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December 30, 2011

Kan We Help Files Brown Act Violation

Against the LMUD Board

Violationsviolation exhibits

They work so hard to tell their lies




December 28, 2011

Invenergy Claims LMUD Will Not Have to Pay for upgrades, but in 2009 Invenergy states they will not pay for any LMUD upgrades. Where is the truth? LMUD only tells lies. Invenergy

In 2009; "Matt Giblin, Invenergy's project manager for the Horse Lake Wind Farm, said the company would not make the major upgrades to LMUD's transmission system the company proposed in August 2008, including increasing the voltage on an existing transmission line and and adding a second transmission line over the mountains. Lassen County Times, 9/22/09

Invenergy states that they will be starting "free" upgrades to LMUD's system in January 2012 and will be completed in 2014

"The upgrades are expected to begin in January 2012 and be completed within six to eight months"







EMPTY PROMISES....................

In 2009; "Matt Giblin, Invenergy's project manager for the Horse Lake Wind Farm, said the company would not make the major upgrades to LMUD's transmission system the company proposed in August 2008, including increasing the voltage on an existing transmission line and and adding a second transmission line over the mountains. Lassen County Times, 9/22/09

To see entire article @ September 24, 2009 clink here Invenergy

Did Lassen Municipal Utility District acquire the Interconnection Agreement with Invenergy it solicited in 2008?


In January of 2009 the LMUD Board agreed to pay for a "Study" for Invenergy. The cost....$40,000 to $50,000. LMUD General Manager Luhring was told by   LMUD Director Nagel that Luhring could sign an agreement with Invenergy but added that they did not need to see it. Nagel does this so it never appears back on a LMUD Agenda and hopes that the public just forgets about it. Not a dime has been repaid to LMUD for this "Study"

On December 10, 2010 Kan We Help requested copies of all LMUD's "Interconnection Agreements".

LMUD stated that these Interconnection Agreements

 did not exist2010 PRA req


in order to "blackmail" old customers ?






























December 27, 2011

In any other County, LMUD Board Would Face Criminal Charges for Their Lambert Lane ShillLambert Lane

California Ralph M. Brown Act

Section 54959: Each member of a legislative body who attends a meeting of that legislative body where action is taken in violation of any provision of this chapter, and where the member intends to deprive the public of information to which the member knows or has reason to know the public is entitled under this chapter, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


The LMUD Board, Bill Stewart and Eugene Chittock knowingly and intentionally violated this section for many meetings.

They each willfully and intentionally  lied about the Lambert Lane purchase.

This LMUD Board spent over $400,000 without the publics knowledge on a NON EXISTENT PROJECT



December 23, 2011



Part III

Isn't interesting how LMUD spends your money?



LMUD records indicate that $204,986.23 was spent to install a new transformer at LMUD's Richmond Road Substation. This amount included the "rebuild" costs for this substation.  The February 23, 2010 LMUD Minutes indicate that the LMUD Board approved the purchase of "transformers and associated equipment" (LMUD Purchase Orders #2010022 and #2010023) and approved the General Manager to sign the Purchase Orders.

                            LMUD Minutes; February 23, 2010



LMUD has illegally redacted (covered up) the dates of these purchases but the earliest start date on the Richmond Road Substation  is July 1, 2010.  On July 1, 2010 $87,721.78  was posted for the Richmond Road substation transformer

Wayne Langston was the LMUD Board President, Bill Stewart was the LMUD Accountant and Richard Vial was the LMUD Treasurer at this time.


At the September 28, 2010 LMUD Regular meeting, LMUD President Wayne Langston announced that he witnessed the new transformer installed at LMUD's Richmond Road Substation on September 22, 2010.

LMUD Minutes: 9/28/10


Oddly, at this same meeting, David Folce asked the LMUD Board to allow General Manager Luhring to be allowed to approve purchase orders that exceed the $10,000 limit for two projects, Richmond Road and Millwood substations, that had been close to completion


This was an odd request due to the fact that most of the work at both of these substations were relatively completed. According to public records, only $19,153.47 was spent on the Millwood substation but this was over a long period of time (2/1/06 to 10/23/08). Also each of these purchases were all within the $10,000 limit of spending without the LMUD Boards approval.

What the public did not know is the LMUD Treasurer Richard Vial, Accountant Bill Stewart and General Manager Ray Luhring, on September 9, 2010 (three weeks before any LMUD Board meeting) had opened an illegal general ledger account for a project that did not exist.



According to LMUD records, the phantom Lambert Lane Project number was GT-0711. LMUD issued a Purchase Order (#20100099) on November 4, 2010 for $104.13 and an additional purchase of $5,877.98 for a NON EXISTENT LAMBERT LANE PROJECT. Both purchases were under the $10,000 imposed limit by the LMUD Board. LMUD paid for these with a wire transfer so they would not show up on their check register.

However, from November 10, 2010 to June 22, 2011 Bill Stewart posted $321,181.02 for 4 transformers under Project GT-0711, Lambert Lane. This LMUD purchase order (#20100140) now exceeds $358,000.

LMUD issued check #27551 for $96,538.44 on October 1, 2010 for a transformer under LMUD's Purchase Order #20100140, Lambert Lane substation. The latest check issued, check #29400, was issued by LMUD for $155,274.29 on June 30, 2011 for  a transformer for Lambert Lane.



LMUD lied to the public about the purchase of the Lambert Lane Property

What else are they hiding?


One Big Question: Where are the 4 Lambert Lane substation  $358,000 transformers


The July 27, 2010 LMUD Minutes, Agenda Item 8, reveals that LMUD purchased $78,000 of custom wire and did nothing with it.

What happened to this wire? This is inexcusable by itself, but to order 4 transformers at a cost of $358,000  makes you sit up and take notice





December 20, 2011

FACT: Lassen Municipal Utility, a public entity, repeatedly told the public that they were purchasing 6 acres on Lambert Lane

Why did they lie?    

Kan We Help will tell you "why"

Lambert Lane



December 16, 2011



LMUD Reacts to the Exposure

of the Lambert Lane Shill

Lambert Lane

1. LMUD intends to fire Jeri Kresge, Board Secretary,  when they should have fired Bill Stewart and David Folce and then all five Board members should resign

2. Threatens to file another frivolous lawsuit; against KWH's Secretarymore  lawsuits

PUBLIC NOTICE:  This is just the tip of the iceberg. Part III coming soon was easy to connect the dots, Chip, and you are right in the middle of it.



Eugene Chittock is trying to scare the public in order to cover his sorry ass. He allowed this.

[Hazel Campbell stated that shenever spoke with Eugene Chittock, ever. Hazel Campbell stated that she was not told that LMUD was only buying 6 of her 10 acres. Hazel Campbell stated on 12/16/11 that she signed the purchase contract for her  10 acres ].

 Bring it on, Chittock, Nagel and Stewart, bring it on




Part II

Fred Nagels son-in-law, Wayne Langston (served 9 years without ever being elected to the LMUD Board)

Wayne Langston was President of the LMUD Board when Bill Stewart opened the Lambert Lane Substation project account on September 9, 2010. No authorization to take this action was authorized by the LMUD Board. There was no authorization to spend a single dollar on the Lambert Lane Substation prior to September 9, 2010,yet it appears that $358,000 for material and labor expenses had been posted on a non-existent project.


At the September 28, 2010 LMUD meeting, the LMUD Minutes reflect that David Folce asked the LMUD Board, not the General Manager Ray Luhring, to allow Luhring to approve purchase orders exceeding the amount ($10,000) a General Manager could approve without Board approval. According to the LMUD Minutes, the LMUD Board approved the General Manager to sign purchase orders in excess of $10,000 ONLY FOR THE RICHMOND AND MILLWOOD SUBSTATIONS.

This was not an unusual practice for the LMUD Board to abrogate their fiscal responsibility to the General Manager. At the February 23, 2010 meeting, David Folce asked the LMUD Board to let the General Manager sign two purchase orders that exceeded $10,000. This again was not an open authority to allow the General Manager to sign "all" purchase orders exceeding the $10,000 limit.

However, at the November 29, 2011 meeting the LMUD Board authorized the General Manager/Bookkeeper Bill Stewart to sign invoices up to $100,000 associated with the construction of the Lambert Lane Substation in Standish. A non-existent project.


You can find the FIRST hint of a Lambert Lane Substation in LMUD's July 6, 2011 Minutes. The Minutes state that during the latest LMUD bus tour, David Folce mentions "moving the substation in Standish".

LMUD Standish Substation, 4 miles from the Lambert Lane property                         


The Lambert Lane Substation first appeared on a LMUD Agenda on August 23, 2011 but was deleted prior to the meeting. The September 27, 2011 LMUD Agenda placed the purchase of the Lambert Lane property APN 119-280-12-11, owned by an elderly widow Hazel Campbell. The LMUD Minutes state that LMUD intended to purchase only 6 acres for $20,000. The parcel is a flat undivided 10 acres.

The Lambert Lane property owned by Hazel Campbell. Four miles from LMUD's Standish Substation.                               



Also mentioned, in the closed session decision to purchase this property, was a concern by Fred Nagel about BRINGING IN FILL DIRT PRIOR TO THE PURCHASE


At the November 29, 2011 LMUD meeting, Agenda Item 10 authorized General Manager/Bookkeeper Bill Stewart to sign the purchase agreement with Hazel Campbell of Sacramento.

At the November 29, 2011 LMUD meeting, Agenda Item 11 authorized General Manager/Bookkeeper Bill Stewart to sign invoices up to $100,000 without Board approval for expenses associated with the Lambert Lane Substation.







In July/2011 David Folce stated that the Standish substation would be "moved".


The LMUD Budget (July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012) states that "rebuilding" (?) the Standish substation will cost $145,000.

On December 6, 2011, Mr. Folce announced that the cost to BUILD the Lambert Lane Substation will be $1.2 million dollars.


The LMUD Standish Substation sits at Hwy. 395 and County Road 301, just a few miles from the Lambert Lane property 



December 13, 2011


 Lambert Lane

Part 1

LMUD's General Manager/Bookkeeper, Bill Stewart, is attempting [with Eugene Chittock's and the  full LMUD Boards approval] to purchase 6 acres from an elderly widow, Hazel Campbell of Sacramento. The only problem is that Hazel Campbell thinks she is selling 10 acres for $20,000. 

LMUD, on September 9, 2010 set up a General Ledger account for the Lambert Lane substation and has posted $358,000 of expenses on land they did not own.

This 10 acre parcel is not divided into a 6 acre parcel and a 4 acre parcel. Mrs. Campbell stated to Kan We Help that she has no intention of selling 6 of the 10 acres to LMUD. After checking with Lassen County, Kan We Help found no request by Mrs. Campbell to subdivide her property.

Kan We Help requested copies of the billing from LMUD for Eugene Chittocks time. LMUD lists Eugene Chittock as the "Lead Negotiator" in their Minutes. LMUD has stated that this billing does not exist. Kan We Help has found out why this legal billing does not exist.  Hazel Campbell stated on December 12, 2011 that she has only spoken with an employee of LMUD, Kelly Holmes.


Hazel Campbell has not signed any contract to sell her property to  LMUD

LMUD's Service Planner, Kelly Holmes was directed by Eugene Chittock to obtain a signed form enabling LMUD to act as OWNER/AGENT for this elderly widow.  Mrs. Campbell signed this form on October 10, 2011 and was told that LMUD would pay for any improvements to the property prior to LMUD purchasing the 10 acres. Mrs. Campbell stated that she never agreed to sell only 6 acres.

