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Lassen Modoc County Flood District

2015 Lassen County Groundwater Report






 July 26, 2016

Modoc County Formally Rejects


Lassen County's Big Valley Basin Boundary Changes

Lassen County Request to Change

Groundwater Boundaries Denied

CAO Richard Egan did not place this issue on the Agenda so Modoc County and Lassen County residents could participate in the discussions. Egan brought this issue up under the last Agenda item: Board Information.

 Egan announced that Lassen County's request to expand the groundwater boundaries was denied.


 March 11, 2016

Lassen County Supervisors

Intend to Expand the

Groundwater Boundaries


The old boundary excludes BLM property.

 The "proposed" new boundary includes BLM property ?


Information on submitting public comments