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Langston, Nagel and Frank Cady intentionally hide $.05 rate increase in 11/27/07 Agenda

This iIlegal agenda approved by LMUD attorney Jaimee Richey-Jones

The new LMUD Board can not only reverse this recent unwarranted rate hike (effective December 2007) but void the Board action of the 2005 Power and Delivery Cost Mechanism that gave the General Manager the right to increase rates at will.

This action by the Board required a Resolution (which was never done) and has been abused by Frank Cady for two and a half years. He raised rates from $ .11 per KWH to $.135 in the 2 1/2 year period. None of these increases could be justified. Electric rates had been stabilized but LMUD expenses were out of control.

 The new Board must first fire Cady and then repair the damage that he has done.

Frank Cady gets away with this because he is accountable to no one