Election Codes  page one  Nagel Elections


(a) There shall be printed on the ballot in parallel columns all of the following:

        (1) The respective offices

        (2) The names of candidates with sufficient blank spaces to allow the voters to write in names not printed on the ballot.

            (3) Whatever measures have been submitted to the voters.

(b) In the case of a ballot which is intended for use in a party primary and which carries both partisan offices and nonpartisan  offices, a vertical solid black line shall divide the columns containing partisan offices, on the left, from the columns containing nonpartisan offices, on the right.

(c) The standard width of columns containing partisan and nonpartisan offices shall be three inches, but an election official may vary the width of these columns up to 10 percent more or less than the three-inch standard. However, the column containing presidential and vice presidential candidates may be as wide as four inches.

(d) Any measures that are to be submitted to the voters shall be printed in one or more parallel columns to the right of the columns containing the names of candidates and shall be of sufficient width to contain the title and summary of each measure. To the right of each title and summary shall be printed, on separate lines, the words "Yes" and "No"