Pyle, Jack Hanson, Jim Chapman, Joe Franco ADD: Lloyd Keefer


Not a single Susanville Council member or a single County Board of Supervisor made a phone call, visited the VA Medical Center and actually were offended that their time was wasted on this subject.

They all should have been embarrassed not angry.

Jim Chapman and Jack Hanson did not like being criticized for their indifference. They intend to curb public criticism at future meetings. All because they got caught with "I don't care about this, now go away". Other speakers were given time enough to make their presentations, which was and is the right thing to do.

How arrogant these men were to dismiss this issue. How dare them.

Jack Hanson was the only one that yelled


at a speaker to divert the fact that he hadn't done anything in six months. All six men were offended that "this" subject was brought before them. Maybe they had better things to do. Maybe providing this service was just not important enough for the men on the Lassen County Transportation Commission


The public presentation was orderly and on point. The six Kings

just didn't want to deal with this issue, and haven't done anything

except throw up barriers since the meetings.

Chapman and Hanson's apathy was highly offensive.
















Mr. Robinson will not have to go to Reno for medical treatment anymore.

Mr. Robinson called "Dial-A-Ride" to take him home.


















 June 3, 2010



Susanville Biomass Plant/LMUD


..........reviewed and approved by Eugene Chittock and the LMUD Board

 June 1, 2010


Public Records Request for a copy of a check issued to PGE for an interconnection fee study (?)

.......not signed (?)

..........unauthorized signatures(?)

Thousands of LMUD checks are mailed every year. The public is entitled to know if this was signed by authorized personnel

 Is there only just "one" reason why LMUD blocked the signatures ?

...perhaps a check was  issued but never mailed (?) (Frank Cady used to do that and the LMUD Board went along with it)


LMUD attorney, Eugene Cady Chittock instructs LMUD to hide signatures.










 we go again.................more to this story than meets the eye folks and we will give it to you!

Bio-mass plant

Ray Luhring cannot approve any expenditure in excess of $10,000 without Board approval. This issue has never been placed on any LMUD Agenda.

Brown Act Violation:

 Renegy, Nature Energies, or the Biomass Plant have NEVER been on ANY LMUD AGENDA, EVER. Eugene Chittock, LMUD's attorney, condoned this.  This is right out of Frank Cady's playbook.





May 31, 2010


Honoring the Fallen Brave

Cemetery Roster

Women and Men that gave everything for our freedom

Lassen High School band played the Anthems of the Marine Corp, Navy, Army,

Air Force and Coast Guard. Ethan Hagen sang the Star Spangled Banner for the event




















































Over 200 people attended the hour long Memorial Day event at Susanville's

 Diamond Crest Cemetery on May 31, 2010 to honor Lassen County Veterans





















May 28, 2010

District 4, First term Congressman McClintock Votes NO for our soldiers, veterans and homeland security


Lassen County currently  has men and women in all branches of the armed forces

Proud to Serve



votes NO, NO, Tom McClintockHell NO ?


Click on the links below.

Read 5136

HR 5136- 1.9% pay raise for our troops

HR 5136 passed 234-194

HR 5136 text can be found at the Library of Congress's web page:



HR 2892-Homeland Security Appropriations-voted NO

HR 2647-Defense Appropriations-voted NO

HR 2346-Defense Supplemental Appropriations-voted NO

Lassen County currently  has men and women in all branches of the armed forces




May 25, 2010


LMUD's Black Magic Trick is BACK

It is called the LMUD Rope-A-Dope

The LMUD Controller has many years of experience in fooling the public.

Bill Stewart managed to manipulate almost a million dollars in LMUD's Employee health care account down to a few thousand dollars overnight. Health care $$ 

Bill Stewart was allowed to do the same with the Public Benefit Fund. One day there was three quarters of a million dollars in the fund and then practically overnight there was only a few thousand dollars in the account. Stewart refused to account for where the money went and refused public disclosure of all of the applications for this Public Fund.


Now he has the protection of his wife's employer, Eugene Chittock (LMUD's attorney)

Now, LMUD's Controller is up to his old tricks.



With a waive of his wand       (over the naive Bowden, Dow and Vial) Bill Stewart will magically and possibly illegally change the of the  "RATE STABILIZATION FUND" to "BOARD RESTRICTED FUNDS". 

Eugene Chittock is looking alot like Cady

keep up now, we don't want to lose you,


Now, watch the bouncing balls, Wizard Stewart NOW wants to move $1,500,000 from the RESTRICTED FUNDS TO "UNRESTRICTED FUNDS" (General Fund)

. Keep in mind that the Rate Stabilization Fund, by Resolution,  must remain at $3,000,000 and cannot be used unless there is a financial crisis.

Next, the $4,500,000 that LMUD claims is in the Rate Stabilization fund is made up of a Letter of Credit for $1,500,000 (?backed by a CD?). (WAPA required this Letter of Credit because of LMUD's financial instability). LMUD crisis $$$$

If LMUD moves $1,500,000 into the General Funds (Unrestricted Account) TECHNICALLY, that leaves only $1,500,000 of real cash in the Rate Stabilization Fund/Restricted Funds. (CAUTION: you may experience a slight  blurriness at this point)




The Rate Stabilization money will "Poof".....disappear


The LMUD Board made the LMUD ratepayers suffer for five years of rate increases in order to "build up the Rate Stabilization Fund to avoid any crisis"

If you have time, attend this Folly tonight at 5:30 at the LMUD office on Roop Street in Susanville.


