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    a "LMUD Cheat-the-public" Fund.  BALANCE   $7.25

Richey says there is $7.25 left. Copies are always paid in full.  She can have the $.75 That's what the Cheat-the-public Fund was set up for. Richey is no student of simple math problems. 



34 Public Records Requested

On three separate occasions, LMUD sent public documents not requested.. LMUD charges for documents clearly not requested and then refuses to release any more documents until the "ransom" is paid.   It appears that LMUD will continue to cheat the public. 

DATE:  December 29, 2004- LMUD- Due  1/9/05 EXTENDED TO 1/23/05 Cost: $51.75


Current Status: LMUD asks for 14 days. Received 1/20/05. LMUD continues not to release Frank Cady's invoices. 

DATE:  December 16, 2004- LMUD- Due  12/23/04  $16.50+ $1.75


             2ND REQUEST                   LMUD RESPONSE      


Copies of November/2004 LMUD Board Statements, Vendor 494 payment history (Jan/02-Nov/04, Vendor 2086 payment history (Nov/03-Dec/04), checks 10767,10770, 10784, 10786, 10782, 10826,10827, 10830, 10831, 10836, 10845, 10846, 10847, 10859, 10860, 10876, 10890, 10893, 40170, 40334, 40678, 42282, 10012, 10174, 10278, 10329, 10329, 10477, 109553, 10785, 10846. 

Previously requested checks. Records omitted

Current Status: Received 12/23/04,  Incomplete, 

1/6/05: The Records omitted from the December 16, 2004 PRA were treated as a new request, however LMUD DID NOT ASK FOR A PRA FORM. Records still are outstanding from previous requests will remain in red until released by LMUD. LMUD Released Vendor 494 payment history (Jan/02-May/04), Checks 10826 and 10859. All records in red remain outstanding. 


DATE:  November 23, 2004- LMUD- Due 12/3/04 $6.50

 REQ: A copy of the following checks and all supporting documentation that was submitted for payment; #10767, #10770, #10784, #10785, #10787, #10811, 10820.

Current Status: 12/2/04-Non-compliance- LMUD failed to release copies of checks stating they have not been returned from the bank. LMUD has copies of these checks. LMUD failed to release Frank Cady's invoices

DATE:  November 19, 2004- LMUD- Due 11/29/04 $1.00

REQ: A copy of the "Herlong evaluation study", a copy of bond counsel reports from 1/1/01- 11/19/04 and Where is the Powers Engineers Study

Current Status: NON-COMPLIANCE.  LMUD states that no "Herlong evaluation study" was done. Don Battles and the LMUD Board lied to the public about a study being done. LMUD has been given the copy of the LMUD minutes (references to the Powers Study and the evaluation of the value of LMUD and LMUD continues to claim that they do not know what documents are being requested.  


DATE:  November 18, 2004- LMUD- Due  11/28/04 $34.25

REQ: Copies of 2001 checks written to Powers Engineers and Bond Counsel, in regards to the transfer of customers to PSREC.  A copy of the LMUD accounts payable check register from 1/1/01-12/31/01.

Current Status: LMUD claims that Don Battles lied about the Powers Engineers Report being done. Don Battles lied to the public. LMUD claims that the Bond Counsel opinion was never done. This was a manadatory requirement by the CPUC for the transfer of customers to PSREC.  LMUD released the 2001 check register. 

DATE:  November 9, 2004- LMUD- Due  11/19/04 $12.25

REQ: Copies of all checks written to NCPA for the PSREC/LMUD Feasibility Study for the co-generation plant at the Federal Prison. 

Current Status: Complete: 11/17/04

DATE:  November 5, 2004- LMUD- Due  11/15/04  $22.50

REQ:  Copy of the October/2004 Board Member Statement of Meetings, 2004 third quarter DE-6 and 941 reports, checks and supporting documentation; 10262, 10273, 10219, 10274, 10276, 10280, 10380, 10389, 10393, 10400, 10413, 10448 (previously requested but not available), 10468, 10476, 10477, 10489, 10499, 10503, 10509, 10519, 10523, 10543, 10544, 10587, 10590, 10593, 10636.

Current Status: Non-Compliance - letter of non-compliance sent 11/15/04- Received 11/17/04


DATE:  November 4, 2004- CTY CLERK- Due  11/14/04  $72.35

REQ:  Copy of November 2, 2004 election reports; breakdown by precincts, time precincts reported, serial numbers of program cards and which Accuvote machine they were assigned to. 

Current Status: Letter from County Clerk stating cost 11/11/04

DATE:  November 2, 2004- LMUD- Due  11/12/04 $.25

REQ: Copy of wire transfers from PSREC to LMUD for June/2002. 

