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What else are they hiding from the public?

LMUD Policy: What the public doesn't know won't hurt them


On July 31, 2005 through August 1, 2005 Keri Richards charged a room to "Directors fees and expenses" (G/L 920.068). This was a room at Squaw Creek Resort. There is no record of any LMUD Director taking a trip to Squaw Valley (Squaw Creek, California) on July 31 or August 1.

Keri Richards again charges a room at Squaw Creek Resort on August 15, 2005 and bills this room to "Legal" (G/L 923.050). 

On August 23, 2005 and August 24, 2005 Frank Cady bills LMUD for $420.00 to fly his own plane, but does not report where or why. Where's the "accountability"??????

Frank Cady charges all of these expenses to "Employee Business Expenses" (G/L 922.066). Frank Cady approves his own expenses. No Board member saw or approved these expenses. 

Where's the accountability?

NCPA held their monthly meeting at Murphys, California on August 25, 2005. Cady did not identify that he attended this meeting on August 25,2005, yet he charged a room at the Murphy's Suites. 

Darrell Wood claimed that he met with Frank Cady on August 25, 2005 and charged the ratepayers $100.00. Darrell Wood reported no expenses for the month of August, 2005. Frank Cady or someone was in Murphys, California on August 25, 2005. It cost the ratepayers $263.24






Darrel Wood claimed that he attended the NCPA meeting on September 20, 2005 through September 23, 2005. No Expense Report was submitted for expenses from Darrell Wood, Wayne Langston, Nancy Cardenas or George Sargent for the month of September 2005. link



Jaimee Richey's registration and expenses were paid by LMUD to attend this party. 

LMUD is paying for ousted LMUD General Manager,Don Battles, expenses to NCPA meetings NCPA meetings. Battles fees paid  Battles expenses paid

Fred Nagel did submit an expense report for this NCPA meeting. link

Kan We Help asked why there were no expense reports for Darrell Wood and Wayne Langston for the NCPA meeting. LMUD paid the fees ($200) for these Board members to attend.  Wayne Langston then turned in an expense report for this meeting on November 1, 2005. link No report has been submitted by Darrell Wood for the NCPA annual meeting in Squaw Valley. 

Frank Cady charged LMUD the following for a meeting he did not attend:

$52.11........T.G.I Fridays in Reno on 9/19/05

$100.80......Squaw Creek Resort on 9/22/05

$930.30....... Squaw Creek Resort 9/23/05

$50.90.....Squaw Creek Resort on 9/23/05