Kelly Holmes was then instructed, on October 14, 2011 to take out a Grading Permit on Mrs. Campbell's property. The cost of this permit was $344.25 but LMUD claims that they issued no such payment. The permit that Kelly Homes filed for the grading states that he believed the value of this property was $65,000.

Also, LMUD secretly obtained a flood "Elevation Certificate" from former LMUD Director Vern Templeton. LMUD needed this certificate to bring in "fill dirt". There is a slough that runs on one side of Mrs. Campbell's property.


LMUD has been moving hazardous waste dirt around to different parcels in Lassen County. If LMUD intends to move this contaminated dirt on to Mrs. Campbell's "4 acres" will she be liable for any water contamination in the future?










Top of photo: Five Dot Ranch

Slough that borders the southern perimeter of Campbell's property




Those legally responsible for this:

Jerri Kresge-Board Secretary

Kelly Holmes-Service Planner

and of course the terminally corrupt LMUD Board & Management




December 12, 2011



December 10, 2011




November 29, 2011

LMUD Passes on  One Cent Rate Reduction for Ratepayers Due to Multimillion Dollar Legal Problems


The Big Stink


The LMUD General  Manager Bill Stewart failed to place the newest multi-million dollar lawsuit [filed on September 16, 2011]against LMUD on the September 27, 2011 Board meeting agenda.

Bill Stewart made the choice to violate the Brown Act on 9/27/11 Brown Act Violation rather than acknowledge that they had received the Amedee lawsuit filed on 9/16/11.

LMUD received the $1.5 million dollar Amedee "claim" on 8/15/11Amedee Claim, the Amedee lawsuit on 9/19/11 Amedee v LMUDand then did their Rope-a-Dope on 9/27/11 to deny Amedee's "claim"   after LMUD had already received  the Amedee lawsuit. 

Is LMUD's attorney, Eugene Chittock the most ROTTEN General Counsel in LMUD's history?


Amedee Geothermal Venture Files Multi-million dollar lawsuit against a very poorly run and corrupt utility Amedee v LMUD


The incompetent LMUD Board has put themselves in a corner. They have no qualified General Manager and a boat load of lawsuits because of it



This incident occurred in February 2011.

David Folce left in February 2011.

Ray Luhring left LMUD in March 2011

1988 Agreement



November 21, 2011

Resolutions --------No Resolutions

There has never been a question that the LMUD Board, General Counsels, and the LMUD Management knows how to put a proper and legal Agenda together. The question is WHY DON'T THEY PUT A LEGAL AND PROPER AGENDA TOGETHER.

Over the past ten years, LMUD has twisted the law so badly because they could.

The abusive use of phantom resolutions, no resolutions, and inconsistent use of resolutions has been astounding to say the least.

Take a look at their most recent IRREGULARITY.

LMUD held a "Special Meeting" on March 25, 2011 to RE-SIGN BANK CARDS because Bill Stewart was their new General Manager after Ray Luhring suddenly was fired .


LMUD held a "Special Meeting" on April 5, 2011 to negotiate a contract for Bill Stewart


LMUD puts an agenda item on their October 25, 2011 Agenda that states they want to pass RESOLUTION 2011-07 to RE-SIGN BANK CARDSby the General Manager when it was done on March 25, 2011.

So much for the Board's decision to advertise for a Qualified General Manager



At the October 25, 2011 meeting, LMUD also created a closed session phantom resolution under the guise of their  closed session evaluation of Bill Stewarts performance AS GENERAL MANAGER, to hire a NEW accounting manager.  A copy of this NO NUMBER PHANTOM resolution was not in the Board packet for review and discussion by the public. The LMUD Board knows that they cannot do this in closed session. It appears,  even after being warned about hiring Bill Stewart in closed session, they just do not care to follow the law. LMUD's attorney, Eugene Chittock, could have done the right thing, but he failed again  to do so ?



November 20, 2011




ONE huge problem, Bill Stewart doesn't qualify under CPUC rules to be a "general manager"

NOTE: In 2008, Ray Luhring was hired as LMUD's General Manager to replace  their fired General Manager/General Counsel Frank Cady and then was fired himself  in March of 2011. Bill Stewart, LMUD's "Mr. Poof" accountant, was appointed General Manager while he remained LMUD's accountant. 


LMUD Boards have a history of hiring and firing their General Managers often. When Ray Luhring was fired in March of 2011, this publicly elected board moved their accountant, Mr. Poof, in as their General Manager and Accountant.  The rules governing this public utility clearly does not allow this. LMUD can combine two positions but they cannot allow one person to hold two offices [a tiny tiny issue of obvious conflict].  Kan We Help filed several complaints with this public utility.

Also, Mr. Stewart is not qualified.

Folce quit  on January 21, 2011, only to be rehired after the General Manager Luhring was fired. David Folce would be more than qualified to be LMUD's next General Manager.


Bill Stewart's only qualification: he will KEEP THE SECRETS AND HE WILL BREAK ALL OF THE RULES UP TO THE POINT OF GOING TO JAIL. Examples:  Stewart issued a $65,000 check for the purchase of  a worthless  piece of land, had LMUD Director Fred Nagel sign it and then their general counsel Chittock convinces LMUD to file a lawsuit claiming that the LMUD Board did not authorize the purchase; Stewart continues to buy (ATT) worthless contaminated property; the highly questionable purchase of 6 acres of a 10 acre parcel; changing accounting numbers to hide board expenses.  The list goes back to his hiring date.




Another Dirty Brown Act Violation?

LMUD deliberately continues to create phantom resolutions in closed session.  At their October 25, 2011 meeting, a phantom resolution was created in "closed session" to HIRE AN UNQUALIFIED EMPLOYEE AS GENERAL MANAGER, which is still illegal and violates the Open Meeting Act

{Why wasn't Bill Stewart considered to be GM when they fired Frank Cady?}

Eugene Chittock, LMUD's new general counsel, is fully supporting LMUD's law breaking. Why...... like his predecessor Cady, increased fees.

These mis-management policies have cost the ratepayers millions of dollars The result......LMUD electric rates will remain high.



LMUD's Accountant Bill Stewart was paid $117,000 a year

In today's economy, let's all watch what these "publicly elected" board members give MR. POOF, Bill Stewart, to keep the secrets.


November 11, 2011



How strange language can be.

You can use 4 words that can change the world: DO THE RIGHT THING

You can use 3 words that can change lives: HONOR OUR VETERANS

You can use 2 words that can make a difference: THANK YOU

You can use 1 word that can destroy:  GREED


"When we, as a community turn our heads and lower our eyes to abuse and corruption, we exist in a temporary world", anonymous Penn State student

November 4, 2011

Lassen Municipal Utility District

Lawsuit Updates:

The LMUD Board has refused to release any information on all of their lawsuits

Federal Lawsuit Trial Date Set for:

April 22, 2013 @9:00 AM

[Can anyone imagine how much money is going to be wasted on legal fees for this $65,000 secret boondoggle purchase by LMUD?]Bad land purchase


Federal Lawsuit Trial Against LMUD Moved to February 25, 2012Harassment



November 1, 2011





More bogus than Arrowrock

LMUD has never been honest and never will, about this scam

or any of their scams in the last 11 years


Does LMUD have the longest history of bogus projects and studies of any other utility, anywhere?



October 27, 2011

Lassen Municipal Utility District Up to Its Old Tricks

Rope A Dope (the ratepayers)



Dirty Brown Act

The LMUD Board does not even bother  to agendize  Resolution 2011-06, even though they admit that the Board received this claim on August 15, 2011 and decided not to include it on their August 23, 2011 Agenda.


Resolution 2011-06 just happens to be a $1.5 million dollar liability that needed to be hidden.

Stewart saw LMUD and Frank Cady do a similar stunt when they instituted the PDCA, which gave the General Manager authority to raise rates at will. The LMUD Board did a Rope-A-Dope one meeting with a "proposed"  $25 monthly service charge and the next meeting slipped in the PDCA without anyone even realizing what the Board had done. This action initially eliminated public hearings on rate increases.....which they knew to be illegal. .


Resolution 2011-06 was not on the Agenda.

No copy of Resolution 2011-06 was included in the public packet

The "topic" was included in the closed session agenda (14 C) but there was no mention of the $1.5 liability and no mention of Resolution 2011-06.

Heads must roll if this $1.5 million dollar mistake was the fault of this public utility


Resignations and indictments must happen if this is a scam

LMUD had to be very very careful with their Minutes for September 27, 2011. They were finessed and artfully written


October 24, 2011

"Kan We Help" was created by local citizens

in 2002 because

Lassen Municipal Utility District was Corrupt



1. The LMUD Board was close to bankruptcy in 2000 with an $8.2 million dollar mistake and covered it up with a phony hydroelectric project in Idaho.


2. Years later when KWH exposed the Arrowrock Scam, the LMUD Board falsified Minutes to make it appear that the Board had approved this scam.





3. The LMUD Board falsified Federal EPA forms to move illegal hazardous waste.




4. The LMUD Board misuses public funds to take expensive vacation meetings.




5. The LMUD Board fired attorneys and general managers and then bought their silence.




6. The LMUD Board purchases contaminated property illegally from friends of the board



7. The LMUD Board changes general ledger accounts to hide expenses  from the public






8. The LMUD Board spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on "PHONY" studies and then doesn't want to talk about it.





9. The LMUD Board holds public meetings without a quorum and when video taped, still denies it and changes the official minutes


10. The LMUD Board commits two Brown Act violations by acting on Resolutions NOT on the Agenda.

11. The LMUD Board hires and fires 10 General Managers in 11 years and to contain the corruption hires illegally their bookkeeper as general manager/bookkeeper, "Mr. Poof".  Why would a  legitimate public entity do this? 

12. Federal discrimination lawsuits costing hundreds of thousands dollars.

13. Conflicts of Interest allowed

14. Illegal meetings

...............just to name a few


Frank Cady, LMUD's original attorney, sent statements to Kan We Help for 8 years  that attempted intimidation. Some were incredibly crude. Then Cady faked the sale of his law practice to his law partner Jaimie Jones,in order to be LMUD's General Manager and Attorney. 


The LMUD Boards always believed that by paying a great deal of money to an attorney, any attorney, their misdeeds could be covered up.

Now, Eugene Chittock, LMUD's attorney believes by writing an insulting letter to Kan We Help, he can make LMUD's illegal acts somehow legitimate. The more he lets the LMUD break the law the higher fees he gets. You can't say he is stupid by following in Cady's footsteps.


You would think that Eugene "Chip" Chittock could have come up with something a little more original than "FRIVOLOUS"



Mr. Slick and Mr. Poof continue to practice "The LMUD Sleaze"



October 20, 2011

Fraud Case Against Judge Sokol 

Moves Forward

The lawsuit

Judge Sokol



October 17, 2011

LMUDLassen Municipal Utility District Loses Motion to Keep Jaimee Jones from being Deposed in Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual Harassment

Fired LMUD attorney Jaimee Jones will be deposed on October 19, 2011



October 8, 2011

Coming Soon.....Another Flagrant "Dirty"Brown Act Violation by the LMUD Board

The LMUD Board just doesn't get it.

The LMUD Board faxed their attorney a copy of Resolution 2011-06 on Monday, September 26, 2011, one day before their regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 27, 2011. So Eugene Chittock had an opportunity to advise the LMUD Board they could not act on this Resolution in closed session.




