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The "PUBLIC OPTION" for Health Care has been around for 90 years.

Now, the federal government wants to offer it to all Americans


The recent editorial that Lassen County Times Editor, Barbara France,  published  France editorial  was written from absolute false information from a "Christian" right-wing fanatic online magazine, World THIS was MS. FRANCE'S ONLY SOURCE FOR HER EDITORIAL:

The Editor of World Mag. com was born on June 12, 1950 to a Russian-Jewish family.


At 14, Olasky became an atheist. Olasky joined the Communist party in 1972. He has worked his entire life against government establishing programs like Medicare and  welfare programs that directly help the poor, seniors and disadvantaged. Programs that have been widely accepted by Americans and have effectively helped all Americans. Olasky became a Christian when he found out how lucrative it was.

This warped spin on the Health Care Reform Bill is not new, it is just a dwindling point of view from a dwindling fanatic group. Why, because they simply have been caught lying...... or "debunked" for the sensitive ears.



The Far Right Fanatic Republican "Christian" groups have been against any decent health care for Americans for decades. They fought Medicare, they wanted to privatize Social Security. Everything that helps Americans they have "religiously" fought against.

Why ?----the Religious Right is pushing for their own health care system for profit $$$$


Imagine: Christians against helping our senior citizens, Christians against helping the poor and disadvantaged, Christians for killing Doctors, Christians for the Death Penalty