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Theresa Nagel may have begun negotiating for the Clerk of the Board position months before the 2006 election. Maybe right after she was named in the Diebold lawsuit?

Theresa Nagel faces a civil suit that alleges voter irregularities with the Diebold voting machines. Diebold lawsuit Subsequently, Nagel then decided not to run for re-election.

She has been lobbying the Board of Supervisors and CAO to hire her separately for the "Clerk of the Board" position. The Clerk of the Board duties are not a part of the duties of the  County Clerk/Recorder's position. Nagel would never have relinquished the Clerk of the Board duties while she was County Clerk.

County Counsel has stated clearly that "Clerk of the Board" is part of the County Clerk's duties. BUT THAT WAS A LIE

Now she proposes to weasel the job back as Clerk of the Board