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October 25, 2016 Budget Hearing
Supervisors hold end-of-the-year Budget Meeting at 1:30?

Chapman was at the Post Office and arrived late again.

Chapman  is telling the Probations Department Head that he would like the Ordinance for "fees" to be rushed through before he left office. Normally Chapman votes No on fees?


September 13, 2016 Budget Hearing
Lassen County Supervisors Approve
2016/2017 Budget
CAO Richard Egan warned the Board that even though the County was able to locate the money (in small over-budgeted accounts) to pay for all of the requests from Department Heads for new positions and pay increases, the County could not sustain this level of expenditures
Egan warned the County Department Heads, in the audience, that there will be eliminations of positions if/when they are vacated.
Kan We Help offered the evidence where Chapman and Egan placed large amounts of money in small accounts to be transferred "quietly" into personal projects of the Supervisors and their friends
Last year Kan We Help found over $5,000,000 in  these small accounts. Only $2,000,000 was used


August 30, 2016 Budget Meeting
CAO Richard Egan finalizes 2016/2017 Budget


August 23, 2016 Budget Meeting

Video       Minutes


CAO Richard Egan makes adjustments to small line items to

be able to fund the Department pay increases + Egan claims he will take a million dollars from the County's $10 million reserve


District Attorney claims that the Public Defender Department will be minimized with her new software program and suggested that no new positions be approved for the Public Defender

Supervisor Chapman bores the staff with 15 minutes of worthless trivia

Supervisor Chapman still managed to put $444,908 in Fund 127 for his elevator despite the County needing every penny left of the $4 million dollar loan to renovate the Riverside property.






August 9, 2016 Budget Meeting

Video     Minutes


Lassen County Pays the Volunteer Fire Departments

 Firenet Fees Each Year

CHAPMAN WANTS TO CUT THAT BUDGET 10% so that the Volunteers will pick up 10% of the fees this year


and then get reimbursed the full amount .....?






July 19, 2016 Budget Meeting


Video      Minutes


The meeting started late because Supervisor Chapman was late

Department Heads stood up for budget dollars. The District Attorney got her Victim Witness Advocate a teeny tiny raise and there was a brisk discussion between the Public Defender and the District Attorney. Veteran Services Officer continues to be underpaid and this has caused this position to be in a constant state of flux. (flux: staff quits) The County CAN DO BETTER BUT WON'T.

Kan We Help intends to expose every nook and cranny where the Supervisors hide large amounts of  money in accounts no one would normally watch. Kan We Help is watching every penny.



July 12, 2016 Budget Meeting


Video       Minutes

Supervisor Chapman is told there is no money in Fund 169, the Tobacco Settlement Fund, to give to the HLVRA. Chapman suggests just taking it out of the General Fund. 

The Auditor paid the first payment, $300,213.50 on the LCPIC $4,080,000 loan.  The HLVRA asks for their $80,000 annual payment. This payment is made from the Tobacco Settlement Fund. There is no money to give to the JPA


The Road Department receives the State's "Road Fund Audit"

It was determined that money was improperly spent

There was discussion on how and when to pay it back


Discussion for pay increases for certain employees was continued from the last meeting. Controversy over how the pay steps would be initiated. As intimidation, CAO Egan stated that some positions may be eliminated to pay for increases?????




June 21, 2016 Budget Meeting


Supervisor Chapman Adjourned the Budget Meeting Early


Attend the Groundbreaking of the Community Pool

Video   Minutes


Sheriff's Department Needs $172,000


for  upgrades  to the"911" Dispatch


Supervisor Chapman responds, as usual, let's talk about it.

Let's form a committee.

Chapman became confrontational when Undersheriff  John Mineau put an urgency on this request.




Chapman just needs to hand over the Budget Committee to someone else..........anyone else !!!!


June 8, 2016 Budget Meeting

Lassen County Budget Talks Begin

Kan We Help will be providing video of these meetings & watching every penny

Video 6-8-2016    Minutes

The purpose of the initial Budget meeting (with a very somber County Administrative Officer Richard Egan who arrived late) was to look at new County positions and/or reclassification of employees for pay increases

Undersheriff John Mineau made the presentation for Sheriff Dean Growden who was not present.  Mineau made it perfectly clear the Department needs to change if they want to keep staff.  He stated that if a Deputy is promoted to Sergeant they would lose $100 in pay.



Also, CAO Richard Egan announced that yet another Veterans Affairs Representative will be leaving.



Future meetings will be determined at the 6/21/16 Board of Supervisors meeting