This was taken directly from the KWH video of LMUD's meeting on 9/4/03.

Wayne Langston:  "At this time tho we will move Item 5a forward, which is our renewal of our insurance contract. We have a presentation, I believe. We would like to move that up to this part of the Agenda to have our insurance provider provide us with a presentation so that we can go ahead and have a part of the administrative"

Jim Hayes was introduced and gave a presentation on insurance.

Jim Hayes: "With that, do you want to ask any questions?"

The LMUD Board finished with their questions and a member of the public raised their hand. Wayne Langston acknowledged the member of the public.

Eileen Spencer: "I have a question"

Wayne Langston: "We will entertain questions when we get to the Action part of this Ms. Spencer"

Eileen Spencer:  "You moved it up".

Wayne Langston: "I know that. When we get to that part of it we are confident that we have enough time to deal with it. When we have an action we will have a motion on the floor, we will entertain questions."

Eileen Spencer: "May we ask him questions?"

Wayne Langston: "No mam', you can not. We have enough experience between Bill and Eveleene, our General Manager, that we can answer your questions."

Eileen Spencer and Jim Hayes left the meeting. Keri Richards told Jim Hayes not to talk to Eileen Spencer,  as he was leaving the meeting.