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    Whenever a public entity sells property the public should scrutinize the sale very closely. 

9/28/04 LCT: The Lassen County Board of Supervisors are considering selling "County" owned property at Eagle Lake. 

Fred Nagel (APN  065-200-08, APN 065-190-15, APN 065-190-17) Wayne Langston (APN 065-190-16 Eagle Lake property; a gift from Theresa & Fred Nagel) have property at Eagle Lake. LMUD is completing upgrades, coincidentally, at Eagle Lake.

KWH members asked Twitchell for specifics about the LMUD upgrades at Eagle Lake and she said that: "I don't know of any upgrades at Eagle Lake". 

A watchful eye should be kept  on "WHO" the County sells ANY PROPERTY at Eagle Lake to. 

It wasn't a coincidence that Frank Cady bought property adjacent to the proposed new hospital.  

Fred Nagel sits on the County Planning Commission. Again, No coincidence...............