The LMUD Board AND BILL STEWART, then proceeded to act on this Resolution in closed session. The big problem, it wasn't on the LMUD September 27, 2011 Agenda.


LMUD's Energy Services and Compliance Specialist, Theresa   Phillips   was ordered to e-mail the Lassen County Times the following day to let them know the action taken by the Board in closed session.

You would think that the fact that the LMUD Board had authorized the purchase of more contaminated property (Viewland) ATT/Viewland

would have been the BIG NEWS, and it was. The fact that the LMUD Board had violated the Brown Act (California's Open Meeting Act) was even bigger news.

Kan We Help has filed yet another Brown Act Violation against the Lassen Municipal Utility District. This Board has ZERO respect for the law and has more than earned the distrust of the public.



October 6, 2011


Coming Soon........well within the next few months, years......?


 The Ross Store in Susanville, CA------sitting vacant for months


                    The Black Bear Restaurant in Susanville, CA.. a remodel ?


and coming soon, a NEW LMUD LAWSUIT...............

 At the September 27, 2011 regular LMUD meeting, the ever so smart (?) LMUD Board placed a $1.5 million claim from Amedee Geothermal Venture in CLOSED SESSION. This Limited Liability company has a "residential" office in Wendel (coincidentally Jay Dow and Fred Nagel's stomping grounds)and has a reported annual income of $500,000.  David Fairbank, from South Lake Tahoe, is listed as the Agent for this company.

Amedee Geothermal Venture I, Wendel, California


A Dirty Brown  Act Violation.................again?

LMUD took action on a secret Resolution in closed session.

This Resolution was not on the Agenda so the Board could not act on it in open session or closed session.

Eugene Chittock was present and let it happen.

Incompetent or just cadysleazy?


The  LMUD Board did not include a copy of Resolution 2011-06 in the Board packet released to the public on September 27, 2011.



Hey Oly, do you smell something really bad?                                                                                                              


October 5, 2011

LMUD Approves Former LMUD Director Woods Claim For Damages?

Former LMUD Director Darrell Wood allowed LMUD trucks to stream across that bridge when he was on the LMUD Board. Why? Now he wants to be paid $5,292.46 for replacing "one" board on this bridge. LMUD initially denied the claim, then offered the Woods $1,000 for the "one" board, then approved $2,634.58 for this "one" board. 


Bill Stewart was very much apart of the scams LMUD was involved with. Stewart knew the LMUD trucks were being sent to Woods property, over and over and over.  $2,634.58 is getting off pretty cheap for Woods silence.

Some believe that Wood was receiving "free" work on his property while he was a Director. This was not uncommon when Frank Cady was LMUD's attorney/General Manager. Was Woods positioning himself to get the wind towers on his property when the LMUD/Invenergy scam Invenergy scamwas in full swing. 


Bill Stewart

What an ugly thought



Illegal purchaseBill Stewart was very much apart of buying the contaminated property on Chestnut from Nagels friend Beterbide. 

ContaminationBill Stewart is very much apart of the ATT contaminated property that LMUD wants to purchase

ContaminationBill Stewart was very much apart of the illegal transportation of the PCB.

Illegal purchaseBill Stewart was very much apart of the purchase of the Kinross property now in litigation.

LMUD's 10th Manager in 10 problems here?


In fact, Bill Stewart knows all of the skeletons in LMUD's closet.  He has been rewarded by allowing him to hide everything now. Bill Stewart can not legally be the General Manager of LMUD and also be in charge of the money (Controller).. No business, public or private, would have allowed this.


All "Deals" should be closely looked at. LMUD has been involved with so many scams and phony studies that have cost the LMUD ratepayers millions of dollars.

There should be NO TRUST

LMUD has always been terminally corrupt

September 22, 2011


Federal Harassment Case 10 cv 00286  lawsuit


Lassen Municipal Utility District has a long history of corruption, scandals and mis-management


LMUD continues to hire more attorneys from the Downey Brand law firm to stop the deposition of Jamie Jones. Jones, aka  Richey, was Frank Cady's law partner. When scandals left the public utility without a General Manager, Jones and Cady contrived to fake a sale of their partnership  Cady/Jonesand the building owned by Judge Bradbury, Frank Cady and US Magistrate Craig Kellison Bradbury in order for Frank Cady to become General Manager of LMUD and his law partner to become LMUD's General Counsel. Years earlier, Bradbury, Cady and Kellison had been in business together in a secret real estate company called BKC. BKC

Now, the plaintiffs want to depose attorney Jamie Jones about her conversations with employees and Frank Cady. Both Frank Cady and Jamie Jones were fired by the three newly appointed Board of Directors.  Three LMUD Directors had resigned rather than face another Cady and Jones scandal.

LMUD paid out over $700,000 for another federal harassment case in 2009. That amount did not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal feeslawsuit



More attorneys, more wasted money for the ratepayers supporting this corrupt public utility


September 21, 2011

Great words of wisdom:

Social Security by Sam Williams

September 20, 2011

"So talk about changing the programs all you want,

but if you mess with that agreement between the government

and us working folks, your days in office are numbered.

Go on, have your fun. Charge up the big whoop crowd.

When you're done, if you disrupt this deal our country has made with

the people,

y'all will fry faster than a wayward June bug hitting a barbecue grill on a sultry

July afternoon.

Social Security and Medicare are still the third rail"



September 19, 2011

What has your local Billionaire done for you lately?

.....ask your self:

1. If their taxes were raised would they have to give up their private Jet?


Would you have to give up your private  Jet ?


2. If their taxes were raised would they have to sell one of their 8 houses?.



Would you have to give up one of your 8 houses?

3. If their taxes were raised 2% would they have to sell their yacht?

Would you have to sell your yacht?



September 16, 2011

46.2 million Americans Live Below the Poverty Level

14 Million Americans are without Jobs

and 38 Racist Senators are on record as putting politics before country

Vowing to do nothing except get rid of our black President (Senator Mitch McConnell is the leader of this cause)



The remaining racists in the House of Representatives will also be posted. These people are very proud of their persuasion



September 14, 2011

"We have many rights you are born with that are not granted by government:

the right to bear arms to protect yourself, the right to raise your family or to meet with persons of your choosing; inalienable rights."


Second Amendment



4th District Congressman stated this at a Chester town meeting

Brains were checked at the door and crayons were passed out


National Shame

38 Senate Republicans Vote No for Disaster Relief for Hurricane Irene Victims

10 are from the disaster areas ?

This goes to the House and 4th District Tom McClintock and Wally Herger have been told to Vote No

We won't take care of our own, that's the Republican mantra



September 13, 2011

The self funding Social Security and Medicare Programs Contribute ZERO to the Debt


Payroll Deductions (matched by employers):

Social Security deduction is 6.2% of gross earnings

Medicare deduction is 1.45% of gross earnings

The American Jobs Act will eliminate the matching employer contribution when they hire new employees

Since the origination of Social Security in 1935, history shows that the Republican Party has had a contempt for this social safety net for our seniors.  The only thing that threatens future recipients of their benefits would be reducing the work force. In other words PUT MORE PEOPLE OUT OF WORK. Less payroll deductions, less going into the Social Security Trust fund.

Congress has an 18% approval rating. Where's the shame?


Corporations did not vote these politicians in office, we did



September 11, 2011


Rest in Peace

2983 in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania

Over 6,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11/01




September 10, 2011

American Jobs Act

ItCall or Write your representatives in Congress and let them know how you feel. This legislation is for us.

September 8, 2011

4th  District Congressman Tom McClintock Will Not


Boycott President Obama


the Joint Session of Congress Today


Remember our Black President, Lassen County???

He has asked the Republicans to pass the American Jobs Act for the American people

The Republicans SAY NO




September 7, 2011

 Lassen County Curse: Corruption

There isn't any corner of Lassen County that isn't "political". That part is perfectly normal in a civilized community. Corruption is an unfortunate part of a civilized community.

Lassen County has been cursed with more than a normal dose. You can't totally blame the corruption on these career politicians. The community has to take a certain amount of this blame. They allow it.  They vote self-serving people in and they can, if they are motivated, vote them out.

no tears for Chapman, Hanson and Pyle


no tears for Lazard, Bradbury and Sokol

Commission on Judicial Performance:

Since 1965 the CJP has removed 24 judges, Censured 48 , 17 Reprovals, 66 Admonishments and 1 uncontested involuntary retirement

Find California judges public discipline and removal:




Lazard's bias and prejudices ran deep


Judge Ridgely Lazard's Disqualification

Public Defender Healy exposes Judge Lazard


Lazard, "I got rid of those Southern California liberals"

Lazard, "I got rid of Toni Healy because she wanted to change the way we do things"



August 23, 2011

No Surprise Public Defender leaving. Some things never change




Stephen Bradbury, Lassen County Superior Court Judge, quits

Corruption in Lassen County Courts



no tears for Cady, Langston, Woods and the Nagels

Lassen Municipal Utility District



September 2, 2011

 Life in Lassen County Under the Republicans


"Let them eat cake"

Cut government spending

Close the prisons

relocation of residents out of work, school closures, closed businesses,

Close the forests

relocation of residents out of work, school closures, closed businesses,

Close the Sierra Army Depot

relocation of residents out of work, school closures, closed businesses,

Close the Department of Agriculture

Close the Department of Interior

Close the Bureau of Land Management

Close the Environmental Protection Agency

Close the Consumer Protection Agency

Close all state inspection stations for agriculture

Close FEMA

Cut Medicare

Cut and eliminate Social Security

If none of the above touches you, don't worry.


Eight Months of little or no work from the Republican House of Representatives. Tom McClintock has DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He took our vote and found a chair to sit in for another two years. 



August 31, 2011

4th District Congressman Tom McClintock

has NO POSITION on continuing  to fund FEMA

God help us if California should have a major earthquake, fire or flooding tomorrow.

Wally Herger's office will tell you they will get back to you. They have not received their marching orders from Virginia Congressman Cantor yet because Cantor hasn't received his orders from the Lobbyists that own him and the Republican party

August 30, 2011

Why are there 21 major Religions in the United States?

Why are there 50 political Parties in the United States?

The Republican Party was formed in 1854

The Democratic Party was formed in 1828




August 25, 2011

Lassen County Citizens Have Waited Long Enough

Lassen County government has been like a giant stinky onion for many decades

In the last 8 years, layer by layer everything wrong with Lassen County government is being exposed and fixed.  This means some must go and some must stay.


Career politicians in Lassen County have an opportunity to "help" the people or "help" themselves.

Only a handful have demonstrated that they are there for public service only:  Karen Fouch, Richard Egan,  stand out.  That leaves out a whole bunch of people in Lassen County that sit on Boards and Councils that have proven year after year that they are in it for "THINGS" that benefit themselves or their friends.


The Lassen County Times, with it's present Editor, "can" contribute to the changes if information and facts are not suppressed.

news  Flash:  

County and City officials hold non-partisan positions. For the Editor to make a statement "Politically, Lassen County should still be represented by conservatives in the Republican Party...." shows how biased her paper really is. The Editor is well known for her extreme far right religious beliefs and it is unfortunate that they permeate the Lassen County Times.

