1. Public Record Violations

Frank Cady continues to advise this LMUD Board of Directors to spend an unlimited amount of funds to stop the disclosure of what he was paid for Arrowrock.  All of Cady's expenses are disclosable.

Frank Cady continues to advise the LMUD Board of Directors not to release the Arrowrock Feasibility Study. This study was released to the LMUD Board and thus is disclosable. Frank promised to present this report at a public meeting in December of 2001.  This study was completed months before this and was responsible for the demise of the Arrowrock Scam.

Frank Cady discloses part of Wayne Langstons pay but not all of it.

Frank Cady refuses to disclose LMUD Board gross salaries.  Every document requested that would verify the Boards salary is covered up.

2. Arrowrock Hydroelectric Scam

Frank Cady was responsible for promoting this scam. The LMUD ratepayers were dooped and Frank Cady continues to rake in thousands of dollars for a fake project.

The only people that profited was Frank Cady and Al Barker (attorney for the Boise Project Board of Controls).  Existing reports and total rejection by power purchaser indicated that this could never be a viable project. NEVER. Cady misrepresented the project from the beginning. 

3. Dyer Mountain Resort

Frank Cady is the attorney for the Dyer Mountain Associates. Cady is also scamming the public with his involvement with the Dyer Mountain project. Cady's fees tripled since Measure V passed.  Cady bills LMUD for work on Dyer Mountain. 

4. Failure to File 700 Forms

Frank Cady refuses to file the Conflict of Interest Forms. The 700 Forms are required to disclose all financial interests.  Failing to file has a $4,000 per year penalty.

Frank knows he has to file, but because all of his clients use LMUD, he would have to resign due to MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.

  Frank will use LMUD dollars to defend himself.

5. LMUD Boundaries

Frank Cady was the attorney during the formation of LMUD.  The first LMUD Board was required by law to file a final boundary requirements. This was never done.  In 1997, Theresa Nagel, Fred Nagel and Frank Cady were involved with a deceitful act to include Dyer Mountain within the LMUD Boundaries.

6. Brown Act Violations

Frank Cady continues to advise the LMUD Board that they can violate Brown Act codes. The District Attorney sent Cady a letter on March 23, 2001 to allow the public to comment on each agenda item as it was presented.

Cady complied, but now he is in trouble again and needs to hide the publics business.

      Wayne Langston was involved with Arrowrock

       Wayne Langston can not be on the LMUD board

        Fred Nagel was involved with the surveying in

        1997 (Dyer Mtn.)