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"I went to school with Frank and he was a bully then and a bully now"- Susanville, CA

"Frank has done alot for this community. His family has been here a long time", Eagle Lake, CA

"Lassen County seems like a "Empire Falls". The bad guys always lose in the end, Winter Garden, FL

"Frank Cady has never been good for this town. They call him "Shady Cady", Standish, CA

"LMUD doesn't need Frank Cady to be General Manager. They need to get rid of him", Susanville, CA

"There's a lot more to Frank Cady than people know. He contributes free legal service in the community. Nobody talks about that. ", Janesville, CA

"Cady controls this community because he knows where all of the skeletons are. You won't ever get rid of him", Westwood, CA

"You don't even know the half of what Frank Cady is involved with. If you did, he would be run out of town", Susanville, CA

"The Directors of LMUD need to start thinking for themselves and get a competent attorney and a competent general manager", Janesville, CA

"Why do the people of Lassen County tolerate such abuses by their elected officials", Dearborn, MI

"I lived in Susanville for thirteen years and I have never seen such corruption in public government. Frank Cady seems to in the middle of every scandal ", Tucson, AZ

"Frank Cady has no ethics or morals", Susanville, CA

"The LMUD Board should have looked at the people the headhunter found first. Frank Cady is not qualified to be the General Manager of LMUD", Standish, CA

"Why doesn't the District Attorney look in to the corruption at LMUD? Does Frank Cady own him too", Reno, NV

"This is typical of small towns. They let a bully run everything.", Portland, Or

"Frank Cady should be run out of town", Susanville, CA

"Frank Cady's getting a raw deal. You should look at the people that are criticizing him first", Milford, CA

"Why is Frank Cady blamed for everything. His family has done a lot for this community.", Susanville, CA

"The District Attorney should be looking at Frank Cady's other "enterprises" first before looking at what he is doing with LMUD", Janesville, CA

"If they hire Frank Cady as the General Manager he will find some way to raise our rates or bankrupt the district.", Susanville, CA

"Why does this community tolerate Frank Cady and his gang", San Jose, CA

"Hiring Frank Cady as the General Manager or anything else is a big mistake. He isn't qualified to sweep  floors.", Susanville, CA

"Do we even need Lassen Municipal Utility. We should be looking at voting this corrupt utility out. Getting Cady out of is just a start.", Susanville, CA

"Frank Cady stands for everything that is wrong in Lassen County. Why would he give up a law practice to run a small utility company. Somebody better be watching the bank accounts.", Westwood, CA

"What a ridiculous idea to hire Frank Cady as the General Manager. Absurd.", Susanville, CA

"Let Frank Cady run LMUD. The corruption will be complete. The Board members don't know what they are doing without Frank Cady anyway.", Janesville, CA

"Frank Cady is wrong, wrong, wrong, for LMUD. He needs to leave Lassen County. That would be the best thing for us.", Susanville, CA

"No Frank Cady, No Wayne Langston, No Darrell Wood, No Fred Nagel, No George Sargent, No Nancy Cardenas. Did I get them all?", Susanville, CA

"All Frank Cady wanted was to be a judge. He will never have that so I guess being the general manager of a tiny utility is the next best thing." Susanville, CA

"No one has considered Frank Cady's temper. Has anyone considered the feelings of the employees of LMUD?", Janesville, CA

"Frank Cady has been involved in the energy field for a long time and has many contacts in the state. He would be a great general manager.", Roseville, CA

"They won't get anyone to come to Susanville. Besides, Frank Cady can not let anyone from the outside in. Twitchell was a good example of that." Reno, NV

"If your a "friend" of Frank Cady's you get to use his condo in Oregon, trips in his airplane. He definitely can give you the impression that he's running everything." Susanville, CA

"Frank Cady actually thinks he is charming. Watch out if he convinces you of that. He is the wrong person for the position of General Manager". Susanville, CA