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chris gallagher


Susanville Police Officer Wood fails to arrest DUI: 

Steve Robinson dies 

CHP arrest DUI's, DA lets them go

Susanville Police just let them go


Susanville Police Lieutenant Mineau Resigns


Lassen County District Attorney asks Susanville Chief of Police to investigate unlawful distribution of public funds by LMUD  

Chris Gallagher decision puts LMUD at risk   

 Gallagher claims Cady is an officer of LMUD    LINK 

Those that know patience, know peace


KWH asks for cooperation from the Susanville Police Department. to enforce the laws at the LMUD meetings.

  Link      KWH requests help from Chief       Link    Chief's response to KWH

 Link     KWH response to Gallagher

 Ten people attended the LMUD meeting on November 6, 2003 and three Susanville police officers were called....Why?  Does Chris Gallagher work for the people or Frank Cady? 

No incident provoked this reaction, just a phone call from Frank Cady and people jump. Chris Gallagher just said...HOW HIGH FRANK?

Chief Gallagher overreacts and calls for backup. ??????