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kurt bonham hates non-profits ?





This poor guy is starving for attention, BUT WHAT A WAY TO GET IT ?

    Bonham has sent many filthy and mean things through the mail to Eileen Spencer over the years but threatening to kill her dogs and filing so many complaints with the Franchise Tax Board and Secretary of State against her animal rescue that they now considered him a


Kurt Bonham has been filing complaints against Lassen Animal Rescue since February of 2010.Every complaint is evidently taken seriously and Bonham spins a good yarn.

However, after seven months of his complaints and all of the fines Lassen Animal Rescue had to pay because of Bonham's false statements and crazy logic the Franchise Tax Board not only refunded all of the fines but declared Kurt Bonham's "logic" as a nuisance.  

 Evidently, he never knew what he was talking about



September 25, 2010

"Lassen Animal Rescue is a "private" 501 (c) 3 Non-profit corporation and is funded solely by private donations. LAR is not a trust nor a foundation.

 LAR has rescued and successfully placed 1143 dogs and cats in less than 4 years. Non-profits books are always open to the public. Because of the economy, this year has been a particularly hard year for animal rescue organizations. LAR sponsors the "Blue Dog" program at the Lassen County Animal Control. This program offers free spay or neuters and a Rabies shot to dogs that have been placed on the euthanasia list. This one year old program has been very successful and gives the "death row" dogs a second look.



The complaints he sent to the Internal Revenue Service were ignored because they lacked any validity. WHAT A SHAME. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY TO GET ATTENTION.

September 25, 2010

"Kurt Bonham has been obsessed with me for 8 or 9 years now. His obsessions have now turned to a dark place. I do feel very sorry for this man  but he has to stop sending the , sometimes obscene, letters to me. Obviously he needs help. " 

Signed, Eileen Spencer, President of Lassen Animal Rescue


Sent on 9/13/10

The brown color  is feces.

Kurt/Torabora hates Non-profits for some reason

There are 218 Non-profits in Lassen County and they all now know Mr. Bonhams' views on charitable organizations


Bonham answers his own postings under "Torabora"


Kan We Help is a local Government Watch Dog Group made up of local businesspersons and activists that know in Lassen County the "Good Ole Boys", if they have your name, have a history of taking hard and direct action against you.  Kan We Help has only one lead person, Eileen Spencer.  Their attacks can only be made against one person. Information, opinions and documents are submitted by the public.

  Kurt Bonham knows that he must be accountable for his own actions  and  Kan We Help members will continue to expose the corruption