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Lassen County Compliance

with the

Americans with Disability Act

SZS Consulting ADA compliance contract

The majority of Lassen County owned buildings do not comply with the ADA law


As Lassen County repaired or remodeled a few buildings they included ADA compliance in all public contracts, however the majority of County buildings have been neglected. Supervisors have been allowed to look the other way in lieu of pursuing their personal projects.

CAO Richard Egan intentionally failed to identify the "Account" line items for moving the $250,000 transfers.  Where will this money really be spent?


August 23, 2016 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda H-1

Fund 150/1501/3002300 has already budgeted $200,000. 

The transfer could have been $50,000 !




CAO Richard Egan decided not to include the entire packet which included SZS Consulting Group's Contract and Proposal. Instead Egan included just Public Works one page letter in the Agenda


Kan We Help was told that Public Works submitted SZS Consulting Group, LLC's Proposal and Contract to Richard Egan and CAO Egan decided not to disclose this to the public. 


We have obtained copies & will post the Contract & 60 page SZS Proposal 

SZS Contract     SZS Proposal