Frank Cady pleaded with the Board to take the WSPP membership off,  of the Dec. 22, 2004 Agenda and place it on the January Agenda......?

Cady did not want the WSPP business to be heard at the December 22, 2004 LMUD meeting.  

Cady told the Board that his friend Bobby Campo could get the membership through in three days instead of three weeks.... and that he had already sent the application in.......(without Board approval.).......?  


1. Did the LMUD Board read the 1 1/2 inch thick contract between LMUD and WSPP?

        Answer: When asked if any Director read the

        contract, no one answered YES.

2. Is WSPP membership down? Do they need LMUD's money?

        Answer: YES


3. Did the LMUD Board blindly and without any research vote to approve this contract?

        Answer: Yes

4. Did Frank Cady and Evelene Twitchell mis-represent the value of this contract to the District?

        Answer: Yes

5. Did the LMUD Board care that the District was already represented by this company through NCPA, of which LMUD pays exorbitant membership fees also ?

        Answer: NO