Act 1:  Agenda item 10 (screw up on rate decrease)

Act 2: Agenda item 11

Act 3: Agenda item 12

Closing Act: Agenda Item 16 C (multi-million dollar lawsuit against LMUD again)

LMUD Board and Management : Terminally Corrupt



UPDATE: The Board did not listen to Bill Stewart and decided not to move the $1.5 million of the Rate Stabilization Fund to the General Fund.  This action was only temporary because they got caught. Once the Account Name (Rate Stabilization Fund to Restricted Funds) is changed (which is never done unless you are planning on doing something illegal), LMUD will find a way to take that $1.5 million dollars. The monthly Balance Sheet will be monitored very closely




May 24, 2010

Memorial Day this year is May 31, 2010


What are you doing to honor our Veterans?

What more can we be doing to honor our Veterans?

City of Susanville displays Banners


more banners


.......but Lassen County Supervisors and the Susanville City Council members don't lift a finger to make sure that our local Veterans that are serving or have served our country get a ride to the FRONT DOOR






Eileen Spencer, Secretary of Kan We Help, has been trying to get bus service, to the front door of this new facility, since last December


As this project neared completion, Spencer attempted to get the City of Susanville involved with providing a bus stop at the Veterans building. but was told that this is private property and that bus service is handled through the County.

Spencer attended the next scheduled County Transportation Commission, held in March of 2010. Spencer witnessed a deep apathy by this Commission that is made up of the Lassen County Supervisors and the Susanville City Council. The only Commissioner that showed any interest was Lassen County Supervisor Brian Dahle.  The Commission agreed to place this issue on their May 10, 2010 Agenda. The only decision that came out of the May meeting was that the County had decided to drop our local Veterans off, on the side of the street, near the Medical Facility.

After further research Ms. Spencer discovered that the original plans provided for a "Turnaround". This Turnaround was required by the Susanville Fire Department so that fire trucks can access the property and be able to get in and out. Not one City Council member knew this or brought it up at the May meeting. NOT ONE.


Then, for some unknown reason large boulders were placed in front of the Turnaround that prohibited the fire trucks from accessing this Turnaround. Susanville Safety Codes require a 20' clearance according to the Susanville Fire Chief. Susanville Fire Chief Ted Friedline ordered the boulders to be removed.

This blocked Turnaround is 60' in circumference. The  12' opening did not meet the Safety Code


Eileen Spencer submitted a "Letter to the Editor" on May 19, 2010 to let the public know about the resistance and sad apathy to our local Veterans by our elected officials. Barbara France refused to print this letter. In the same week, Editor of the Lassen County Times writes about her enduring "PAIN".  Her Editorials are always about herself, her family or her religion. When is it time to look past her personal news.



Barbara France refused to print this Letter to the Editor. She claimed that the "opinions" needed fact checking. Her Reporter, Ruth Ellis, who covered the Transportation Commission meetings didn't bother to write about the events at the meeting. NO FOLLOW-UP PHONE CALLS, no interest, NOTHING. Was the May meeting too controversial for her limited talents or  did she write the entire story and Barbara France cut it.  NOT GOOD EITHER WAY..






































May 23, 2010

What makes some businesses succeed and

others fail ?


Most of Susanville's storefronts are empty. They've been empty for years and years. Occasionally you see new businesses move in but last only a few months. So what makes these local businesses succeed more than FIVE YEARS with Wal-Mart down the street? What is their secret?











































































































May 18, 2010

Susanville Veterans Medical Facility

Now Open




Dan Douglas, the man of the hour.


Dan is in charge of Lassen County buses, routes, administration,  procedures and THE PERSON that made the decision to drop our Veterans on the side of the road.

Dan is the man Del Donoho, MV Transportation operates the bus line, reports to. Mr. Donoho was told to drop our Veterans on the side of the medical facility and not at the front door. 

Dan is the man Larry Millar, Dan's boss, listens to and "Dan",  is the man that doesn't have a clue what he is doing.


May 17, 2010

Lassen County Board of Supervisors and the Susanville City Council Members



The new Susanville Federal Veterans Medical Facility opened on May 3 and after months of review these lazy "idiots" have not come up with a bus stop to the front door of the facility.

We did ask pretty please.....................but nobody cared





The Developers, the Soule's (Dale & Linda), always planned for bus access on the original plans so that our Veterans can be brought to the front door but the Lassen County Transportation Commission continues to sit on their thumbs.




Twelve foot opening violates City Safety Codes. Fire trucks need a 20' clearance. The opening is 31' across if the rocks were removed.



May 15, 2010

June 8, 2010 Election

[tired of fuzzy law?]


Lassen County District Attorney Burns wants to be our Judge


Lassen County District Attorney Burns wants to be re-elected


Frank Cady/Robert Burns

Frank Cady/Robert Burns

Frank Cady/Robert Burns

Frank Cady/Robert Burns

inseparable ?


Anyone catch the "Personal and Confidential" on the photo  below?

May 14, 2010





LMUD's General Council, Eugene Chittock

Eugene Chittock's Office Manager, LMUD's Controller Bill Stewart's wife

(Bill Stewart approves and issues Chittock's payments)


LMUD's Dentist, Dr. Curtis Vixie

Dr. Vixie's Dental Hygenist, LMUD Director Bud Bowden's wife


LMUD's Doctor, Dr. David Beckwith

Dr. David Beckwith's Secretary, LMUD Director Wayne Langston's wife


May 13, 2010



Lassen County Supervisors Named in Child Rape Case




















May 12, 2010

First term, US Congressman McClintock

on Wrong Side of Issue for Lassen County

........or he just may not have done his homework


In 2009, Lassen County received $538,206 in PILT payments for 1,650,000 acres of federal land

The Western Counties Alliance is a Republican "talking points" group that monitors the "Payments in Lieu of Taxes" for western states that receive Federal subsidies for Federally owned lands in their states. Lassen County receives PILT funds.

In 2005, President Bush cut these funds to the Counties by one third.



On April 6, 2005, the "Western Caucus News" campaigned unsuccessfully for full funding for PILT. It wasn't until 2006, when the Democrats took control of Congress, that these funds were restored.





