Frank Cady "resurrected"the Langston issue, why?  KWH exposed the Arrowrock scam at the May 1, 2003 LMUD meeting

Allegedly this Maguire letter was written on May 12, 2003. KWH spoke with Aaron Mcguire afterwards and he admitted that he did not know about LMUD's March 5, 2002 election that was consolidated with the State primary. Who wrote the letter? Spencer told him that she had never received a copy of his letter Frank Cady presented at the June 5, 2003 LMUD meeting.

KWH never sent Aaron Maguire a complaint. KWH sent Ted Prim a complaint on October 10, 2002. KWH received an answer on November 2, 2002, stating that the AG can not give an opinion. 

 Did Frank Cady solicit this opinion from Maguire and why?

Spencer never received this May 12, 2003 letter, even tho it was allegedly addressed to Spencer. Spencer found out about it at the June 5, 2003 LMUD meeting, when Frank Cady presented it to the LMUD Board.

Did the Lassen County Times bother to contact Spencer before releasing the March 22, 2005 story...........absolutely not !


 TO THIS DATE, No copy of this letter HAS EVER BEEN RECEIVED by Spencer?????????

Legal opinion on March 5, 2002 LMUD election