The Editor seems to be for these "wing-nuts" until they effect her. She lives on a government paycheck and government health insurance and will be able to greatly benefit even further with the Health Care Reform. The Federal health care plan that the Editor loves is called "single payer".  A lack of understanding of the federal program and misinformation spread by the Republicans is why it could not be offered.   (Those that hold a "racial"  prejudice against our first Black President call it Obamacare)


The Lassen County Board of Supervisors needed a shake-up. They have lost sight of "who" they represent. These career politicians have had years, some decades, to "fix" things but continue to just help themselves and  "their" friends. Bertotti/Hanson

At one of the early Dyer Mountain Meetings in Westwood,  Bob Pyle stated that they use the "closed sessions" before the public meeting to decide how they will vote on agenda items. That's just f_ _ _ing wrong and illegal.


The Lassen County Superior Court needs and will have another shake-up.  Judge LazardJudge SokolJudge Bradbury. Lassen County Judges have always been politically motivated with selective justice.  Judge Verderosa is a breath of fresh air. Let's hope that her "air" doesn't change. Judges serve an 8 year term.

The Susanville City Council is totally ineffective because they are self-serving and do not even have staff that is qualified to run a city. The corruptionBonham, turmoil and mass exits have really hurt this city government. Gallagher



The Lassen Municipal Utility District will continue to be terminally corrupt because there is no accountability and it attracts only those that want to be in that environment.  LMUD



August 24, 2011

Check-your-brain-at-the-door Tom McClintock OUT,

Local boy, Wally Herger IN....? will he run?

Born May 20, 1945, Yuba City, CA



Two terms was two terms too many for Tom McClintockMcClintock


McClintock, a 4 year Congressman, that never lived within his district, will not get the Congressional $67,000 retirement pension at age 62




August 17, 2011

"Interim" Lassen County CAO,

County Counsel Rick Crabtree, steps aside for new "Interim" Lassen County CAO John Blacklock


Other County's Castoff's Always seem to Gravitate to Lassen County.

....we get the bottom of the barrel and wonder why our government here is in this mess  Bertotti/Hanson  Hanson

It could be a lot worse, we could have one person running two positions.  Noooooooooooo. That wouldn't be a good idea.




August 16, 2011

Bertotti gets $19,101 in "HUSH" money ?

In Lassen County you give hush money when you have to get rid of someone that has first hand knowledge.

Payoffs for Silence: Frank Cady of the LMUD ilk, was paid $150,000, Evelyn Twitchell, of LMUD ilk , was paid over $100,000, Ray Luhring of LMUD ilk was paid $26,000


Joe BertottiJoe BertottiJoe Bertotti

He resigned. That means he QUIT !!!!!!! phony "severance"




August 12, 2011



Bertotti Forced to Resign

Controversy Now:  How to keep him on the payroll 

Between Supervisor Chapman's Brother-in-law, Doug Sayers, on the Susanville City Council and Supervisor Jack Hanson, Bertotti's brother-in-law, they will find a way

Joe Bertotti

Lassen County Economic Development Department

Director Joe Bertotti



August 3, 2011

Reality Check ?

Lassen County Board of Supervisors

2008 Election-699 votes were cast to elect Jim Chapman

2008 Election- 763 votes were cast to elect Bob Pyle

2006 Election-776 votes were cast to elect Jack Hanson


2010 Election- 908 votes were cast to elect Larry Wosick


August 2, 2011

It was so hot that I saw a dog chasing a cat, and they were both walking




How long can you hide a rotten fish?

July 28, 2011

Stewart Orders LMUD Minutes to be Falsified to try and cover up Brown Act Violation ?


Why can't LMUD's Accountant do the right thing?  Well, because he doesn't have to.


Stewart sat smugly at the July 6, 2011 LMUD "bus" meeting and said nothing when Bowden opened the meeting with two Board members and stated that the meeting would be reconvened on the bus.



The arrogance of Bill Stewart has never been more apparent. He learned all the tricks of the trade from Frank Cady, Fred Nagel and Wayne Langston and he works for a Board that insists on remaining LMUD CORRUPT.

LMUD has a long history of corruption, deceit and bad management. LMUD pages

Legally, he cannot be the Accountant AND THE GENERAL MANAGER. Stewart is not even "qualified" to be the General Manager. CPUC 11927But he knows that and so does Eugene Chittock.   

CPUC Division 6, which governs this small utility, states that the Board can make two offices into one but one person cannot hold these "two" offices.  CPUC 11934




July 27, 2011


July 6, 2011    MEETING MINUTES twice

Nothing short of jail would make this LMUD Board tell the truth about anything

This Board may be the sleaziest Board in the County

Where's the Shame? The intentional violation of the Brown Act wasn't bad enough, they had to falsify the minutes too.



Fred Nagel and Bud Bowden know they are above the law



LMUD Director Richard Vial came in at 10:13 AM. If the meeting was adjourned at 10:04 AM, he could not have seconded Fred Nagel's motion and would have been ABSENT.

When does the deceit stop?


At 10:14 AM this LMUD meeting was still in session

Liars All..................................




More lies can't fix this. The meeting was caught on camera with a date and time stamp.

This may be the most DISHONEST BOARD IN THE County STATE ?


"Back Out" of a Land Deal 



July 25, 2011

 Trial Date Set for LMUD's Lawsuit to 



LMUD v Hayden Hill

Bill Stewart issued this check prior to the signing of the contract. PSREC customer Nagel signed the check.

This purchase was approved in an illegal LMUD "closed"  session. IT WAS AND IS A VALID CONTRACT

Hayden Hill Purchase Agreement

Page 2: "the district desires to purchase and acquire ownership of the improvements and is willing to assume such obligations and liabilities as provided in this Agreement"

LMUD Contract



TRIAL SET FOR 9:00 AM, APRIL 22, 2013


Federal Judge Brennan will hold a settlement conference, on September 22, 2011 at 10:00 AM.



LMUD Refuses to Answer Interrogatory's in the Sexual Harassment lawsuit filed against the LMUD Board and Management

 August 11, 2011 Sanctions Hearing against LMUD ordered


Former LMUD attorney Craig Kellison assigned Sanction Hearing and recuses himself



July 19, 2011

Lassen County Supervisor Wosick says

He didn't sign up for this job because he needed four more friends

Supervisor Wosick now supports a Recall Movement to Kick

Supervisor Jack Hanson Bertotti

and Jim ChapmanBonham


AND NOT RE-ELECT Supervisor Bob Pyle



Differences arose after CAO Tom Stone was fired for whistle blowing the mis-handling of Economic Development funds by Jack Hanson's brother-in-law Joe Bertotti. This department was basically turned into a slush fund.

If you are a shit-disturber in Lassen County you can kiss your job good-bye


stand up to the OLD WAYS



July 18, 2011

Lassen County Tea Party

Thou shalt not kill.....unless it is a right wing crazy  ideology



"Don't Retreat, Reload

Take our country back? From whom?



Anyone want to guess how many murders and gun related incidents in Lassen County in 2011?



July 13, 2011

Newly hired ( November 2010)

Lassen County Chief Administrative Officer

Tom StoneBertotti

 FIRED today.


County Counsel Crabtree Gets Job



Lassen County Counsel Crabtree got in to the mess with the Dyer Mountain issues

 rude, crude and socially unacceptable  ?

CAO Stone stepped on Chapman, Hanson and Pyles toes when he exposed Hanson's brother-in-laws mis-handling of the Economic Development funds. Bertotti



(Left to Right)  Jim Chapman, Jack Hanson, Bob Pyle



Eugene Chittock Profits by "Letting" LMUD Board Break the Law...where in the world could he have gotten that idea?

When will Eugene Chittock surpass 

 Frank Cady's LMUD history?

......maybe he already has ?  Frank Cady


July 12, 2011

Lassen County Board of Supervisors Believe in a Quorum


Lassen County Board of Supervisor Chairman, Jim Chapman sounded confused when asked what a quorum means.

Supervisor Jim Chapman was asked during Public Comment what the word "quorum" means. Chapman responded that on a five member board it means that three members of the board need to be present for the meeting to convene.

Chapman was then asked if a public meeting could be convened with two members present. Before he could answer County Counsel Crabtree interrupted and said that this question should be directed to him and that the Public Comment section of the Agenda is reserved for comments. (Rules: All questions and comments must be directed to the Chairman of the Board)

  Crabtree knows or should have known that Public Comments can be anything within the jurisdiction of the County. 




Supervisor Chapman then answered that a public meeting cannot convene with two board members present.

Neither Supervisor Jack Hanson or Lassen County Times News Editor, Sam Williams witnessed the Brown Act Violation when Fred Nagel and Bud Bowden convened the  public meeting with only two board members present. Both Hanson and Williams boarded the LMUD "Bus Meeting" on July 6, 2011 after the " Bus Meeting" was reconvened. It did not matter if Fred Nagel, Bud Bowden or Richard Vial took action on any item or not. The public did not have access to this meeting from 10:30 to 4:00 PM. 

The Meeting Minutes for this illegal meeting will be interesting to say the least.




July 8, 2011

Kan We Help Files Brown Act Violation with Lassen County District Attorney Against LMUDNagel and Bowden convene public meeting without a quorum



July 7, 2011


This arrogant LMUD Board believes that it is above the law

This arrogant LMUD Board is terminally corrupt. That will never changeLMUD

Fred Nagel coaches Bud Bowden to convene LMUD meeting with only two of the three Board members needed for a legal public meeting


July 6, 2011

No Surprise

LMUD Board's Flagrant Disregard of the Open Meeting Law

Bowden Opens Public Meeting without A Quorum

After Eugene Chittock okays the Board to disregard of the Brown Act, Fred Nagel coaches LMUD President Bud Bowden  to open a "public meeting" without a quorum. It takes three Board members to open a LMUD meeting.

There was a legal Agenda posted that had five (5) items on the Agenda.  Bowden intentionally broke the law and  proceeded with the Agenda items when he KNEW IT WAS ILLEGAL TO DO SO.





 LMUD Director Vial arrived at 10:13 AM after the meeting convened and Bowden then announced that the meeting will be reconvened on the Bus.

This meeting was video taped by Kan We Help


(Left) PSREC Fred Nagel's Smug Arrogance and Constant Disregard for the Law


This is not the first time Nagel has held a meeting with only two Board members and it won't be the last


Kan We Help member Eileen Spencer told Mr. Bowden that he  must adjourn this meeting prior to getting on that bus with three or more Board members or Kan We Help will file a Brown Act Violation.  Bowden's response was that he would reconvene the meeting on the bus. Kan We Help will file another Brown Act against this corrupt Board that willfully breaks the law

The Bus was held up for Lassen County Board of Supervisor Jack Hanson. LMUD staff stated that they would pick up LMUD Director Jay Dow on the route.

This tour consisted of the LMUD Board members, LMUD Management and five or six friends and family of the LMUD Board and Management.



July 5, 2011

LMUD Board and Eugene Chittock know they cannot Hold a public meeting on a bus

.......but when did the LMUD Board or Chittock feel the need to comply with the law?




July 2, 2011

LMUD to Hold Special Meeting on July 6, 2011 ????

Let's see.......LMUD needs to hold a meeting at 10:00 AM (?)and the Facility Tour starts at 10:30 AM.?   Okay.......Why the need for a MEETING?

The meeting must be adjourned before the LMUD Board gets on that bus. Why?

Easy, it would be a flagrant Brown Act Violation.

The public must have access to "any" public meeting where a quorum (3) exists.

The LMUD Board has stated that only 20 people will be allowed to take this TOUR.........................




