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Herlong, Westwood, Beiber


Herlong, One Stop                 Westwood, One Stop


Lassen County Supervisors have demonstrated such dis-regard, such dis-respect for the disadvantaged

Chamber of Commerce can ask for any amount of "free" money (contests, fake Christmas trees, memberships...) but the One-Stops in Lassen County must beg for pennies

Listen to the Discussion at the 2015 Budget Hearings





November 17, 2015  








Lassen County was awarded a Grant of $788,000 in 2009 and if they don't piss the money away they will have to give the money back to the State of California in two years

Family Service Centers/ One Stop employees again traveled many miles [ as they have done for years] to be present for Agenda Item H-1.


The Supervisors did what they normally do, they shelved it.

The same silly excuses, the same stupid logic, over, and over and over and over

Listen to the discussion

Just a remake of the movie

Groundhog Day


November 16, 2015  

Lassen County Does Not Build Anything

......but they are experts at buying and selling (aka Giving Away)  Real Estate to their friends

Expansion of the Beiber Family Resource Center (One Stop)

A 2009 Lassen County capital improvement project that is yet to be built even though the States $788,000 Grant money still sits in the bank to expand this facility.

This project had no fiscal impact on the General Fund. This CIP was funded through the Mental Health Services Act and the Supervisors continued to waste this Grant money .


At the May 12, 2015 meeting, the Employees at the three Family Resource Centers (Beiber, Herlong and Westwood) asked for help. The One Stops currently get $10,000 support from the Supervisors.

Melody Brawley tells the Supervisors, at a public meeting, that the Family Resource Centers/ One Stops provide critical County services

Click on photo below

Privately however, Ms. Brawley's story is quite different

At the May 19, 2015 Board of Supervisors Meeting,  County Counsel attempts to keep the One Stop Employees from Speaking.

Shameful, Mr. Burns



2009 Proposed Much Needed Expansion to the

One Stop Center in Bieber

Public Works Director Peter Heimbigner ordered these plans knowing the cost to build would exceed the Grant money? 

So these costly plans were scrapped



Six years later the County purchases a $184,094.60 mobile unit for the Bieber One Stop Resource Center & does not identify the Fund that will pay for it.........

By the way....this action, to purchase a mobile unit,  was suggested back in 2009


The Supervisors and CAO will attempt to divert the remaining Grant dollars to inappropriate expenditures....cause that's what they do .....





September 4, 2015


"the county of privilege"


Watch and Listen to Supervisors Pyle and Chapman comment

 about the "One Stop Resource Centers" that help the County's Disadvantaged

Click on photo below

The 2015/2016 Lassen County Budget does not include the $30,000 increase to the One Stop Resource Centers Budget in Herlong, Bieber and Westwood. The Supervisors needed that money for SOMETHING ELSE..............

The Caretakers of the elderly and disabled in Lassen County have been attending the Supervisors meetings for months and have pleaded to have their budget increased. Currently the Herlong, Westwood and Bieber "One Stop" Resource Centers receive $10,000 a year.  The Supervisors want them to raise their own money because they would feel better.