California received the second highest PILT payment for Non-use Federal lands in 2009, $34,397,858. Only New Mexico received more at $37,013,334.

In 2007, California received $21,026,411 in PILT funds

In 2008, California received $33,234,973 in PILT funds

In 2009, California received $34,397,858 in PILT funds



We should ask Congressman McClintock how he voted on this issue, since he has a record of voting NO on every spending issue since November 4, 2008.


The land owners in Lassen County should not be concerned with McClintock's objection to more PILT lands being designated but more concerned that Lassen County is not getting  their fair share of the Federal "Payments in lieu of Taxes".


Department of Interior PILT Disbursements

Lassen County received $538,206 for 1,650,00 acres

Los Angeles County received $1,243,691 for 708,500 acres

Fresno County received $1,739,068 for 1,500,000 acres

Imperial County received $3,093,802 for 1,350,000 acres



Bumbling and Indifference....incompetence?


Congressman McClintock gets Headlines in the Lassen County Times for making statements in Herlong (not at the Susanville town hall meeting days before) because he received copies of what every other Congressman received to-date. ???????



Do we deserve another DOOLITTLE?



May 11, 2010

Lassen County Transportation Planner, Dan Douglas chose a $200,000 Automated phone system for Lassen Rural Bus over buying two (2) badly needed buses.

On May 10, 2010, the Transportation Commission voted to reject the $200,000 ARRA FTA 5311 IVR Project  money. This project was chosen, by Mr. Douglas, over buying two badly needed new buses.  This Automated Customer Service and Operational Trip Reporting system would have allowed the public to listen to transit route information 24/7. 

The State Recovery funds would have paid for the $200,000 software for this system but after the "NO" vote, went back into the empty State coffers.


 Larry Millar, Executive Director of the County Transportation Department, told the Commissioners that the annual $14,000 upgrades would've had to  have been paid by the County. The Commissioners unanimously rejected this project and lost the opportunity to fund at least two badly needed buses due to Mr. Douglas's mis-management.

Dan Douglas.......In charge of our County buses.


May 10, 2010

Susanville's New 7,000 square foot Veterans Health Care Facility

110 Bella  Way, Susanville, California



Property owned and developed by Dale and Linda Soule



Lassen County Transportation Planner, Dan Douglas, not the least bit interested in providing door to door bus service, for our Veterans, to the new medical facility at the Transportation Commission's March 8, 2010 meeting. Mr. Douglas claimed that there was no room (below) on Johnstonville Road for a bus stop at the new Veterans Medical Center.




















At their March 8, 2010 meeting, the Lassen County Transportation Commission agreed to put the "Veterans Bus Stop" issue on their May 10, 2010 Agenda.














March 8, 2010, Transportation Commission meeting. Left to right:  Doug Sayers, Kurt Bonham, Bob Pyle,

Jack Hanson, Jim Chapman, Joe Franco (March 8, 2010)


Today, the Lassen County Transportation Project Manager, Cynthia Raschein ttold the Commissioners

that the "Developers" were unwilling to discuss the bus stop at the Medical Center but the County Bus could be routed to stop on the side of the veterans building ( Bella Way) and let the Veterans off there. Our Veterans then could walk down the sidewalk and around the building to the front door. Bella Way is a dead end street and the County would have to negotiate permission from the business, at the end of the street, to turn the bus around in their parking lot.  THIS WAS CYNTHIA RASCHEINS SOLUTION, FOR THE COMMISSIONERS, TO PROVIDE BUS SERVICE TO THE NEW VETERANS MEDICAL FACILITY FOR OUR VETERANS.



  Larry Millar

A TURN AROUND FOR BUSES. This has been the Developer's plan from DAY ONE.   Phase II & III provides for a drive-through parking lot that circles around the proposed second and third  buildings and exits  back on Bella Way .

No one, absolutely no one (this includes all the County Transportation Commissioners, comprised of 3 County Supervisors and 3 members of the Susanville City Council),  thought this issue was important enough to look at the plans

                    that are available at the City of Susanville across the street.

Dan Douglas & Cynthia Raschein had two months to research

the Veterans Medical Facility bus stop issue for the May 10, 2010 meeting


KWH fact check:

The original plans call for three phases. Phase I is complete. Phase I provides for a 60' graded turn around that not only  Susanville fire trucks can turn around in but the County Buses can turn around in. This plan allows for the Veterans to be taken to the front door of the medical facility the day it opens........



The sixty foot graded Turnaround for traffic in Original plans

now blocked by boulders?





Dan Douglas (not at 5/10/10 meeting), Cynthia Raschein, Kurt Bonham (not at 5/10/10 meeting), Jim Chapman (not at 5/10/10 meeting), Chairperson Jack Hanson, Bob Pyle (not at 5/10/10 meeting) , Doug Sayers, Joe Franco, Brian Dahle, Lloyd Keefer





























This petition asked for a safe bus stop at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart provided a kiosk here for their customers to wait for Lassen Rural Bus to pick them up. This kiosk was taken away when Wal-Mart began an extensive re-model.  Dan Douglas has made no real effort to replace this kiosk and placed the Wal-Mart stop on  Riverside Street. This bus stop is a disgrace and is not maintained or even considered for maintenance. Our Seniors and the Handicap have been given a dangerous place to wait for the County bus.






































LMUD's General Council, Eugene Chittock

Eugene Chittock's Office Manager, LMUD's Controller Bill Stewart's wife

(Bill Stewart approves and issues Chittock's payments)


LMUD's Dentist, Dr. Curtis Vixie

Dr. Vixie's Dental Hygenist, LMUD Director Bud Bowden's wife


LMUD's Doctor, Dr. David Beckwith

Dr. David Beckwith's Secretary, LMUD Director Wayne Langston's wife


May 7, 2010

Politics Rule LMUD's Electric Rates

Fred & Theresa Nagel's son-n-law, Wayne Langston, will file, to run (in November/2010) for the LMUD Board,

but no one will get to vote for him or not vote for him.


