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Second Amendment Resolution Puts Supervisors at Risk of being Arrested




May 12, 2013

Lassen County Supervisor Jack Hanson's

 Second Amendment Resolution

Just a Political Stunt


 Supervisor Jack Hanson never sent this Resolution to anyone. It was just a stunt

Jack Hanson submitted a Second Amendment Resolution that he said he wanted to send to Congress. That never happened. So why did he do it?   It was just a political stunt.




April 9, 2013

Kan We Help Objected to

Resolution submitted by

Lassen County Supervisor Jack Hanson

that included the statement that all five Supervisors

will not comply with the law

At the Lassen County Supervisors meeting this morning, Lassen County Supervisor Jack Hanson put a Resolution in the Consent Calendar, hoping that no one would notice.  Kan We Help pulled it for discussion. Supervisor Hanson stated that he had obtained a copy of a Second Amendment Resolution from another County and thought that he could adopt it in Lassen County . The only problem, it is a felony for any elected official to state that he or she will not comply with a LAW .  They take an oath that states they will obey the laws, ALL LAWS. 

We are a nation of law and order.

If everyone or anyone can decide what laws they want to comply with, well that is called anarchy.

The Supervisors didn't understand that it wasn't all of the WHEREAS....pigs can fly,

but the statement that they cannot comply with a law.

Last we checked, this elected body was not the Supreme Court, nor members of Congress and therefore cannot determine WHAT VIOLATES THE SECOND AMENDMENT.




Supervisor Jim Chapman suggested an Amendment, to Hanson's Resolution, by taking out the words "but cannot abide by any order, provision, law or agency that violates the protections of the Second Amendment"

The Resolution passed with the Amendment

The Second Amendment will not be changed. It has withstood the test of time, 227 years.