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Quid Pro Quo

If Wosick votes to hire Burns, Burns will not prosecute Wosick

On January 28, 2014, Wosick passes this note to Richard Egan to give to Eileen Spencer

Video link at the 21:38 mark (Part 10)

Wosick told Spencer, after the regular session ended, that he DID NOT HAVE THE DOCUMENTS  WITH HIM.  Then asked Spencer to go to the County Administrative Building and wait for him. When Wosick arrived he told Spencer she had to come in to his office to get the documents. Wosick DID NOT HAVE ANY DOCUMENTS



Lassen County Times Suppressed the Police Report


Lassen County Times: March 25, 2014

No investigation was done. No denial from Wosick.

Burns dismissed the complaint without an investigation due to pure bias and prejudice.

 A Burns trademark