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(a) In the case of an election of candidates in a special district, school district, charter city (whose charter does not provide to the contrary), or other local government body, occurring on *other than one of the election dates specified in subdivision (b) of Section 13112, the official responsible for conducting the election shall, at the same time that the election is called, notify the Secretary of State by registered mail of the date of the election, the date of the close of filing, and the last possible date for filing in the event there is an extension of filing due to an incumbent failing to file.

The Secretary of State shall conduct a randomized alphabet drawing on the first weekday following the last possible day of filing, for the election according to subdivision **(a) of Section 13112.


**Section 13112 (a) Each letter of the alphabet shall be written on a separate slip of paper, each of which shall be folded and inserted into a capsule. Each capsule shall be opaque and of uniform weight, color, size, shape and texture. The capsules shall be placed in a container, which shall be shaken vigorously in order to mix the capsules thoroughly. The container then shall be opened and the capsules removed at random one at a time. As each is removed, it shall be opened and the letter on the slip of paper read aloud and written down. The resulting random order of letters constitutes the randomized alphabet in determining the order of all candidates in all elections. For example, if two candidates with the surnames Campbell and Carlson are funning for the same office, their order on the ballot will depend on the order in which the letters M or R were drawn in the randomized alphabet drawing.

*Section 13112 (b) There shall be five drawings, three in each even-numbered year and two in each odd-numbered year. Each drawing shall be held at 11:00 AM on the date specified in this subdivision. The results of each drawing shall be mailed immediately to each county elections official responsible for conducting an election to which the drawing is applicable, who shall use it in determining the order on the ballot of the names of the candidates for office.

   (A) The first drawing under this subdivision shall take place on the 82nd day before the direct primary or an even-numbered year, and shall apply to all candidates on the ballot in that election.

   (B) The second drawing under this subdivision shall take place on the 82nd day before  the November general election of an even numbered year and shall apply to all candidates on the ballot in the November general election.





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