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UPDATED:  11/21/06    

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7/17/05-Frank Cady takes LMUD FAX number (257-2558) off the Public Records Act Request Form and blocks KWH phone number




DATE: November 21, 2006 LMUD Due 12/01/06 Cost: $

Original Request



DATE: November 13, 2006 LMUD Due 11/23/06 Cost: $

Original Request

Current Status: KWH has requested copies of checks issued to LMUD Board Members that the LMUD Counsel claimed did not exist


DATE: October 24, 2006 LMUD Due:  11/3/06     Cost: $1.00

Original Request    LMUD Response   KWH Response  Cady Response

Current Status: Non-compliance. Jaimee Richey refused to disclose her expense reports for March 2006. Richey sent her September/2006 expense report instead. This is a defiant act by the LMUD  General Manager. We suspect that because the LMUD Directors reported travel in March that the Board expenses are being hidden in these two expense reports. The public is entitled to these documents.


11/3/06 CONTINUED NON-COMPLIANCE: Frank Cady simply ignores the request for his March Expense Report and Richey's March Expense Report. LMUD's only response is that the Expense Reports were not in the possession of LMUD. No claim that they don't exist. This is in violation of the Public Records Act. KWH is preparing a Writ to obtain these documents.


DATE: October 5, 2006 LMUD Due:  10/15/06     Cost: $1.75

Copy of Request     LMUD Response  Second Request

Current Status: Received on 10/13/06. LMUD Board members are not submitting Expense Reports. These expenses are being hidden in legal invoices and charged on LMUD credit cards. If a Board Member uses a personal credit card an expense report must be submitted for reimbursement.

10/16/06: Second request submitted for Frank Cady's March Expense Report. This was originally requested in April/2006, but LMUD said that they did not have this document in their possession.


DATE: September 22, 2006 Lassen County Clerk  Due:  10/2/06     Cost: 

Copy of Request       Lassen County Counsel

Current Status: 10/03/06 County Clerk NON-COMPLIANCE. 10/13/06-Lassen County Counsel responds to public records request. The Clerk of the Board is the duty of the County Clerk and receives no separate check.




DATE: September 6, 2006 LMUD Due:  9/16/06 Cost: $3.00

Copy of Request    LMUD Response #1    LMUD response #2 

Current Status: LMUD REQUESTS 14 DAYS. DUE NOW ON 9/21/06. An agency may take an additional 14 days to produce the documents after they respond to a request.  

LMUD intends to delay the request until October 2, 2006. LMUD is an agency that intentionally delays requests for their public documents and abuses the intent of the Act.  

DOCUMENTS RECEIVED 9/27/06: LMUD failed to provide a copy of the annual "stabilization" payment from PSREC. LMUD claimed that this PRA request was "voluminous". Twelve (12) pages were received. LMUD continues to abuse the Public Records Act.


DATE: August 29, 2006 City of Susanville Due: 9/8/06 Cost: 

Copy of Request    Susanville Response

Current Status: 9/7/06: Susanville City Attorney confirmed that there is no receipt for the $13,180 deposit for the Taborski sidewalk permit. Mike Taborski received a gift of public funds, which is illegal , when the City of Susanville did not collect the required deposit for services. 


DATE: August 15, 2006 Lassen Cty Public Works Due: 8/25/06 Cost: $.90 

Copy of Request     

Current Status: Complete: Documents received 8/22/06. 



DATE: August 9, 2006 Susanville Due: 8/19/06 Cost: $ 3.00

Copy of Request     Susanville Response

Current Status: Received response on 8/18/06. Received  documents on 8/22/06, but the City of Susanville did not include a copy of the receipt for the $13,180 deposit for the sidewalk permit.



DATE: July 12, 2006 Lassen Cty Public Works Due: 7/22/06 Cost: $4.00

Copy of Request

Current Status: Documents available on 7/22/06, documents received on 7/24/06 



DATE: July 12, 2006 LMUD Due: 7/22/06 Cost: $1.75

Copy of Request    LMUD Response

Current Status: Received documents 7/19/06. LMUD refuses to release Ron Luhry's contract. No changes to Cady's contract as of 7/18/06. 


