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Public Comments on Joseph DuPonts Letter.

 .......a friend of Carol Byers?

Fortunately our country is moving away from this type.

Bigotry is spawned from fear and lack of education. 


I moved here in 2007. I am sorry for this Joseph DuPont. He is a product of his parents no doubt

I think I know what church he goes to that preaches this kinda sh _ _.

There is alot of truth to what he wrote. You just need to fess up to this n _ _ _ _ _ and kick him out

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto

What a shame that the Lassen County Times printed this hate.

The only thing that is good about this letter is that none of it is true.

What the h _ _ _ was the paper thinking. Who is in charge of this paper. That's who you should be yelling at.

This is indicative of Lassen County. Why are you surprised?

This guy wasn't even born here. how did he even get elected. nobody checked

Don't think Ms. France or the LCT could sink the more depths of scum but they never seem to outdo themselves

France got away with this stuff for years and nobody ever complained

Carol Byers and France must be related. They write the same crap

Is DuPont related to David Duke of the Klan?

The paper should never have published this. It is just hate and prejudice

This black ba _ _ _ _ d needs to be removed now

Facts just got in the way of Mr. Dupont racism. That's a shame we have so many bigots in this County

This country allows freedom of speech. This asshole can say whatever but the paper didn't have enough class to no print this.

LCT has allowed Carol Byers lies and racism to be printed for a long time. Why is this different?

Has anyone introduced Mr. Dupont to France or Byers. They have so much in common. Ignorance.

Do you think that France is DuPont. LCT is capable of that type of deception

If you are black, don't move to Lassen County.

Too many churches here that foster this type of bigotry.

There is nothing Christian about churches in Lassen County

Don't think to much of Sam Williams or his paper. Expected more

I don't read the rag but someone gave me this website. 99.999 % accurate on bad government here.

There is an election coming up next week and I bet the idiots in this County elect the same jerks.

Don't understand why this was published. It is just not the thing people want to read

B France isn't editor anymore. Would have expected this type of article to get published from her. Who the heck is in charge. NOT COOL

I have lived here for 23 years. First time that a racist has been clearly named.  He fits right in here.

This guy should get a meddle or award for coming out with the truth about the N _ _ _ _ _.  Oh that's right we can't use that word. Well I did

N _ _ _ _ _ President. I have lived to long.

DuPont's letter must have been edited. Nobody talks like that here.

Anybody know if Carol and Barbara go to the same church as Joseph. These are certainly Christian white people.

Didn't see any apology from the Lassen County Times so they must think they did the right thing to publish this hate.

Nobody wants to know the truth. Shut this website down and get a job

Does the paper still publish fake letters?  This was probably written by LCt staff.

Love this website. Don't agree very much but love that you have the guts to stand up to the establishment, the paper won't or can't.

I still can't believe that the Feather River Publishing Company would have approved printing DuPont letter. Did you call the Publisher?

You are wrong. Barbara France is still in charge of Letters to the editor. Maybe she wrote this terrible thing.

The newspaper couldn't print the truth about Obama. He will ruin this country. We need to put a white man back. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK

Please don't publish my name but this was all true about this black man. You can get the truth from Fox News and any christan tv station.

Vote next week. Clean up this county if we can

God never meant a black person to be a president. He has corrupted our way of life.


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