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Sierra Pacific/Renegy/HENRI,LLC/Nature Energies

Bio Mass Plant, Susanville CA


Susanville's Sierra Pacific Industries closed their doors in 2004 which left 150 employees out of work. This came at a time when the economy was crashing. Maybe it was the right time for Sierra Pacific, based in Redding California, to leave Lassen County, maybe not.



 November 29, 2010

Bio Mass Plant Sold


 July 18, 2010

Grease the Palm &

 You Can Do Business with the LMUD Board

Maybe Langston is not interested in luxury vacation meetings in Portland, Oregon

Calgary, Squaw Valley, Idaho, Utah, Colorado offered more...................



Sierra Pacific's clear cutting blight is visible to the eye over three counties.

Clear Cutting: Forest "BLIGHT"




On December 3, 2007, Renegy Holdings in Arizona announced that it had completed its acquisition of the closed Sierra Pacific 13 MW wood-fired plant, in Susanville, for $1.3 million dollars. On January 31, 2008, Renegy announced that it had also signed a Lease agreement for $750 per acre  with an option to purchase the 40 acres for $80,000 per acre. The purchase offer terminates on January 31, 2013.

Renegy planned to spend $12-$15 million dollars to renovate and reopen the Susanville plant.  According to a press release, Renegy estimated that the plant could be fully operational by the end of 2008.This plan was dependent on securing financing to refurbish the plant, securing operational and environmental permits and identifying and securing necessary fuel sources at a cost-effective rate, entering into a power Purchase agreement for the entire output. A tall order when this Arizona company was building the Snowflake White Mountain  24 MW wood fired plant near Snowflake, Arizona. This plant opened on June 10, 2008  Snowflake. The revenue from the Snowflake operation is estimated to be 8.5 cents per KW hour if the plant operates at 90% capacity, 9.5 cents per KWH at 80% capacity. 75% of the Snowflake plant's energy will come from forest thinning.

Renegy is  a "green energy" company based in Tempe Arizona (www.Renegy.com). This company is focused on becoming the leader in biomass electricity in North America.

Bob Worsley, Chairman & CEO of Renegy stated on 2/13/08;

"Preliminary results of our studies indicate that a sufficient supply of wood waste fuel may exist in the Susanville area, and as such, we intend to restart the plant in its current location. We are currently in discussions with a local forest products and timber company for the supply of wood waste. We are in discussion with government agencies, local green waste sites and other parties relating to long term forest thinning and other contracts that may enable us to secure additional fuel."

Renegy began discussions with two local utility companies in 2008 for a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the entire output but has not yet obtained any Agreements.


SPI assigned the Interconnection Agreement to Renegy. 

Sierra Pacific Industries and LMUD have a current and valid  "Interconnection Agreement".

The only "contacts" that LMUD has had with Renegy was in August of 2009 and December of 2009.

LMUD 8/25/09 minutes, Item 8, reflect a conference call with Renegy regarding a proposed biomass plant in Susanville. No details were given from these discussions.  Ray Luhring attended a meeting or made a conference call to Renegy later that year as reflected in LMUD's 12/22/09 minutes. These discussions included the capacity of PGE lines and LMUD possibly doing a System Impact Study (no mention of an Interconnection Study).

LMUD has never put the Renegy Biomass plant issue on any Agenda

No Ad Hoc committee was even discussed by the LMUD Board let alone formed, for Renegy, but LMUD receives $30,000 ?

[this has become more than a Brown Act Violation]


[LMUD has not agreed to accept the existing Interconnection Agreement as valid, but has agreed not to terminate the existing agreement until a new agreement is signed ? ]

So what exactly was the $30,000 really for?

NOTE: In May of 2008, LMUD discussed an Interconnection Agreement with Mr. Giblin from Invenergy. Mr. Giblin stated, "that the Interconnection Agreement requested from LMUD has no bearing on the project's approval, but the Agreement is needed to get the process started.  LMUD formed an Ad Hoc Committee to study this proposal. LMUD Directors Bowden and Dow served on this Invenergy Ad Hoc Committee. No Agreement has been signed to date.Invenergy




According to CAISO no new deliverability study is required since studies have been an annual event since 2006

On April 24, 1996, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) issued OATT (Open Access Transmission Tariff) which requires all public utility companies to provide open access transmission service on a comparable basis to the transmission service they provide themselves. FERC intention was to remove any obstacles to competition and to allow lower power costs to the Nation's electricity consumers. OATT requires all public utilities that own, control or operate facilities used for transmitting electricity in interstate commerce to file open access non-discriminatory transmission tariffs that contain minimum terms and conditions of non-discriminatory service and permits public utilities to seek recovery of legitimate and verifiable stranded costs.

Renegy files for Restructuring

On January 2, 2009, Renegy files for $12.3 million tax equity financing in exchange for a partial interest in the Snowflake biomass power plant. The company's restructuring called for significant cost cutting measures that required reducing corporate overhead, reducing business development until conditions improve. Renegy reduced their corporate size by 47%.

On January 21, 2009,"delists" from NASDAQ and cease SEC reporting

On October 22, 2009, Lassen County Tax Collector issues a Certificate of Delinquency of taxes for Renegy.

On February 16, 2010, Nature Energies announced at a public hearing that they have entered into a Joint Venture with the "old Renegy Corporation". Nature Energies, Inc. discussed reactivating Title 5 for the Sierra Pacific biomass plant in Susanville and announces that they continue to work with Lassen Municipal Utility District.

Nature Energies is an enigma. This a European company that registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State on 11/14/08 as a Foreign Corporation. This company  was registered by CT Corporations and is listed as the "Agent". CT Corporation is a company that files the paperwork for new corporations or limited liability status. Nature Energies reports that it has four employees and an annual income of $120,000. It has offices at 100 S. 5th St. #1075, Minneapolis, MN 55402 and 2720 Superior Drive, #13, Rochester, MN 55901. 

CT Corporations are connected to NV Energy and other companies that are directly connected to Renegy/Nature Energies. 

On March 16, 2010, The Lassen County Air Board received a letter from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stating that the Susanville bio-mass plant meets the carbon monoxide emission standard of 250 ton per year and would not require a new permit.

On March 17, 2010, Nature Energies sent LMUD a $30,000 check for an alleged deposit to PGE. LMUD covered certain names on the letter that accompanied the check. The California Public Records Act has no provision that allows LMUD to cover up these names. On May 28, KWH asked Nature Energies,Christopher Moore to release an unredacted copy of this letter. After repeated requests, Nature Energies has ignored this request.






Bio-mass Waste

The traditional way and most economic way to dispose of wood ash from biomass plants is to dump it at local refuse sites.

There have been studies on using wood ash to control bad odor emissions.