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 Lassen County Supervisors

June 25, 2013 Minutes

Second reading of Ordinance 2013-002 waived again.

 Kan We Help requested that the Ordinance be read into the record

Julie Morgan stated that in order for the Supervisors to receive the same salary and benefits as elected officials, Ordinance 532-C must be amended

The November 27, 2012, Resolution 12-057 was not available on the County's website until June 25, 2013.  The County developed a bad habit of excluding critical and controversial documents from their website. 


The only "right" to have 25% of a Superior Court Judge's salary is due to the language the Supervisors wrote into in Municipal Code 2.36.030. This language can just as easily be removed. The Supervisors have never invoked this paragraph but have used it only as a THREAT.



Supervisor Hanson took a VOTE, but failed to take a motion.