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What a tangled web we weave when first

we practice to deceive


Corruption/Land Deals




The term "Good Ole Boy" system has been used to describe the male dominated government in Lassen County.

 However, a more appropriate term would be Lassen County's CULTURE OF CORRUPTION.

Old family names are predominant on ballots in Lassen County. Why not, they have lived in this county for years and have invested heavily in the political make up of Lassen County. Should they dictate the culture of corruption, absolutely. Are they responsible then for the level of corruption in Lassen County, absolutely

Abuse of the Opening Meeting laws and the fact that these violations are tolerated by local law enforcement is not all of the problem  Stacey Montgomery.  Local newspapers that suppress wrong doing are equally at fault.  People that look the other way and ignore the greed that runs this County are to blame the most.

Democracy is not a spectator sport

On October 2, 2014, California lost a Champion

for Honest and Open Government,

......a concept that never reached Lassen County