Ye old LMUD Board is fixin' to do some old fashion horse trading for property with special friends

June 16, 2011



Abuses with Lassen County Public Officials Just Rampant

The public does not tolerate these abuses by public officials but there is nothing they can do about it

               when the Lassen County District Attorney, Bob Burns, gives them a huge umbrella of protection .

No white collar crime will ever be prosecuted in Lassen County, ever

Susanville attempted to combine their City Attorney with their City Manager . That conflict didn't last long and then they tried having their City Manager act also as the Finance Manager. That  doesn't work either.  Porfiri actually requested that a Fireman be fired in order to support a failing public golf course. Golf Course

The Lassen Municipal Utility District allows the conflict of the Accountant/General Manager to give special benefits to LMUD Board Directors and Management. The corruption did not end with the firing of Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones.


The Herlong Public Utility District got into trouble when it allowed public property to be used for personal us.

and then there is the Lassen County Economic Development Department.........Joe Bertotti/Jack Hanson



June 13, 2011


6/14/11 @ 1:00 pm


June 10, 2011

Kan We Help Files "Conflict of Interest" Complaint

with LMUD and the Lassen County District Attorney



Bill Stewart signed FIVE (5) Easements for LMUD Director Jay Dow and ONE (1) for his close friend LMUD Office Manager Kerri Richards immediately after being appointed LMUD General Manager

Any action on executing a "Deed or grants conveying any interest in or easement upon real estate" must be passed via a Resolution at a public meeting by the LMUD Board. However, on May 26,1999, the LMUD Board signed Resolution 99-02 that gave the General Manager, "from time to time, as appropriate" to use Resolution 99-02


LMUD's General Manager Ray Luhring was told that his last day would be March 25, 2011. Did he refuse to process these easements behind closed doors and without the publics knowledge ?



Immediately, after Ray Luhring left, the LMUD Board appointed their bookkeeper, Bill Stewart, their General Manager and on April 15, 2011 Bill Stewart exercised the authority given the General Manager in Resolution 99-02.  Why ?


Fred Nagel and Kerri Richards would have been the "only" people that could have dug up this Resolution.

How many times have they invoked this Resolution for their own  benefit and the benefit of their friends ?



LMUD Directors Louis Templeton and Darrell Wood were recalled

Bill Stewart's actions could be a Brown Act Violation  Real Estate Rule

LMUD's Office Manager's 4/15/11 Easement ?



LMUD Director Jay Dow's  4/15/11 Easements ?

Number 1


Number 2


Number 3

Number 4

Number 5



June 1, 2011


what is that giant sucking sound ?


LMUD check to Chittock on 4/20/11: $13,425

LMUD check to Chittock on 5/9/11: $34,629.80 (Did Chittock give Bill Stewarts wife a big raise ?)

Bad legal advice leads to higher legal fees.............?





May 31, 2011

 LMUD Lowers Electric Rates

for Residents

from $ .14 to $ .13 or $ .13 to $ .12 ?

The LMUD Board placed the discussion of their electric rates on its' May 24, 2011 Agenda



Check your 5/1/10 bill. It was $.14


(Item 12: Approve PDCA Worksheet with no rate change)



Frank Cady developed this phony [Power & Delivery Cost Analysis] concoction in 2005.  It originally usurped the law and eliminated the public hearing process required to change electric rates. He and the LMUD Board didn't want to deal with  the public outrage.

This "Analysis" instead gave the power to raise and lower rates at the discretion of the LMUD General Manager.  By the way, this "policy" has been abused and is TOTALLY ILLEGAL

The LMUD Board could have lowered the electric rates to $  .115 per KWH three years ago when the power they were purchasing stabilized.

LMUD was formed to offer their customers the cheapest rates. That has never been the case since its inception in 1989.

The LMUD Boards have NEVER, EVER, EVER told the truth to their customers and they are not going to start anytime soon.

(LMUD Director Fred Nagel enjoys PSREC's cheaper rates but has always kept LMUD rates high and supported hundred of thousands of LMUD dollars to finance PSREC/LMUD "studies" )




May 25, 2011

United States Senate Kills

the Republican Attempt to End Medicare and Medicare Part D Today

40- 57 (40 Republicans voted for the Ryan Bill to kill Medicare)

The reason Medicare is called an "ENTITLEMENT" is that each of us pay for this medical coverage and at 65 Americans can use this medical coverage.

Medicare has always been opposed by the Republican party.

Medicare is a federally mandated universal health care program




May 24, 2011

Lassen County CAO Stone and new County Supervisor Wosick Better take a REAL CLOSE LOOK AT Joe BERTOTTI FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS


The Lassen County Economic Development Department is a "Dysfunctional Branch of County Government"....what an understatement.

[not too many people didn't know about the corruption in that Department?  ????????]

County Supervisor Jim Chapman wasn't the only Supervisor that abused this Department and knew about Director Bertotti's activities since day ONE. Was that faux "shock" or what?

The New Lassen County CAO Tom Stone

should demand a Grand Jury investigation

(anyone now wonder why Settlemire and Kettleson both left?)



Lassen County CAO Tom Stone believes the spending irregularities were intentional  [Note Settlemire and Kettleson's recent departures from Lassen County........]



May 23, 2011

Silly Silly Teabaggers

Representative Paul Ryan and the Republican Party voted to eliminate Medicare

4th Congressional District McClintock voted to eliminate Medicare?

Social Security, Medicare and the Federal Unemployment tax is paid jointly by Employers and Employees


This is a deduction from everyone's paycheck..................

On January 1, 2011 only the employers contribution increased.....that's what all the fuss is about?

Republicans voted to give you useless vouchers for your Health care and tell you that if you are over 55 it won't effect you


May 17, 2011


Senate Republican Tea Bagger Idiots block the vote that would have stopped

 the Billions of $$$ Oil Subsidies that are paid by American taxpayers.

52-48 (tea baggers filibustered... the Bill needed 60 to pass)

Tea Baggers: Small government HYPOCRITES

The five oil companies affected by the Bill, Exxon Mobil, Chevron BP, Shell and Conoco Phillips are projected to report $125 billion to $144 billion in profits this year.

These companies are the last companies that need to take charity.



If you know any of these Tea Party idiots, ask them to fork over money to fill your tank !



Lassen County Superior Court Judge Donald Sokol

One term Judge

"something rotten in lassen county".........No shit?


May 16, 2011

Wonder why the gas prices change two or three times a day?

The price of gas is not based on any "costs". The price at the pump is based on "oil futures".

Republicans and Democrats are going to introduce a bill to prohibit this practice. If this legislation passes it could reduce the price at the pump 25 cents per gallon


Our dear Tom McClintock will most likely VOTE NO.  Kan We Help will watch this vote.



May 13, 2011

Lassen County Does Not Take Low Bidder Again On Public Contract ?

MV Transportation low bidder on contract to run the County's bus system but doesn't get the contract



Lassen County voters should be thinking about more than one Recall

LMUD Board signs contract @ $455 per hour with Navigant and just a tiny coincidence exists, Navigant is run by TANC..........................Any guess how many times this "study" has been done?  (5)



Fred Nagel (far left) resides and votes in the Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative utility district. He has never resided or voted  within the boundaries of LMUD, EVER. This is why so much of LMUD money goes to PSREC





May 12, 2011

Amidst Recall Rumors

Lassen County Supervisor Jack Hanson Thanks Everyone Except the Easter Bunny

 and Tooth Fairy

Jack Hanson


May 10, 2011


of Interest in Lassen County

Judge Stephen Bradbury put Jaimee Jones on the Grand Jury when the Grand Jury was investigating LMUD: LMUD's attorney

Judge Stephen Bradbury put Steve Trevino on the Grand Jury when the Grand Jury was investigating LMUD:  LMUD's Management

Frank Cady was LMUD's General Manager while secretly and illegally being paid to be LMUD's attorney

Peter Talia tried to be Susanville City Manager and Susanville City Attorney


Bob Porfiri tried to be Susanville City Manager and Susanville's Finance Director

Bill Stewart tried to be LMUD General Manager and LMUD Accountant

Chittock is LMUD's attorney also. How much credibility does he have left? JUST FOLLOW THE STENCH[


Skip Jones tried to be on the School Board and the Grand Jury [Chittock is Jones attorney also]


CAO Stone tried to be Lassen County's County Administrator and the Personnel Manager



[insert laugh track here]

"something rotten in lassen county".........No shit?



May 9, 2011

Rule of Law

The two questions, Kan We Help, is asked the most by the public:

 Why are Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones still practicing law?

Why aren't they in jail?

Politicians, law enforcement agencies and lawyers often use the term, "Rule of Law" to characterize a type of legal-political regime. An understanding that they will protect each other.

When an attorney breaks a law (i e: drug trafficking, embezzlement, falsifying evidence or court documents, conflict of interest, etc.) you must file an administrative complaint with the California Bar Association. It is the "Rule of Law" not to arrest or to prosecute but refer you to the California Bar Association for their "DISCIPLINE".  [and any discipline is unlikely]


When a judge breaks the law they are not arrested. The "Rule of Law" is to refer the public to the Judicial Council for their "DISCIPLINE", if any.


The "Rule of Law" is no more than a policy

This "policy" makes it appear to the public that attorneys and judges and law enforcement are above the law. In reality, that's the end effect of this policy. 

Our laws exist to be obeyed by all, including government officials, judges, attorneys and law enforcement. Lassen County is no different than any other place. The Lassen County District Attorney has hidden behind the "Rule of Law" for years. The public has suffered because of it, but don't look for this to change.  They protect each other. THAT'S THE RULE OF LAW



May 8, 2011




PSREC customer Fred Nagel was able to save "HIS" utility company the cost of this expense. 


The LMUD Boards have approved spending for dozens of fake studies for the last ten years. Kan We Help requests copies of these studies and LMUD replies, "They don't exist or they are not in the possession of LMUD" yet thousands of public dollars continue to be spent.


no accountability, for money spent, on any of these LMUD "studies"

LMUD has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these phony studies and has produced NOTHING.

This is no different...............

Check out what Navigant really does  Navigantfor $455 per hour !




April 27, 2011


So , why would David Folce return?     CASH IN ON HUSH MONEY ?   GENERAL MANAGER POSITION?  

Twitchell got $100,000 for her silence, Cady got $100,000 for his silence, Luhring only got $26,000 for his silence.



Cady Cancers  will be Terminal for small public utility:  Nagel and Stewart

Dow, Bowden and Vial are just there for the benefits that have always been available to this corrupt board



April 27, 2011



Try and find a photo of the "elected officials" of Lassen Municipal Utility District

As an officer of a public entity,  Stewart can not hold two conflicting offices. The LMUD Board decided not to combine the two offices into one but have Stewart get paid for both positions. This is illegal and the Board knows it. Kan We Help has filed a complaint with the Attorney General and the FPPC.

Also, Bill Stewarts wife works for LMUD's General Counsel. One thing that all LMUD Boards have encouraged, CONFLICT OF INTERESTS


April 26, 2011


LMUD meeting at Jay Dow's house suddenly cancelledThat nasty old Brown Act just keeps raising its ugly head




Is Lassen Municipal Utility District on brink of collapse?


In a desperate move, the LMUD Board brings back former Manager of Electric Operations, David Folce, not as General Manager yet but as Electric "Superintendent".

The LMUD Board changes "titles" when they want to give a manager a raise. What is this failure to "manage" going to cost Ratepayers? 