Wayne Langston   DUI & Arrest


LMUD's Principal Act

[The CPUC Code, Div. 6, 11654, which governs LMUD, states that for a candidate to be elected he/she must receive the highest votes.

You cannot comply with this code if you are not placed on the ballot. Since Langston's appointment in 2000, he has never been placed on a LMUD ballot, ever  ]


Election Codes confirm that Langston should have been on the LMUD ballots:     10529  10521  10508

Only politics  has kept Langston on the LMUD Board


Lassen County Times, December 29, 2009  Dec-2009


















Ruralite-May 2010











Why the change of heart?











March 23, 2010

Wayne Langston did not attend


According to the CPUC and LMUD's  PDCA Policy, only the General Manager can present a "Rate Change" report to the LMUD Board

Bill Stewart has assumed more authority than was allowed under fired General Manager Frank Cady?


LMUD MARCH 23, 2010 AGENDA #12


Exactly "which" Quarter does this report represent, Q2 or Q3? 


May 5, 2010



LMUD rates reduced from $.14 to $.13 After the coldest winter in a long time...this could have been done a year and half ago when energy costs started to decline.

Motivation: The Nagel's son-in-law, Wayne Langston, is up for ?re-election? this year.

(Wayne Langston has never appeared on any LMUD ballot, ever. He was appointed to the LMUD Board because he needed free Health Care insurance and stayed on without ever being elected.) 

Langston was required to run for this office and his name had to be on a ballot. Langston was required, by law, to have his name placed on the ballot. His mother-in-law (County Clerk Theresa Nagel) refused to put his name on the ballot. As a result, Langston never received any votes. CPUC, Div. 6, 11654 states that a LMUD candidate for office must receive the highest number of votes to be declared the winner. You cannot achieve this without being on the LMUD ballot. All Langston had to do was vote for himself.

The County Clerk can declare a person that has no one running against them the winner if the governing law does not state they must be on a ballot and receive votes.  County Supervisors, District Attorney, Sheriff positions all need to be on a ballot even though they have no opponents. All LMUD candidates must be on the ballot, according to CPUC, Div. 6, 11654. Langston has never, ever been on a LMUD ballot.


The board of supervisors shall also canvass the returns of the election with respect to the persons voted for as directors, and shall declare the persons receiving the highest number of votes, for each ward, respectively, to be duly elected as directors of the district. if they are residents and voters thereof as finally determined.


LMUD Director Vial


LMUD Director Dow, are the  Real Heroes in the Reduction of Electric Rates



Frank Cady's bogus PDCA formula was approved in 2005 to by-pass public hearings that are mandated by the CPUC. LMUD 2005

This illegal formula allows for increases of  "five" cent increments, but LMUD claimed for years that they had no way to reduce rates under this policy?


Before the board adopts any changes in rates and charges for commodities or services furnished by electricity districts intended to increase or decrease revenues, the general manager shall file with the board a report and recommendation the proposed changes in writing.

Within 90 days, but not less than 30 days after the report is filed, except when unanticipated events cause a sudden and significance change in the electricity district's financial condition requiring an immediate response, the board shall hold a hearing on the report and recommendation. Notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be published within the district pursuant to Section 6063 of the Government Code, except that, in the case of unanticipated event requiring an immediate response, notice may be given pursuant to Section 6063a of the Government Code.

[Chittock knew this or should have known this, Nagel absolutely knew this, Langston absolutely knew this, Bill Stewart absolutely knew this.]


Cady and the Board first created a controversy (smoke screen) by proposing to raise the BASIC rate charge to $25.00. This created the public outrage they needed to then (a few weeks later) slip in the PDCA policy that let Cady raise the rates without any public hearing. SLEAZE, SLEAZE, SLEAZE. The rates then proceeded from $11.5 to $.14 without ANY LEGITIMATE REASON, without any public hearing.

October, 2005 LMUD 2005


General Manager, Frank Cady, strongly suggested to the LMUD Board that they pass an adjustable rate. This rate would go up but never lower than the base rate of   $ .115. Ratepayers would have to pay whatever Frank Cady wanted to charge and you would never know what your electric bill would be. The mandatory PUBLIC HEARING would be eliminated.

Also, Cady told the Board to increase the "meter reading fee" from $3.50 to $25.00 a month.  The self-serving study was done by Cady..and the Board told Cady to do another study.????? The tail is wagging the dog.   700 % increase

All of this and Frank Cady made no suggestion of reducing the operation costs.

 This Board, under the direction AND control of Frank Cady, has wasted millions of dollars. LMUD will post an anticipated $4.5 million deficit by the end of this fiscal year and LMUD keeps spending....and spending like there was no tomorrow. 

LMUD continues to participate in phony energy project and this new rate policy will give Cady and the LMUD board the money to do just that. 


Fred Nagel says that he is afraid of a lawsuit for not "agendizing the reduction of rates"......that's just CRAP. Nagel and Langston have violated the Brown Act so many times we stopped counting. Complaints have been filed and ignored by District Attorney Robert Burns for years.


Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative customer, Fred Nagel, objected to LMUD's rate reduction. Why...................................check out the article below for his reasons.

What's new?  Nothing. Nagel has voted for the last five LMUD rate increases because he lives and votes in the PSREC District and the rate increases DO NOT EFFECT HIM.


FRED NAGEL, BILL STEWART AND RAY LUHRING ARE  FULL OF CRAP ....given the history of LMUD deceit,  their statements, in this article,  are an insult.


What.....the LMUD AGENDA was NOT APPROVED BY CHITTOCK? Eugene Chittock, asleep at the switch.................

