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On September 5, 2006, City Attorney, Kathleen Lazard, confirms that Mike Taborski did not pay the $13,180 fee for his sidewalk permit. 

There is no record of Mike Taborski PAYING THE $13,180. This was a gift by the City of Susanville for favors yet to be disclosed. 

City of Susanville's Response




All fees must be paid in advance to the City of Susanville, prior to a permit being issued. 

The 5/11/06 Agreement states that "Hat Creek Construction has made arrangements with Craig Platt, City Public Works Director, for deposit". 

Were the "arrangements" don't have to pay the deposit.....?


As of 8/22/06, no receipt of any kind was included with the public records, to verify that the $13,180 amount was deposited for Taborski's sidewalks. No surprise there !!!

Surprisingly the $67.24 Encroachment Fee was paid on 5/11/06 but not the $13,180 ! (See below).

Now, we know why Taborski donated this piece of his property to the City of Susanville for a "PUBLIC RIGHT AWAY" ......................A PUBLIC TOILET (A $13,180 toilet)

No "City" work ever took place on the "donated" dirt. The "dedicated right-of-way" appears to be in the sidewalk area..............? No hydrant, no sewer connection.....nothing.

The Public Record Request asked for "all" related documents in regards to the permit for the Taborski sidewalks. Copy of Request 


Fees Paid for Encroachment Permit


Taborski's friend, Fred Nagel signs off on Inspection ????

Fred Nagel is the City of Susanville's Engineer not an Inspector !!!!!  What's a title among friends ??