Div 6 Codes



The powers of the general manager are:

(a) To see that all ordinances of the district are enforced.

(b) To administer the civil service system of the district and, except as otherwise provided in this division, to appoint to the positions created by the board which are subject to the civil service provisions of this division, such employees as are necessary for the administration of the affairs of the district, and to remove such employees, in accordance with the provisions of the civil service system.

(c) To attend all meetings of the board and submit a general report of the affairs of the district.

(d) To keep the board advised as to the needs of the district.

(e) To prepare or cause to be prepared all plans and specifications for the construction of the works of the district.

(f) To devote his entire time to the business of the district.

(g) To perform such other and additional duties as the board may require.