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Frank CadyLMUD

Craig Kellison Moves ???

A Bekins moving truck was seen in front of Frank Cady's office last week and now Craig Kellison's sign has been taken down. 8/27/04.



Note: Frank Cady had to change his sign two years ago because he was not a "firm". Cady was a single attorney claiming that he was a "firm". Cady's new sign claims that he had been in business as "Cady & Pardee" since 1892, when in fact the date should have been "2002". Frank Cady has changed his business name five times in the last ten years......He just can't get it right. 

Anthology of Cady's Career

Craig Kellison shared an office with Frank Cady and was once in business with Frank Cady. The partnership was dissolved in 1995. LMUD refuses to release Cady's contract from 1995-1997. Kellison was LMUD's attorney

An attorney has to have an exemplary record to receive these types of appointments.  Something Frank Cady lost a long time ago. 

U.S. Magistrates relieve Federal Judges calendars.  Just as in the California Superior Courts, the public has a right to deny Magistrates from hearing cases and can request a Federal Judge to hear their case.