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Road Department Shop

465-200 Mooney Road, Westwood, CA

3.48 Acres + .13 Acres of Easement

APN 123-090-25

Approval of Sale: April 12, 2016


.  All capital improvements by Lassen County



Where is the $120,000 coming from to purchase this property ?

$45,000 budgeted


2014/2015 & 2015/2016 Budgets



March 3, 2016

On March 3, 2016, CAO Richard Egan placed the purchase of the "leased" Public Works-Road Department Shop, in Westwood, on the Agenda.


The fact there is only $45,000 in the Fund 122, Budget 1221, Account 3006000 (Road Budget) for fiscal year 2015/2016 does not deter the Supervisors from spending $120,000 for a property they have leased and improved for the last 25 years.

The property was appraised at $100,000



This transaction is very similar to purchasing the BLM Building.  Egan paid an excessive amount for this old building and now the taxpayers must pay the price of the gross cost of renovations






MAY 19, 2015


On May 19, 2015,CAO Richard Egan placed the purchase of the leased Public Works- Road Department Shop in Westwood on the "Consent Calendar".  These items are supposed to be routine in nature.  This subject was far from routine and the Supervisor did not even pull it for discussion.

Agenda Item G-7, May 19, 2015


The Brown Act requires any real estate issues to be placed on a regular agenda first for public discussion. These Supervisors complied by placing this issue on their Consent Agenda. There was nothing ethical about the way they did this.



 The Board of Supervisors approved this purchase to purchase a warehouse that sits on 3.48 acres in Westwood. The Supervisors approved this purchase and paid Ryan Real Estate Appraisers $3500 to appraise this property.  


The Lassen County Public Works has leased this property for over 25 years and now wants to purchase it. 



November 10, 2015


Lassen County Supervisors

Place Westwood Road Shop Purchase


Closed Session


Kan We Help is being denied a copy of the $3500 Appraisal, however, the "value" of the alleged now "VACANT" property is $104,000.

The Road Department has been located in this location for decades. Vacant, not hardly