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Woodall lawsuit

Honey Lake Valley Grange  vs  Lassen County

Filed : September 14, 2012

History of the Honey Lake Valley Grange Issues



February 5, 2013


January 22, 2013

Secret Deals Shroud Lassen County Board of Supervisors
































































December 13, 2012

Supervisor Jack Hanson Pressures Riddle to Withdraw Lawsuit


De Loris Riddle writes:

 "We really did not have a choice. We had a good case, but felt we couldn't go up against the County. They said they would fight us all the way"

"They will probably try to retaliate against me later on or plotting and planning on it now"



September 14, 2012

Honey Lake Valley Grange Files Lawsuit After Supervisors Ignore Issues Since 2009