This is not the first time Langston & Nagel have thrown out the law 2007 rate increase















































Frank Cady soaked the public utility for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the secret Arrowrock Hydro project Arrowrockthat turned out to be a scam. "Arrowrock" was always just a smoke screen for LMUD's financial crisis.

Cady talked the impotent LMUD Board into speculating in the market and they lost 8 million dollars. To avoid bankruptcy LMUD attempted to raise the rates 162%.  162% rate increase

Frank Cady promoted "too, too" many phony energy projects "for profit". Scams 

Wayne Langston and Fred Nagel are from this Cady era

and continue to promote bogus energy projects and unchecked harassment



April 29, 2010


Ahhhh, remember when?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission cancelled the Arrowrock License after Kan We Help  filed Motions to Intervene. No activity on this license for 12 years was the final reason FERC terminated this license.  The Boise Project Board of Control peddled this 60 MW project for 12 years to small unsuspecting (?) public utilities.

LMUD diddled with this phony 60 MW hydro project for five years (2000-2005), paying Frank Cady hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep it secret. Kan We Help exposed this scam in 2002 after discovering that the Feasibility Study that LMUD ratepayers paid for was a study that had been completed, in October 2001, by the Boise Project Board of Control (five irrigators in Idaho). The FRAUD: Frank Cady/Wayne Langston/Darrell Wood, Louie Templeton, Richard Parker, Marino Giannotti, Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent, Al Vazques, Fred Nagel   lied to the public about this Feasibility Study.

The public was told the money was going to pay for this study and that it would be released to the public when complete.

busted !!!!

On June 14, 2005, LMUD decided to withdraw from the Arrowrock Hydro Project.



The sad thing is, the LMUD Boards continue to perpetrate  phony projects on the public.

The LMUD Boards and General Managers have been unwilling to tell the truth about anything?


April 7, 2010

INVENERGY moves ahead on Wind energy but leaves LMUD behind Invenergy history

PSREC Co-generation plant, Invenergy Project, Project 500, all bogus........UAMPS will be no different  bogus projects

LMUD Board Fools or just Stupid?

Invenergy came into Lassen County, in 2007,  with big promises of a $40 million dollar investment in Lassen Municipal Utility Districts transmission lines. Frank Cady flew the LMUD Board members and the entire management staff  to Colorado for a vacation/meeting just before he was fired by the new LMUD Board (three Board Members quit because of the pending scandal with Frank Cady).


In late September of 2009, Invenergy completely pulled out on their "pie-in-the-sky" promises to LMUD.

LMUD spent thousands of dollars on this project. 

[HINT: When the LMUD Board votes to spend money on "studies", you can guarantee the vacation/meetings will increase and the Back room deals begin]


Invenergy never paid LMUD back for the $50,000 PGE study.

 LMUD has never released any alleged "STUDY" in ten years.

LMUD's response to any request for these studies, "Not in the possession of LMUD"  Hmmmmmmmmm..........





April 5, 2010

PSREC has "two" representatives on the LMUD Board


LMUD Director Wayne Langston was a PSREC customer when LMUD gave PSREC the Prison and Herlong customers

LMUD Director Fred Nagel was and still is a PSREC customer when LMUD gave PSREC the Prison and Herlong customers

There is no evidence that PSREC paid LMUD anymore than the initial  $1,250,000 payment for the 1,000 customers

 LMUD transfer

PSREC customer Fred Nagel was put on the LMUD Board so that the remaining payments to LMUD would not be made. PSREC was obligated to pay LMUD $155,000 a year, for the transfer of LMUD customers to PSREC, until 2010. Also to insure that PSREC had their hands in LMUD's bank account for future PSREC projects.


Co-Generation Plant at the prison Co-gen scam

Langston and Nagel also supported the LMUD $81,997 that was spent on a Phony Study  Phony Study. PSREC wins all the way around and gets their Co-generation Plant.   LMUD lied


Again, nothing except lies for LMUD customers

LMUD paid $81,997 to date.....for nothing!!!



March 31, 2010

LMUD continues to "diddle" with UAMPS

Bottom line: No market for natural gas


UAMPS, like the Arrowrock people, are looking for a naive utility board to sell their lies

NOTE: A conspicuous lack of involvement or comment  in this article

by LMUD's new attorney, Eugene Chittock?

(But General Manager Ray Luhring continues to enjoy his Utah vacations at the expense of LMUD ratepayers)


March 30, 2010

President Obama Signs Final Health Care Reform Bill

The Bill President Obama signed today includes historic changes in education making college education more affordable

1: Ends subsidies to special interest private lending companies

2. Doubles funding for Pell Grants to help more students afford a college education

3. Will cap a graduate's annual student loan repayments at 10% of his or her income.

4. Helps an additional 5 million Americans earn degrees and certificates over the next 10 years by revitalizing programming at our nation's community colleges





March 24, 2010

History of the property the State of California purchased for the "alleged" $39 Million NEW COURT HOUSE.

lassen cty courts


"Politics" in Lassen County can be tracked directly to real estate transactions. 

 Susanville Deal  LMUD land deal Susanville golf

If you have the inside track on a big business or government agency wanting to take up residence in Lassen County you have to have a politician in your pocket. Names like Mary Fallon, Kathleen Lazard, NST, Ridgely Lazard, Stephen Bradbury can be directly connected to the court property.

This is how it works: You buy the property before anyone else finds out. Then you start selling it back and forth to your friends to drive the market price up, then suddenly it is sold to Wal-Mart or the State of California 

New Court house property:

1989-Robbins sells to Dunlap/Stoffel

1992- Dunlap/Stoffel sell this property to Robbins.

