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March 28, 2017

Supervisor Teeter Did Not Recuse Himself

From The Vote to Give $5,000

to the

Chamber of Commerce

Teeter 700 Form

Newly elected District 2 Supervisor David Teeter has made it clear that his interest first is to promote his own interest. Teeter is Co-owner of Margies Book Nook and would benefit directly from voting on any event that would directly benefit his business. Kan We Help asked that he recuse himself from the vote to give the Lassen Chamber of Commerce $5,000 for an event within the HUSA business district. He declined to recuse himself. If he does this again, Kan We Help will file a complaint with the FPPC.

Teeter was the former HUSA President ( a District formed that collects fees from Merchants in "historic uptown Susanville" and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce). HUSA gives a large part of their fees to the Chamber of Commerce each year.

Teeter placed an item on the Board of Supervisors Agenda that would just give away $5,000 to an organization that he is a member of.  The first attempt, on March 21, was tabled to March 28, 2017. On March 28, 2017 Teeter voted yes to give the Chamber of Commerce a gift of $5,000.

The Chamber of Commerce exists to promote their members businesses. They hold events, often fundraisers to raise money for their projects.

The representative from the Chamber of Commerce presented a vague and short presentation to the Supervisors today. The Chamber wants the County Supervisors to give them $5,000 to hold an anniversary event of the Old Courthouse on the 200 block of Lassen Street in Susanville on September 16, 2017.


While the Chamber claimed that it would not be a fundraiser for them, they stated that members of the Chamber would be allowed to set up food booths and the Chamber intended to sell liquor............ Was anyone listening?

The Chamber of Commerce is a frequent Requester of Money at the Board of Supervisors meetings and the Board Members have never asked for ANY ACCOUNTABILITY.

MAYBE IT IS TIME TO...............










March 16, 2017

Supervisor Teeter wants to give the

Republican Chamber of Commerce $5,000


an event for the 100th anniversary of the Old Courthouse


Board of Supervisors 3/21/17 Agenda


The Chamber collects dues from Lassen County businesses in order to support events to promote their businesses.

The County does not ask for ANY ACCOUNTABILITY for the thousands of dollars they give to the Chamber of Commerce.


Supervisor Teeter cannot even vote to promote a public event or public project within the HUSA boundaries with public money.  Supervisor Chapman recused himself from these votes until he left HUSA (Historic Uptown Susanville Association)




November 15, 2016

Supervisor Jim Chapman's Last Sleezy Act

Before He Leaves Office on December 31, 2016

Chapman gets to go to the CSAC party ($3,000 in Palm Springs) on November 28 for one last paid vacation. Supervisor Chapman leaves office on December 31, 2016.

Chapman told the public that the $3,000 trip for his successor, David Teeter, was warranted because it was training for "New Supervisors". The six day trip includes only a day and a half of "training".  Meeting Agenda

On October 25, 2016, BOS Chairman Chapman did not consider approving expenses for the second "New Supervisor" from District 1, but always intended to go to the CSAC party himself and bamboozled the other four Supervisors to appoint him to the CSAC Board again with David Teeter as his Alternate.

Chapman leaves office in 46 days.





November 10, 2016






to put him on the Board of Directors of CSAC

The new District 1 Supervisor gets skrewed.....what a surprise

Chris Gallagher was not informed of the Lassen County nomination

being made at this conference










October 25, 2016

Supervisors approve $3,000 all expenses paid

 Palm Springs vacation

for David Teeter

Supervisors claim they may send District 1 Supervisor-elect to this 1 1/2 day training for 6 days (?) but the deadline for registration is November 15.  The Supervisors do not meet again until November 15 and if they vote to send the new District 1 Supervisor the registration cost will increase because of the Supervisors poor planning.

The Supervisors could have approved sending, at the 10/25/16 BOS meeting, the District 1-elect Supervisor on this vacation but DIDN'T..........

In addition, Supervisor Jim Chapman never mentioned this when he arranged for his replacement David Teeter to attend this six day vacation  back in September.

Very little of the CSAC Annual meeting, in  Palm Springs, relates to new training for a new County Supervisor.

The upside: The fees do include the next two one day training sessions

 Meeting Agenda




October 24, 2016

The newly elected Supervisors for District 1 & District 2

will take their Oath of Office

on January 10, 2017


Today and until they take the Oath they are private citizens and are not entitled to any benefits

unless Supervisor Chapman breaks the law for his protege David Teeter


A reminder for the Board of Supervisors:

CSAC, California State Association of Counties,

will offer a "New Supervisors Training"


February 10, 2017

Supervisor Chapman, the Supervisor of "privilege" is trying to give "HIS" replacement David Teeter

a $2,800/6 day vacation


to Palm Springs (CSAC Annual Meeting) before he takes office on January 10, 2017

Will Chapman be joining him?

Kan We Help will check.............


October 22, 2016



Does  Supervisor Chapman Intend

to Resign Before October 25?

Unless Jim Chapman resigns and David Teeter takes the Oath of Office before October 25, David Teeter is not entitled to receive anything, including a six day vacation to Palm Springs

David Teeter will not be a County employee until January 10, 2017

Will the retiring County Counsel let this happen ?



October 21, 2016

Lassen County District 2 Supervisor Chapman will attempt to give his replacement, David Teeter

an early Christmas present:

All expense paid six day vacation to Palm Springs on November 29, 2016

Chapman submitted this expense on September 1, 2016. Teeter doesn't take office until January10,2017 and cannot receive any pay, benefits or entitlements until he is sworn in.

Chapman can do this, if four other Supervisors break the law and approve this expenditure at their 10/25/16 meeting

There will be an run-off election for District 1 Supervisor on November 8.

Where does the winner of
District 1 get to go....?



David Teeter does business with Lassen County.  The Supervisors will vote on  this Conflict of interest for Teeter at the October 25, 2016 meeting (Agenda H-2).

If this is not approved, Lassen County can no longer do business with Teeter's business. 

If approved, Teeter can continue to do business with the County and would be required to recuse himself on any vote that would effect him and his business. 


NOTE:  Supervisor Tom Hammond never disclosed his lucrative business with the County until Kan We Help exposed his conflict. The Supervisors then approved to continue doing business with Tom Hammonds businesses in Herlong.