Bill Stewart cannot be General Manager

Bill Stewart cannot be General Manager

Bill Stewart cannot be General Manager



Why does the LMUD Board lie about EVERYTHING?

a) Personal Profit

b) Profit for Friends and Family

c) Stupid

d) All of the above

E-mail your answers to



NOTE:  LMUD MEETING AT JAY DOWS TONIGHT AT 5:30 PM.  Call LMUD at 530-257-4174 for directions to Mr. Dows residence in Wendel.

LMUD cannot hold a "meeting" and conduct any business when only two Board members are in attendance and the the third is at a remote location. A quorum is met when three members meet at the same time and the same location [Brown Act 54952.2 (a)]


April 23, 2011

The Terminally Corrupt   LMUD INTENDS TO HIRE HELP FOR THE "unqualified" General Manager

**No one running LMUD**

The LMUD Board members hired their Accountant to be their General Manager after the 10th GM was let go.


LMUD claims that he will remain as the Accountant and the General Manager.

How much does SILENCE COST LMUD?


170,000 minus $117,500 =$52,500  increase in salary for Stewart

GM Contract


New cost for an unqualified General Manager$170,000 minus $155,000 = $15,000 increase and now they intend to hire AN ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER?

That $100,000 "savings" was a lie and a joke.....................



There are only two HUGE problems with Mr. Poof....

"Mr. Poof", Stewart, cannot hold two conflicting offices according to the governing law and he is not in the least bit qualified to even be a "General Manager according  to the law.


 So in their infinite wisdom, AGAIN (DÉJÀVU) the board will hire a qualified ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER to run the public utility. This is exactly what the board did when they got into trouble when their 8th General Manager, Evelene Twitchell suddenly "disappeared", THEY HIRED THEIR GENERAL COUNSEL, Frank Cady who wasn't qualified to be a General Manager either . [Cady was No. 9, Luhring was No. 10 and Stewart is No. 11]

Kan We Help filed a complaint because Frank Cady and Jamiee Jones were law partners at the time the LMUD Board hired Cady (General Counsel) to be the General Manager and then Jamiee Jones as their General Counsel.

"All" of the LMUD Board members were told in the KWH complaint that there was a Conflict of Interest  and the LMUD Board allowed this conflict to proceed. Cady ended up filing a lawsuit against Jones revealing that they were business partners the entire time they both held public contracts with LMUD.  Cady approved Jones legal invoices. Attorneys Jaimee Jones & Frank Cady  Commit Fraud and still practice law ?




NEXT LMUD MEETING AT JAY DOWS HOME. 4/26/11 @ 5:30. (Call LMUD for directions)

726-200 Mapes Lane

Wendel, CA




April 21, 2011






April 20, 2011

As of 2/11/11 LMUD has spent $315,098.65 in legal fees on latest harassment charges by employees

LMUD's Liability Insurance (Zurich)  has paid only $55,563.11 on LMUD's  latest claim.




....all because this LMUD Board feels no accountability to anyone.....and they are ABOVE THE LAW

Harassment lawsuit


LMUD Boards need a moral compass. Any suggestions other than throwing all of them out of office again?

Nagel                  Bowden,                 Dow


Employee lawsuits won:

Steve Trevino, $600,000 + legal fees

Payouts for Silence:

Twitchell, $100,000

Cady, $100,000 +

Luhring, $26,000


April 19, 2011

Lassen County Superior Judge Sokol Makes Unusual Ruling on Public Records Issue

Mountain Meadows Conservancy filed a Motion to Strike the Memorandum of Costs (Sokol denied Motion) that objected to Lassen County attempting to collect legal fees on a public records request. This motion was heard yesterday in Department 1.

The Public Records Act (Govt Code 6253 (b)  )allows any public entity to charge a nominal fee for direct costs or a statutory fee (fee established by public entity to produce public records) to reproduce public records but does not allow a public agency to charge for legal fees.



April 13, 2011



Does that surprise ANYONE?

Don't expect the LMUD Board Members, directed by PSREC customer Fred Nagel CPUC 11930, to have an epiphany anytime in the next three years

Bill Stewart, LMUD's  Mr. Poof


Stewart's only qualification to be the 11th General Manager in 11 years is that he will be

the "Keeper of Secrets"Qualifications

Stewart Contract Still Illegal

NOTE: Bill Stewart is an "officer" of this public utility district



How much does SILENCE COST LMUD?


170,000 minus $117,500 =$52,500  increase in salary for Stewart



New cost for an unqualified General Manager$170,000 minus $155,000 = $15,000 increase







April 11, 2011

Retail Store "Ross" Comes to Susanville



April 8, 2011


 AND (Cady Copycat)






Kan We Help filed a "Conflict of Interest" complaint with the Fair Political Practice Commission on the hiring of Bill Stewart.

"In exchange for assuming the responsibility for both positions, Stewart will earn $170,000 per year. "Former General Manager Luhring earned $155,000.



Also, pursuant to Gov't Code Section 1099, a person may not simultaneously hold two public offices if either of the offices exercises a supervisory, auditing, or removal power over the other office or body, there is a significant clash of duties or loyalties between the offices, or there are public policy considerations that make it improper.

"The consequence of holding an incompatible office is that the person is "deemed to have forfeited the first office upon acceding to the second Gov. Code Section 1099(b)


April 6, 2011



September 25, 2012, LMUD v Kinross Gold/Hayden Hill trial (Fed. case 11cv0255)

LMUD PurchaseLMUD lawsuit

Lassen Municipal Utility District's attorney, Eugene Chittock,  convinced the LMUD Board to file a lawsuit against Kinross because they, THE BOARD,  made a bad decision. Chittock has been paid over $36,000  to represent LMUD in this frivolous lawsuit.  Is Chittock motivated by $$$$$$$ not ethics ?

The LMUD Board knew that there would be a huge expense to comply with the law when they purchased this property from Kinross but purchased it anyway (??????). This is one of those LMUD deals that you have to ask which Board Member benefited from this purchase.

Page 2: "the district desires to purchase and acquire ownership of the improvements and is willing to assume such obligations and liabilities as provided in this Agreement"

LMUD Purchase



This is one of many "back room" deals that the LMUD Board has negotiated in CLOSED SESSION illegally. Now, the ratepayers will pay again for this terminally corrupt board.

LMUD's 11th General Manager (in the same amount of years) Bill Stewart was privy to all of these "underdealings".

Bill Stewart

Stewart issued this check for the property BEFORE the purchase agreement was even signed. Fred Nagel's signature is clearly on this check

With Cady, Langston, Folce, Woods, Cardenas, Sargent and Luhring gone, does LMUD really think that the Opposition will allow Bill Stewart and Fred Nagel to spin this?

April 5, 2011

Cady Cancers: Nagel and Stewart


LMUD's April 5, 2011 special meeting avoids Brown Act Violation, maybe

LMUD invites the public to Jay Dows home tonight ( 726-200 Mapes Lane, Wendel. The Brown Act specifically states that if  a public meeting is held in two locations and one is a telecommunication location, the public must have access to both locations.



[ Boards that hold their closed sessions prior to their meeting usually decide issues prior to open session when there are "HOT and DISPUTED" issues. In other words they violate the hell out of the Open Meeting laws ]

This LMUD Board has never been CAPABLE OF MAKING COMPETENT DECISIONS. They might as well put Frank Cady back in as General Manager as Bill Stewart will be twice maybe three times as bad.

Bill Stewart covered up all of Cady's activities even prior to Frank Cady being hired as LMUD's General Manager. Stewart enabled Cady, Nagel and Langston's corrupt behavior. Bill Stewart



This LMUD Board will be faced with finding a new general Manager again and soon if they hire Bill Stewart as General Manager.


THE LMUD BOARDS DILEMMA; They can't bring anyone new in to see the mess this public utility is in. This utility is run and has always been run for self serving politicians.



PLEASE notice that even though this Board could have made at least two rate reductions...........THEY HAVEN'T.



Brown Act, 54957, states that all discussions concerning the amount of any salary of an "employee" must be in open session


April 2, 2011






Kan We Help has posted the entire sexual harassment complaint. But a warning, it is graphic and disgusting

Harassment lawsuit


Dismissal Denied

April 1, 2011

LMUD Hires New General Manager


April Fools......................

March 31, 2011

Bill Stewart


March 30, 2011

LMUD Federal Sexual Harassment trial

set for November 7, 2011

LMUD's Request for Dismissal was Denied

Fed # 10cv00286

LMUD has paid Eugene Chittock almost $16,000 from November 2009 to November 2010 for this new case on sexual harassment by LMUD Board members and Management


Eugene Chittock talked the LMUD Board into filing a  FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT that has cost LMUD ratepayers $36,980. Hayden-Hill





a honest board needs to find ahonest lawyer

March 29, 2011

Plumas Bank Receives Bail Out money

$11.9 Million dollars of TARP funding

The Susanville Branch loaned Frank Cady $1.4 million dollars and approved Cady's loan by using City owned property (Diamond Mountain Golf Course) as collateral. Property Cady did not own.  Frank Cady defaulted on the loan and Plumas wrote all but $430,000 off, leaving the City of Susanville to pay. Most of the City officials resigned but the City was still left with the remaining balance of Cady's loan. There is no evidence that the City of Susanville went after the multi-tasking millionaire attorney. golf % cady



March 28, 2011

LMUD's Big Shift to Keep Secrets


Did LMUD Panic From Blackmail or Extortion?


Lassen Municipal Utility District has managed barely to stay out of jail. Ray Luhring suddenly quits and doesn't even attend the last meeting. Now, LMUD is paying him an UPFRONT LUMP SUM PAYMENT OF $26,000 and quickly signed him up as a "CONSULTANT" Consultant Contract. When the LMUD Board gets into BIG TROUBLE, it usually costs the LMUD ratepayers big time.

Kan We Help will post the true facts of what really happened


LMUD did what they always do when it gets too HOT, they fire the person and hire them as a highly paid consultant to keep them quiet.   



Bill Stewart is not qualified to be the General Manager but for the right price he will keep their secrets...... he will keep their secrets for awhile.

LMUD is putting an accounting technician in to do their "books".  That means that LMUD never needed the services of a highly paid CPA.



March 25, 2011

Public Utility Sinking

January 21, 2011: LMUD Electric Operations Manager, David Folce Quits

March 25, 2011: LMUD General Manager, Ray Luhring Quits/Fired (?)



Bill Stewart Not Remotely Qualified to be  a General Manager


Bill Stewart is the "Bookkeeper". This doesn't always mean an accountant. Stewart has been privy to every dirty dealing at Lassen Municipal Utility District since he arrived.  The "Bookkeeper" has been the keeper of secrets. He knows where all of the bodies lie. He has been the conduit to secret land purchases, secret meetings, secret payments, secret deals. He has played with the Public Benefit Funds, the Rate Stabilization Funds and the Employee Health Benefit Funds.

Bill Stewart has no qualifications whatsoever to be LMUD's 11th General Manager (in ten years) but he does have the qualifications for Cady size abuse and keeping the Board members out of jail. If those are the two qualities the Board is looking for then STEWART FITS THE JOB.


March 24, 2011


LMUD Board Continues to Make Stupid Decisions

LMUD panics and will hire Bill Stewart as next GMLast time the LMUD Board did this was to cover up Evelene Twitchell's SUDDEN departure. Twitchell was paid off for her silence and the Board stayed out of jail.

When the LMUD Board buys silence it usually means that someone (Ray Luhring) will be hired as a "CONSULTANT" at a rate that exceeds his original salary.  Bob Gaumand was the previous accountant for LMUD that suddenly quit when issues were exposed and was offered a job as a "CONSULTANT" at an exorbitant fee.  Don Battles, Les Lieber, George Sargent, etc, etc. etc.