1994- Robbins sells to Ridenoure

2008-Ridenoure to the State of California

4.2 Acres near Wal-Mart (also previously owned by Robbins)




District 4 Congressman McClintock Votes No on "Jobs Bill" that would have brought money and jobs to Lassen County.

This guy votes "No" on EVERYTHING.

....fortunately the Democrats passed this bill. now let's see if this guy works to bring money and jobs into Lassen County after he voted NO on the JOBS  BILL?






March 23, 2010

1935 Social Security Act

Let's revisit the 1935 Social Security Act campaign. When the Act was passed it did not include women and minorities. Only white males. [284 Democrats vote for Social Security, 81 Republicans voted for it]

The taxes for Social Security were first deducted in 1937 and the first recipient was Ernest Ackerman. Mr. Ackerman paid five cents into the program and received a lump sum payout of 17 cents. In 2009 51 million Americans received $650 billion in benefits.

A citizen has to "apply" for Social Security.

Republicans took this new legislation to the Supreme Court twice, and lost. Republicans fought the mandate for all working Americans participation in Social Security. They lost.


......government returns your tax money to you and SOMEHOW THAT IS BAD...........The difference between Democrats and Republicans

13 State Attorney Generals file lawsuits to stop the mandatory requirement  that all Americans must have a health insurance policy. The fight to stop the mandate for all Californians getting car insurance failed for the same reason this will fail.




2010 Health Care Reform

How many Republicans, who voted against the Health Care Reform, have friends and relatives that receive Social Security benefits and will now benefit from this Health Care Bill?

How many Republicans will be able to keep their kids on their insurance policies until they are 26?

How many Republicans will be able to get health care for "pre-existing" health conditions?

How many Republicans will benefit from "no lifetime limits" on their insurance policy?

How many Republicans will benefit from the business tax credits for employee health care insurance?


How many Republicans, in Lassen County,  have applied for Federal Grant money or other government Entitlements?


Republicans: Call your Representatives and Senators and tell them you want "your money" spent on wars and tax cuts for corporations.


Judge Sokol "Presiding" Judge

 in Lassen County Superior Court



March 21, 2010

House of Representatives Health Care Reform

Reconciliation Bill Passes

Votes: Democrats 220, Republicans 211

Read it yourself. Don't rely on Democrat or Republican  talking points

  Patient-protection Affordable Care Act , SB 3590

&HR 4872

Historic Vote on March 21, 2010

In Goose step pace

*Representative Tom McClintock Voted against:

1.Annual insurance limits go away

2. Pre-existing conditions go away

3. Allows children to stay on parents policy until 26

4. Gives small businesses a 35% credit on employee health costs

5. Covers 32 million non-insured Americans

*Even though there were 220 Republican Amendments added.


March 17, 2010

LMUD Board Members change Compensation & Reporting Rules

On February 24, 2009, the LMUD Board passed a new rule that required Board Member "reports" to be complete, detailed and factual.


Policy G02

Yet the General Manager and Accountant continue to approve "incomplete, undetailed and unfactual" reports. The General Manager, Ray Luhring allows certain Board Members to hide their expenses. He puts their expenses on his credit card, so that the public cannot find out how much all of these "meetings" are costing the ratepayers. This practice has been going on for 19 years. IT HAS TO STOP.


FRED NAGEL LIED ON THIS REPORT AND WAS PAID $971.79. This was approved by Ray Luhring and  Bill Stewart.

Fred Nagel submitted his Expense Report on August 19, 2009 and then lied about his trip when he failed to report this on his "Board Member Statement of Meetings" Report on September 2, 2009.

Intentional Fraud and Deception ?

This is just "one"  practice that hides Board expenses



Fred Nagel lied on this report


LMUD Board Members have History of Abuses

LMUD Board changes compensation rules

OLD 1990 RULE: "Meetings with constituents, speeches made at the request of outside organizations and meetings with community groups are not compensible under this rule"


Old Rule

If you look, at the past 20 years of Board reports, you will find that this rule was violated each month. Even though complaints have been filed over this issue, the LMUD General Manager and LMUD Board Members continued to abuse this rule.


NEW 2009 RULE: "A compensable day of service shall include: attendance at publicly noticed regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors, Board committee meetings, ad hoc committee meetings, other publicly noticed meetings where the Board member is representing the District, giving testimony on behalf of the District at legislative, legal, or other proceedings, meetings with LMUD staff or customers relating to LMUD business, conferences and organized educational activities or any other meetings or business reasonably intended to be in the furtherance of the business and interest of LMUD." (new language)

New Rule


March 13, 2010

Lassen County Sheriff Steve Warren

will not run for re-election


March 11, 2010


Who Wants to be a Judge?

*Democrats need not apply*

Republican  attorneys can fill out the application on-line Application   Remember: This will be a political appointment



You want to know who wants to be a it the old fashion way.

Round up the usual suspects and ASK THEM...............




March 11, 2010


Who Wants to be a Judge?

*Democrats need not apply*

Republican  attorneys can fill out the application on-line Application   Remember: This will be a political appointment



You want to know who wants to be a it the old fashion way.

Round up the usual suspects and ASK THEM...............




March 9, 2010

The Nagel family still owns

 the Susanville Golf Course !!

Lassen County, owned by a few



Public records indicate that on April 28, 1968 the Nagels created a corporation, Lost Meadows Golf and Recreation Club, Inc.  for the property now referred to as Susanville's public golf course's BACK NINE.( This corporation was only needed temporarily and no longer exits. The Nagels created a trust to handle future deals)

On September 3, 1968, the City of Susanville passed Resolution 68-1023 that essentially was an agreement to purchase land from this corporation.    Res.68-1023

On September 4, 1968, it was made to appear that  Fred Nagels parents gave the City of Susanville the property now known as the "Back Nine" of the Susanville City public golf course, simply not true.  

