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 Will Wayne Langston appear on

the November 2006 ballot?


Will Wayne Langston appear on the

November 2010 ballot?


CPUC, Division 6 states that the candidate with the most votes wins. ALL LMUD CANDIDATES MUST BE ON THE BALLOT, EVEN IF THERE IS ONLY ONE CANDIDATE

Langston's  illegal appointment    

Langston was not a resident of the LMUD District when he was appointed and did not live in any LMUD District in 2002 legal opinionwhen LMUD had the Ward 3 election. That's why his mother-in-law, Theresa Nagel, did not put him on the 2002 ballot.  Langston moved into the LMUD District in 2003, after the LMUD election.


 Langston has never appeared on any LMUD ballot, ever.



Wayne Langston has never received a single vote at any LMUD election. At the time of his "appointment" (2000), he did not live within the LMUD District and did not qualify to sit on the LMUD Board. He lived within the PSREC utility District. 


The single only reason Langston sits on the LMUD Board today is that his mother-in-law, Theresa Nagel, was the Election Officer during all of LMUD's elections. 

Theresa Nagel also allowed her husband, Fred,  to run for a LMUD Director. Fred and Theresa Nagel do not reside within the LMUD District. 

They are also PSREC customers. Fred Nagel sits on the LMUD Board illegally.......but this is Lassen County....the "never sweat" an election when your wife or mother-in-law counts the votes.




Wayne Langston charges ratepayers for e-mails

They have no ethics and lack any moral obligation to be fiscally responsible.  




Lassen County Times edits Spencer letter, censors another 

Langston Appointment      AG letter to Spencer, Burns,Nagel   

 Legal Opinion on LMUD March 5, 2002 election


Wayne Langston continues to hold LMUD position illegally. 

 In March of 2001, the LMUD Board decided to appoint a new member to the Board rather than hold a special election to replace Michael Deal. Wayne Langston was appointed to the LMUD Board to replace Michael Deal and was required to submit candidate papers for Ward 3 on the next LMUD election (March/2002). 

 The law does not allow an appointee to serve the remainder of a term of office, if the term has more than 90 days left of the term. The appointee must be elected at the next election. The next LMUD election was in March 2002.

Wayne Langston was required, by law to be on LMUD's next election (special, general or primary) , which was the March 2002 ballot. Langston never submitted an application to become a candidate for Ward 3, therefore his appointment simply expired. 

The Ward 3 seat continues to be challenged. 

Recall proponents attempted to recall Langston, but the petitions were refused by his mother-in-law, County Clerk Theresa Nagel. An appointee cannot be recalled anyway, but Nagel didn't bother to tell anyone that either. 

Nagel had somewhat of an obligation to inform both the recall group and Langston that Langston had to run for his appointed position in the next LMUD election on March 2002.   

The District avoided calling for an expensive special election for the Ward 3 vacancy because the Recall of the LMUD Directors had succeeded and was placed on the March 2002 ballot. Langston was required to submit candidate papers to run for Ward 3 LMUD Director for this election. 

This did not serve Theresa Nagels purpose, so Langston was allowed to serve the remainder of Michael Deal's term illegally.

CPUC, Division 6, requires LMUD Directors to receive votes. While Langston submitted a candidates application on the election following the March 2002 election,  he was never placed on the ballot, and received no votes. This was a decision by Theresa Nagel. Langston has never received any votes, ever. 

He serves illegally on the LMUD Board today. 

There is no vehicle in Lassen County to correct this and when it suits Theresa Nagel, she will do this again....and get away with it again. 

Theresa Nagel appears on the ballot, even when she is unopposed because she is required to receive votes. 

Why wasn't Langston's position, on the LMUD Board, handled above-board.......because he couldn't get elected, and the Nagels knew this. 






Old Irish proverb: Temper is one thing you can't get rid of by losing it

Wayne Langston lost his temper when a member of the public wanted to ask a question after an "unagendized" presentation by an insurance agent.  

Wayne Langston forgot he moved Action Item 5A (4) on the Agenda to the beginning of the meeting to accommodate an unagendized presentation by an insurance agent. 

Langston never announced to the public that there will be no public discussion prior to this presentation. Agenda Item 5A (4) allowed the public to comment. 

Jim Hayes, LMUD's insurance agent (Tennessee Valley Insurance) from Reno,  gave a presentation at the LMUD meeting and when he finished he asked if there were any questions.  

Wayne Langston and the Board asked questions and when the public wanted to ask the insurance agent a question, the response by Langston was that "We have enough experience between Bill, Evelene, our General Manager that we can answer your questions."  

This Board's policy has been that they DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC. Any presentation should be open to EVERYONE. 

Link Langston's statements 9/4/03

A member of the public raised their hand and was quickly gaveled.  After the presentation was completed, the same person wanted to ask one question.  Langston gaveled her and told her she would be thrown out of the meeting.  

The gentleman from the insurance company was kind enough to answer the question outside of the meeting.  Keri Richards told the insurance man not to talk with this person as he was leaving the meeting. 

The Question:  Does the new insurance policy cover "WRONGFUL ACTS BY THE BOARD".  The answer was YES.   The new policy is LMUD's General Liability Insurance. 

Langston clearly has an abusive nature (TAS; Toxic Anger Syndrome). Last year he subjected the public to a detailed description of how he beats his children. A KWH member put a stop to the conclusion of the story. Langston wanted to impress the public that "its his way or no way."   



1. For items not on this Agenda, and for "INFORMATION" items on this Agenda, comments shall be limited to 5 minutes per Speaker unless otherwise noted by the Chair. Langston is breaking his own rule. Speakers are allowed to speak on agenda items marked "INFORMATION". THE INCONSISTENCY IS CONSTANT. THE PUBLIC DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE RULES ARE FROM MEETING TO MEETING. 



The District Attorney told Frank Cady that LMUD must allow discussion during agenda items.  If anyone goes to jail, it should be Wayne Langston.  He steps on our constitutional rights. 

              Link  Robert Burns Letter to Frank Cady

LMUD illegal Rules   Link

A KWH member told Langston that Frank Cady has a letter from the District Attorney that says you can't do this. Langston blew up and rewrote the law

Link  The New Langston "Closed Meeting" Act

district attorney  burns tells  cady that he must allow public discussion DURING agenda items.


"I am left with the conclusion that whereas the section probably requires public comment during consideration of the item. I would not likely be able, as District Attorney, to enforce the provision by criminal prosecution. Nevertheless, I recommend that you do permit comment during the consideration of the item. I believe that, although meetings can be exceptionally contentious at times, a vigorous exchange of ideas and debate on the issues is proof of the success our democratic form of government"  Robert Burns Letter to Frank Cady

 Langston began gaveling and went into a very dangerous area.  He made a statement, in public, that Eileen Spencer goes around to meetings and disrupts every meeting that she goes to.   The exact quote will be on this website from the video tape.  Does this Board think that the "WRONGFUL ACTS BY THE BOARD" clause in their new insurance policy is going to protect them from willful acts of wrong doing?    Read the fine print people...................

Langston is not a LMUD ratepayer.  Langston has never been on any ballot and has never received a single vote from LMUD ratepayers.