Current Status: Complete 11/7/04

DATE:  October 15, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/25/04 $33.75

REQ: Copies of printouts of the following General Ledger accounts from July 1, 2002 to October 1, 2004: 108.700, 107.100, 114.100, 134.200, 134.300, 134.99, 143.30, 186.100, 211.00, 234.000, 241.150, 243.600, 243.600, 403.000, 433.999, 449.999, 456.000, 922.015, 588.700. These are all accounting printouts and can be reproduced in-house. 

Current Status: 10/20/04, received partial. Missing: Depreciation Reserves, Other current assets, Other deferred debt, Other Operating Revenue, Public Benefit Expenses.

DATE:  October 9, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/19/04 $.50

REQ: Copy of the evaluation of value study "Powers Engineers" did for LMUD, copy of the required opinion letter from bond counsel, "Notice of Exemption" filed with the CPUC on January 4, 2002 (Second request-original req. 8/13/04) All documents are related to the transfer of LMUD customers to PSREC (Administrative Law Judge Bruce DeBerry confirmed that he received the "Notice of Exemption" from LMUD). 

Current Status: 10/19/04 LMUD needs an additional 14 days to comply. 

Received 10/20/04:LMUD sent "Notice of Exemption, but will not release the study by Powers Engineers or the "opinion" from bond counsel.

Sent non-compliance letter to Twitchell. 11/2/04. LMUD refuses to release Powers Engineers Study and the required bond opinion on the sale of the LMUD customers. Sent copy to CPUC judge that heard the transfer case.

11/5/04: LMUD is claiming ignorance of the "opinion" by the bond counsel and flatly refuses to acknowledge the Powers Engineers Report.  The reference to these documents come from LMUD documents which were provided to LMUD in the original request. 


DATE:  October 8, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/18/04 $.25

REQ: A copy of the COP projects and the costs associated with each project.

Current Status: Received letter 10/18/04: LMUD needs an additional 14 days. 

Received: 10/20/04  COP PROJECTS

DATE:  October 7, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/17/04 $23.75

REQ: September 2004 Board Statement of Meetings, checks #39659,#40391,#40436,#10309,#10330, #1000-1007, #10380, #10389, #10393,#10394, #10397, #10400, #10408, #10413, #10420, #10424, #10442, #10448 and all supporting documents. 

Current Status:  No response. Non-compliance letter sent 10/18/04

Received 10/20/04-complete

DATE:  September 30, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/10/04

REQ: Copy of Frank Cady's LMUD contract between 1995-October 31, 1997.

Current Status:  LMUD asks for an additional 14 days. Records voluminous?  

Non-compliance letter sent 11-2-04



DATE:  September 29, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/9/04 $27.

REQ: Copies of invoices and supporting documents from Kellison & Cady from January 1986-October 1997. 

Current Status: LMUD asks for an additional 14 days. Records voluminous.

Received: 10/14/04:  LMUD sends Retainer invoices and copies of checks under "Contract" retainer agreement,   June 30, 1993-June 12, 1996. Missing 1989-1993


DATE:  September 23, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/3/04$1.50

REQ: Simple copies of Kellison & Cady LMUD contracts, Donald Cady LMUD contracts and all related documents (amendments, exhibits, memorandums) from 1986-1997.

Current Status:  9/29/04Jamie Richey claims there are no contracts with Kellison & Cady from 1996-1997. Richey purposely delays the public records. Response sent to Twitchell to produce the documents. (Note: Craig Kellison's contract ended in 1995 with the dissolution of his partnership with Frank Cady.)

10/4/04: Non-compliance. Twitchell refuses to disclose Kellison & Cady's contract with LMUD. Twitchell refuses to disclose contract with Donald Cady

10/19/04: Received Kellison & Cady contracts dated 11/8/89

DATE:  September 22, 2004- LMUD- Due  10/2/04

REQ: Simple copies of LMUD checks. #10217-10227. This can be handled by LMUD "in-house" by the LMUD PRA clerk with direction from General Manager. 

Current Status:  Recieved 9/29/04. Twitchell did not handle this request in-house. This cost the ratepayers $300. The checks were totally unredacted and could have been handled in-house by the PRA Clerk under the direction of Twitchell. 

DATE:  September 16, 2004- LMUD- Due  09/26/04 $2.25

REQ:  LMUD minutes and agendas for the month of July/1995. This request can be handled "in-house" by the LMUD PRA clerk with direction from General Manager

Current Status:  9/22/04 Complete. Twitchell did not have the PRA clerk make the copies in-house but spent $$$$ to have Cady & Pardee copy the documents. Poor decision making. Cady & Pardee cost: $300 for nine pieces of un-redacted documents. 