In the fine print, if Susanville wanted to use the property for anything other than a golf course, the property reverted back to the Nagels. Every time any property was sold off for residential reasons, the City would have to buy it from the Nagels.

Not a bad deal for the Nagels. The City is exempt from any taxation. The Nagels don't pay any taxes on the property while it is in the City's name. These "land deals" have been going on since 1968.



It gets better......May 30, 2006, Frank Cady (LMUD's General Manager) [Keep in mind that Fred Nagel is on the LMUD Board] files for change of ownership in the corporation managing the golf course, Sickles Golf Associates, Inc. (SGA was formed May, 24, 1999) . Presently, Frank Cady's SGA is a post office box at the UPS store in Susanville.

Cady then takes out a loan of $1.4 million dollars for improvements to the golf course. Plumas Bank and the City of Susanville both  approve Cady's use of the golf course as collateral for his loan.  

This answers the question of why Frank Cady was allowed to manage the golf course while a full-time employee of the Lassen Municipal Utility District and why the Nagels allowed Cady to use their property for HIS collateral. LMUD & GOLF

April 2007, one year later, Frank Cady suddenly defaults on his "million dollar" loan. NO ONE in the City of Susanville or Plumas Bank wants to know what Cady did with the money. NO ONE goes after Frank Cady's assets to pay back his loan. WHY? Cady Golf 

The Susanville City Council works out a deal  with Plumas Bank to settle Frank Cady's loan for approximately $300,000 (public money).  A trickle down scandal that left the City without a City Manager (Luanne Rainey) and City Attorney (Kathleen Lazard).


The Golf course now has its "Back Nine".  Surprise: the value, of this new "Back Nine",  is significantly increased and if the City wanted to create any new parcels to sell, the process starts all over again......they have to buy it from the Nagels first.

It gets better and better............

In April of 2009, the City of Susanville, with "literally"  Fred Nagels stamp of approval, creates a new "residential" parcel to sell.  This has remained a "proposal" for a year. Why?  To settle Cady's debt, AGAIN, NO.

Now, the City can buy this "new" parcel  from Fred Nagel, James Nagel and Shirley (Nagel) Lee




On March 3, 2010 the City approves Resolution 10-4614

A "deal" has been made with the Nagels

Kurt Bonham abstains from voting on this resolution but  "signs off" on this Deal

go figure?

Bonham continues to fulfill his usefulness to the Nagels and the Cady's

The public will never know how much went into "whose" pockets

Bonham may have been promised the County "Auditor" position for his role in this....whadaya think?




March 8, 2010


Kurt Bonham is not an auditor

What business is he really in?

Bonham "copyrighted" these photos on his website, why?










March 4, 2010

LMUD was served with the Federal

 Job discrimination lawsuit for Sexual Discrimination

 (2:10-cv-0286-MCE-DAD) on 2/3/10

Connie Devlyne, Krsto Knezevich and Paul Glau's attorney, Joseph Maloney,  filed their Federal lawsuit on February 3, 2010. Federal court records indicate that LMUD was served on 2/4/1010. Sexual Harassment

The LMUD Board and LMUD's attorney Eugene Chittock were well aware of this lawsuit before they had their February 23, 2010 Board meeting.

The LMUD Board identified this existing lawsuit on their 2/23/10 closed session agenda as "Significant exposure to litigation"


When will the problem children (Langston & Nagel) be removed from this board?

The LMUD Board's history continues to show gross mis-handling of the public's business

Evelyn Twitchell was paid $100,000 for her silence of Cady's actions

Steve Trevino was paid $622,000 . (LMUD's support of Cady's actions)

The LMUD Board has spent over $100,000 to collect $7,500 from Cal Sierra Title Company for the KWH v LMUD award. KWH settlement

LMUD has spent over $1,000,000 in the last eight years to cover up their huge management mistakes

That's just what we know about...............

We don't know how much they spent on the falsification of Federal Forms for illegally transporting hazardous waste


March 3, 2010




Langston & Nagel could do ANYTHING they wanted with the LMUD money, because they had Frank Cady to pull strings with the Courts and the District Attorney

Nagel & Langston's legacy: Phony contracts, phony meetings, phony land deals, Brown Act Violations, phony energy projects, phony studies, gross conflict of interests, misuse of public funds


The public really believes that LMUD's need for an attorney is to protect the public utility.

All Frank Cady (LMUD's attorney from 1985-2007  Cady fired) did was manage to keep the crooked board members out-of-jail. It took $200,000-$300,000 a year to do this.


?????? Chittock used to be LMUD's biggest critic.




March 2, 2010

LMUD Employees File Lawsuit for


Paul Glau and two other LMUD employees recently filed a Harassment lawsuit against LMUD Board members Langston and Nagel & LMUD GM Ray Luhring.

Conflict of interest must be discussed in open session....oops....a Brown Act violation

Lassen County Times, 3/2/10




The LMUD Board's history continues to show gross mis-handling of the public's business

Evelyn Twitchell was paid $100,000 for her silence of Cady's actions


Steve Trevino was paid $622,000 . (LMUD's support of Cady's actions)


The LMUD Board has spent over $100,000 to collect $7,500 from Cal Sierra Title Company for the KWH v LMUD award. KWH settlement


LMUD has spent over $1,000,000 in the last eight years to cover up their huge management mistakes

That's just what we know about...............

We don't know how much they spent on the falsification of Federal Forms for illegally transporting hazardous waste

February 24, 2010

LMUD announces phony UAMPS study for bogus natural gas project

LMUD pays for these studies but never releases them because they don't exist.

What does this money really pay for?






Quiz: Can you name the elected official that has been arrested three times for a DUI

and still holds an elected office?


e-mail the answer to:


98% answered correctly, WOW   2% answered incorrectly but that person has 1 DUI



February 10, 2010


SOLUTION: lower the "f_ _ _ ing" rates

LMUD has been and still is the worst managed public utility in the State of California.

