If Trump doesn't stop lying he will be Americas first FAKE PRESIDENT



Serial Liar-in-Chief




*Unemployment 4.7 as of 12/30/16


War President

Trump gives son-in-law Kushner a new government position to allow Kushner to go into all government offices and overhaul them and to explore new businesses

 for....the government aka Trump interests


The House of Representatives pulled their Amendments to the 2009 ACA today, 3/24/17. NO VOTE  -  TRUMP LOST BIGLY

Trump sits at the Resolute desk sitting on President Reagans rug and President Clinton's drapes hang behind him..............................................................................................


3/20/17:The FBI, Justice Department and the NSA confirmed, at the House Intelligence Committee,  that there is no evidence that Trump's accusations that President Obama wire tapped Trump Tower and confirmed that an investigation is ongoing with Trump's relationship with Russia.

3/16/17: This dangerously paranoid man has just accused the UK of wiretapping him. Trump issued an apology after the UK Prime Minister was outraged at the Trump statement and told Trump not to do that again


Trump submits his Budget to the House and targets eliminating programs that benefit the working poor. This is draining the swamp? Trump wants to eliminate 19 agencies like Meals on Wheels. He cuts the Coast Guards Budget which renders it a useless entity. 18% cut Health Human Services, 13% cut to HUD, 21% cut to the Department of Agriculture, 31% cut to the EPA. Massive cuts to the environment, sciences, education and the Arts. Ironically, all effecting Trumps base

Federal Judge in Hawaii stops Trump II travel ban of Muslims

The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee determined that Trumps claim that he was "wire tapped" was false and no evidence could be found to substantiate Trumps claim against President Obama. Is Trump guilty of lying again? What are the consequences of violating his "Oath of Office"?

Trump promised he would not take a salary ($400,000 a year). Trump is taking a salary and stated that he would donate it at the end of the year to a charity, taking a $158,000 tax deduction. As with all of his lies, this will not happen

Trump Care unveiled. 14 million Americans will lose their health care by 2018.  24 million Americans will lose their health care by 2026. Trump care


Just released, Michael Flynn was registered as a Foreign Agent for Turkey when he accepted and was confirmed to serve as the NSA Director. Flynn represented Turkish businesses that dealt directly with the Trump organization.


Trumps staff claims that the President is responsible for the February Jobs Report that states unemployment is down to 4.7%. Unemployment was 4.7% on December 30, 2016, January/2017 4.8%.  Trump claimed during his campaign that unemployment could be as high 50%.


Trump tweets that he thinks that Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower because the racist blog "Breitbart" told him this.   A FISA warrant can only be issued, by a FISA Judge,  if there is probable cause of foreign espionage. Trump could offer no evidence of any wire tapping.  [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978]. No President can order a wire tap under this law.  "probable cause" has a very high standard.


Trumps Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about contacts with the Russians during the Trump campaign. Trumps son-in-law also met with the Russians during the 2016 campaign


Trump claims that he took President Obama's drapes down to put up his own. A lie.

Trump fires Shermichael Singleton from HUD because Singleton stated publicly that Trump has taken the Republican Party to a new moral low.

Trump announces how easy it will be to overturn his unconstitutional Muslim ban and then states that he will write a new one ?

Trump trashes the media and then announces that he will not be attending the annual White House Correspondence dinner. First time a sitting President does not attend since 1981

Trump had no idea who the Congressional Black Caucus was. Trump lied about a meeting with Congressman Cummings.

186 non-criminal undocumented individuals are deported

Trump holds a meeting at a public restaurant on the North Korean missile fired. One of the customers "outed" the officer carrying the "nuclear football".

Trump states that the media is the enemy of the people

Trump states a lie about a terror attack in Sweden

Andrew Puzdner withdraws his confirmation process for Labor Secretary after allegations of domestic abuse and undocumented employees

General Flynn, Trump's NSA pick, resigns over close ties with Russia & lying during his confirmation hearings

Appointed his White Nationalist friend Bannon to the Security Council

Federal Courts rule Trumps Muslim ban unconstitutional

Fired Acting US Attorney Yates that would not enforce Trumps Unconstitutional Executive Order


banned muslims from entering US at airports

Cut Federal funding to City Sanctuary Funds

Lifts ban on Black Site prisons

Renews Keystone pipeline

Freezes Federal hiring and pay

Cancels TPP

Cut discounts to low income FHA loans

Lies about inaugural attendance ?

Lies now called "alternative facts"

Trump orders Wall to be built w/o anyfunding

Curtails immigration by religion

Cuts climate change from EPA website