The very last person to be hired or even considered to be General Manager of LMUD is BILL STEWART.  Bill Stewart[ Comfy fact: Stewarts wife works for LMUD's attorney Eugene Chittock. ]

WARNING: LMUD must discuss the appointment of a new General Manager prior to any closed session that discusses  any negotiations for a  contract. If LMUD proceeds with the present Agenda, Kan We Help will file a Brown Act complaint.  The last time LMUD tried to do this was with the  Wayne Langston appointment. The District Attorney ordered LMUD to correct their action, this is no different.

LMUD's March 25, 2011 Agenda is illegal



Stewart was part of the Arrowrock scandal, hiding Board expenses in the GM and attorney expense reports, issued the check for the Hayden Hill transmission line deal. Hayden Hill Stewart will be able to take his entourage on excessive vacation/meetings without any interference.





LMUD Accountant Bill Stewart printed this check 4 days before the Purchase Agreement was signed by LMUD's General Manager



Stewart was involved with the Beterbide Scam and every other dirty,sleazy act that Frank Cady, Wayne Langston and Fred Nagel have perpetrated on the LMUD ratepayers since he was hired. 

Kan We Help has stated for ten years that Lassen Municipal Utility District is TERMINALLY CORRUPT.

If the LMUD Board hires Bill Stewart as the next General Manager it will confirm only one thing, Stewart's "silence" has been bought and paid for as was Ray Luhrings. Call it blackmail, hush money or whatever you want. One thing is for sure,  it always stinks


March 23, 2011

LMUD's  Cady Protégé, Ray Luhring Resigns

A hundred more reasons why Cady's Controller, Bill Stewart should not be the next  General Manager of LMUDLMUD

restore trust and honesty

 to this

"public" utility


Ten General Managers in 11 years...........= conflict, deception, controversy, mis-use of public funds, gross mis-management, lawsuits, phony energy projects..........


March 20, 2011

Government Gibberish, Government Waste

If it is impossible to follow this nonsense spending, don't feel bad, you are not supposed to............

                      "The county would receive up to $22,500 for general administration, up to $17,647 for micro-enterprise assistance activity delivery and a minimum of $19,303 but not more than $23,978 for business assistance activity delivery"



March 8, 2011, Lassen County Times: Do not blame Sam Williams. He just reports the facts


March 8, 2011



Lassen County Auditor Karen Fouch Defines Conflicts for County Supervisors

Conflict of Interest is very common in Lassen County public entities.

 Fixing it is uncommon


In Lassen County, these "public" attorneys never have to pay back the overcharged amounts and they  are hardly  ever fired for these abuses

LMUD Board knowingly allowed their attorneys Frank Cady and Jaimee Jones to continue their law partnership after they hired Frank Cady as their General Manager

The City of Susanville allowed their attorney Peter Talia to continue to be their attorney after appointing him temporary City Manager

Lassen County allowed Richard Crabtree to continue to handle the Dyer Mtn. Case after they appointed him County Counsel


February 25, 2011

Lassen Municipal Utility District Seeking More Contaminated and WorthlessProperty to Acquire

Beterbide Kinross-LMUDATT property

LMUD Board refuses to lower electric rates in lieu of investing in worthless property and fantasy energy projects


February 24, 2011





LMUD General Manager and SGA, Inc. Frank Cady fired LMUD's Electric Operations Manager, Steve Trevino at the Susanville  Golf Course he managed (SGA, Inc.) and this cost LMUD ratepayers over $622,000 for wrongful termination. LMUD


LMUD General Manager and former General Counsel Frank Cady created 8 new management positions when he was hired in 2005.  Then he continued for three years to change their  "Titles" in order to give 10%-12% raises to these  "NEW/Old" positions.




The three management positions Cady created that survived are Electrical Operations Manager, Energy Service Manager and the Executive Assistant to the General Manager position . These positions look more like the positions that existed before they hired Frank Cady.


NOW, the LMUD Board wants to create 2 new positions, Electric Superintendent and Building & Grounds Project Manager.

Both job descriptions most likely fall within the General Manager's job description. LMUD General Manager is rarely in Lassen County so why shouldn't he have lots of people doing his job.






February 23, 2011


HISTORY:Golf Course

Cady Defaults on $1.4 Million Dollar Golf Course Loan in 2007.

What the Hell has the City of Susanville Done with this loan for the last Four Years ?Did anyone bother to ask?

Lassen County Times, February 22, 2011


The Susanville City Council allows Frank Cady to take out a $1.4 Million Dollar loan and use City property as Collateral

The City of Susanville claimed that this property was appraised at $1.3 million dollars when Cady took the $1.4 million loan out at Plumas Bank and NOW the City of Susanville claims that it was worth $3 million in 2009?



Take a look at 2007




June 27, 2007


simply stupid susanville


The City of Susanville allowed Frank Cady to take out a $1.4 million dollar loan for his company and put up the city owned golf course as collateral.

This deal didn't take a  "Shady" Cady to "seal the deal" but a really corrupt and STUPID City of Susanville.

Take a look at Cady's assets  Cady Assets






The public can now understand why there was a recent mass exodus from the City of Susanville

City Manager- resigned

City Attorney-resigned

Councilman Rocky Joy-resigned


Mark Sullivan-Plumas Bank......Gone


Any intelligent life form would be asking Cady WHERE THE HELL IS THE $1.4 MILLION ????

IDIOTS.....CHECK his BANK ACCOUNT and everyone involved ....DUHH

Remember, this is Lassen County...Booty is shared

Frank Cady charged LMUD $25,000 to $30,000 A MONTH FOR HIS PADDED legal INVOICES. How was this shared?


April 27, 2007

April 27/2007, Lassen County Times


  Cady Golf

February 18, 2011






Kinross/Hayden Hill answers Chittocks Frivolous Lawsuit

Lassen County Superior Court Case 51489

Kinross Gold/Hayden Hill moved this case to Federal Court where LMUD's former attorney, now US Magistrate Craig Kellison, could hear it. Craig Kellison recused himself and now Judge Newman will hear Case 11cv00255 in Sacramento.

Click here for Court documents filed to date:

LMUD lawsuit


Lassen Municipal Utility District seriously needs a competent attorney

or one that is less vexatious




Ratification of this Lease Agreement not placed on 2/22/11 Agenda

Kan We Help filed the second Brown Act Violation against LMUD for failure to vote on the purchase of property.

February 1, 2011, Lassen County Times

Jack and Nancy Beterbide participated in this scam to get LMUD ratepayers to pay for the  contamination clean up on this property owned by Robert and Gail Prosise.

Eugene Chittock, Fred Nagel, George Sargent, Darrell Wood, Nancy Cardenas, Wayne Langston and Frank Cady have lived in Lassen County long enough to know the condition of this property. Jack Beterbide did not even own the property but arranged with LMUD to buy and sell it in one day.




February 16, 2011

Susanville Residents Beware; another fetid situation




Golf Course Lies

 Will Cost You.............

Both Peter Talia and Porfiri were here when this SCAM went down. The City Manager and the City Attorney had to resign

The Nagels will profit from any sale of golf property..........................Nagel golf


Both must be scared that their names now will be associated with the lies that go along with this golf course.




Read the truth about the Diamond Mountain Golf Course

Just a Huge Exploited "Game" With Public Money


Frank Cady (LMUD General Manager and attorney) takes out a loan of $1.4 million dollars for improvements to the golf course. Plumas Bank and the City of Susanville both  approve Cady's use of the golf course as collateral for his loan. Cady golf


October 18, 2006: Does he really think anyone is going to bail him out of this one?  I heard that he's making a deal with the City Council & the City Attorney Kathleen Lazard ....................(Lazard subsequently resigned along with the City Manager). 



2006: Frank Cady's Year of Scams

Scams Galore

This answers the question of why Frank Cady was allowed to manage the golf course while a full-time employee of the Lassen Municipal Utility District and why the Nagels allowed Cady to use their property for collateral. LMUD & GOLF

April 2007, one year later, Frank Cady suddenly defaults on his "million dollar" loan. NO ONE in the City of Susanville or Plumas Bank wants to know what Cady did with the money. NO ONE goes after Frank Cady's assets to pay back his loan. WHY? Cady Golf 

The Susanville City Council works out a deal  with Plumas Bank to settle Frank Cady's loan for approximately $300,000 (public money).  A trickle down scandal that left the City without a City Manager (Luanne Rainey) and City Attorney (Kathleen La


February 15, 2011

Kan We Help Files Second Brown Act Violation  Against LMUD


The first was filed on March 30, 2006

LMUD attorney Eugene Chittock failed to advise the LMUD Board that the Beterbide original 5 year lease was illegal prior to the LMUD vote to extend this Lease Agreement

This is now more serious than a Brown Act Violation

Illegal Purchase


Others that participated: LMUD Attorney Jaimee Jones (Frank Cady's law partner) President Wayne Langston,


Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent, Darrell Wood and Beterbides friend, Fred Nagel



Beterbide(lower left) and Cady

February 13, 2011


Before this LMUD Board has time for another one of their debacles




LMUD Boards have "squandered" millions of dollars of public money over the last eleven years LMUD

Hayden Hill transmission line lawsuit

Beterbide/LMUD Scam

230 kv Transmission Line Memorandum  of Understanding

more Board crap below..............

What secret deals are we going to hear about next?




LMUD Audits are always just "selected" sections of the financials.


February 9, 2011

Chittock's Phony Lawsuit May Land LMUD Board Members with Federal Perjury Charges

Federal Case 11cv00255*Federal Judge Kendall Newman*Sacramento*Appointed to the Court on 2/8/10 by President Obama

Local attorney Eugene Chittock filed a lawsuit for Lassen Municipal Utility District claiming that Frank Cady (General Manager and former LMUD attorney) illegally signed a contract to purchase transmission lines from Hayden Hill (Kinross/Lassen Gold Mining) and wants the purchase voided.

However LMUD Director Fred Nagel signed the $65,000 check for the purchase before Frank Cady even signed the Purchase Agreement.  Bill Stewart, LMUD's Accountant, issued the $65,000 check on Fred Nagel's approval.

LMUD Directors, all inclusive, knew the liability of purchasing this property from Kinross. LMUD entered into illegal negotiations for over two years with Kinross.  At no time was this issue placed in OPEN SESSION, NOT ONCE.

LMUD ContractLMUD lawsuit









February 7, 2011

Kan We Help Exposes Conflict of Interest and

US  Magistrate Craig Kellison Recuses Himself from LMUD Case

Craig Kellison was LMUD's former attorney and Frank Cady's law partnerKellison & CadyKellison




February 3, 2011

LMUD v. Kinross (Hayden Hill) lawsuit moved to Federal Court to hide LMUD motive for purchasing Hayden Hill transmission lines in 2007

Craig Kellison gets case

to protect Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston and Darrell Wood

LMUD ContractLMUD lawsuit


No mention, in LMUD's lawsuit, of Fred Nagel signing the check for the purchase prior to Frank Cady even signing the Purchase Agreement.LMUD contract


US Federal Court, Eastern Division

Federal Case 11CV255


28 USC 1446 d



January 28, 2011

LMUD Board Refuses to lower electric rates by 2 cents


This public utility has lost sight of it's promise of keeping the lowest rates for its customers..........

the "Lassen Municipal Utility District" ratepayers

The LMUD Board continues to focus their spending on helping "friends" of the Board with phony energy projects and back room deals for WORTHLESS PROPERTY. The LMUD Board and its management team deserve all the criticism they get.