DATE: June 22, 2006 Susanville Due: 7/3/06 Cost: $2.40

Copy of Request    Susanville Response  

Current Status:  Received 6/23/06 - Susanville Council Members FPPC 700 Forms 


DATE: June 13, 2006 LMUD Due: 6/23/06 Cost: $8.75

Copy of Request  LMUD Response #1  LMUD Response #2

Current Status: 6/23/06 LMUD requests additional 14 days. 

7/7/06: Received documents



DATE: June 13, 2006 City of Susanville Due: 6/23/06 Cost:

Copy of Request  Non-Compliance  Susanville Response

Current Status: 6/23/06 Non-compliance. Copies of the Taborski recorded deed, permits, copies of payments by Taborski. 

6/27/06: No Deed recorded, City Clerk has refused to release copies of "permits".  Four trips have been made to pick up this document. Each time the document has not been released....

7/3/06: City releases one document to request. The only record released was the Taborski building permit. Ten days from due date. The City did not request an additional 14 days to comply. 


DATE: June 12, 2006 City of Susanville Due: 6/22/06 Cost: $0.0

Copy of Request    KWH Request Documents   Non-Compliance  Susanville Response #1  Susanville Response #2

Current Status: 6/22/06 Non Compliance. Businesses that do not have license to operate a business in Susanville

6/24/06: No business licenses on record

6/28/06: City Attorney attempts to cover up non-compliance



DATE: May 2, 2006 City of Susanville Due: 5/12/06 Cost:

Copy of Request     Susanville Response   KWH Response

Current Status: 5/11/06 No documents for request. 

The City of Susanville and Mike Taborski were required by their agreement to record this transfer of land to the City of Susanville, with the County Recorder, no later than April 30, 2006. No Deed was recorded.  No "lot line adjustment" was ever applied for by Mike Taborski or the City of Susanville. It appears that Mike Taborski will not have to pay for the City developer fees  ($40,000) and he will keep the 39'v 190.93' of his property also. 


DATE: May 1, 2006 LMUD DUE: 5/11/06    Cost: $4.25

Copy of Request    LMUD Response

Current Status: Document received 5/3/06



DATE: April 5, 2006 LMUD DUE: 4/15/06 Cost: $4.65

Copy of Request     LMUD Response

Current Status: Received documents 4/12/06




DATE: April 4, 2006 LMUD DUE: 4/14/06 Cost: $1.00

Copy of Request  LMUD response

Current Status: Received documents 4/5/06


DATE: March 24, 2006 LMUD DUE: 4/3/06 Cost: $30.25


LMUD #2 Response    Non-compliance

Current Status: NON-COMPLIANCE

Documents received 4/12/06: The LMUD Board decided to suppress disclosure of wire transfers #1143 and #1144. The LMUD Board decided to suppress checks 990001-12 (?). These are new check numbers and  the LMUD Board decided that they cannot be disclosed.

LMUD refused to release a copy of Don Battles check #14960 for $7,143.55. The Don Battles check released from Public Records Request on 3/13/06 was check #14634 for $7, 036.85



DATE: March 22, 2006 LMUD DUE: 4/1/06 Cost:$8.75

Copy of Request    LMUD Response

Current Status: Documents received 3/28/06 (completeness unknown)


DATE: March 22, 2006 Lassen Cty Clerk DUE:4/1/06 Cost: $0.00

Copy of Request    Clerk Response

Current Status: 3/27/06 County Clerk did not send a letter to the Secretary of State when she arbitrarily extended the candidates filing date and time. 


DATE: March 13, 2006 LMUD DUE: 3/23/06 Cost: $30.00

Copy of Request  LMUD Response #1    LMUD Response #2

Current Status: LMUD requests an additional 14 days (April 6, 2006)

Incomplete documents received 4/6/06- LMUD failed to include Jaimee Richey's costs and expenses for March 2006. LMUD may have given Richey employee benefits (401K). Richey is deducting an unexplained $1500 per month from her retainer. LMUD redacted her invoice.  Frank Cady was being given a 401K retirement fund as legal counsel. Gift of public funds since her contract does not include this benefit. 

