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October 5, 2011

LMUD Approves Former LMUD Director Woods Claim For Damages?

Former LMUD Director Darrell Wood allowed LMUD trucks to stream across that bridge when he was on the LMUD Board. Why? Now he wants to be paid $5,292.46 for replacing "one" board on this bridge. LMUD initially denied the claim, then offered the Woods $1,000 for the "one" board, then approved $2,634.58 for this "one" board. 

Bill Stewart was very much apart of the scams LMUD was involved with. Stewart knew the LMUD trucks were being sent to Woods property, over and over and over.  $2,634.58 is getting off pretty cheap for Woods silence.

Some believe that Wood was receiving "free" work on his property while he was a Director. This was not uncommon when Frank Cady was LMUD's attorney/General Manager. Was Woods positioning himself to get the wind towers on his property when the LMUD/Invenergy scam Invenergy scamwas in full swing. 





"Recalled" Director Wood back to old tricks.......overcharges LMUD $300.00


The law allows the Directors to charge $100.00 maximum per day. 

$300.00 is Grand Theft link

Director Wood continues to receive $600 a month without identifying any legal event