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Rezoning Gift

Gets Well Deserved

"Stinky Award"


On October 21, 2014, Hammond, Pyle and Wosick vote to re-zone a single parcel  in Herlong a "Town Center" (in the middle of an agricultural zone).

Supervisors Trade Votes

Tom Hammond claimed that he voted yes on Pyle's and Wosick's issues so that they would vote on one of his issues. 

 Supervisor Albaugh votes No


Supervisor Chapman steps down from the Board and sits in the audience


A similar re-zoning gift was made before Jack Hanson was re-called. Hanson Hansonmanaged to re-zone his brother-in-laws (and partners) property  to "Town Center" before he left office Bertotti.


What is unique about this political move by Supervisor Hammond, is that it made no sense at all. The owner of this property could have requested a simple re-zone from Agricultural to Commercial. 


The owner Lawrence Marion wants to build a mini-storage ?


This 10 acre desert parcel ( APN 139-060-33) sits 2100 ft from the Herlong airport.  This mini-storage would accommodate commodities flown in and out of the Herlong airport with little or no monitoring. The Owner claims he will build in phases (?).  He also plans to build a residence on the property.

This 10 acre desert parcel will be subject to the Herlong Airport Land Use Plan which limits the type of  construction. This parcel sits in the "Designated Safety Areas".

So why the "Town Center" Supervisor Hammond ?

Simple: It adds value to this parcel.

The CAO claims that surrounding property owners were sent notices


Mr. Marion purchased this property from Joseph and Lorayne White on May 23, 2005. The property was listed as "commercial" with manufacturing as a "use".  Mr. Marion paid $45,000 for this desert parcel with only a septic tank as an improvement. 

The value increases when you re-zone to "Town Center"


The Lassen County Planning Director Anderson and CAO Egan were in favor of expanding the new "Town Center" zone.