Richey  2005 Contract



DATE: March 9, 2006 LMUD DUE: 3/19/06 Cost: $3.50

Copy of Request      LMUD Response 1   LMUD Response 2  NON-COMPLIANCE


Current Status: LMUD requests a 14 day extension (April 2, 2006)

3/24/06: Documents received. LMUD excluded Frank Cady's February Expense Report that LMUD received on 3/10/06 and Jaimee Richey's Vendor Report. This record shows all payments made to Richey from July 2005. LMUD has refused this record and has also omitted checks in the LMUD Check Register. Jaimee Richey's 2005-Form 1099 underreported $27,000 in payments from LMUD



DATE: March 9, 2006 City of Susanville DUE: 3/19/06   Cost: $1.50

Copy of Request   Susanville Response    John O'Brien's Susanville Office

Current Status:



DATE: February 23, 2006 LMUD DUE: 3/05/06 Cost:

Copy of Request  Non-Compliance   LMUD Response  Violation of PRA

Current Status: Non-Compliance. LMUD unwilling to disclose check register and missing checks. 

Sufficient evidence to file Writ of Mandate to obtain public records


DATE: February 15, 2006 LMUD DUE: 2/25/06 Cost:$30.00

Copy of Request   LMUD Response  Abuse letter to LMUD   LMUD Response 2

Current Status: LMUD requests 14 day extension. Documents will be available on March 11, 2006. 

3/11/06: No documents received 

3/13/06:  Documents received



DATE: February 15, 2006 City of Susanville DUE: 2/25/06         Cost: $.99

Copy of Request   

"Active" Attorneys must have City License            Susanville Response #1    

    John O'Brien No License   John O'Brien Susanville attorney

Current Status: Documents received 3/3/06




DATE: February 13, 2006 LMUD DUE: 2/23/06 Cost:$ .50

Copy of Request     Abuse letter to LMUD  LMUD Response

Current Status: LMUD abuses Public Record Act. LMUD asks for an additional 16 days. The law allows 14 days only in extraordinary circumstances. These delays have become standard procedures. LMUD has hired two extra employees to help a General Manager that has no experience in running a public utility........ However, when the request is to sensitive, in regards to Frank Cady or Jaimee Richey, the delay is automatic. This is a clear case of abuse of the law. 


DATE: February 10, 2006 LMUD DUE: 2/20/06 Cost:

Copy of Request   LMUD Response

Current Status: Board members have not submitted the annual 700 Forms.  In the past, these forms have always been submitted by February tenth. No documents available at this time. 


DATE: February 6, 2006 LMUD DUE: 2/16/06 Cost: $7.75


Current Status: LMUD CONTINUES TO DELAY DOCUMENT REQUESTS. RICHEY ASKS FOR 14 DAY EXTENSION. This a clear abuse of the Public Records Act. 

Received documents 2/8/06- LMUD is unwilling now to disclose the check register for payroll. Appropriate redactions have always been made for privacy. 

This action is suspect now to a possible padded payroll.  Payroll checks are not written from a payroll account but the general checking account. It is relatively easy to hide expense checks, from the public,  in the "so called payroll checks" written. 



DATE: February 3, 2006 City of Susanville DUE: 2/13/06  COST: $7.50

Copy of Request     City of Susanville Response    City of Susanville Response #2

Current Status: 2/13/06, At 4:00 PM-NON-COMPLIANCE. At 4:41 PM, the City responds to the Public Records Request. 2/15/06: Received documents

No business license for Cady, Pardee & Richey LLP on February 13, 2006, but the City suddenly finds a license on February 14, 2006.



DATE: January 5, 2006 LMUD DUE: 1/15/06  COST: $25.00

Copy of Request    LMUD Response  #1 NON-COMPLIANCE  #2NON-COMPLIANCE

Current Status: Received documents 1/14/06. Non-compliance: LMUD excluded the request for the "check register. A second request will be submitted.