DATE:  September 7, 2004- LMUD- Due  09/17/04 $14.75

REQ: Board Member Statement of Meetings, July and August, 2004. Copies of checks: 10149,10150,10151,10155,10157,10158,10166,10168,10171,10173,10190,10194,

10196,10209,10211,10262 (Diamond Mtn. Casino),10273 (Lassen County CUPA fees),10274 (Lassen County Fair),10276 (Law Office of Laughlin; 10280 ($47,023.94 check to Professional Computer Systems)

Current Status:  Received all documents except five checks. 9/16/04

DATE:  August 13, 2004- LMUD- Due  08/23/04  

REQ:  Environmental documents for the transfer of LMUD customers to PSREC. LMUD claims the "Notice of Exemption", filed on January 4, 2002, by LMUD, does not exist. Requests were made for environmental documents related to the transfer were requested on November 7, 2003 and May 26, 2004.  CPUC disclosed that LMUD filed environmental documents with CPUC in 2002.     LMUD lied about the existence of environmental documents in relation to the transfer of LMUD customers. Four requests have been made.       Link to LMUD response

Current Status:  Non-compliance 8/23/04 . Non-compliance letter sent 8/24/04

Resubmitted: 10/9/04

Received 10/20/04, after contacting Administrative Law Judge Bruce DeBerry. 

DATE:  August 6, 2004- LMUD- Due  08/16/04  

REQ:  Cady & Pardee invoices, Jan/Feb 2004 (denied once before), March 2004, June 2004, Jan/Feb 2003 (denied twice before) Jan/Feb 2002 (denied twice before), Copy of LMUD's Grand Jury response, Copy of LMUD Audit 2002-2001, Copy of refund check from overpayment to Spiegel & McDiarmid, copies of various checks, copy of second quarter DE-6 and 941, copy of the National Legal Research report (7/29/03). 

Current Status: Complete with the exception of Frank Cady's time and task for Jan/Feb 2002, Jan/Feb 2003. LMUD refuses to disclose these invoices ????? 


DATE:  July 8, 2004- LMUD- Due  07/18/04  $24.00

REQ:  LMUD Board Statement of Meetings Report, May and June 2004. Various checks. Cady & Pardee invoices. 

Current Status: Complete


DATE:  June 8, 2004- PSREC-Due  06/18/04 

REQ:  All regulatory documents for the transfer of LMUD's service to PSREC. Copies of documents of revenue received from PSREC for this transfer. General Ledger account numbers for revenue. 

Current status:  No documents

7/5/04: Second request sent. 

7/26/04: PSREC's attorney states that they are not required to disclose documents. Also, Dennis De Cuir stated that papers were filed with CPUC to have the service boundaries changed. 

DATE:  May 25, 2004- LMUD-Due  06/4/04  

REQ:  All regulatory documents for the transfer of LMUD's service to PSREC. Copies of documents of revenue received from PSREC for this transfer. General Ledger account numbers for revenue. 

Current Status:  NON- responsive: LMUD has no legal documents for the transfer of customers to PSREC. No environmental documents have been filed by LMUD. There is no record of the money PSREC gave to LMUD. 5/26/04

Originally requested October 20, 2003. November 7, 2003, LMUD claims there are no records, in regards to the transfer of LMUD customers to PSREC. 


DATE:  May 7, 2004- LMUD-Due  05/17/04  $15.25

REQ: Board Member Statement of Meetings for Apr/04, Checks: 40639, 40811, 40653, 40656, 40677, 40679, 40683, 40686, 40688, 40690, 40813, 40817, 40821, 40828, 40830, 40836, 40843 and all related invoices and documents. 

Current Status:  Complete 5/17/04.  Board signatures were unredacted. Vazquez meets with Sargent, but Sargent doesn't report meeting with Vazquez. Sargent's Board Member Statement of Meetings is unsigned. 


DATE:  May 3, 2004- LMUD-Due  05/13/04  $2.00

REQ:  2004 First quarter DE-6 and 941

Current Status:  Complete 5/6/04 Twitchell and Stewart redacted


DATE: April 28, 2004- LMUD-Due  05/08/04  $0.00

REQ: Mr. Cady's Arrowrock "white paper" (history of Arrowrock to date) promised on March 20, 2002

Current Status:  Mr. Cady states now that this document does not exist. 

DATE: April 27, 2004- LMUD-Due  05/07/04  $6.00

REQ: Copies of LMUD Board Members 700 Forms for 2002

Current Status:  Complete 4/29/04


DATE: April 7, 2004- LMUD-Due 4/17/04  $14.00

REQ: Board members statement of meetings for March 2004, Frank Cady's February 2004 invoice to LMUD, First quarter 2004, 941 & DE-6 forms , 700 forms for LMUD Board, General Manager and Controller for 2004, Checks: 40497, 40506, 40514, 40542-44, 40546, 40565, 40567, 40571, 40574, 40575. 

