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Rhetta Kay Vander Ploeg

Lassen County Counsel


Hired: 3/19/12

Fired: 2/25/14

The Empty Chair



September 16, 2014

Lassen County Amends Curtis



to Include Vander Ploeg

Amended contract

James Curtis is the Sierra County Counsel


September 5, 2014

Vander Ploeg's Old/New/Old Boss

James Curtis

continues to obtain contracts in Lassen County

Curtis is Sierra County's Counsel

Curtis and Vander Ploeg put together the Herlong debacle that has been turned over to the new District Attorney

Herlong Debacle


JULY 22, 2014

Lassen County Supervisors

Continue to

Throw $$$ to Pay


Vander Ploeg's new job


Sierra County's County Counsel

James Curtis


JUNE 17, 2014

Lassen County Board of Supervisors

Double Contract dollars

for Vander Ploeg's

New/Old Employer

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors approve a $25,000 annual contract for James Curtis (Sierra County Counsel), Vander Ploeg's new boss.


MAY 13, 2014


After Supervisor Wosick read the Boards Proclamation, Supervisor Pyle and many in the audience refrained from applauding Vander Ploeg

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May 13, 2014

Also, , Supervisor Pyle abstained from voting to approve the Boards hugely over-exaggerated proclamation of her performance

Vander Plug was not the worst of the worst but she was certainly the dumbest




She facilitated the Herlong Sales