Statements and threats made by Wayne Langston, at the 9/4/03 LMUD Board Meeting.

Wayne Langston makes a libelous statement and threatens the public and doesn't remotely understand the rights under the Brown Act.

Taken directly from the KWH video, 9/4/03

Helene Williams: "Excuse me, I have a question."

Wayne Langston: "If you have any. Follow the Agenda, if you have any questions we ask that you submit them in writing."

Helene Williams: "Well, your agenda says that" (Gavel)

Wayne Langston: "Let's have a little refresher session, really quick here folks, Okay. This part of the agenda the part of our meeting which affords, you the public, to comment and to participate is Item 3, Invitation for Public Comment."

"The California Open Meeting law, the Brown Act, affords you that privilege, okay. The other parts of our Agenda, the other parts of our meeting where you are allowed to participate and comment is during action items. The item of which the Board takes a motion, a second and a vote on it."

"This is not afforded to you by the Brown Act. Okay. This is afforded to you by this District. The District affords you that privilege and opportunity. The rest of the Agenda, the rest of the items on the Agenda, the California Brown Act provides the public the privilege to observe the workings of the District or the workings of the meeting on those."

"That's how its setup, that's how it is designed. That's how its going to run."

"We are currently in the Information section of our Agenda so we are going to continue on with it. Again, you will be afforded the privilege to comment and afforded the privilege to interact during action items when we get to that."

Eileen Spencer: "The District Attorney disagrees with you" (GAVEL, GAVEL)

Wayne Langston: "Out of Order Mrs. Spencer and lets go a step further, you of all people ought to know that you're continued and repetitive interruptions not only at this meeting, at this Board but other Boards and other Districts throughout the community, isn't necessarily appreciated as far as your interruptions and repetitive nature so if you continue to do so in our meeting its going to be deemed intentional and we will not tolerate it any further and you will be asked to leave the meeting. Now, I don't think I can make it any clearer than that and I'm not going to try to."

"That is spelled out pretty clear. I think that anybody with any common sense at all will be able to realize that. So we will move on with our meeting."