Current Status:  Complete 4/15/04 except for the DE-6 state payroll report that is due on 4/1/04. The 941 federal payroll form had not be submitted as of 4/15/04 either. 

DATE: March 9, 2004- LMUD-Due 3/19/04  $18.75

REQ: LMUD Board of Directors W-2's for 2003, LMUD Board Members Statement of Meetings for 2/04, Frank Cady's 1099 for 2003, checks 40301,40318, 40329, 40347,40349, 40352, 40370, 40373, 40403, 40418, 40423, 40425, 40441.

Current Status:  Complete 3/18/04 (Board members signatures are redacted on their statements. Who signed the statements? Signatures on checks redacted. Who is signing LMUD checks?)

DATE: March 6, 2004- LMUD-Due 3/18/04  $7.00

REQ: All copies of referenced expenses for the $100,000 amount spent by LMUD according to the statement made by Frank Cady's to Superior Court on 2/25/04. 

This would include LMUD staff time, which Frank Cady claims is identifiable. This would include legal expenses that Frank Cady claims is identifiable. This would include expenses to Washington D.C. attorneys that Frank Cady claims to be identifiable. 

Confirmed: Twitchell had no authority to spend $33,946.20 on Arrowrock. The rest of the alleged $141,000 includes money spent on interventions on Dyer Mtn. ($15,092) recreational issues, PRA requests turned over to Cady, and legal expenses to defend LMUD's unauthorized expenditures. 

 The documents indicate that a new "General Municipal Law" catagory was added after Jaimie Richey was hired (2002-2004) ($188,469.50) ?

Current Status:   Complete 3/11/04

DATE: February 19, 2004- LMUD-Due 2/29/04  $13.25

REQ: Copies of the following: Board Member Statement of Meetings for all five Board members for January 2004, copies of check numbers #40139,40181, 40218,40241, 40253, 40249, 40255, 40272, 40289 and Cady & Pardee invoice for January 2004. 

3/2/04: Letter sent to LMUD, Non-Compliance

3/4/04: LMUD sends letter stating that the PRA request will be delayed an additional seven days. The Public Records Act grants fourteen additional days under certain circumstances.

3/6/04: KWH sends letter stating that public records requests are part of the daily requirements of a public entity. 

3/9/04: LMUD sends documents. LMUD is now redacting the Boards signatures on their "Board Member Statement of Meetings" and accounts payable checks. There is no way to tell whether the signatures are valid. 

Current Status:    Complete 


DATE: January 27, 2004- LMUD-Due 2/6/04  $2.75

REQ: Copies of general ledger account 134.825 from January 1, 2003 to January 1, 2004. KWH has previously requested this information from October 31, 1997-to December 31, 2002. General ledger account 456.000 for the period January 1, 2001 to January 1, 2004. KWH has not previously requested these documents.

Current: Complete on 1/31/04


DATE: January 12, 2004- LMUD-Due 1/22/04  $23.50+$2.00

REQ:    Copies of the December 2003 "Board Member Statement of Meetings", DE-6 and 941 for fourth quarter,  copy of Frank Cady, aka Cady & Pardee invoices (retainer letter, task, time and cost detail), LMUD Checks, LMUD restaurant charges.


1/16/04:  LMUD refuses to comply with this request. NO MORE DOCUMENTS FOR KWH. LMUD sent 38 pages of documents (12/8/03) that were not on the list of requested documents and charged KWH for these documents.  KWH returned the documents.  Frank Cady has found a new way to cheat the public and increase legal fees. Frank Cady's office sends documents that you did not request and then denies any further documents because you refuse to pay for unrequested documents.   

LMUD policy:  You must pay for documents that you did not request.

1/26/04: KWH paid the ransom for these 38 unrequested documents ($9.50) from the KWH's "LMUD Cheat-the-Public" Fund.

1/28/04: Resubmitted 1/12/04 PRA due to non-compliance from LMUD.

Submit status of 1/12/04 PRA to Court on 2/17/04

1/30/04: KWH received partial request for documents. DE-6 and 941 4th qtr. not included. 

2/5/04: KWH makes THIRD request for the fourth quarter payroll reports (DE-6 & 941)

2/6/04: LMUD continues to delay PRA request for LMUD DE-6 and 941. LMUD wants a routing form submitted again.  PRA request costs escalate due to strong resistance to releasing these public documents. 

2/12/04: THIRD REQUEST-no routing form submitted

2/13/04: LMUD sends DE-6 and 941.  

Status: Complete - 30 days to comply