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LMUD Abuses

Eugene "Chip" Chittock

Debra Chittock/Burns files Domestic Violence against Chittock

LMUD Attorney files S.L. A.P.P. ACTION

LMUD  vs  Hayden Hill trial 1/25/16



A prison guard turned attorney

Harold Gartner was originally chosen from this firm to be LMUD's General Counsel because Chittock had represented members of Kan We Help ( a local government watchdog group) in the past. This may or may not have been disclosed to the LMUD Board.

2009 Contract

Chittock administered the Carl Moyer funds for years and Jay Dow was a recipient of thousands of dollars to convert his diesel engines to electric.....then he gets two rate reductions within 12 months.



Eugene Chittock

Carl Moyer Grants-2003-2007

Williamson Act



Lassen County Times, December 29, 2009

9/30/14: Eugene Chittock Ignores LMUD

 Brown Act violations.....

but files self serving Complaint for daughter?

Brown Act

Eugene "Chip" Chittock represents troubled Sacramento Fire District President