They have not concentrated on lowering rates. THAT'S THEIR JOB !!!!!



January 25, 2011




Kan We Help filed a Brown Act Violation when the LMUD General Counsel and LMUD Board did not place items in open session and failed to report Closed Session actions


January 31,2011 LMUD Agenda


January 21, 2011

LMUD's Electric Operations Manager Quits


David Folce 's position, Electric Operations Manager, was one of the many positions that Frank Cady created after the LMUD Board hired their former General Counsel as their new General Manager in 2005. Ray Luhring was hired to initially fill this new position and then moved into the General Manager position after the LMUD Board fired Frank Cady in early January of 2008.




January 19, 2011

What are Chittock and the

LMUD Board trying to "Fly" .....pigs?

PSA ContractLMUD lawsuit

Hayden Hill Purchase Agreement

Page 2: "the district desires to purchase and acquire ownership of the improvements and is willing to assume such obligations and liabilities as provided in this Agreement"





Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston and Darrell Wood ran LMUD alone from October 26, 2007 until Woods resignation on December 3, 2007

LMUD President Wayne Langston, LMUD Vice President Fred Nagel and LMUD Director Darrell Wood met on November 5, 2007 and November 27, 2007. Fred Nagel signed the $65,000 check before the Purchase Agreement for the Lassen Gold Mining (Hayden Hill transmission lines) was even signedNov Bd statements




January 14, 2011

Chittock's Latest Folly

LMUD v Kinross/Hayden Hill

Eugene Chittock, LMUD's attorney,  Makes Sloppy Attempt to Save Fred Nagel

Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston and Darrell Wood ran LMUD alone from October 26, 2007 until Woods resignation on December 3, 2007



This check was signed by LMUD Director Fred Nagel

LMUD Accountant Bill Stewart printed this check 4 days before the Purchase Agreement was signed by LMUD's General Manager



Quid Pro Quo ?

Chittock filed a lawsuit against Kinross/Hayden Hill on December 15, 2010 in attempt to void the purchase agreement for property that LMUD purchased on December 17, 2007.  Chittock states, in the complaint, that Frank Cady did not have any authority to purchase this property therefore the sale must be voided. lawsuit

Chittock will have huge hurdles to climb to prove this because negotiations for this property started when LMUD hired attorney, Dennis DeCuir on April 18, 2006 to help negotiate the purchase from Kinross. Negotiations continued until November of 2007.

LMUD issued and signed a check on 12/13/07 for $65,000, before the PSA was even signed and approved by LMUD's attorney on 12/17/07.


Chittocks' complaint only claims that Frank Cady illegally signed the purchase agreement. However, the check was issued by Bill Stewart four days before the purchase agreement was even signed by Frank Cady and the purchase agreement had written approval by LMUD's attorney DeCuir. contract

 LMUD General Manager Frank Cady would have been the logical person to sign such an agreement. So What's the Chittock lawsuit about?

Keep in mind that LMUD's General Manager Frank Cady's current law partner was LMUD's General Counsel at the time all of this went down. Frank and Jaimee committed fraud to obtain their two public contracts with a conflict of interest scamFrank & JaimeeFrank was fired in January 2008 Cady firedJaimee was fired a year later in January of 2009 Jaimee fired

Now, two years later LMUD doesn't have the money to uphold the terms of the Agreement.


Chittock filed this recent lawsuit for the sole reason to relieve LMUD from the hundreds of thousands of dollars it will cost to remove the Hayden Hill lines. However, the purchase agreement, approved by LMUD's attorney DeCuir, states clearly that LMUD was willing and able to assume that liability. Keep in mind that LMUD and Kinross had been in negotiations from April 2006 to January 2008, over a year and a half.


Hayden Hill Purchase Agreement

Page 2: "the district desires to purchase and acquire ownership of the improvements and is willing to assume such obligations and liabilities as provided in this Agreement"

"quid pro quo"

Is this another "Beterbide" transaction?  BeterbideHelp a "friend" out so a public agency can absorb the costs instead of the private owner..........




January 13, 2011



Fred Nagel and Frank Cady signed the Kinross check

LMUD v Kinross/Hayden Hill


The LMUD approved this purchase before Cardenas, Sargent and Woods resigned

Hayden Hill Purchase Agreement

Chittock's lawsuit is as phony as a three dollar bill





What happened on December 11, 2007

Lassen County Board of Supervisors vote unanimously to appoint three LMUD Directors

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to appoint three LMUD Directors to replace Nancy Cardenas, George Sargent and Darrell Wood who recently resigned their positions due to pressure from LMUD employees and the public.

The Supervisors will accept letters from LMUD ratepayers that are registered to vote and  live within the three Wards vacated by Cardenas, Sargent and Wood. The Supervisors will accept, in letter form, applications from anyone that wants to be considered to sit on the LMUD board until the 2008 November election is held. All letters of interest must be submitted by 5:00 PM (County Clerk's office ) on or before December 21, 2007.  The Supervisors will then interview, in public session, all applicants on December 27, 2007 (6:00 PM) at the County fairgrounds (Jensen Hall is the first building as you enter the fairgrounds).


Public given one day notice on LMUD issue on BOS Agenda today

Fred Nagel or Wayne Langston did not show up for this meeting?

Regardless, the board room was filled to capacity with overflow in the halls.

Cady was slightly off point of the agenda item. President Dahle quickly ends Cady's diatribe.


Two days later

Frank Cady and Fred Nagel sign the $65,000 check to purchase the Hayden Hill property.

Fraud and Deception, Fraud and Deception, Fraud and Deception


Purchase Agreement



The Hayden Hill purchase was approved by LMUD's Attorney on 12/17/2007

but the check was  issued prior to the purchase agreement on12/13/07 and cashed on 1/15/08

and the Hayden Hill issue was again agendized for LMUD's January 22, 2008 meeting in which the full board attended

Jamiee Jones, Ray Luhring and Bill Stewart were directly involved with this conspiracy



January 12, 2011

Sara Palin's incredible lack of intelligence

and her perpetual attempts to be the "victim"

*This is the beginning of the end*



Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is Jewish




January 10, 2011



Today, Sara Palin continues to target Congresspeople

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was targeted on Palin's list that continues to be on her web pages.

Congresswoman Giffords is fighting for her life, who is next Palin? Who is next?


Tea Party Leader's mantra,
"Don't retreat, RELOAD"............

Palin continues to make millions on this rhetoric


Sharon Angles Second Amendment Remedy, Armed Insurection

Michelle Bachmann, "I want Americans armed and dangerous

Allen West's Chief-of-Staff, Joyce Kaufmann; "If ballots don't work, bullets will"



January 7, 2011

Judge Donald Sokol Denies Mountain Meadows/Sierra Watch/Sierra Club's Writ of Mandate




The Conservationists claim that the Board of Supervisors illegally certified the Dyer Mtn. EIR

Judge Sokol is up for re-election in 2012

Dyer Mtn.

Judge Donald Sokol took just 21 days to decide in favor of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. The Sierra Conservationists have filed an Appeal.

County responds




January 6, 2011

LMUD Transporting Contaminated Soil to Wendel Without Permits

LMUD Director Dow lives in Wendel

LMUD Director Nagel owns property in Wendel

[APN 119-200-10]


LMUD's Response

Forged Federal Documents

No Vote for Purchase of Hazardous Waste Property



January 5, 2011


Lassen Municipal Utility District's Normal Business Day


(They will stay out of jail as long as Bob Burns is District Attorney and they have attorneys like Cady and Chittock)



Cady Jones Fraud

BradburySuppression of Grand Jury Complaint Gov't Code

No Vote for Purchase Kinross Transmission Line

No Vote for Purchase of Hazardous Waste Property

No Vote for Arrowrock MOU


LMUD Alters Arrowrock Minutes

LMUD Board Approves 10 year old contracts

Forged Federal Documents

Phony Energy Projects


Sunday, 9:30 AM Special meeting

Langston intended to hold a meeting with two Board members. After a KWH member arrived just minutes before 9:30 Langston sat for 20 minutes before calling Fred Nagel. Nancy Cardenas and Al Vazquez were not notified



In addition to this attempt at an illegal meeting Langston called a Special Meeting on 1/30/05 in which he did not notify LMUD Director George Sargent or LMUD Director Nancy Cardenas.


Brown Act Violations


 January 4, 2011


Langston, Nagel, Stewart, Luhring, Jones, Cady Conspiracy

LMUD has spent over $65,000 to keep their back room deal quiet.

[Illegal meetings not unusual for Cady, Langston and Nagel]







The LMUD Board started negotiations for the Kinross property way back in August of 2007.

Guess who their outside attorney was in 2007.......Downey/Brand.  Guess who is filing this new lawsuit for LMUD...Downey!    


Cocky & Corrupted, left to right: George Sargent, Nancy Cardenas, Wayne Langston, Al Vazquez and Fred Nagel


The entire "old" Board and the entire "new" Board, including LMUD's attorney Jaimee Jones and Controller Bill Stewart and Ray Luhring were involved with purchasing the Kinross property.


August 28, 2007 LMUD closed session Agenda



Chittock states that Cady purchased this property without the knowledge of the LMUD Board


That will be a little difficult to prove in court or anywhere else.

Cady would have had to secretly cut a check and "sign" the $65,000 check to Kinross. For what purpose? Granted, Frank Cady  AND THE LMUD BOARD HAVE SECRETLY PURCHASED LAND BEFORE (Beterbide contaminated property on Chestnut Avenue, Susanville) The check has to be signed, cashed and returned to LMUD. Let's see who would have been involved; Bill Stewart certainly since he "prints" the checks and is accountable to post this expense. Where did Stewart post this expense in the General Ledger?

Chittock (NOTE: Chittock was the only person to apply for the position of LMUD's General Counsel in 2005 when Cady was hired as GM) claims that Frank Cady signed this PSA on or around 12/17/07.  At this time three Board Members had resigned.  Did Cardenas, Sargent and Wood know what Cady was about to do. Three weeks later, the new LMUD Board fired Frank Cady.

Look what appeared on the January 22, 2008 LMUD Agenda



Wayne Langston & Fred Nagel Disregard laws when it comes to illegal LMUD meetings

Dysfunctional then and dysfunctional now LMUD History

LMUD President Langston, Fred Nagel and Jaimee Jones knew about the purchase of the Kinross property.

Who signed the $65,000 check to Kinross?


Kan We Help caught LMUD's current attorney,

Eugene Chittock, attempting to cover this purchase up by putting a phony case number on LMUD's December 2010 Agenda.




LMUD needs to add these names to be sued; Frank Cady,  Fred Nagel, Wayne Langston, Ray Luhring, Bill Stewart and LMUD's former attorney Jaimee Jones 



Attorney Frank Cady is certainly to blame but Fred Nagel and Wayne Langston knew about the transaction and maybe all of them should go to JAIL



LMUD v Kinross, Case 51489

Filed on 12/15/10, LMUD Agenda was issued on 12/23/10. The decision to file this lawsuit was made in closed session on 11/23/10 (Nagel and Langston excused themselves from the closed session because they were directly involved)


If you were born yesterday, you may not want to read this pile of horse sh- - .

       LMUD made another in a series of Horrendous, Stupid decisions and they want Kinross to give them back their money for their stupidity????????


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