HISTORY: Every five years or so or when they want to whine and make you feel sorry for them or when there is something REALLY SNEAKY OR ILLEGAL ABOUT TO COME around the corner  they tell the public and their customers that they have a MONEY PROBLEM.  Well, they don't. 

All this posturing about NO MONEY may have to do with negotiating with IBEW Local 1245 for a new contract for LMUD employees......whatcha think...?

The only time these so-called protectors (LMUD Board) will react is when they hear from 100, 200, 300 ratepayers.


Lassen County ranches and businesses are paying TOO MUCH for electricity

You want your rates lowered, pick up your phone and

call 257-4174

Call these Board members at home, write letters demanding the rates be lowered.

        Let's help poor LMUD with their problem......................


DYER MTN. OWNER, MR. CHOO & his cousin


Dyer Mountain

This man owes money to TOO MANY PEOPLE (millions and millions and millions)

Tax Liens up the kazoo?

Is this man just a player? Michael Choo and his cousin David buy property to use as leverage on money owed on other property to leverage money owed on "other" property....and our laws allow him to do this.




Dyer Mountain Resort...........highly unlikely now or in the future


February 5, 2010

LMUD General Manager continues to pay for food, lodging and travel expenses for Rocky Deal

Rocky Deal is not a LMUD Board member nor  is he an employee

Kinda looks really bad..............................kinda looks like a gift of public funds......kinda sorta...............


February 4, 2010

LMUD misleads public about involvement with UAMPS, a political organization in UtahUAMPS

 bogus,bogus, bogus


First, UAMPS does not sell power.

LMUD is disguising membership payments ($1,000-$4,000 monthly) as power purchases. LMUD's Controller, Bill Stewart, hid payments to NCPA the same way until KWH exposed his creative accounting.

 NCPA and UAMPS are similar energy projects, they don't exist.

LMUD Board members traveled extensively under the premise of these phony energy projects. Country Clubs and ski resorts were the destinations of these vacation/meetings. Often, the entire LMUD Board would go, LMUD Management and their attorney and friends. (Frank Cady paid for all of LMUD management and the Board to go to Colorado right before he was fired: Invenergy) This is fully documented by public records.


Second, why would any public entity financially support a Joint Powers Agreement unless there was  a potential of financial gain or plans of participating in the program.? ANSWER: they wouldn't.

This Utah company cannot raise money in Utah, why? Like the Boise Project Board of Controls in Idaho (Arrowrock scam), they have taken their show on the road in hopes of finding gullible idiots like the  maniacal Ego driven LMUD Board. Invenergy, Arrowrock, Resource 500.........there are so many to mention. bogus,bogus, bogus


LMUD fully intends to obligate LMUD ratepayers in this bogus project

General Manager, Ray Luhring is on the UAMPS Board and Jay Dow was put on the Joint Powers Agreement

public beware*public beware*public beware*public beware*public beware*public beware*public beware




























Lassen Municipal Utility District Wastes thousands of dollars on "NEW" website

The management at Lassen Municipal Utility District has changed/upgraded their website three times in the last ten years and it  still is dysfunctional. Take a look at the way it looks todayLMUDwebsite It has never been maintained and don't look for this new version to be maintained either. Try and find current minutes or current agendas.....ain't there and don't expect anything to change with the "NEW LOOK"

 It is just more wasted money and a poor management decision.




February 1, 2010

Lassen County Auditor Karen Fouch is not retiring

Fouch has done a more than an excellent job as Lassen County Auditor and in 2010 will run again for her office.


Susanville Councilperson Kurt Bonham announced last week that he will be running for Fouch's job. Considering he was elected for one term on the Susanville City Council and was only elected because of the support from Jim Chapman and the fact that he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the City of Susanville it is rather arrogant for Bonham to presume he is qualified for this high position. Maybe even absurd.............

Bonham has supported Frank Cady and the Nagels. This does not qualify him to run for anything.

Kan We Help will post Mr. Bonham's "political" history for the last ten years and it is not pretty. This history will include details of his involvement with Susanville's golf course, the creation of parcels for private profiteering and so much more.




Lassen County Supervisors settle

rape case of 5 year old for $865,000









































Federal Credit Card Reforms

Kick In February 22, 2010

Also, Credit Card companies cannot charge a fee for phone payments or on-line payments

Credit Card Companies raised their interest rates in anticipation of new federal regulations. Customers with very good credit also received these increases. Obviously there needs to be more regulations to protect the consumer from these obscene policies.


January 26, 2010


South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer stated on January 25, 2010:

"My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that." 

Hear Mr. Bauer: Link


Obviously, Mr. Bauer won't be sending any money to Haiti

Lt. Governor Andre Bauer

State House, First Floor

P.O. Box 142

Columbia, South Carolina 29202


South Carolina also owns Governor Sanford and Representative Joe Wilson


January 21, 2010

Lassen County Courts  HAVE ALWAYS BEEN  just a political tool

for the ambitious rich


Years of "only politics"

in Bradbury's courts Judge Bradbury

Years of "bias and prejudice

 in Lazard's court      Judge Lazard


Stephen Bradbury's last day, January 31, 2010  Bradbury meddles


January 13, 2010


Feather River Publishing owner, Mike Taborski issues

20/20/20 Challenge:  Spend $20.00 at local merchants, for the next 20 weeks and ask 20 of your friends to do the same.

Kan We Help would like to take this a step further. The BIG Bailed out Banks (Citibank and Wells Fargo are the worst of the worst) are not lending to local businesses and communities. Take your money out of these Big Bank Bullies and move all of your money to the *local banks and credit unions.

*U.S Bank,  Plumas Bank,  Tri County Bank,  Golden 1 Credit Union,  Lassen County Federal Credit Union